Portege S100: How to change the RAID in the BIOS

Change the BIOS setting for Portege S100 of JBOD to RAID0, I hit space on Exectute creation and enter the key of type string in the manual, and press "enter".
Settings and then return to existing arrangements and not the new RAID0 configuration setting that I selected.

I stayed in this part of the day / night looking at different positions, but I don't see anything wrong with the data entered.

This is the same as that recorded in this link: -.
[How to change the RAID configuration | http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB6901K60006R01.htm]

I'm now at the end of my home, I just wanted to install new HDD WD and new installation of XP Pro, is - it too much to ask?


Maybe it s a silly question but; have you installed the second HDD to the Ultra Slim Bay?
The RAID did feature is available when a second HDDD is installed in Ultra Slim Bay.

If the second HDD was inserted and then change the RAID in the Windows operating system.
There should be a Toshiba RAID Console.
You can use this console to create or manage a RAID array.

To start the utility, click Start, point to all programs, point to Toshiba, RIAD-tap and click RAID console.
It of possible to change the RAID1 (mirroring) of a configuration non-RAID (default).

But note; When RAID1 is set, you cannot change your settings unless you completely restore your preinstalled software.

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    Although the follwing linked to the thread is on T450 ThinkPads the answer is the same across the range of product; You can only do this if you have already set a password manually.


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    You may or may not need to change the BIOS settings.  Assuming that you have a bootable CD with this tool, put it in your CD drive and restart the computer.  One of the 3 things will happen:

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    already tried the fn key combination? I don't know how it is with your portege, but it should be like FN - F6 and FN + F7 to change the brightness of the display.
    Unfortunately, there are no XP drivers (or just the audio driver) for the machine to change it manually.
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    I need that until I can find the DDR3L.

    Thank you.

    You don't seem to understand how it works with primary and secondary memory voltage settings schedule and bus. the laptop BIOS ROM file includes settings in its encoding of the memory modules that meet the compatibility requirements. If you install memory that has not been tested for compatibility, so it will not work or even it seems to work, it will be unstable.

    A BIOS of the laptop is quite unlike a BIOS that is present in a motherboard level amateur games. There are no timings adjustable and tensions to the timings of the memory or bus in a laptop BIOS BIOS standard voltages. It actually is to protect the owners from themselves.  You "do not 1.5 and 1.35. You can't change the setting of the voltage on the bus to do anything other than what is defined in the BIOS. If you install the module memory does not accept the voltage set by the BIOS code, then you are simply out of luck.

    Check out the BIOS Modding forums if you want to see what options may be made available.

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    Please how do I change the battery of the BIOS on my Dell inspiron one 2320.

    I'm looking for a model, because I already opened the hood, but I have not found the battery.

    Thank you


    How to replace the battery on page 56 here:



  • Portege R700 - how to upgrade the BIOS?


    I'm trying to update the BIOS of my R700 computers with a command line on Windows 7 (x 86 edition french).
    I am using the version of the BIOS is P007Bv170_EC73V140.

    I downloaded the bios - 20101112151130.zip official website of Toshiba. In the zip file, there is no statement (no file Readme.txt or other help... files).

    Is there a way to upgrade in silent mode in the BIOS?
    Thank you for your help,



    You need to run the exe file you will find in archive zip you downloaded. After this update the BIOS will start.

    But before this update, unzip all files and close all running programs. Also, make sure that you are logged on as administrator.

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    Hello Filipe

    It will be interesting to know what you mean under punishing work of Office 2007.

    In any case AFAIK on Intel (shared memory) graphics card it is not possible to fix the graphics memory to a specific value (no BIOS settings and also no matter what setting in advanced display settings). If you want to use more RAM for the graphics I recommend you to upgrade RAM.

    Sorry, but I don't see any other solution.

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    When I start the laptop, I get an error message saying that the TOSHIBA Power Saver utility has experienced a fatal problem and he has completed the program.

    Can anyone advise me on what I do:

    -restore default TOSHIBA Power Saver setting.
    -stop the runtime error occur
    -put things the way they were back.

    Thank you very much

    Seems so ;(
    I would recommend the recovery CD because the whole procedure takes about 10 minutes only.

    But don't forget to save your data if it's important.

  • How to change the bios of my computer?

    I want to change my computer's bios so that it does not seek to boot from an external drive.  How do I do that?

    1. read the manual of your computer.


    2 turn off your computer.  Turn on your computer and monitor very closely the screen.  You should see a message go quickly indicating something like "Press F1 to enter Setup".  Turn your computer off again.  Turn it back on and immediately start typing the key that you have identified.


    3. provide the brand and model of your computer, and a person may have information for you.

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    I have a Portege M400-S4031.
    How to change the end of the pen?


    I put t know if you hear this part but check this page:

    I studied in this forum and bingo! I found this very same topic:

    I hope that helps!

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    Why do you think that this can be changed?
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    Have you checked s manuals? It is described how RAID works on Qosmio F30.

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    Dainis W. Michel

    Hello Danis

    Unfortunately there is no public document on this subject. You can try to do it alone, but please don t forget that on this guarantee valid path will be cancelled. Basically, the replacement of keyboard is not well complicated and technicians may need 15 minutes to do.

    In my opinion, you can take a risk and pay for replacement before losing the valid guarantee. The Portege is very expensive and of damage to property, it is very risky to be unsecured.

    If you still think that you do not write anything again.

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