Portege R600 - how to use the external monitor on the docking automatically

Hi - I just got a new Portege; R600-102. It's a great machine - very light and fast.

I connect to a Slim port replicator to the office and I wish I could anchor and automatically use the external monitor without opening the laptop. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to do it? This process has worked well on my recently retired Dell X 300.

More precisely:
# I have the laptop closed Portégé and standby mode
# I anchor in the Slim Port Replicator (SPR)
# I press the button 'on' on the SPR
# I see the message "recovery windows" and the bars of the countdown on the external monitor. (So I know it's connected and you can see the external monitor)
# The laptop turns on but use the laptop screen (private) LCD
# I have to open it and manually tell it 'out to watch.
What can be automatically?

Thanks for the tips.

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You use Windows XP Home or Vista edition?

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    I have a new Pavilion dm4-301 d cl Entertainment PC.   My OS is Windows 7.   I'm used to using two external monitors with a docking station.   This new laptop lacks a docking station.  What should I do use two external monitors?

    Certainly not without a dock, but even with laptop HP well enough docks limit you to one of the ports on the external monitor, even if there are two on the dock. We used a device called an Atlona AT-HDPIX2 which is a USB to hdmi adapter. It provides a feature of third monitor for a laptop... use the native external port of the screen and the computer screen internal, then this device gives a third control that is fully configurable to display Windows 7 interface... clone, extend, etc.. It allows a full HD resolution and is pretty responsive for games even light.  HP does not have any true docking station for your laptop.

  • Portege R600-13Z - flickering picture on external monitor

    Hi support them!

    I own an ASUS VW224 VGA monitor and a Portege R600 13Z. Is the native resolution of 1680 x 1050 and directly on VGA cable (do not know if there is a docking station). GPU driver date is 31.03.2010 version (newest I think).

    The problem is that the screen is blinking. The darker the area displayed the strongest flicker is perceived. It's a "horizontal flicker", like the horizontal lines are pursuing each other up and down the screen. It is very annoying.

    Since the laptop screen itself or the monitor with another computer ASUS show any flickers, I think that the problem is rooted in the described configuration interaction. I can set different settings on the monitor itself. Related to the problem could be 50 and 54 of Phase clock.

    Windows tells me in config monitor refresh rate is 60. However, refresh rates and clock can be set to the same without change.

    The meaning of phase I don't know.
    Any ideas to solve the problem?

    See you soon!

    > Since the computer screen laptop itself or the ASUS monitor with another computer show any flickers, I think that the problem is rooted in the described configuration interaction. I can set different settings on the monitor itself. Related to the problem could be 50 and 54 of Phase clock.

    I think that it comes to the grounding of s.
    Please check if the flicker would be available using the battery power.

    I've been reading about such symptoms on external monitors.
    In most cases the use of the power supply cable 3 cord would solve this problem.

  • How to use an external monitor only - Satellite A200 - 1 m 8


    I have Toshiba Satellite A200 - 1 m 8
    I have an external monitor connected to the laptop.

    D I would like to know if it is possible to disassemble the monitor to the laptop so that it becomes on my way so that I can easily see the external monitor.
    If so, please send me instructions on how to do it and if possible photos.

    Thank you.

    D I would like to know one thing too. Have you can be checked manuals s you have with your laptop?
    Boyfriend sorry but these issues are usually described in the manuals. Check if you can find something on FN + F5.

  • Portege R100 - how to use the CD?

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    I have a laptop portege R100, which has no cd or floppy drive; during an automatic update of windows, it crashed and I can't start although I have all the software which are all on CD! I would be grateful for any suggestions.

    Thanks in advance

    Hello Julia

    Have you tried to boot your computer in SafeMode (F8)?
    Not working?

  • Portege A600 - how to use the Modem 3 G on Windows 7?


    I installed Windows 7 and I guess that all the drivers that are downloaded from the Toshiba site. The 3 G Modem appears as "modem" and I can create a modem Connection with it, but for sure, it does not work.

    I know online the 3g software f.ex. who is coming with an external modem huawei.
    First this software asks the SIM card pin when starting and then I can specify the apn, the user and the password for the connection.

    I do not found something like this in one of the programs availbale or driver for the 3g modem.

    Please help me as soon as possible because I need this conection on my journey now.

    Kind regards


    Hi Paul

    Check out these discussions:



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  • Portege R500-11Z: how to use the external mic and hear the internal speakers

    We have a Portege R500-11Z running XP and want to use Skype with an external table microphone and the internal speakers.

    When connect us the microphone to the Jack MIC the Portege, built-in speakers cut out!

    How to use an external mic and still hear the internal speakers?


    > When connect us the microphone on the Portege, built-in speaker MIC Jack cut!
    Are you sure you used the microphone port and no headphone port?

    Have you checked your settings Audio from Skype?
    There is an option called ring through the speaker too or something like that.

    Please also check the Realtek HD audio Manager in Control Panel.
    There is a tab called Audio i/o.

    Usually, you can change the connector settings, by clicking on the small key-tool icon.
    Disable the option called Mute rear output when plugged headphones before

    As you can see is called headset and not so I m confused a little bit why the speakers are turned off when you connect an external microphone.

    By the way; There is also a tab called micro.
    Check if the two options that reduce the echo and noise are OFF

  • How to use the activity monitor to remove MegaBAckup on my mAc Book PRO?

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    Download and run MalwareBytes. Malwarebytes was developed by one of our colleagues here to ASC. He received rave reviews and is on the more proven anti-malware for Mac software.

  • How to make an external monitor the default parser

    How to make an external monitor to be the value by default when you plug it.

    MBAir, OS X (10.11.4) connecting to Samsung SyncMaster 220WM

    Section: Extended desktop

    "In the pane display preferences system, each blue box represents a screen that is currently connected. The size of each box is compared to the current resolution of the display that it represents. In the example shown below, the larger box on the left represents a 27 Apple"Thunderbolt display, while the smaller box on the right is built-in to a 13" MacBook Air (Color LCD) display. »

    "The left white bar at the top of the blue box represents the menu bar, you see at the top of your screen. Menu bar placement determines which screen is treated as main display in OS X. To change the main screen, click and drag the white bar from one blue box to another. »


  • How to use the product with laptop Portege R150 recovery CD?

    How to use the recovery CD product with laptop Portege R150 of Formate and reinstall the operating system?

    Mobile recovery procedure Asian does not for me but may not be very different as on mobile phones produced in Europe or the United States.

    Start your laptop and press F12 to display the boot options
    Place the recovery disc into the optical disc drive
    In the start menu, choose the CD/DVD drive and press ENTER
    The procedure of the facilities is expected to begin
    Follow the menu on the screen

    I do not know what will be shown at this stage, but it is not complicated to install the original recovery image. If you have any other questions please let me know what happens when upgraders begins. What options are displayed?

  • I'm not clear how to use the recovery CD

    I added all the space using my HDD is it comes about 12 GB, I have 27.9 GB of disk space, but my drive has only 1.80 left disk space. I made clear to solve this problem. Basket is empty, I ran disk cleanup.

    A computer expert suggested that Windows might have become confused and cannot recognize what place I save, it might be because I ran a program called Cyberscrub often. His solution is to reload Windows XP home. My laptop came with recovery discs, everything else is already loaded. I have so much I don't want to lose on my laptop. If I use the recovery discs, I will lose everything on my computer, am I better off buying Windows XP home and re-load, in which case I will not lose my job?

    Also I am not clear how to use the recovery discs, I can't find instructions on what you are doing.
    The only person who could help me went to travel and not reachable.
    Any help greatly appreciated
    Lorraine Hart

    It of a very simple to recover the laptop.
    Just boot from the recovery CD and follow the instructions on-screen ;)

    I put t know what version recovery CD you have, but the older one provides the standard and expert mode. In expert mode, you can choose you partition where the OS is to be installed.
    So in this case only the selected partition will be formatted!

    But have you checked the size of the HARD disk in disk management?
    Simply click on the my icon my computer and choose manage.

    Of course, you could remove the internal HARD disk and it could connect to the external USB HDD controller. Then, connect the drive HARD to the second PC and you record data on another HARD drive.

  • How to use the adapter wireless Satellite C660D?

    Hello world!

    Crazy us looking for the adapter wireless Satellite C660D-164... is there an integrated? or do I have to buy an external? Can not know how to set up a wi - fi and bluetooth connection. The manual is not descriptive.

    Installed all the drivers form the site.

    Pleas help ASAP.

    As far as I know all the portable toshiba have too much especially the bluetooth and WIRELESS network card.
    Use of WLAN is very simply. Thing the most important ist wireless network adapter must be installed and activated correctly.

    In the document s user manuals, you can find good description how to use the WLAN.

    The question is: do you use your laptop with the original operating system preinstalled that you got with it or you use own preloaded?

  • How to use the video port with Vista on Qosmio G30

    Im running windows vista Ultimate edition.
    How to use the monitor in port?

    The Composite (in the port monitor) port is placed to the right.
    With the video component cable software plug-in delivered a CATV or satellite box can be connected to the computer to watch channels.
    You can for example use the Qosmio Player or Windows Media Center to watch other channels.

    As much as I know the ultimate Vista supports Windows Media Center, Windows Media Center HDTV.
    You should read some more details on your new operating system!

  • How to get an external monitor like main screen...


    The monitor on my HP Pavilion dv9830us PC laptop has not worked for some time and I had to use an external CRT monitor for my screen. A few nights ago my operating system (Ubuntu Linux 10.04) failed to load and because I can not get flow to my external monitor until the video drivers on video Ubuntu loads, I am unable to run the repair of Ubuntu and the beginning of the start feature.

    Is it possible that I can get my laptop to use my external monitor at all times, even in the BIOS screen? Is there a setting in the BIOS for this?

    Thank you!

    Hi all...

    Nevermind, problem solved... Praise be to God!

    He made the screen on my laptop work long enough where I could press the needed button to get Ubuntu running and upward. This is literally the first time I saw him work in more than a year, no matter what I tried... seriously!

    Whatever your beliefs, (whose son is Jesus Christ) there is a God and he wonders!

    Thank you again...

  • Laptop crashes when you use an external monitor

    Hi, my laptop still crashes when using an external monitor. So far ive tried s-video and vga, but still no joy. This can happen after a few minutes or sometimes after a good few hours, and it seems to crash more frequently during playback of movies, games etc... There are a few signatures of different problem most to come including this one:

    Signature of the problem:

    Problem event name: BlueScreen

    The system version: 6.0.6002.

    Locale ID: 2057

    More information about the problem:

    BCCode:                                              116

    BCP1:                                                   8688F510

    BCP2:                                                   8E01FB5A

    BCP3:                                                   00000000

    BCP4:                                                   0000000D

    OS version: 6_0_6002

    Service Pack: 2_0

    Product:                                              768_1

    Files helping to describe the problem:




    Read our privacy statement:


    Maybe a problem with my graphics card drivers? This is my first post and I'm not sure if this is really anything that someone would be able to help me with that I don't really know anything about the wiretap, but tips are very much appreciated.

    Vista 32 bit

    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600 graphics card

    Thank you

    Hello j.d.1882,

    1. you have the latest drivers installed for your graphics card?

    I suggest that you update the drivers for the graphics card and check if the computer continues to crash.

    In addition, I suggest that you download the dump files to check exactly what may cause the problem.

    Athttp://skydrive.live.com using your Live ID and I will check:

    a. Click Start, select run, type '% SystemRoot%\Minidump' (without the quotes) in the search box and press ENTER.

    b go to your desktop, right-click on it and create a new folder named "Dump".

    c. copy all the files in memory dump (it looks like Mini092003 - 01.DMP) in Minidump in this folder.

    d. right click on the folder of the image, click on "send to" and click on "compressed file (zipped).

    e. Please download the ZIP file.

    You can check the link for more information below:


    Thank you
    Irfan H, Engineer Support Microsoft Answers. Visit ourMicrosoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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