Portege Z30T-a unable to wake from sleep by any key

I recently bought a new PORTEGE Z30T-A PT24CE-01600EN5
upgreaded Version Microsoft Windows OS 8.1 Pro 6.3.9600 with its CD.

I can't wake the computer from sleep by any key, but the power button.

TOSHIBA has opton for this utility who supposed to put.
I try the following:

Office assist---> system---> keyboard settings

Here, I activate the only option which he claims will power on the computer from sleep mode
by pressing any key.

But the machine never replies to any key, but the power button.

Any of you guys have the same problem? No work around?


Are you sure that you set the laptop on STANDBY mode and not in HIBERNATION mode?
In my case, the option works correctly if the unit is set to the mode "SLEEP".
If deep sleep mode, I have to press the power button to wake up the unit

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    This is a new laptop and my sister has the same as well, and I am very disappointed to have this problem with Windows 8, Lenovo, or one who is behind the faulty start upward so right from the start.  I looked at etc and previous discussions and nobody has had the same question again. I already uninstalled McAfee antivirus with the official uninstaller since my trial has expired, and I also have the error message "your system does not appear have with Intel's technology for fast ignition" on my desktop each time I connect. I think that I've updated my laptop once or twice since I got it. One of them would be the issue? Any help please?


    I ended up sending my computer Lenovo also, because the store would not take it back.
    They also replaced my SSD and now it works fine. I highly recommend that all send you it to the service department and do not try to fix it yourself. My computer wakes up really quickly now and actually starts faster than before.

    Thanks for all your help!
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    Have you noticed this problem in the first moments after upgrade to Win7?
    I assume that you made a mistake with Vista?

    Have you noticed the same behavior when you use hibernation mode?

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    I also have my drive main external file mirroring AND use Super Duper once per day to fool the internal drive (I total plan control) AND back up all files off site (I total plan control). But, Time Machine is also always at hand to get it done. If only I had a little control over it, so she did not have the necessary step back up the minute I sit down. Significantly slow down my work time productive morning!

    Time Machine really shouldn't bog down your machine that badly.

    If Time machine running interferes with your ability to use the machine, then something else is wrong. It shouldn't affect performance in this way.

    If it's all just "annoying"... Well... Why is this a big deal?

    Maybe you should run a report Etrecheck and post the results here. If something is moving your system, which can help us identify what it is.

  • eHome IR transmitter fails to wake from sleep

    I am running Windows 7 64 bit on an HP box bought less than a year ago.  A Hauppauge 2250 tuner card is installed.  The tuner card is connected to my Comcast Cable box by an IR transmitter.  The system worked well for months, but now I find that the IR Transmitter is not working after coming out of sleep mode.  Reboot and everything works well again.

    How can I get the IR transmitter to continue functioning when the computer wakes from sleep?



    first thing to do is to try a system restore to the last time it worked.
    Friday, January 28, 2011 00:48:59 + 0000, Ross321 wrote:
    > It does not work yet, so I'm at square one.  Anyone with ideas / measures to try, please let me know.
    > - Ross

    Barb Bowman


  • Fallout 3 stops working after the computer wakes from sleep

    Since the games for Windows Live 3 is out, Fallout 3 has never been the same. He used to work at best my GfWL and now her nightmare. Recently, after that I quit the game and put my computer to sleep, Fallout 3 will stop working completely after wake up. I try to start it and I get them all is a cursor with a small blue rotating light. What is even more strange, is that my computer goes into a State of semi who no longer meet this point where programs and keyboard shortcuts no longer work, but I can browse my hard drive. I try control + SHIFT + ESC to see what the devil but that causes Windows Explorer to stop working. CTRL + Alt + Delete does not work either. No matter what I try, once I start Fallout 3 after the computer wakes from sleep, I can't do the task to the top manager and I can't use my computer. The only way to get it is to hit the reset button or turn off manually. Can someone please help to get rid of this problem?

    Hi murphy449,

    1. did you of recent changes on the computer?

    2. the problem only happens when you start fallout 3 after the sleep mode?

    3. are you able to wake the computer quits successfully sleep mode?

    4. What is the version of Windows installed on the computer?

    Method 1

    I suggest that you manually download and install the latest drivers for display on the computer card and check if it works.

    Updated a hardware driver that is not working properly

    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows7/update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isn ' t-work correctly

    Updated a hardware driver that is not working properly

    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows-Vista/update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isn ' t-work correctly

    Method 2

    If the previous step fails then I suggest that you try the clean boot procedure to check whether a third-party program installed on the computer is causing the problem.

    To help resolve the error and other messages, you can start Windows Vista or Windows 7 by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This type of boot is known as a "clean boot". A clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

    See the link below to learn more about how to clean boot.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7


    Reset the computer to start as usual

    When you are finished troubleshooting, follow these steps to reset the computer to start as usual:

    (a) click Start, type msconfig in the search box and press ENTER.

    (b) If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type your password or click on continue.

    (c) under the general tab, click the Normal startup option, and then click OK.

    (d) when you are prompted to restart the computer, click on restart.

    If the previous step fails then I suggest you check the observer after return with details and events for the cause.

    What are the information contained in the logs of the event (Event Viewer)?


    What are the information contained in the logs of the event (Event Viewer)?


    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • PC HP ENVY 15 x 360: Notebook wake from sleep after upgrade Windows 10

    Upgrade to Windows 10 in late July-(I should have known mieux qu'àle niveau puisque j'ai eu un an pour le faire). -now computer laptop won't wake sleep withoout a button hard shutdown and reboot.

    Have followed the instructions on the HP keyboard activation Web site, allowing you to wake from sleep, bios update and to automatic updates for windows and HP.

    Please help, it's crazy to restart my laptop every time I walk away from it for awhile.

    Product number: G6T85UA #ABA
    Keyboard Review: 89.23
    Total memory: 8.00 GB
    Name:Intel (R) processor Core i7-4510U CPU @ 2.00GHz

    Check out this post and see if it will apply/help to:


  • my computer would not wake from sleep when the cover iclose & open again?

    When I close the lid on my computer & open it again, the computer does not wake up, it shows just a black screen!

    Hi George,.

    From the description of the problem, it seems that the computer would not wake from sleep when you close the lid and open it again. I understand the inconvenience.

    Let us, try to perform the following methods and check if it helps.

    Method 1: Run the troubleshooter of power

    Open the troubleshooter of power


    For more information, connect to:


    Method 2: Troubleshoot wake the computer from sleep mode


    Method 3: Update Chipset drivers

    Download and install the latest version of drivers for chipset for the computer on the computer manufacturer site and check if you are faced with the same question.

    Method 4: Run the BIOS update

    I would say as you perform the update of the BIOS by contacting the manufacturer of the computer, check if it helps.

    Important: Change (CMOS) BIOS/complementary metal oxide semiconductor settings can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the configuration of the BIOS/CMOS settings can be solved. Changes to settings are at your own risk.

    It will be useful. For any other corresponding Windows help, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you

  • (Redirected) XPS 13 Ultrabook wake from sleep!


    I have a Dell XPS 13 ultrabook I love, apart from a major problem. I can't seem to wake from sleep using the keyboard or the mouse. I never had this experience with a laptop before.  It is a pretty big problem, I use the XPS 13 has docked at the D3100 docking station and connected to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse.  I keep the laptop with the screen closed and just use the external Setup - as you usually would when it is docked. Everything is fine until the device goes to sleep. If the computer is still on, but just the external monitor is turned off because the power settings, and then moving the mouse/hit the keyboard to wake the rear monitor. However, if the computer is idle (NOT put in hibernation), it nothing happens when I move the mouse or repeatedly hit the keyboard. I need to get out the ultrabook the cubby that's in, open, hit the power button, then close and replace. He gets the computer turns on again, but is incredibly annoying. As a side effect of this, all my windows get resized and my icons moved the Office because the latop temporarily switches to the built-in screen (which is at a resolution lower than my external monitor) before returning to the external display. I had the Latitude laptop for years without any problems and was disappointed with this experience. I really hope that there is some sort of fix.

    So far I have tried:

    1. connect the receiver of keyboard/mouse wireless in all USB ports on the ultrabook itself and also the dock of the D3100. No difference is made.

    2. try with a wired keyboard and wireless. No difference is made.

    3 tent to shoot to the top of the mouse/keyboard power management settings in device management and ensure "Allow device to wake the computer" is checked. Not possible, "Power management" tab appears now available in Windows 10 in the device properties window.

    Help, please!

    As you have a laptop, better make this laptop in the computer Forum post here:



  • Why Edge E430 wake from sleep?

    My new E430 Edge wakes from sleep inexplicably.

    Under the power plan, I have timers wake disabled for battery and AC power. Under scheduled tasks, I went through each scheduled task and not one "allow the waking from sleep" checked. Yet the machine spontaneously wakes up from his sleep (i.e. without human intervention) after 3 hours.

    How can I determine which task is originally wake? (Is it conceivable that could do it my LAN?)

    Maybe it's a coincidence, but: in Lenovo Power Manager 6, on the Global tab, I've disabled USB case and 30 days of standby. Since then, the machine remains asleep (without even a Lullaby).

  • elitedesk 800 does not wake from sleep, performed a start rather

    HP EliteDesk 800 G1 USDT Win8.1 Pro 64-bit

    After the sleep mode to not wake up the keyboard or mouse click.

    Pressing the key Power performed a clean boot from the stop.

    Computer came with Windows 7 Pro. I installed Windows 8 since the disks provided with the computer and improved online at Windows 8.1. Everything seems to work fine, but the modes of Eve/hibertation.

    By pressing on a keyboard or screen sleep button apparently sends computer standby: the screen is black, white power button mouse and keyboard LED off, LED blinks once every two seconds.

    However computer not wakes up on a key on the keyboard and pressing a button / a computer turns on, but does boot upward as if it were completely off.

    Already checked for the latest version of the BIOS and enabled for keyboard and mouse power management.

    Hi Jaco,

    Thanks for your suggestion. I tried to experiment with the settings of power for the keyboard and the mouse, and simply made sure that both are enabled to wake the computer from sleep mode. I began to suspect that he may be the controller USB keyboard to wake the computer asleep, and I've experimented with a PS/2 keyboard without result.

    Then I reread in BIOS settings help mode "standby" should be indicated in triple LED flash, and I was getting only single blink of the LED, and I started to look into each option in Advanced settings of the power management and guess what I found?


    When I turned the sleep > allow hybrid sleep set Off, "sleep mode" started working:

    By pressing on the sleep button sends computer mode 'sleep', white LED travels triple flash and two seconds apart, and by pressing a key on the keyboard wakes the computer.

    Apparently my hardware configuration somehow comes into conflict with the Win8 hybrid sleep mode. SSD?

    HP EliteDesk 800 G1 USDT Core i7-4770 8 GB (2x4GB) DDR3 256 GB SDD,

    DVD +/-RW, keyboard, mouse, GigLAN,

    WIN8.1 Pro 64

    Thanks to all for lead me to this solution!

  • Satellite L750 - does not wake from sleep mode


    I just bought a Satellite L750 and he didn't wake up from sleep mode. I force with button stop / stop each time in switching mode 'sleep'.

    Any ideas?

    Are you using the original pre-installed OS that you got with your laptop?
    Have you noticed the same problem with the hibernation mode?

    Did you install additional software?

  • X 1 yoga (and Yoga 260) does not wake from sleep


    We got 2 x try and buy Lenovo Tablet portable Yoga (a X 1 Yoga and a Yoga 260) to assess their skills for our company, because we have the intention to upgrade many of our employees laptops. However, since we got the devices we noticed on two common problems with display and waking from sleep. Very often laptops awake properly with the screen remains black. In these cases, the backlight of the display seems to turn on, and I guess the system works somehow in the background. Put the computer to sleep again (for example, by closing the lid) makes the computer wake up correctly at the second attempt.

    Different error in the same category is when a video is running and the laptop is connected to AC - plug the AC cord is black screen while playing the media kept its content.

    All drivers have been updated to the latest version via 5.07.0029 Lenovo system update.

    Any ideas? I also tried to open a support ticket, but Lenovo wanted to send and install a new (!) presentation. Apparently, it seems like a driver/software problem?

    Best regards

    After finishing with a touch screen not responding not (as far as I can tell a result of v4.19 Touch Firmware Update) on top of the issue of the sleep-wake I'm frustrated and went through the process of reinstalling the entire system.

    I used the reset at startup procedure to put the system back to factory settings. After factory reset the sleep-wake issue had disappeared. I applied about all the updates that are currently available via Lenovo system update and everything still works as expected. Still strange that this issue was not solvable by any other means before...

    Interesting effect: after the reset of the touchscreen remained non-functional. After a few days without touching the laptop screen feature has finally decided to detect the HID. I certainly did not apply to update or change. 'Miracle' is almost an understatement in this case!

  • USB-232/4 causes Windows hang when wake from sleep

    I have a problem of resumption of the functioning of the laptop that follows "sleep" or "hibernate".

    With the connected USB-232/4, the computer does not return the Windows normally.  The display does not return (without backlight or external video output), but the LED indicators (bluetooth, disc, power, etc.) appear normal.  When I remove the USB from the USB-232/4, the display reverts immediately to the State before the mode 'sleep' activated.  Tried all 3 USB ports - all the same behavior.  No index by using the event viewer.

    Win 7 (64 bit)

    Series NI 3.7, NEITHER VISA NOR spy 2.7.2 5.0.2 MAX 4.8

    Serial port assignments seem to be OK:

    Port 1 - com15

    2 port - com9

    Port 3 - com16

    Port 4 - com8

    Any suggestions on the next steps to solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    Solved the problem!

    The BIOS has a setting in the section advanced to Wake Up capability.  Compatible USB S3 Wake.  Now, the USB-232/4 is powered over the recovery of the standby mode.  When this feature is disabled, the USB-232/4 light not upon resuming from sleep mode and probably hung up the pilot, preventing a normal recovery.

  • Monitor intermittently do not wake from sleep mode

    I have a new Pavilion 500 - 205t Windows 7 Desktop (two weeks).  Two days earlier, after the computer is in mode 'sleep', the computer would wake up, but the screen would not.  I contacted HP Support and they said not to put the computer in mode 'sleep', but to turn it off instead.  They said that the computer could accumulate a static charge which could prevent the monitor to wake up from sleep mode.  Their solution was to force a shutdown by pressing the power switch, unplug at the back of the Tower, by pressing the power switch for 20 seconds, plug everything back in and then turn on the computer.  The monitor worked correctly then wake up from sleep mode.  For the last two days, the computer would wake properly from sleep mode.  Today, the same thing happens again.  This time, I turned off the computer and then he turned back to (without unplugging everything) and the monitor worked correctly.

    Here's my question:

    Is it really a static problem? (It has been cold and dry here for several weeks and static is high)  Or I have a hardware problem or software that needs to be fixed?  Thank you for your time.

    I think I found the solution to this problem for my computer.  I changed the settings for sleep or sleep 'Hybrid' or 'Hibernate' is allowed.  Since then, I have not experienced the problem.  I also changed what does the power button, so that when I press the power button, the computer shuts down normally.  This prevents a "forced" shutdown if the problem happens again.

    Thanks again Bill, for your time.  I mark this problem is resolved.

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