Portege R500 - some parameters of the touchpad are unavailable


I have a Portege R500 which have recently had an unfortunate encounter with the ground and needed a new hard drive, among other things; So it is like new in the aspect of the software.

Since to resume the touchpad does not scroll.
I checked the Control Panel, and it gives me only options for the number of lines per click of the scroll wheel down, so that it looks like, he thinks it's a normal mouse.

In addition, it has no icon in the notification area on the taskbar to display when you press the key, which he was, and you can access a lot of parameters such as the size of the area of scroll etc...
I checked the driver and it is the same as that available in the downloads section if it is not that, but I can find no trace of this another piece of software anywhere.

Anyone know where I can download the icon and its parameters of support or any other means to scroll?
Thank you

It seems that you have not installed some needed touchpad driver.
Driver Toshiba page provides an Alps Touch Pad Driver for Portege R500 Electric.
Install it!

Then you can check the settings in the control panel-> mouse-> hardware-> touchpad properties

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    Thank you


    On the Toshiba download page you will find Touch Pad on / off Utility. Have you installed on your Portege?

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    Did a restore of the system and all is well! Went back 3 days of the last update of windows. I hope this helps others!

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    Thank you


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    Click the icon in the shape of triangle to the right of the custom word - see image below.

  • Portege 3440CT freezes after some time while the files are copied

    Hello all :)

    It seems that I have the same problem as missred in this thread http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=19232 (bottom). Unfortunately I can't answer it this is why I am writing here. The version of my laptop is 3440CT.

    My test was to make a win98 HD bootable with directory i386 on it, the start of this drive and run the Setup with winnt.exe. OK, it works, but while the files are copied after awhile it just hangs. I tried with a partition and i386 on the active system partition and with two partitions and i386 on another non-system partition. I don't have floppy or CD for the laptop drive.

    Any ideas what's happening? Is it possible to install XP on the same disk, installing XP is started from?

    Can't wait for your answers ;)


    PS: My other tests were:
    -complete the installation of XP on another computer, then move the reader
    -Installation of XP on another computer until it resets first (after you complete composing the installation files), then move the reader
    both without success. I also changed the drive to another as I suspected it is physically damaged. Now I'm ideas ;)

    > OK, it works, but while the files are copied after awhile it just hangs. I tried with a partition and i386 on the active system partition and with two partitions and i386 on another partition system
    To me it sounds more like a HARD or RAM disk as an incorrect Setup procedure failure.

    What do you think?

  • Portege R500: How to activate the modem umts / 3g under Kubuntu 8.04? (Fn + f8)


    I just installed kubuntu x86_64 on portege R500, but I can't turn on the modem umts / 3g.

    On Windows, I use Fn + F8 to activate it. When I use the key combination a new light begins to Flash next to the Ref. Leucht wireless meaming 3 g/umts is turned on but I can´t do on Linux.

    I have can´t activate so lspci even can not find the umts modem.

    I tried an option in the bios saying "Device Config: all devices / Setup by OS" (I tried the first option all devices), but I can't yet find the Linux umts modem.

    I also downloaded the utility toshet [http://www.schwieters.org/toshset/] but didn t find any option related to 3 g/umts modems.

    Any idea on how to activate it?

    Thanks in advance.

    FN key features are controlled by the tool designed by Toshiba. Toshiba doesn't support Linux for now and as a result there is no Linux tool to achieve this.

  • Portege M700: How to activate the touchpad Vista (by software)?


    I use a Portege M700 Vista.

    Some time ago, due to a problem of cursor (he jumped at random on a different position in the text I type), I turned off (by software) the (use of the) touchpad. From there on, I use the M700 keyboard and an external mouse.

    Unfortunately, I have forgotten how I did it and am now unable to turn the touchpad... Even after spending a lot of time looking for the command (under Vista), I have not discovered its location...

    Any help woud be appreciated.

    Thanking you.


    The touchpad can b switched ON and OFF using the FN + F9 key combination.

    This work of service on most Toshiba laptops!

    PS; This is also mentioned in the manual of user ;) take a look at the user manual if you need more information on your laptop.

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  • The display is loose on my Portege R500 - how to tighten the hinges?

    The display is loose on my portege r500.

    Does anyone know how to tighten the hinges?


    I think that this procedure is very delicate and in my opinion it s a job for a technician.
    I m don't know if you can tighten the hinges if necessary he s need to replace the old hinges

    Is it the hinges are hidden under the plastic around the screen frame.
    The LCD mask is fixed with screws I m but not quite sure how much could be three screws. They are hidden under the mask of small cushions.
    You will need to remove and the tightness of the extra mask.
    Then you can remove the LCD mask. The hinges should be visible now

    But there s more complicated as it may seem the R500 is a nice unit, and it would be a shame that you would damage the LCD screen. The LCD screen is an expensive part, and in my opinion it is worth to ask a professional for help

    Welcome them

  • Portege R200: How to disable the Touchpad in cmd

    Hallo Forum,

    When you work with an external mouse, it makes sense to disable the touchpad and I know, where to click, to turn it off,
    but it would be nice to me now, whether and how one could do cmd, because I've set up some profiles in
    ConfigFree and I want to use the 'programm start after changing the profile' option to toggle the touchpad.

    ayone have any idea?

    Beste regards,

    I have to grin read your post because I always surprised questions and users who want m did something very complicated.

    All cell phones are supported on FN + F9 key combination that turns the touchpad on and off.
    The use of this key combination takes about 1 sec, maybe 1.5 sec ;)

    So why he s so annoying by using the FN + F9 key


  • Portege R500: How to activate the control buttons after the new installation of Vista

    I reinstalled my R500 with another image of Vista Toshibe to recreate the image.
    I then started to install the drivers and tools, but I don't know how to set up two command buttons so I can turn on/off background light.

    If I go to the Toshiba assist program all the info is empty.
    Do - what someone know how to activate this new or can tell me what are their parameters in the program of Toshiba?

    Yes, the computer has been restarted several times.


    You need to download and reinstall the Package Toshiba Vista added value.
    This package contains various applications such as TOSHIBA components common driver and utilities TOSHIBA, TOSHIBA Flash Cards, which are required to use the buttons.

    Check it out man

  • Portege R500: unable to connect the remote DVI monitor via Dynadock


    I just connected Dynadock (DVI) with my Portege R500. The cell would be supported - according to Toshiba - but my experience confirms that Dynadock is not able to access the DVI ports. This implies, that Dynadock is nothing more than the USB HUB.

    My setup: Vista 32 company b (CZE edition), the latest patches, Toshiba R500.

    Software: latest dynadock software 2.3 c.

    Symptom: I can't connect to the remote DVI monitor via the dynadock, there are only two external panels with 800 x 600, but Vista does not allow me to choose.

    More information: software Dynadock requires to run without Microsoft Defender, otherwise it blocks the service: DisplayLinkService; file:C:\Program Files\DisplayLink base Software\DisplayLinkService.exe
    If you turn off the MSDef, the "error 2738" message appears when you connect the dynadock and when Vista tries to install a missing drivers for you.
    Yes, I know the VBS question and the problem is not caused by VisualBasic - VBS "Hello World" runs.

    If you think always, Toshiba Dynadock is compatible with Toshiba R500, then press Fn + F5 and look at your logs and you should find something like:
    In English: igfxext.exe throws an exception 0xc000000d, offset 0x0000f9f8.

    I look forward to the comments, advice etc. If you are able to transmit this bug report to a responsible engineer, do please.

    Hello Leo

    As far as I know, Toshiba has not designed for laptops models own only Dynadock and it can be used on every laptop or fixed. Because of this, I think that this statement about model of care is not so important for this problem.

    Toshiba provides devices and software. To connect using the USB port, and these ports must each computer or laptop. I hope that you have installed the software by following the on-screen instructions (device of should not be connected to the start-up of the plant).

    Is your Portege docked the host or you have connected Dynadock directly in Portege s USB port?

  • Portege R500 - PPR50E replacement of the HDD or SSD


    The hard drive in my beloved Portege R500 is dead.

    The model is a Toshiba MK1237GSX and am looking for a compatible hard drive to replace it with conclusion that this exact model turns out to be difficult. You can also and my first choice would be to replace the HDD with a ssd drive - is this possible and any recommendation on model?

    Any help is very appreciated

    Thanks in advance

    Agree with Akuma.
    You need an SSD that supports the SATA interface.
    You need disc SSD SATA 2.5

  • Portege R500 - how to check the warranty status?


    You just bought the Portege R500, used a!
    But THERE AR ANY WARRANTY mark on the back. The user has deleted everything back!
    Is it possible, how do I know about the warranty in this case. ?

    PC suite XP OS seems with assistance from Toshiba!


    Normally be guaranteed can be checked with the serial number you've already written. I m using Windows XP too and if you start the tool of diagnosis PC from TOSHIBA, it shows all the information about your computer and hardware. There you can also see the serial number.

    Check this box!

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