Portege M780 - upgrade Windows 10

I saw the following link http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/generic/windows10/ that give dates for the release of a "set of software components WIndows 10" for some models - probably recent. It does not cover the Portege M780 I or elsewhere any Portege models as far as I can see.

Windows 10 update would be available from microsoft in any case but y at - it advice re do this update from Toshiba or someone ese makes this or something similar. I am especialy curious to know if the fingerprint reader is supported.

Thank you



Support of latest Portege Win10, Z930, R30 - a.
The M780 maybe simply too old for the good conduct of the Win10.

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  • Portege Z930 - upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro

    I bought the upgrade to 7 to 8 during this promotional offer in early 2013, but so far I was expecting a better time perform the upgrade. I'm doing the upgrade having prepared a USB pen with the ISO, I downloaded in 2013.

    However, after 20 minutes of work, about 99% it is said that the upgrade has failed.

    I read somewhere that it is perhaps because of the recovery of my Portege partition.

    Someone have faced similar problems?
    Please consider that I am performing an upgrade instead of a clean install.

    Thank you


    PS and probably OT: anyone know if it is possible to obtain ISO 8.1 with the 8 with an activation code?

    As I'm not mistaken the Portege Z930 was sold with a preinstalled Windows 7 but Windows 8 extra DVDs should be part of the package.

    You do not have this DVD in Windows 8 support?

    In any case, I found a useful page that provides different information you how to put the system to Windows 8.

    Please click the link: step by step Instructions to upgrade to Windows 8

    I recommend you to run education step by step and repeat system upgrade process.

  • Portege R700 - upgrade Windows 7 32-bit to 64-bit and memory question

    I recently bought Portge R700 and am disappointed by the memory. I have a license of Windows 7 64-bit edition: what problems can arise if I update? Once installed, I can then use 8 MB of RAM.

    Moreover, I found the reagrding misleading Web site the option of using the 8 MB of RAM with the32-bit OS. I have 4Mb installed, years to see that only 2.86 MB is usable.

    I get "out of memory" messages and would like to know how to allocate more memory to live for video.

    Tom's right. If you want to use the 64-bit operating system, you must do clean install operating system. All drivers and tools specific to Toshiba and utilities must be installed Additionally one by one.
    If you need assistance with installing Win7 let us know.

    I put t know for what purposes do you use your laptop and what applications are important for your daily work, but, in general, I don t think you will have problems using 64 bit OS. Please keep in mind that all additional software is 64-bit capable and everything will be OK.

    As far as I know laptop user doesn't have the influence of the use of video memory and it runs automatically. It is unclear to me that you can change these settings and set how much RAM can be used for video operations.

    Anyway, Portege R700 is nice for laptop with sufficient power for daily use and also for use with standard applications. I don t think you ve bought this laptop for games.

  • Portege M780 finger touch does not


    I have a Portege M780 and Windows 7 x 64.

    My laptop recognizes the pen and a point of contact devices.

    Can I use the pen is fine, no problem with that. But finger touch screen doesn´t of work. I go to the control panel and finger touch is enabled.

    I have download Wacom touch dual drivers for W7x64 web technical support Toshiba´s, but I can´t install it because when I try it says '' unsupported '' platform.

    Could someone please help?

    I have download Wacom touch dual drivers for W7x64 support Toshiba´s web

    Where did you find this 64-bit driver?
    The Toshiba European driver page does not touch Dual driver for Win 7 64 bit, but only for Win 7 32 bit

  • Portege M780-10V upgrade questions

    I'm glad my M780-10V and don't plan to change it too early, but I'd like to improve it.

    I upgraded RAM 8 GB, although windows 7 32-bit recognizes only 2,9 GB - ideas?

    Someone tried to move to Windows 7 64 bit, which should make more RAM available.

    Has anyone swapped the drive and installed an SSD, I think also 250GB, I guess that it should be a real boost.

    As for exchanging the i5 to an i7, I don't know who would be worthwhile - seems a costly change - as the i7 does not seem to add a lot by looking at different comparison sites.

    Thanks in advance.


    I upgraded RAM 8 GB, although windows 7 32-bit recognizes only 2,9 GB - ideas?

    Win 7 32-bit as well as 32-bit systems recognize only 3.2 GB of RAM. This is the limit of 32-bit
    Recommended to use the 64-bit system in case you have more than 3 GB of RAM
    Portege M780-10V supports up to 8 GB of RAM so memory upgrade is possible.

    Has anyone swapped the drive and installed an SSD, I think also 250GB, I guess that it should be a real boost.

    The upgrade of the SSD HARD drive is the best move you could make... the performance gain will be noticeable. I made these updates on my Tecra laptop and am very happy with this...

    As for exchanging the i5 to an i7, I don't know who would be worthwhile - seems a costly change - as the i7 does not seem to add a lot by looking at different comparison sites.

    In my opinion, this is not necessary and I wouldn't recommend upgrade you the processor. First of all Toshiba and other laptop manufacturers do not support these updates. No one knows if these updates would not affect the functionality of the laptop, and in the worst cases, the BIOS would not support a new processor.
    At the other hand, you won't see the performance boost using new CPU... in my eyes these updates would be very useful.

  • Portege M780 + Win10 - is it possible?

    After the upgrade of my Portege M780-10R to win 10 pro or AUDIO and SCREEN TACTILE functions operate.
    I searched updated drivers, but there is nothing that win7 or an earlier version.
    Do I have a possibility to do things to work in winning 10 pro 32 bit?


    M780 is not compatible with Win10. The touch screen is not a standard touchscreen device.

  • Need software preinstalled for Portege M780


    I have reinstalled windows 7 pro on my Portege M780 and I need Toshiba pre installed Apps
    It was 7 Pro 32 bit and clean, I installed 7 Pro 64-bit Iv caught everything that is available in the download section for 7 64-bit, but not all is here.

    I used to have the cam, control rotation of the screen, DVD app and more I'm not even sure what to do as I have only had the day before installing windows :(
    If someone could help that would be great thank you

    PS I can't scanner finger to work anyway, once I installed it and set up com would not start after the login screen but did in safe mode then I disabled in Device Manager. Ideas Anyony Cheers

    I tried the pre installed applications recovery unsuccessfully :(

    Original recovery image that you got with your laptop contains the operating system, all necessary drivers, tools specific to Toshiba and utility and sure some additional software such as a DVD player, an antivirus, Office of test application.

    When you have installed OS on Toshiba download page you will find drivers, tools and utilities only. These additional requests will not be available. That you can have if you install original recovery image.

    Very important information of the end: Toshiba offer all that for operating systems supported only so if you can't find it on the download page, I can just say unlucky.
    In this case, you should try to find the right proposed drivers for other models, but with the same hardware components and it is quite complicated.

  • Portege M780-10U frezees when using external LCD


    I have a Toshiba Portege M780-10U running Windows 7 (x 32) SP1.
    I've updated all the drivers for the display, BIOS, etc.

    When I connect my Acer G235H laptop screen freezes after about 3 hours of operation.
    Nothing is recorded anywhere, just a complete freeze that requires a hard reset. The fan for the CPU to full power, and then runs once the freeze occurs.

    I'm not under any special graphics applications when it blocks just standard Office 2007 and IE8.
    I've isolated the gel down for display using a HP L1906 monitor and had no gel for 2 days.

    I tried the screen ACER G235H using VGA and HDMI, and I always get some freezes.

    Does anyone have ideas how I can fix this problem?

    Thank you

    > I've isolated the gel down for display using a HP L1906 monitor and had no gel for 2 days.
    For me it's really hard to believe that an external monitor may affect the functionality of the laptop, but it seems that your laptop freezes using only this special monitor (G235H).
    Use of the HP L1906 monitor everything is ok. Is this good?

    Hmm connect you the L1906 monitor to the same port as G235H?
    There may be differences between the external resolutions?

    Sorry mate, but it s really hard to tell what could bring it this maybe s a high temperature problem and perhaps its pure coincidence that freezes it cell phone using the external monitor.

  • Portege M780 - 10G: Toshiba Wireless Manager cannot initialize the 3G device


    by mistake I deleted connections used by the 3G device to connect broadband.

    Now when I run Toshiba Wireless Manager it attempt to initialize the device of wide band 3G but nothing happens.
    The laptop is a Toshiba Portege M780 10 G, 3G is an Ericrsson F3607gw and the operating system is Windows 7 Professional 32 bit.

    I tried to reinstall Toshiba Wireless Manager and the device 3G driver.

    Please, can you tell how to solve my problem?

    Thank you

    To be honest I don t understand how you could remove connections to broadband?
    However, you should check first if the 3G device is recognized in Device Manager correctly.
    If it is not recognized, this would require a 3G driver installation.

    All parts of the software can be found here:

    Here you will find the description step by step how to set up and establish a 3G connection via the preinstalled Toshiba Wireless Manager?

  • Portege M780-106 - the mouse pointer position of the stylus trolling

    Question re Toshiba portege M780-106 touch screen laptop:
    We have a problem with the mouse, the position of the stylus trolling.

    This gap considerably increases the speed of the increase in movement of the stylus.
    As we had a task of monitoring with the stylus it is problematic.

    We run the task in Windows 7 using python 2.6 with mainly pygame library functions.
    Is there a way to disable the process that produces this discrepancy between stylus pointer and mouse?

    Any help much appreciated!


    The CPU is running in performance mode? There may be a delay because the eco mode is activated, or the speed of the CPU has strangled at low speed.

  • Availability of Portege M780 series


    Anyone know about when the M780 will be available? I really want to buy one, but it is impossible to find the model and I looked! (Misco, Insight, Amazon, ebay and kelkoo)

    Thank you

    According to some online PC magazines, it should be on the market in the 1st quarter of 2010. It should be on the market soon. in these articles, I also found info having Portege M780 backlight Panel LED TruBright 12.1 inch 1200 x 800 with support multitouch for Windows 7 gestures.
    As you know probably computers notebooks are specific products of countries and in some countries they will be offered earlier and sometimes later.

  • Portege M780 - names getting not transferred

    Hi guys,.

    Do you have a similar problem on Portege M780, I try to send SMS, I check the number for the name I send but the name not transferred and I had to type it manually myself... very frustrating.

    What SMS software do you use?

    If this is the Wireless Manager, try to update to the latest version on the site of support/drivers of Toshiba.

  • Pavilion 6650z: upgrade Windows 10

    I was wondering if an upgrade to Windows 7 SP 1 Windows 10 could prove useful. My desktop computer Pavilion meets all the hardware requirements to run Win 10. It's a CTO in January 2011.

    I've already tried an update to Win 10 on-site the weekend of the new year, earlier this year. While the update process, the indexing for my Corel Photo Paint Shop Pro X 3 process lasted several hours with no end in sight. It is at this time that I decided to go back to Windows 7. Could not find the link "back to the previous Windows" in the Windows 10 settings, I used my system recovery disks to reinstall factory on my Pavilion.

    Before considering a new attempt to upgrade Windows 10, I would like to know if it's worth my time and effort to install Win 10. Also, I would like to know which is better: an upgrade in place against the clean install.

    I read Windows 7 machines that met in the hardware configuration required to win 10 has failed as well in the upgrade process, that the results are mixed at best.

    Thanks for your help.

    Westin doc


    You are right to be cautious about making the upgrade of Win10 on a Win7 PC.

    I did it on several\ PC Win7 and it completely trashed both of them - where they were to be restored to factory settings to restore operation.

    I wrote the following to inform people about the measures to be taken during the upgrade PC Win7 to Win10...

    Desktop computers older Win7 tend to fare badly when upgraded to Win10 - mainly due to lack of HP Win10 drivers for older hardware.

    If you are determined to upgrade to Win10, you must be willing to do four things:
    (1) do a full image backup of disk external drive or USB stick, capacity
    (2) changes to the reserved system partitioning hard disk recommandΘes mΘthodes,
    (3) use a different approach and maybe more than one, as Windows Update to do the upgrade,
    (4) prepare for a clean install.

    1: backup of images:
    This is VITAL, because the machine is doomed to failure of the upgrade, and when that happens, you will learn that GoBack to Win10 function is NOT reliable, and that can leave you with a corrupt machine that will require the factory reset and lose all that on it, to get it working again.

    You can avoid this by making an image backup to an external hard drive or a USB drive using Macrium reflect (MR), which provides a FREE version that can be used to image and restore partitions or drives together.

    What I recommend is the following:
    (1) download and install Macrium reflect (MR)
    (2) run M. and choose the option: "Create an image of the partition (s) required to backup and restore Windows" to write a full backup to an external drive or USB key
    (3) use the option to create a CD or a USB startup key

    NOW, you have the means to restore a full system that works for the external hard drive or USB key in a few minutes.
    2: System reserved for resizing:
    There is a small partition on the HDD with Win7 preinstalled machines known as system reserved.  It is something known as the boot loader code.  There is 100 MB format: all that is necessary for Win7.  But Win10 needs 350 MB and, in some cases, is NOT able to resize it on its own.  IF this happens, you must manually use a partitioning tool to resize it yourself.
    3: use a different approach to upgrade:
    Windows Update is the simpler, but less reliable, way to do the upgrade from Win10.  A much better and more reliable way is to use Microsoft Media creation tool: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-10/media-creation-tool-install?ocid=ms_wol_win10 choose the upgrade this option now PC.

    After all this, you know that MS install drivers with only the most basic features.  Given that HP does not have drivers for your PC Win10, this limited functionality is the best you're going to get.  HP does not actively write new drivers from Win10 for the old PC Win7.  To keep all the features of your PC, your best shot is NOT to upgrade to Win10.
    4: be prepared to clean-install:
    If you do all this, and after the upgrade, your PC works partially, this means that the upgrade is not well and stuff is still there the previous OS corrupt the functionality of Win10.

    You MIGHT be able to solve the problem in fact a clean install of Win10. Problem is that, often, a clean-install does not recognize prior activation, even if it should. So, before doing the upgrade, follow these instructions on the community forums Win10 on creating a genuineticket.xml file: http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/23354-clean-install-windows-10-directly-without-having-upgrade-first.html

    You need more later to activate your pc Win10 after the installation of clean.


    Good luck
    I'm a volunteer and I do not work for, or represent, HP.
    If my post helped you, please click on the Thumbs-Up symbol on my post to say thank you.
    If my posts resolved your issue please click "accept as a Solution.

  • Pavilion d61 40f PC: upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7 (64-bit)

    I am trying to upgrade Windows Vista Edition Home Premium to Windows 7 (64 bit) on an older machine.  In order to go forward the installation, I get the message that I need to uninstall the following programs: Business Manager and Anti-Malware Core.  I looked under "programs" and "programs" on my C: drive, but I can't find any progams by those names.

    Can someone tell me what I should look for, and where/how do I uninstall these files?

    I am a novice and would appreciate your help in simple language. Thank you very much!

    What you have is a rogue malware. Get the free Malwarebytesand scan.  During installation, you will see one already ticked box (trial) enabled. Just uncheck that.

  • upgrade window

    Firefox continues to stick a window of upgrade on my desctop which I can't delete unless I force quit. I can't put updated because when I try it says that the update version does not work on my computer. How can I get rid of this Sandy upgrade window that prevents me from using firefox properly.

    You are welcome.

    While other users can find answers which have resolved a Firefox issue, please take a few minutes to come back on the forum, log in and click 'Resolved' next to my answer. Thank you.

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