Portege Z30t-A-11U problem of point fingerprint reader Windows 8.1


I have problem with player figerprint on portege Z30t-A-11U - in Windows 8.1 PRO
It comes from the outset - (System factory pre-installed)

Several times a week does not fingerprint reader in the morning or after the awakening of the laptop. (connection icon is not at this time see - the drive does not work even after a manual connection)

Thanks in advance.



If this question of the fingerprint will not happen always, but only from time to time, then the troubleshooting will be very difficult
These occasional problems are always tricky
Anyway, if you haven't tried updating the software of the fingerprint in the past, I recommend you to do

In addition, please check if the fingerprint sensor has been enabled in the BIOS.

If this isn't the case, activate the fingerprint and save changes to the BIOS.

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  • Fingerprint reader - Windows 8 - HP Pavilion DV7 connects not

    Have searched high and low for a solution to my problem to scan fingerprint - tried instructions on many site without solution.

    Please help-

    I have a HP DV7-6c27cl (Pavilion) - purchased 11/2012.

    Updated from 8 to 64-bit Windows to purchase and fingerprint scanner quit job with TrueVision HD webcam.  HP driver update for webcam works perfectly - running.

    Software HP SimplePass is responsible for the current 5.20.233a (DigitalPersona) version.

    East went to HP and downloaded the new driver (SP58834) for the fingerprint reader.  We sought their updates using the specific model of this laptop and he gave me this driver up-to-date with.  Software starts but no joy on the drive...

    Simple pass still said "the fingerprint reader is not connected.  "Connect to the reader."

    Earlier today when trying a number of different patches I had a tap of biometrics in my device manager and another in the Panel... on one of my attempts to find a solution, I deleted these.  Is gone now.

    Don't know what to do from here.  It doesn't seem to be any solution on the Web Digital Persona site either.

    Please help and thank you.


    Thanks for the quick reply - now try and answer...

  • ENVY 15-j054ca: fingerprint fingerprint reader windows 10


    I had to update my laptop and now I'm going to download applications and software. I have problems to find the software for my laptop fingerprint reader. Can someone help me, please?

    Thank you



    If you open SimplePass and then choose the option of password, it should then invite you to read your fingerprint a few times to set up the facility to connect in this way.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Portege Z30T-cannot install drivers LTE

    I recently bought a new PORTEGE Z30T-A PT24CE-01600EN5
    updated to Version Microsoft Windows OS 8.1 Pro 6.3.9600 with its CD.

    I noticed today my connection LTE / 4G dropped several times and it was fixed when I restarted Windows, but then the LTE adapter deletes completely himself and connection
    Whenever the connection drops, I check the Device Manager and there is no LTE device more so I have to restart again. And when he finds that he is the "generic mobile broadband adapt" not Sierrea.

    I go to Device Manager under network adapters---> EM7305 here for this device that is LTE the driver provider is displayed as Microsoft with the 6.3.9600 version 16453 dating from October 31, 13.

    Then I downloaded the driver LTE Sirerra from TOSHIBA Web site, here's what they recommend: [driver LTE | https://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/download_driver_details.jsp?service=EU&selCategory = 2 & selFamily = 4 & selSeries = 362 & selProduct = 17899 & STAS hortMod = 4655 & language = 13 & selOS = 46 & selType = 438 & upload year = & monthupload = & dayupload = & useDate = null & mode = allMachines & search = & action = search & macId = & country = a he's & selectedLanguage = 13 & type = 438 & page = 1 & ID = 90092 & OS ID = 46 & driverLanguage = 42].

    I've installed several times but nothing changes, always driver of Microsoft it.
    Sierra is displayed as "Location Siearra wireless sensor" but not under network adapters.

    A little this driver deleted and moved no more.
    This seems to be a driver problem. Someone at - it a similar problem?
    Configure the laptop, it took me a week; I really don't want to use recovery each time without understanding why.

    Post edited by: djemo

    It seems that, up to now in this forum no one has reported that emits a similar LTE pilot.
    The question is: the same issue has been published in the factory system pre-installed?

    I guess you can't provide the answer to this question and so we cannot say with certainty that this material related question isn t.

    In any case, on the page of the Toshiba UE driver you can find a lot of drivers and tools of Toshiba for this device. All the tools and software as well as the BIOS should be updated to the last State. Check if you are using the latest version of the BIOS.
    Then I recommend you to install the driver manually through the Device Manager.

    The driver package that you downloaded from the Toshiba driver page is compressed. You must decompress the package. Inside of this package, you will also find and the exe file. It is also a zipped package. Right click on this package and unpack the exe file.

    Now you should see all the driver files and should be able to install the driver through Device Manager by using the Advanced installation procedure.

  • Portege Z30T-a - whistle of the audio port

    I bought a new ' TOSHIBA PORTEGE Z30T-A-123 "some days.
    It is Windows 7 pre-installed and it came with two CD Pro Windows 8.1 and I did all the updates.

    The problem is that I have a low whistle with my earplugs when there is no audio, so I need to cut the speakers. I had similar problem before with Portege Z930 but this time, there was an option in the sound settings when I disabled TI the isssue has been resolved. But this time this parameter does not exist.

    Is there any way to completely stop this hiss?

    Post edited by: djemo

    Hi djemo

    Just a question: have you noticed this problem using the two operating systems (Win7 and Win8.1)?

  • Touchpad reverse scrolling is not available on Portege Z30T-A

    I recently bought a new PORTEGE Z30T-A PT24CE-01600EN5
    Version of the Microsoft Windows OS 8.1 Pro 6.3.9600

    In touch block settings I can't reverse scrolling option.
    I got Z930 from TOSHIBA before and I'm used to scrolling down and page down.

    In any case to change the direction of scrolling for touchpad?


    I don't have this model of laptop, but on the machine of mine with Win8.1 in the properties of the touchpad, there is option of scrolling under multi-doigt. Scrolling options can be changed. Under options, there are also rear option, which can be enabled or disabled.

    Please open the touchpad properties and check all options from there.

  • HP Pavilion dv6 QJ916AAR: fingerprint reader problems


    This is my first post so I apologize if it appears in the wrong place. I'll have a problem with the fingerprint reader and HP simple pass identity protection software that came with my Dv6-QJ916AAR. For some reason any all of a sudden since this morning it will not work. There is no light on the sensor, and it fails every time and movement. When I run the single pass software and go to the fingerprint section, it shows the fingerprint reader is not connected. Interestingly, when I go to Device Manager I see no biometric devices listed under there. I read on another thread that some options below biometic devices in Device Manager solves the problem.

    I already tried pass Simple uninstall/reinstall the Recovery Manager and also uninstalled and updated validity sensor but still no go.  Here are some other details:

    Laptop model: Dv6-QJ916AAR

    Operating system: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

    I can't find any other information on how to solve it. Can anyone help?

    Thank you!

  • Problem with after downgrading fingerprint reader

    After downgrading from Vista to Xp business professional, I have some problems with my fingerprint reader.

    The error message is: 0xe7210005 user cannot be saved. Found no fingeprint reader.

    I have already installed the latest version of the driver software and fingerprinting, but it does not work.

    System information:

    T500 2055W2G Win XP Professional SP 3

    SMBIOS Version: 2.4

    Thx for your help

    I got the conversion kit. I just installed Win XP again and now it works

    Thx for your prompt response!

    See you soon

  • Pavilion DV6-6119wm fingerprint reader problems

    For about 2 years, my fingerprint reader did not. I'm looking to sell the laptop and worth almost double with the work fingerprint reader. I updated the BIOS, digital and HP SimplePass fingerprint reader driver. The drive appears in the biometric devices under Device Manager and says it's working properly. When I go to the control panel > biometric devices, it shows as unavailable validity sensor. Seriously, the only thing that I did not until now to get this thing working properly is completely replace the Board of fingerprinting, which I doubt is necessary because it appears in Device Manager. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? The sooner, the better! Thank you!

    Hello @tylernelson224,

    I read your post on how you're looking to restore functions to scan fingerprint on your laptop, and I'd be happy to help you in this case!

    In order to get your fingerprint in functional order reader, I recommended that you perform a backup and restore of your operating system. This can be done by following this document on the backup of files (Windows 7), and more to perform a recovery of the system HP (Windows 7). This should help get your system back to factory settings. If the problem persists, the fingerprint reader may be damaged.

    I hope this helps!

    Best regards

  • Windows 7 RTM fingerprint reader and webcam for TX2 driver status

    I read somewhere on the site of HP windows 7 drivers for this TX2 - 1027CA won't be available until October 2009. Still I use it now, and the main system works well. There is a problem in the fingerprint reader and perhaps the webcam for me at this point. Until that HP provides drivers updated, I was wondering if there may be versions beta drivers for the TX2 I could try. I am ready to continue using windows 7, but I would try to install the drivers updated as soon as possible. Maybe it's two months away and one month after the availability of the operating system for MSDN subscribers (several companies and developers). I guess this list of reading, some other people who have found what is and is not possible on the TX2 today under 7. Could you give us a brief run down on what drivers are working or not working do not? Fingerprint reader and webcam are of great interest for beginners. My goal is to run what can work.

    The WebCam driver installation is not necessary. You can use the MediaSmart WebCam software to test

    Link: ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp43501-44000/sp43591.exe

    Driver fingerprint (beta):

    32-bit: http://win7beta.authentec.com/W7Wbf32.exe

    64-bit: http://win7beta.authentec.com/W7Wbf64.exe

  • Qosmio F50 - 10K: Fingerprint Reader question - sensor cannot be started

    Dear Sirs,

    I have a problem with my fingerprint reader.
    I just re-formatted my new laptop which is only 4 days old. I have a Qosmio F50 - 10K.

    I uninstalled Trueaccess Manager software several times and installed the latest version of the software from the site of EU from toshiba.

    I also used CCleaner to clean the registry.
    I always get an error indicating the sensor cannot be started.

    Can someone help me please?

    Thank you

    If I remember well with fingerprint sensor small tutorial that will explain exactly how to do this and you can also practice how to remove the finger on the right track to successful fingerprint registration.

    To be honest, I can't imagine that there is something wrong with the software. Do a little test and let someone else to record fingerprints.

  • ENVY 15-k006tx: does not fingerprint reader

    Recently, I upgraded to win 10 (64-bit) Home from 8.1 to win.

    Since then, he had problems with the fingerprint reader.  I can start the machine by sliding my finger, but after the screensaver login screen, I couldn't. From there, I could use only PIN or password when connect you. In the end I had to disable the fingerprint reader.

    Yetserday I handed my machine to win 10. After that the fingerprint reader does not work on my machine together al. It doesn't show any option for fngerprint anywhere

    Manager of devices will display a yellow mark excalmation on sensors Synaptice FP.

    HP simple pass does not show me the option of fingerprint.

    I tried to install the driver from the HP site but once again, but it was of no use.

    Would appreciate if you can help me with this.

    My cell phone product is that j2c51pa #ACJ and serial number is [removed personal information]



    HP ENVY 15-k006tx notebook PC

    You have not said; I guess that you install the following driver:

    File name: sp72143.exe

  • Envy of HP dv7-j020: Fingerprint reader no longer works

    Fingerprint reader has stopped working. I checked for new drivers, and he says he is fully updated. Not sure why it just stopped.

    Hi @JoMama527.

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. I've read about you are having problems with the fingerprint reader and HP Notebook. Here is a link to software to troubleshoot a fingerprint reader. You can start with a reboot of the laptop.

    The software might have to uninstall.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you.

  • Fingerprint reader does not react anymore while the software seems to work (Thinkpad E530 Windows 10)

    I used logg in via the reader of fingerprints (windows 10) with no problems, now the fingerprint reader does not react anymore when I pull the finger. I managed to remove all the passwords in the password manager (still not sure about it as I don't really understand how all the components work together) hoping that would solve the problem. Not the fingerprint reader software keeps asking me to register a new finger. Everything seems to work fine (I can pick a finger to be registered, type my password windowns) until I asked me to draw the finger on the fingerprint reader: nothing happens! The indicator that shows how the finger was scanned shows nothing at all. Looks like the software works, but the fingerprint reader itself is dead. However, looking into the information system the "TouchStrip Fingerprint Sensor' (WBF mode advanced) seems to work fine.

    Help, please. I don't have any idea how to find out what's not here.

    Thank you very much for the tip! He works in fact :-). Even if it does not seem logical to me, as I never put it in place a front pin - and fingerprint reader work very well even without PIN code. But who cares - the main thing is it works now! So thanks a lot again :-)!

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