Portege R930 - upgrade the mSATA SSD succssfull

Just briefly, I wanted to report an SSD upgrade.

When I got my Portege R930 (PT331E, i7) two years ago, I changed the HD to a PRO 840 Samsung SSD 512 GB (big improvement). Now, this SSD is too small (photos!) and I wanted to increase the capacity up to 1 TB.

But instead of a new SATA, I decided to go for an mSATA + adapter SATA I felt an mSATA unit would be more "evolutionary" - next update of the laptop for me would be a Portege Z, who use mSATA.

So I bought a Samsung 850 EVO 1 TB with a Delock adapter/converter mSATA SSD, made a clone of the Apricorn cable and the software switched the SSD and everything works fine (actually a little faster )! At first I tried to use the clone with software from Samsungs migration but this didn t work, maybe I didn t the right version.

-Now I have a lager SSD that will live longer than my R930. Please note that I'm not an expert with computers - just a happy user Toshiba! Thanks for a good forum with my good ideas!

/ Anders

So, I bought a Samsung SSD 850 EVO mSATA 1 TB whole with a converter/adapter Delock...
.. .and everything works fine

Good news Lao!
Thanks a lot for the comments...

I also upgraded my laptop with a 250 GB SSD drive and now I think of a larger SSD... I should consider your solution now...

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    Can I install a second operating system on the msata ssd? Can this bios read the second OS on the msata? Is there a procedure to follow?
    Thank you

    Thanks for suggesting it, but I've created a simple way... I just installed the second OS on the msata. At startup the sistem starts automatically on my main drive (500 GB win10), but if I press F9 when starting, I can see my linux on second drive (32 GB msata) and just choose to start when I need.
    Don't need to grub or similar just manual choice, and that's what I wanted!

  • Best option to use the mSATA SSD Drive - HP Envy 15 Sleekbook: Cache or primary storage?

    Product: HP Envy 15 t Sleekbook (15 t-j100)

    Technical specification:

    • Intel Core i7-4700MQ @ 2.40 GHz
    • Intel HM87 chipset
    • 12.0 GB RAM DD3 (two openings 8 GB + 4 GB)
    • NVIDIA GeForce GT740M (2 GB) + Intel HD 4600 graphics card
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    Hi all

    I intend to buy an SSD mSATA disc to my desire, because I want to improve the response time at the opening of some programs, improve the General performance of the operating system and to access files faster to big (read and write).

    I searched several readers mSATA SSD in the Web and I chose a P830 Series128GB mSATA SSD Samsung miniPCI-E disk (SATA III 6 GB/s, read 500 MB/s, writing of 400 MB/s).

    But I'm asking about what might be the best option to use the SSD mSATA so suitable as a primary drive (operating system installation and leaving 1 TB of HARD drive for storage and applications) or use it as a cache to improve overall performance.

    I do not envy for IE play or video editing, but I work with VMWare Workstation, and most of the time I need to use about 2 or 3 VM at the same time (sometimes during the recovery of a virtual Suspension of machine it take a long time, the virtual disks sizes about 40 GB). Another use for my desire is to play movies/series HD / 3D 0 and mirrored them for my Smart TV (via Miracast)

    I read something on Intel Smart Response Technology (SRT) and I heard some benefits for use with SSDS as cache memory but I am still confused the best option.

    Any suggestions you may have? It might be useful for me!

    Kind regards


    Hello @cchoiz ,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I understand that you have questions about the installation of your mSATA SSD.

    The mSATA slot is designed to only be used as a disk cache. You may experience problems starting in the mSATA SSD as drive. For this reason, I recommend to use it in its configuration provided; as a cache drive.

    The decision is entirely at you in the end. If you are able to configure the BIOS to use the mSATA as the main drive, this will help improve your system performance in addition to using it as a cache drive, especially if there is enough space to install your VMWare on the mSATA SSD after you have installed the operating system. Use it as a main drive will also increase the life expectancy of the SSD.

    I can only offer you my personal and no suggestions 'official response HP' in this regard. As previously mentioned, it is entirely up to you.

    Hopfully, this helps at least a little.

  • Portege R930: replace card mSata with SSD


    I wanted to replace the 128 GB hard drive in my laptop. I bought a 256 GB SSD and read the User Guide.
    I don't see anything about the replacement of disc inside.
    When I open the PC, I discovered that there was an mSata card.
    Is it possible to replace a card with an SSD mSata?
    There is a small connector but I don't know I'll have to buy a new one (what kind of connector?).
    More important still there no information in the Guide of the user on this whole process.
    Is there someone doing this?

    Kind regards.

    I think you need to get the drive replaced by a 2.5 cable cable ".
    If the player is not in good physical shape, you may need to get the other parts replaced as well.

    This may be a better idea to return the SSD and buy an mSATA SSD instead.

  • Portege Z30 does support mSATA SSD 1 TB?

    Hi guys,.

    I install the mSATA EVO 840 1 TB SSD in my Portege Z30.

    Can anyone confirm if the Z30 will / will not support this capacity disks?

    Thanks for your help!



    I'm not sure the 1000 GB of SSD mSATA module but found some details that the unit would support 128/256 GB / 5126 GB mSATA modules for sure.

    So probably also 1000GO size would be supprted too...

  • Satellite M60-139 - upgrade to mSATA SSD via an IDE adapter

    Nice day

    more capacity disc having, on the occasion of the passage of Win 7 I've tried alternatives to 80 GB built-in HARD drive.
    Use an mSATA to IDE adapter and an mSATA SSD 250GB.
    Install Win 7, system drivers, function ok.

    Because I don't know if the types of other manufacturers may be mentioned in this forum, I did not provide all the details on this subject, but you give information that Config. with me is running...

    Wishes Gerhard

    > Use a * mSATA IDE adapter * and an mSATA SSD 250GB.
    > Win 7 install, system drivers, function ok.

    If you updated successfully the laptop with a 250 GB mSATA SSD using an IDE adapter in mSATA?

    Very interesting!

    Thanks for sharing your info!

  • How to get Nero to Win 7 on Portege R930 after the new clean install

    I have a new Portege r930.

    The Lalonde was formateed and install windows 7 x 64 enterprise as all systems within our Organization.
    Everything is ok, but is anyway download nero, which is included in the original installation, and install it after format?

    I created the recovery discs four system, but this app is not installable in any one of the four discs


    > Everything is ok, but is anyway download nero, which is included in the original installation, and install it after format?

    Non-Toshiba tools and software that are part of the image of preinstalled Toshiba cannot be downloaded separately. You can use this software only as part of image of Toshiba.
    If you have installed your own system, you must purchase the software.

  • HP pavilion dv6910el: use the msata ssd

    Hello, my question to you all is if I can't enjoy off an msata ssd in my laptop dv6910el. I have an ssd on the hard drive Bay and a second hdd to cd/dvd Bay.
    Thank you and sorry for my English.

    Hi Paul, how are you doing my friend?

    Check hard drivers supported for this model:

    Unfortunately it does not SSD.

    I hope that helps!

    I would give a great kindness...

    If the question is clarified, mark my answer as "solved" and click the icon of the 'hand' to provide 'Congratulations' in gratitude.

    Have a good day my friend!

  • The Msata SSD on HP Pavilion 14-n033TX update

    Hi, I bought my new laptop HP Pavilion 14-n033TX with SSD specified 24 GB cache. I want to upgrade the SSD in drive for windows startup and have more storage for SSDS? The specifications of the SSD I need? m sata, half size or size and what is the maximum size for this? Thank you.

    There are several ways to do so. Several SSD (Samsung for example) is issued with migration software (CD), but you'll need an adapter usb to SATA like that.


    Just connect the external SSD drive with this device and the boot of cloning a disk and follow the prompts to copy. Make sure the SSD you buy is greater than the data currently installed on the old drive. The clone will smoother copies two disks of the same size, but you can resize. Just be careful actual scores of Windows 8 that in some cases if you make them too small, you can't start or system of things like the Windows backup will not work.

    If you have another external drive, you can also do a full Windows system backup and then restore the backup by using a Windows repair disk or OS installation disc.

    Personally, I use Acronis True Image 2014 (older versions will not work with Windows 8).


    The trial version used to work for cloning, but they removed this feature. It costs $50 now; for me is worth I clone a lot of readers, but you probably want something for free.

    When you cloned the old disk to the disk SSD just Exchange the SSD in laptop hard drive Bay.

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

  • Any suggestion about the msata SSD?

    I plan to add an SSD for my new X 230 using the msata port. Do you have any recommendations (ability, brand etc.)?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Portege Z30A - upgrade to larger SSDS


    Someone had problems, upgrade a Z30A a 256Gb SSD Toshiba mSATA towards a Crucial 512 GB version?

    I'm using Acronis True Image disk cloning, but the new disc hangs with a second BSOD after signon screen display...

    Believe me I tried every possible permutation of the process, including different cloning software, but cannot go beyond this problem, which begins to resemble a Toshiba problem rather than anything else.

    Any comments would be much apprieciated.

    See you soon,.

    And what happen when you install the original recovery image on new SSD?

  • Re: Portege R600 - upgrade to hybrid SSD + Win7

    The R600-4201 is _For far_ the best laptop computer I have ever owned or even seen, and I intend to keep it for as long as possible. I just bought a Seagate Momentus XT hybrid hard drive (SSD + magnetic) and Windows 7 Ultimate edition.

    To support installation hardware and the operating system switching from XP to W7, I will have redundant (more local cloud) perfect backups of data files to e-mail, data files, passwords, etc.

    Can anyone here guide me more access to specific Toshiba updates, drivers, BIOS, etc., should be done? Further guidance or advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!!!

    I think that this portable 2-book with the new operating system and hard drive will challenge anything on the market today. With radio offshore and with the Transflective screen, I get more of * WORK SIX HOURS * at the park or at the beach - there just isn't any better than that.

    Hi dude

    Thanks for the comments on the Portege R600.
    I like this laptop. I wish that I would have enough money to buy this toy, but I have a u400. It of also great computer laptop not too big... the size of the screen is perfect because I travel a lot

    By the way; You can find all the drivers (also for R600) here:

    Welcome them

  • Change the msata ssd in the W700 to more - say 256G?

    Has anyone changed the DSS in their w700? If Yes, how did you you do physically and how you transfer the operating system?


    Pretty easy to do, I went with the M4 of Crucial 256 GB msata, then reinstall the operating system using supplied restore disks

  • Portege R930 replace odd with ssd in caddy

    I change the optical drive from the with an ssd of caddy. In the bios, it's ok. I see my hdd and odd my ssd. I can not install. He stops at a black screen. I change the order of the bios and it starts on the hard drive.

    I have ´ve had the latest updated bios. If I only put the ssd in the hard disk box, that's ok.

    Help, please

    I think that the ODD port is designed for ODD only. SSD won't work.

  • expresscache for the mSata SSD problems

    I have a 16 GB on a T530 mSata reader. Rebuilt my machine and I am trying to run expresscache.

    Deleted the partition on disk mSata and installed the expresscache software from this link:

    but no dice. I get an error "unable to retrieve product license information. This link installs version 1.3.110.

    Can anyone help?


    found what I had in this thread

Maybe you are looking for

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