Portege M750-11W - new battery will not work

Hi all

can anyone help, I got 2 batteries for my protégé m750-11w and they do not work and I wonder what I have to do a BIOS update for them. The batteyr in my protégé is PA3191U-5BRS and two new batteries are the two PA3191U-1BAS, and he says that this battery work where the - 5BRS was in use.

I updated my BIOS from version 1.6 to version 3 already and the battery still does not work I just get a blinking white cursor in the upper left.

Someone know where I can get an update of the BIOS except this battery?

Thank you



This means that Windows doesn't start with new battery and you see only the blinking cursor?
This strange s you have connected the AC/DC adapter?

In my opinion, you must fully charge the battery before starting Windows. After that try it again.

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    I made a comparison with the batteries and both have the same numbers and codes.
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    + The message was edited: link has been removed.

    I assume that there are some compatibility issues if you order the original Toshiba battery with the same previous reference.

    I had the same problem with adapter not original.

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  • Satellite P30 - battery will not work correctly

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite P30 for more than a year now and overall I am very satisfied with this mobile 'desktop '.
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    My question is about my battery about 3 months ago, the problem began, suddenly at random time my laptop can not regocnize battery which mean that even if the cable ca is in hes runnin on battery and goes so goes out after a while. I always leave the battery in the laptop when I use it because the cable ca is not quite stable more unfortunately so I need to keep a book on the cable in order to make it work.
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    Please let me know what I can do, thank you

    Alexander Wiegand

    Hi Alexander,.

    I don't think that the problem is with your battery, it is more likely to be a bad contact on the ca cable where it plugs into your laptop. In general, the ca card makes an intermittent contact and that the power of fools management system into believing that AC power has been disconnected. It follows that the power, then transfers to battery power and it ejects then until the powers of the unit off.

    I managed to solve this problem on my SA30 anchoring the power cable at the back of the laptop so that there is no constraint on the card.

    With regard to the problem of overheating, computers laptop modern can generate a lot of heat and requires a lot of cooling air to keep things cool. Make sure that the cooling system is cleaned of dust and debris with a vacuum cleaner pipe placed on the intakes on a regular basis.

    Kind regards

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  • Re: New battery does not work on Satellite L500D PSLK0A


    Thanks for helping everyone.

    Hope that my problem is simple. I L500D - part PSLK0A-00U009 had this old battery PA3534U-1BAS, which seem to be dead. Bought new battery Toshiba PA3534U-1BRS, which is supposed to be compatible.

    Started on mains supply computer laptop, laptop found battery and reported 100% complete.
    Computers laptops shutdown and AC pulls out. Dead. Laptop unable to connect with the energy of the battery.
    Started new AC and while the laptop computer on I pulled out AC - it was cut. System allows me to change to 'balanced' to 'eco' so I guess the battery is seen.

    Incorrect battery?


    I think that this problem is related to the new battery.
    It s really strange, the system reports a load of 100% battery, even if the battery is connected to the first time usually new batteries are empty and must be loaded for the first time.

    So, in my opinion, it's matter of battery.

  • 2nd new power will not work. I need to change jumpers MB or something? (Presario sr511onx)

    Just installed a CoolerMaster 500w (RS-500-PCAR/P-03), only to have the rotation of the fan cpu for a second, then nothing.

    A few days ago I tried with a PS I had fired a new case in years. The blue led fan (in the FP) turned on for a second and then more nothing. (I kind of thought he had been thrown out a bit in recent years and was a cheapy anyway), so I put the PS original back in and ordered the CoolerMaster.

    Original PS works fine, but I need more power for a PCI-e video card.

    Are their MB jumpers that need to be changed or something? What Miss me?

    The original PS has a 20 mb, just like the CoolerMaster connector, but the CM has the additional 4 available.

    Are they necessary?

    Presario (sr511onx) has the original configuration (ram / cpu, etc), except:

    Installed Win - XP Pro instead of original Vista

    Added the: 1 PCI Sound Card (SB Audigy Gamer II)

    1 card PCI Video, (NVidia 1 gig)

    1 hard disk

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated,

    Thank you.


    Problem solved:

    Son of hard drive had crossed.

    Thank you and feel free to delete this post.

    This thread has been resolved.

  • After Vista Ultimate Clean install battery Manager will not work Rundll32.exe error at startup

    I did a clean install of Windows XP SP3 Vista Ultimate SP 1. It was a total reload once installation is complete I used the insall system update all the drivers. Now Manager of battery will not work right, when I boot it hangs with an error rundll32.exe. I tried to uninstall and reinstall and allowed me at least open the program a bit, but there is no power management in the Manager. He says that I can create a new, but he does not appear once it is made. I can't counter is displayed in the taskbar and at this point I'm kind of at a loss.

    Any help would be great

    Thank you

    I have actully solved my problem. What I had to do was reboot the machine and after Vista installation was done I did the installation of battery first Manager and just downloaded from the section the T61 drivers (without using the update system) then once the battery Manager installation manual was full (it was then works well) I ran the system update to install the rest of the drivers and utilities Lenovo. If apperentally battery meter do not be installed via updater. My sugestion would be so to reload the machine once more and battery Manager install before running system update this is what worked for me.

  • Satellite A300-1BZ - new battery does not charge


    I bought a new battery (PA3534U-1BRS) because my old battery (3 years) hold office as well as it should!
    The new battery will not charge, the Red battery light suggesting everything of fine, but then begins to Flash after 20 minutes.
    When I turn on the computer the battery indicator on the taskbar in Vista tells me the device is turned on, but the battery won't charge.

    The company where I bought the battery has issued me with a replacement, but I'll always have the same problem.
    They have listed the battery as a genuine, and there any labelling even as my old battery.

    The battery would be false or toshiba has changed the specifications of this battery in particular.
    The reason for my last statement is the fact that my old battery contacts look more apparent than those on the new.

    I have no reason to believe that the company is not kosher because I returned the first battery to address personally after realizing that they were on my doorstep!
    Fake or not compatible?

    The comments appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!


    Maybe you used the battery is not compatible, but AFAIK the PA3534U-1BRS is designed for Satellite A200 A300 L300 L300D
    So it should work.

    However, I recommend buying a battery of origin of Toshiba ASP.

    Contact a local Toshiba authorized service partner and order a new compatible battery for this laptop.

    I think the new battery should work.

  • Portege M750 Win7 64 bit Wireless Manager (3G) will not work

    I can't TOSHIBA Wireless Manager (3G) to work in a new installation of Win 7 64 bit.

    I did a test installation of Windows 7 64 - bit on and old SATA hard drive and checked TOSHIBA Wireless Manager would work. He did.

    I then did a fresh install of Windows 7 64 - bit on a new Crucial C300 Real SSD 256Go.

    The new facility with the Crucial SSD is not very successful... The operation "stop and restart" does not - the closing not always power off completely and you must push the switch down to.

    Sometimes the SSD does not start - you enter the password of the BIOS but then nothing happens. Sometimes you turn off the power and remove the battery before as the startup disk.

    But the biggest problem is that the (3G) Wireless Manager will not work. The application opens and indicates that "died" - which it is impossible that I use WiFi to post this question.

    I tried to install the software Vodafone 3 G portal. It detects the presence of the 'mobile device' (SIM in housing) but then can not turn it on.

    I downloaded and installed all the latest drivers for the chip, the pilot 3G, 3G software, LAN driver, LAN software and all updates of Windows 7.

    I have the latest version of the BIOS (3.0) but this has not been updated by Toshiba since 11/04/09.

    I would point out that Diagnostic PC Toshiba tool does not recognize the installed 8 GB memory (but ccleaner):

    Model name PORTEGE M750
    Part number PPM75E-00N017EN
    Version of the OS Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7600
    Version of the BIOS Version 3.00
    Processor Intel (r) Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU P8400 2.26 GHz
    Physical memory 4096 MB RAM
    Disk capacity hard 256,052,899,840 [bytes] 238.468 [GB]
    Network Intel(r) 82567LM Gigabit Network Connection = version = MAC address
    TOSHIBA F3507g Mobile Broadband Network Adapter version = MAC = address
    Version of Intel(r) WiFi Link 5100 AGN = = MAC address
    F3507g Mobile Broadband Modem Modem TOSHIBA version =
    Internet Explorer 8.0.7600.16385

    This indicates a BIOS problem?


    points to a problem of firmware on the SSD drive (is it sandforce) torque to the incompatibility of BIOS of the SSD.

    I assume that all drivers installed etc were identical on the installation of the trial of HARD drive? so if this is the case it must be the SSD does not not with the BIOS correctly, so the other issues as well

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    There are apps that I have on this old system that does not work on newer systems. (I have an Airbook updated but I like the big screen for some things). I found this on Google:
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    and downloaded Firefox 16 of their link. It seems to work. For security reasons, I use my Airbook for bill payment, etc.
    Thanks for your comments. Thank you very much for the quick responses.

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    Each as indicated, but it only opened a new tab with no thumbnails again.
    So I'm puzzled as to why it does not work and my Firefox does not show Windows or Firefox 13 in the right sidebar below.

  • Satellite M35x-S161 will not work on battery

    My Toshiba Satellite M35x-S161 will not work on battery power.

    With external power supply, the battery status icon see the stack of 90 to 99%, but if the external connection is deleted the computer will immediately dead.

    By pressing the power button with the power supply disconnected, nothing happens. There is no light.

    I suspect the battery is dead, but why it doesn't show 90-99% full?


    In my opinion, your battery is dead.
    My old battery was always full, but I could use the laptop to only for 1 min.
    While the battery was empty

    There is nothing unusual issues you may encounter in using mobile phones
    The battery can die one day.

    In my opinion, the battery needs to be replaced

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