Portege R500 does not show the Groove 2007 calendar tool

Hi all

As a newbie, I met the following problem with MS Office Groove 2007 on a newly purchased R500.
Windows XP Pro SP3, Office 2007 Ultimate

Use the Groove 2007 calendar tool to coordinate meetings with my colleagues, but the R500 does not show the calendar.
Tried it on all my computers and it works fine except on the Porege R500.

Please let know us if anyone has experienced the same problem or if there is a solution before I turn to MS (hate doing that)

Thanks Aliza



Maybe you should remove the SP3 and must try to reinstall again on the Portégé R500 using only SP2.

Did you also check if there is some compatibility issues between the MS Groove 2007 and already installed programs?

Please check this!

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