Portege Z10t-a remains in Standby Mode

Good afternoon

We had this a few times on different units of the fault. The Ultrabook seems to be in mode 'sleep' (flashing white power) and no amount of button walk / stop pushing, keyboard by clicking or mouse move it brings out of the State.

Pressing power for 5 seconds the UltraBook will not shut.

I have to wait until the next day when the battery drains completely before starting the unit.

Is there another way to turn the power off, maybe?

Right, you will find the Force closed down (marked with the number 8)

Use an object like a paper clip and insert it into the hole.
There is a little switch that will help you to turn off the unit.

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  • Computer will not remain in standby mode.

    I have a computer with Windows XP, about 5 years old who often will not remain in standby mode. After 30-45 seconds it starts again and the display shows again the office.

    Does anyone have a suggestion/recommendation what to do about it?

    Thanks, any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Hello JJLinker, welcome.

    The issue is likely caused by "Wake by " settings in your power options. This gives a shot:

    1. click on START
    2. right click "My computer" and select "Properties".
    "3. click on the tab"Hardware", then select Device Manager.
    4. expand the "Network adapters" category
    5. right click on each of the devices and select "Properties".
    6. on each, go to the tab "power management."
    7 turn off the checkbox "allow this device to wake...". ' and click on 'Ok '.
    8. close all windows and restart the computer

    Let us know what happens

    Thank you! Ryan Thieman
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Portege 7140CT Shutting Down in Standby Mode - cannot close normally

    Hello. I bought a laptop Portege of CT 7140 for my son. It is a very good unit but has a "Shutdown" problem - only it used to closing, that is. It seems to power off, but the 2nd of the LHS on the front of the device flashes slowly. The user's guide explains what happens when the device goes into "Standby" mode I tried all the options of FN + F3 (off, standby and Hibernate) with no difference. I disabled the feature key installation in the Panel. I disabled the "Hibernate" mode in the control panel. All to nothing does not. Someone at - it an idea why this is happening and how can I solve? Thanks a lot for your help. Mike


    I never heard of this problem, but maybe to reinstall the system can solve it.
    Or perhaps reinstall or update the BIOS will help you.
    I'm sorry that I don't have a better idea.

    Good bye

  • When the computer remains in standby mode it will not start normally, usually ok in safe mode, but even when its up and running normally it's extremely slow.

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    I am running Vista family 32-bit and when the computer is left in standby mode, that it does not start normally, usually ok in mode without failure, but even if his place and it works normally is extremely slow. Having verified the use of the processor, 82 processes running anything meaningful except 50 + % is used by searchfilterhost.exe, this would cause the problem and if so how it can be cured.

    Hi Brian,.

    You have made any changes to your computer recently?

    I suggest you to follow the steps and check if it helps.

    Method 1: Follow the link and check if that helps.
    The problems of wake the computer from sleep mode

    Method 2: You can also follow the link and check if it helps.
    How to troubleshoot performance problems with sleep, hibernation and resume in Windows Vista

    Method 3: Search for viruses using the Microsoft Safety Scanner and check if that helps.

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  • Portege Z10T-a - keyboard does not


    The keyboard of my Toshiba Z10 unresponsive.
    Tablet mode is fine.

    I have try the reset, restart, I installed the patch, nothing, battery recharges through the keyboard.
    Thank you for the support.


    Hmm... usually the update of the firmware (patch) should help resolve this problem.
    I would give another thread on the same topic, and the update of the firmware was the key.

    I also found that this doc from Toshiba in the knowledge base on the update of Firmware for Keybord Docker for Portege Z10t solve connection problems

    But it seems that you have already installed the patch, but it didn't he not help you.
    So I think that there is a problem with the connection of the keyboard.

    You should get in touch with service Toshiba authorized in your country in order to verify the keyboard.

  • Portege Z10t - A PT132A goes to sleep after 60 seconds of noninteraction

    Portege Z10t-A PT132A-00F00T

    My Tablet continues to go to sleep after about 60 seconds of noninteraction.
    I can watch youtube, read, listen to music... etc and after about 60 seconds of me not to touch the display turns on outside and all the audio and video stop.
    As soon as I touch the screen it wakes up again.

    I was in the power options and retouched for the power supply and battery.
    I put Sun/Eve forever to the two options as a test, but still it does.

    I missed a place where it is defined elsewhere?
    Very annoying

    Thank you

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    Is it in laptop mode when Toshiba keyboard Dock is fixed or in tablet mode only?
    Is it if the adapter is connected or only when the adapter is removed?

    The computer will automatically mode 'sleep' according to the sin of setting power options. To access this click
    Office-> Office help-> Control Panel-> system and security-> power options options
    (or Win key + X-> power options)

    Here you should find the option called display auto power OFF
    This feature automatically cuts off the power to the screen when there is no input of keyboard for a while

    You can also see the hybrid sleep feature that appears also in Power Options.

    In addition, I recommend check you the settings of Intel Display Power Saving technology.
    This feature is enabled by default and controls the current consumption b< optimizing="" the="" picture="" contrast="" and="" internal="" lcd.="" this="" can="" be="" used="" if="" notebook="" is="" running="" in="" battery="" mode="" and="" using="" the="" internal="" lcd="" display="">

    To access this feature, he must right click on the desktop, and then click graphics properties
    -> Select battery from the drop-down list in the power source, and then click Power.
    Then, clear the checkbox display energy saving technology and lick OK.

  • Portege 3480CT lack always high-speed mode frequency

    One of my 3480CT Portege lacks always high speed frequency mode, but it has.

    I couldn't find the setting always high since there were only two options available for the power setting in F1 that are still weak and dynamically switchable only menu.


    Sorry, but I don't understand your problem. Can you please specify more? As far as I know if you want to change different profile you must use the FN + F2 key combination.

    You can make individual settings for each mode in standby electricity by clicking details.

  • L50 - A - 160:USB of power in standby mode satellite is disabled but it STILL works

    Hi all!

    It's my L50-A-160.

    USB power standby is disabled in the BIOS but it always on!
    Nothing helps.
    As I can not turn off wakes on keyboard events. BIOS 1.30.

    Thanks for the advice in advance.


    You are talking about sleep function & expenses supported by some USB ports?

    Be aware that not all media ports USB Sleep & Charge and only marked with a small sign flash USB ports would give such function.
    As far as I know on Satellite L50-A-160 only USB 3.0 (on the right side) would support this sleep & Charge USB.

    The charge & sleep can be enabled and disabled in windows.
    Go to desktop-> Office Assistance (in the task bar)-> utility tools & -> Control Panel

    There you should find the different tabs and one of the tabs should have sleep & fresh / tab sleep & music which allows you to set advanced features for the mod, Hibernate standby mode and stop mode.
    Simply move the slider to activate or deactivate the function sleep & Charge.

    But the sleep & fees may not work with certain external devices even if they are compatible with the USB specification. In this case, turn off the power of the computer on the charging device.

    You should also be known that when sleep & cool man of wake-up function is activated USB does not work for the compatible ports.

    In addition, there is an option called function in battery Mode. This option can be used to toggle the sleep & Charge in battery mode. It also displays the remaining capacity of the battery.
    Simply move the cursor to enable or disable this feature.

    By the way: read the user 95 manual page. It would be useful for you.

  • Tablespace Temp created primary not replicated to standby mode


    I configured Oracle 9i data guard recently, while doing, that I was forced to restructure primary db since maxlog files was 5, so I used backup controlfile to trace and changed the maxlogfiles to 6 and then transported the remaining steps. While I was using the trace file and restructuring of the Db, I did not notice that I missed to add the temporary file and moving it in standby mode. Yest.Day once get a team request error, that I created a new tablespace temp and logs switch made, however this tablespace temp tempfile was not copied to the standby server. Does this cause anything serious or can I do now to copy it in standby? Only the manual copy with primary db shutdown or any other means?


    no selected line

    Use the commands below

    SQL > alter tablespace add tempfile ' D:\ORACLE\ORADATA\CTSOC\TEMPNEW01. DBF' size 31457280;

    If you take controlfile trace (or) metadata, you can see command DDL that too.
    Thank you.

  • -Portege Z10t 13 V graphic driver problems and lag with W10


    Please excuse my bad English,

    I just bought the Z10t A 13V PT 141, with W8.1. This computer works fine on W8, but I want to install W10. I already tried 3 times but each time, the cursor (with the touch pad or mouse) is lagging behind, each movement is jerky and works very well. I tried to see if it was a driver problem and downloaded new drivers from Toshiba for the W10.

    I did the same thing with Intel drivers, but for graphics drivers, there is an error message: "a custom computer manufacturer driver is installed on your computer. The Intel driver update utiliy is not able to update the driver. Install a generic Intel driver instead of the driver from the computer manufacturer custom can cause technical problems. Contact your computer manufacturer for the latest driver for your computer.

    When I'm with W8, drivers are correctly updated...

    So I think that the cursor problem is due to this driver problem (I hope so, but I'm not sure). What is the solution? I'M alone with this problem?

    Thank you


    Hello Thomas,.

    EXACTLY the same problem here with my uograded Portege Z10t-A-140 to WIN 10.
    I also took the same steps and encountered the same problems and no solution.
    I find Toshiba after sale customer VERY INEFFECTIVE and disappointing, because it seems no way to get a support PROFESSIONAL from Toshiba on this issue (or any other for that matter).
    Note that I absolutely do not consider helping other users on a forum or self-help a form of professional support at all!
    -> Not happy with Toshiba!

  • Toshiba Digitizer Pen does not work on Portege Z10T-A

    I have a Portege Z10T.-a.

    I bought new Toshiba Digitizer Pen PA5133U-1EUC.

    The link below, this pen is compatiable on my laptop. But it does not work. Y at - it no adjustment or the driver of this pen?


    I think you should check if the device supports the digitizer and if so, you will need to calibrate the pen and touch settings.

    For this I recommend that you review the Microsoft FAQ on pen and touch settings:

  • Change the SSD or RAM in Portege Z10t?


    As we know that it is very easy to change the RAM memory or the Portégé R700-930 series SSD drive.
    It's a little more complicated for the Z series.

    I just wanted to know if this is possible for the new series of Z10t?
    The standard elements of 4G and 128G are a bit small for my taste.

    Thank you
    / Anders


    I think the upgrade on Portege Z10T is another story and not comparable with other series such as Portege R700.

    The Portege Z10T is a mixture of Tablet / netbook device and mSATA SSD drive is placed within the tablet that is not upgraded to the user.

    If 128GB are not enough for you, you can insert and use the extra memory media into the SD card slot

  • Model # 860-180 st: computer will not go to standby mode

    I just got this computer HP, model # 860-180 st, not even a month, "sleep" mode was working fine when I got it, but now it will not enter sleep mode. I checked everything in Control Panel, power options, so I don't know what the problem is. People of the idea?

    Jay_101 wrote:


    Also check out tips found on thissite. She aims to win 8.1 but will also help to win 10.

    First generate a report of power. This will tell you which prevents the day before.

    See you soon!

    Hello Jay_101,

    Thanks for the link, I found what was preventing the computer in standby mode. It was the srvnet thing.  This link has all the tips and trick to solve this problem.

    I owe you a lunch.

    I contacted the HP Support by phone, the call is routed to the India, where else? The guy wanted remote access to my computer, I said no way Jose. These types of support for HP in India are unnecessary. All he wanted was Remoting to my computer, since I refused he won't talk to me more.

  • Portege Z10T-A140: can I make to Win 8.1 and where to find the serial key

    I have Z10T-A140.

    When I check the part number in the link: http://www.toshibamea.com/en/Compatibility-Matrix-8-1?SerialNo=pt131v-00h005ar

    told me is not compatible with win 8.1.

    but to under writing the page, it is compatible with win 8.1.

    Why the result is different?

    Another question:
    I can't have my serial number of Windows 8 and I can only see last 5 digit number.
    If my clear HARD drive and I need full new install winodws 8, where can I find my serial number for Windows 8.1?

    Thank you.

    > Why the result is different?

    Your laptop is a PT131V-00H005AR Portege Z10T-A140
    Of course, it s 8.1 Windows extensible and taken in charge.
    On the page of supported Windows update 8.1 models, you can find the Portege Z10T PT131V.

    > Other my question:
    > I can't get my serial number of Windows 8 and I can only see last 5 digit number.
    > If my clear HARD drive and I need full new install windows 8, where can I find my serial number for Windows 8.1?

    I recommend reading the user manual. You will find information on the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator.
    The recovery media Creator allows you to create a recovery disk. This disc install again the image of Toshiba on the laptop. The serial key is not necessary because the Windows 8 will be activated automatically using Toshiba image.

  • Satellite Pro L10 does not go on standby mode

    After a virus and reinstall all my programs and drivers etc, my computer won't now, go in standby mode.
    When you go to "turn off computer" option ensures their but is grayed out and you can not click on it.
    Power options in my Control Panel on them is not an option to set the day before to the top.

    Can anyone help?


    In my view, a Toshiba Power Saver must be preinstalled and there you should be able to enable or disable the standby or hibernation mode.

    Check it!

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