Portege R500 - I lose settings in the fingerprint software


I use the fingerprint software, but sometimes, I lost my settings and database password and user fingers are clear. I have to import a few tweaks and then works fine. I lost my settings for 2 or 3 times in the week!

You have an idea? Thank you

Have you tried updating the software of fingerprint?
To my knowledge, there is a newer version available
See European driver of Toshiba and download and update software.

One question; Do you use cleaning software? I mean software that remove the temporally files, form entries
This software could clean up and delete entries from your

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  • Portege R500-11Z: how to use the external mic and hear the internal speakers

    We have a Portege R500-11Z running XP and want to use Skype with an external table microphone and the internal speakers.

    When connect us the microphone to the Jack MIC the Portege, built-in speakers cut out!

    How to use an external mic and still hear the internal speakers?


    > When connect us the microphone on the Portege, built-in speaker MIC Jack cut!
    Are you sure you used the microphone port and no headphone port?

    Have you checked your settings Audio from Skype?
    There is an option called ring through the speaker too or something like that.

    Please also check the Realtek HD audio Manager in Control Panel.
    There is a tab called Audio i/o.

    Usually, you can change the connector settings, by clicking on the small key-tool icon.
    Disable the option called Mute rear output when plugged headphones before

    As you can see is called headset and not so I m confused a little bit why the speakers are turned off when you connect an external microphone.

    By the way; There is also a tab called micro.
    Check if the two options that reduce the echo and noise are OFF

  • Portege R500 - Bad optical drive delays the start - how to fix?

    The Portege R500 has recently begun does not start. Initially there not some time later, frequently. By chance, I discovered that if I left alone for a minute or two, he will continue to start. That and the noise coming from the optical driver, made me suspect the problem was not with the HARD drive, as I feared at first, but with the optical driver.

    I read in the thread below that other people had this problem. MrBear mentions * I pulled it out again and pushed on the Ribbon connecting the CD-ROM to make sure they were safe. Turned on again and he pulled up without problem! *

    Link: [http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=43300&tstart=0]

    Could someone clarify in what ribbons must be treated? Only those who are visible by opening the drive? Or it is necessary to open the notebook?

    Furthermore, if I booted into Windows, it stopped again, for a minute or two, while Windows is loading. With Ubuntu, there is no such problem. Perhaps Windows tries to communicate with the optical driver for some reason any.

    Tnaks for any help!


    Is your laptop still under warranty? If so I put t understand why you try to solve the problem by yourself. Go to the nearest EPA and ask a technician for help. These guys are very useful and they have the most experience on laptop repairs.

    On the Toshiba site, you can search the nearest ASP:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com-online decision-making supported downloads & => find an authorized service provider

    And the problem with Windows, it is difficult to tell why Windows stops for a minute. Maybe it s a software problem so disable all programs that you start n t need in msconfig.

    Good bye

  • Portege R500 does not start from the XP CD

    My basic problem is the following - I have a Portege r500 with Vista on it. I'm moving from Vista to XP Pro, but when I put a bootable XP installation CD in the drive, it turns, looking around for awhile and then I get a blank screen with a cursor blinking on it.

    Now, I've done this before, so I know that something is supposed to happen, but nothing don't. And I tried 3 well-known installation CD, is not a problem of CD. Do I need some update BIOS/firmware to boot from the CD on this thing? Or am I missing something?


    Thank you.

    Often the Portege R500 should be able to boot from the CD/DVD drive and should begin the procedure of installation of the CD Win XP SP2 installation.

    But it is a tricky thing.
    The Portege R500 needs an Intel (r) Matrix Storage Manager (iMSM). This iMSM is necessary to recognize the HARD drive and install Win Xp on the HARD drive.

    I recommend you and create a new CD of Win XP starting with software called nLite to integrate the SP2 of Microsoft and Intel Matrix Storage Manager (iMSM) in Win XP.

    You can then use this CD for installation.

  • Portege R500 - How do we install the new display driver?


    I tried to download and install a new driver to display for my R500, but for some reason, it wouldn't let me install it.
    The system is locked?
    Is it possible to 'hack' the system so I can install new drivers?


    WHERE´s the problem? What error message do you get when you try to install the display driver?
    The R500 should have an intel graphics chipset and that I can remember I had never problems to install intel drivers on a computer.

    Would appreciate comments on your part.


  • Portege R500 with 3G - Instructions for the insertion of the SIM card

    I have a model PPR50E R500 which I think has built in 3G. Howevere I can't find documentation on how to insert a SIM card. One of the other model seems to suggest that the SIM card is inserted behind the keyboard. Can someone point me to some training documents please?

    Unfortunately there is no documentation available. (Maybe in the user manual, but if there is nothing, then you won´t find anything)

    Here are some instructions on how to swap the SIM card on a Portégé R400, so I think that since both machines are quite similar, that the guidelines would apply to the R500 too:

    Perform the following steps to insert/remove the SIM card:

    1. close the machine OFF completely. Make sure that the POWER LED is not lit.
    2. remove the AC adapter, battery and all connected cables/devices.
    3. open the screen.
    4. remove the keyboard cover with a small screwdriver flat blade in the small hole on the edge of the cover and pulling gently out.
    5. remove the two screws that hold the keyboard and knock it gently over the keyboard. (Use a small cross-slot screwdriver to unscrew the two screws).
    6. to activate the keyboard down, take the upper end of the keyboard, pull gently upwards and place the keyboard with the keys down on the palmrest of your machine.

    * ATTENTION: *.

    {color: #ff0000} + do not touch the keys on the keyboard to return back. Make sure that you hold the keyboard on both sides and ask gently down on the palmrest. +
    + The keyboard is connected to the machine with a flat cable. Avoid pulling the cable on the connector or damage! +
    + Avoid dropping objects (such as paper clips, etc.) inside the machine. A metallic object can cause a short circuit on the motherboard, which would cause serious damage to your machine. +

    7. search the card slot SIM on the upper right corner of the machine.
    8. slide the locking mechanism of the SIM card with the fingernails or a small object slot to the left to unlock. (You can also use a small flat blade screwdriver)
    9 pull gently until on the SIM card slot.
    (10 a) Insertion: insert the card into the SIM card slot. The filings of the SIM card must show an upside.
    (b) removal: remove the SIM card from the slot

    11 turn the slot down and block it by sliding the lock to the right.
    12 insert the keyboard by placing the clips on the bottom of the keyboard into the grooves on the top of the palm rest. Rabat the keyboard gently downwards and fix it by screwing the screws into the holes. Make sure that no screws were dropped on the inside of the machine!
    13 install the support of keyboard on its position and push down to fix its position.
    14 attach the adapter sector, battery and all cables/devices.
    15 enable you wireless device by pressing "FN + F8" when you work on Windows.

    * I must warn you, it s on your own risk and if you do not feel comfortable with the installation procedure can put the machine to an authorized Service provider, which can make the installation of the SIM card for you.*

    Good luck my friend :)

  • Re: Portege R500: where should I put the SIM card?


    can someone help me? Where should I put the SIM card? The user manual make no mention of this.

    Thank you.


    I hope that the answer to your question, you can find HERE

    Good bye

  • Problem with the TrueSuite Fingerprint on Portege R500-121 software

    121 - R500 new with Vista Business. After two weeks of evil, I realized that the failures of synchronization of offline files resulted from the fingerprint software. The only solution is to uninstall Truesuite, therefore not fingerprint authentication if you want threads in offline mode. How Toshiba can ship a laptop with software that one of the most important operating system for peat mobile users have?

    Already checked the Drivers Toshiba download site if a new version is available? Maybe there is a new version that fixes this bug.

    If not, I would check the microsoft Web site, if there is no case known, so maybe someone has a out some correction or similar.
    I wouldn pointing with your finger to toshiba, first of all, because it's definitely a software error and there are probably more manufacturers of portable with the same fingerprint sensor that may have the same problem.

    Welcome them

  • Portege R500 - utility of fingerprint stopped working

    I have a laptop Portege R500. The utility of fingerprint stopped working. First (perhaps after an update of the real Suite Acess Manager was installed a few months ago) it did not work when connecting, but worked for the other passwords.

    Now it doesn't work at all. If I try to record fingerprints, told me that he has failed to locate the sensor. I reinstalled the driver AES1610 and TrueSuite access manager, but it makes no difference.

    In Device Manager it says the device is working. I looked at different threads on this without seeing something that works.

    Hmm, maybe you should try to clean the registry once the fingerprint software has been uninstalled.

    In your case, I would follow this:
    -Uninstall fingerprint software and remove the fingerprint device in Device Manager.
    -restart the laptop
    -clean the registry using the free tool called CCleaner
    -Restart once again and install the software and driver
    -Restart once again and test the functionality of fingerprint

    Welcome them

  • Portege R500: Fingerprint Software and VIsta SP1 problems

    I encounter another problem which seems to be related to the fingerprint software. If I install the software, no issue arises. Once I register the fingerprints, the system slows down. Same clang of the other computers in the domain, in that I am, the response slows down gradually and then fails several times, before becoming inaccessible.

    Then as Exlopre crashes after a while. If I can stop the command, it hangs at the screen bright blue vista saying "logout". Then, the only way to turn off the computer is by holding down the power button.

    I log back in again once, unregister the fingerprint and all works well.
    Any idea? Thank you

    P.S. The software and drivers Vista SP1 and Toshiba are fully patched/updated


    I am interested in your question, you are connected to a domain and use the fingerprint software in the network?

    Well, how it works in the Working Group?
    Have you noticed the same slowdowns system using laptop computer not connected to the network?

    Please check this because I guess that there is local connection between domain parameters (server) and your stored settings on the R500.

  • Portege R500 - PPR50E replacement of the HDD or SSD


    The hard drive in my beloved Portege R500 is dead.

    The model is a Toshiba MK1237GSX and am looking for a compatible hard drive to replace it with conclusion that this exact model turns out to be difficult. You can also and my first choice would be to replace the HDD with a ssd drive - is this possible and any recommendation on model?

    Any help is very appreciated

    Thanks in advance

    Agree with Akuma.
    You need an SSD that supports the SATA interface.
    You need disc SSD SATA 2.5

  • Portege R500 - cannot remove the password user and supervisor

    Hoping someone can help me with a problem,

    I voluntarily put a password for user and supervisor on one of our Portege R500.
    I know what the password is, but I just want to remove so that I am not prompted for the password whenever the laptop is turned on.

    I seem to be unable to disable this feature, which is a problem that the laptop is about to be reassigned to a differnet use that would be impractical for users to have to put a password on startup.

    He must have a way to disable the password requirement.

    Of course, you can disable this password. Just use the same way you used to.
    It can be done using Toshiba Assist > Secure. You used this way to get into these options, you?

  • Portege R500 - remove 'Eject the PC' from the menu pinned using pyrite station

    We run for Toshiba Portege R500 laptop in Windows XP Professional SP2 environment.
    Toshiba tools are installed to allow UN/hot docking on laptops.
    Portege R500 laptop computers come with the Slim Port Replicator docking station.

    During the docking of the laptop, 2 "pinned" items appear in the start menu called 'Eject the PC' and ' Eject PC and sleep. "
    We found that because of our custom build and Toshiba tools, there are a few conflicts.
    Most of these conflicts have been resolved, except for one that was recently found.

    When a user selects the option "Eject PC", it works as expected, however when the user plug their docking station back in, the port replicator is inactive (in other words, all the functions of the mouse, keyboard, cable LAN, etc. which are connected to the Port Replicator become unusable).
    To remedy the situation, a restart of the computer is required to do and everything works then according to normal again.

    To avoid users to do this, is there a way to remove the icons "Eject PC" & "Eject PC and Sleep" be pinned?
    Of course the added items can be deleted under the user's profile, but when the laptop is returned, these added items return.

    I tried to add a few registry keys to see if NoEject can be set to prevent this.


    > To avoid users to do this, is there a way to remove the icons "Eject PC" & "Eject PC and Sleep" be pinned?
    It is not known to me
    I think that everything can be changed by using the right registry and value, but I have never tried this.

    But my knowledge of the Toshiba * Mobile Extension * tool controls this function.
    On the page of Toshiba Europe, you might find a more recent version: 3.87.00

    I think you should update this tool.

  • Portege R500 - Fingerprint Software has suddenly stopped working: driver error

    Hi you all,.

    yesterday it worked perfectly, now the driver of fingerprints could not be initialized (charged ok, error system at boot).
    Now the fingerprint software is useless, since the device no longer works).

    Uninstalled and reinstalled does not.



    He s strange a driver doesn't work all of a sudden.
    However, perhaps there are system files or corrupt driver who knows...?  :|
    If the software and reinstalling driver don t help, try to roll back the OS to the point of time at the beginning.

    In the worst case, you will need to use the Toshiba Recovery CD to restore the machine to factory settings, but I hope that the Vista System Restore tool.

    Good luck and best regards my friend

  • How can I disable "Fingerprint Software" for only for the programs?


    somehow, the 'Fingerprint Software' require the user to slide a finger at any time it open programs that require the user to insert "user and password."
    How can I disable it permanently just for the program, not to open a session?

    Thank you.


    In the TrueSuite Access Manager, you can configure some settings.
    In the administrator settings, you will find two tabs; General and advanced.
    On the Advanced tab, simply uncheck the option called: change logon Windows fingerprint logon password.

    I think that should do the job.

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