Portege Z35-AST3N06 - Alps Trackpad scrolls in the opposite direction

Hello, my ALPS trackpad scrolls in the opposite direction. In other words, when I want to scroll down a page I have to start at the bottom of the trackpad and scroll upwards and vice versa.

Is there a way to get the mouse pad to scroll properly?

Open please Synaptics settings for the touchpad and click the scroll option. You will find option Enable reverse the direction of scrolling

Disable it and I hope your problem will be solved.

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  • Wireless scroll "jumps" - scrolls in the opposite direction of the mouse a little

    I have the same problem posted here:

    But the fixes in the post did not work.
    When I scroll to the top, every now and again once it's scroll all of a sudden a little, and when I scroll down, it pops up every time than in quite awhile.
    I'm on windows 7 using Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 with Intelipoint.
    When I open mousinfo.exe and try to scroll, I can see the problem: If you scroll down, the "value of last Z" Gets a - 120 regular or - 240, but every now and again I catch a glimpse of a '240' (no less!). Is the same for scrolling down.
    It drives me crazy!
    What can I do?

    Hello Margi,

    Thank you for your response.

    I appreciate your time.

    You can Update software of wireless mouse 3500 Microsoft on your computer from HP by using this link and check.

    Thank you

  • When I'm not moving that my GPS heading in the opposite direction

    I use Google maps and a number of other applications that use the GPS in my phone. In each of them whenever I move, the map will show me (or I guess my phone) pointed in the opposite direction. I start to drive 10-20 feet before he turns around and points to come. It has been like this for a good while and when I put an address to get there that I never know what direction I must go because it will start the route goes in the wrong direction. I constantly have to zoom out to see the entire route to know if I should go back or not. How can I fix?

    It is the internal compass, not GPS. All you need to do to recalibrate it's cards and tilt your phone in the three axes for a bit (until the arrow points to the right path). This will work better outside. Stay out of cars or whatever it is of another metal. Hold the phone flat, tilt the screen forward and back a few times, the. Left and right and then turn left and right. (Or on the flight plan, no body roll and yaw)

  • find the opposite direction of reference

    I have a simple motion application that I am trying to troubleshoot.

    I move my engine from the initial position to the specified user target position to the front. Then, I want to come back home (in reverse). However, each time I have use find reference.flx to find the House, he wants to only move forward.

    How can I find reference.flx find the home in the opposite direction.

    LabView 8.6.1

    OR-Motion 7.7

    PCI 7334


    You can define the meaning of original research and all other settings for a reference move with load reference Parameter.flx.

    Kind regards

    Jochen Klier

    National Instruments

  • My mouse pointer moves in the opposite direction, I intend when I use the touchpad on my laptop. It works fine when I use my docking station and external mouse. How can I fix it?

    I'm using Windows Vista with a Sony Vaio laptop.  At the office, I have a docking station with keyboard and external mouse.  Everything works fine with this Setup.  But when I unplug the docking station and use the touchpad on the laptop, my mouse pointer moves in the opposite direction, that is my intention.  I move my finger and the pointer down.  I move to the right and the pointer goes left.  How can I fix?

    Go to start /Control Panel, and then double-click the icon '' mouse. '' When this window opens, select the tab "Touch Pad" at the top. There's a box near the bottom called "Touch sensitivity", click on that. Change the settings a little bit lower than what they are currently at.

  • The cursor moves in the opposite direction

    Original title: "slider issue"

    about 40% of the time after the start of my laptop, the cursor moves in the opposite direction. If I restart, it usually solves the problem, but sometimes I have to restart 2-3 times... I only use the touchpad and doesn't it have never get tired with a mouse... ideas?

    Cheers, fileeep!

    Tell me everything said on adapter #3 and adapter #6 - What are they, what error messages they say exactly?  These devices work, or if you have problems with them (one of them is the mouse)?  Error 31 means he cannot load device drivers which means that there is something wrong with the drivers or the device is not compatible with this version of Vista or another component on your system (very hard to tell from a distance).  You should always download and install the new drivers, firmware and for two devices having problems (not just drivers - it may be more necessary) just to be sure, that you are not corrupt.  We need to solve the problems with these devices, because I suspect that it is at the origin of this problem.

    If this does not work, we will need to make a complete diagnosis of the entire system.

    Good luck!

    P.S. Please do the test with the mouse - that will tell us a lot.

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  • How to make something move in the opposite direction of the mouse moves?

    Hello dear community.

    I saw on Sarif Industries some cool background animations. Especially the background animation where everyting moves in the opposite direction of the mouse moves.

    So I didn't try to do this kind of animation too. But I don't know how I can do this and I don't know what they call this kind of animation.

    I can't have the code but I do not understand programming languages.

    * For anyone who does not want to go to the linked website *.

    As has said that everything is moving in the opposite direction the mouse moves, but it seems that objects move in a given area and the objects are moving more slowly as the mouse moves.

    I thank in advance and have a nice day

    stage.addEventListener (onMouseMove, MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE);

    private void onMouseMove($e:MouseEvent):void


    _myBG.x = - stage.mouseX;

    _myBG.y = - stage.mouseY;


    You have everything you need in there.

    Just twist the operations to achieve the desired effect...

    Add "* 0.5" to make it move more slowly for example.

  • Path will not close - generates a line in the opposite direction.

    Illustrator CC 2015.2.0

    I am closing a path and selected ' paths nearby when ends are located 20 pixels"" "".

    Sometimes, the path ends normally. Sometimes it does not close the path (even if I'm within 20 pixels) and generates a short path in the opposite direction...

    Also has anyone seen this problem?


    I switch between GPU and CPU according to your suggestion, and so far it seems to respond normally. It is an intermittent problem, so I don't know if the problem will appear again until I work with it for a while.

    I hope that you have solved the problem. Thank you.

  • In the opposite direction of the folders is not available

    Just defected from Parallels and am running Win 7 x 64 on a Macbook Pro 2.8 GHZ with 8 GB of RAM. I can choose folders easily, but in the opposite direction of the folders are grayed out?

    Take a look at: working with VMware Fusion and Boot Camp partitions

    Note: when you run a Boot Camp partition directly, the following merge features are unavailable:

    • Suspend and resume
    • Mirrored folders
    • Snapshots and AutoProtect
    • Backup to virtual disk
  • Noob question: move a layer in the opposite direction of another layer animation

    So say I have an icon that I animate on the axis y + 40px, but instead try to back key the other layer each time, is there an expression that I can write to have the other layer move in the opposite direction of the Y the same quantity of units (ex:-40px)?

    Thank you!

    We must define what traffic there is relative to. For example, if you want a layer of mirror movement are another layer from the first image, you could do it like this:

    p = thisComp.layer("leader").transform.position;

    value + [0, p.valueAtTime (0) [1] - p [1]]

    If you want to mirror around a value of y specific reference, it would be like this:

    yRef = 540;

    p = thisComp.layer("leader").transform.position;

    value + [0, yRef - p [1]]

    There are other variations/interpretations - depends on what you are looking for exactly.


  • How to create chart in the opposite direction?


    Excuse me, I want to know, if I want to make a graph bar, but the x-axis must be in the negative direction like that


    How can I do? Please answer as soon as possible

    I found the solution. I know this isn't a perfect solution, but it works.
    I'll put it here to avoid spending you much more time thinking and research, let me start:

    First of all, I spend the axis y to be in the right part of the graph using placement in the renderer of vertical axis as follows:

    When you do that you will see that the table remaining on the left (I want to say series), then how to change? Reorganize all the category axis in order descending (I have faild to do, because I do another solution). I use negative values in the x-axis by set the following:

    So I used less as a negative value, and the maximum is zero. Then I made a function of these labels (forthcoming positive values I want) and this function I call using labelFunction as you can see above in the horizontal axis. The body of this function is:

    Import mx.charts.chartClasses.IAxis;
    private void linearAxis_labelFunc(item:Object,_prevValue:Object,_axis:IAxis):String {}
    var x: Number = Number (item);
    If (x<>
    x = x *-1;
    Return x.toString ();


    as you know, you place it in the CDATA section. This function checks if the value is negative, it will multiply by-1 to be positive and return.

    It will now be a correct chart in the opposite direction, remaining just problem which is a DataTip, it gives the negative value...

    I have a solution for this, create a new dataTip using dataTipFunction = "dataTip_bar" and showDataTips to true in your table tag, for example:

    and it calls a function that create a dataTip. The body of this function is:

    Import mx.charts.series.items.BarSeriesItem;
    Import mx.charts.HitData;
    private void dataTip_bar(item:HitData):String {}
    var pSI: BarSeriesItem = item.chartItem as BarSeriesItem;
    Return "" + "Population:
    Age: "+ psi. Item.Age +"
    Male: "+ (Number (psi. (Item.male) * - 1). "ToString() +".


    As you can see I put pSI.item.Age and (Number (pSI.item.Male) * - 1). The age is my y axis and the male is the negative values I have multiply-1 to make it positive.

    I hope this will help you. Thanks for trying to help me

  • Portege R500 flashing Code 01001000 (48 h) or in the opposite direction 00010010 (12 h)

    I have a computer laptop r500 and its give me this model flashing - 00010010 every time I connect it.

    It does not and no other light either, just the orange flashing light DC/plug light flashes. Infact, it continues to Flash even after I disconnect it. I have to take the battery out to stop the blinking.

    I search on the internet and only found this:

    If the power supply microprocessor detects a malfunction, DC IN
    flashes orange. The boss of blinking indicates an error as shown below.

    Start off for 2 seconds

    Error code (8 bits)
    '1' on a second
    '0' on the second half
    Interval between the Off in the second half data bits
    The error code starts with the least significant digit.

    Convert the model of blink DC icon in the error code IN hexadecimal
    and compare it to the tables below.

    MS IN
    Error code meaning
    01 h AC adapter / CC output voltage is more 16.5V (15V + 10%).
    02 h improved output voltage Port Replicator III is on 16.5V
    (15V + 10%).
    04 h AC current output adapter is more 3.96 A (3.6A+10%).

    Error code meaning
    10 h main battery voltage is more than 13.86V (12.6V+10%) or
    BATOV1 signal is detected.
    11 the current main battery's 3.96 A (3.6A+10%).
    12: 00 current password the main battery when the AC adapter is
    13: 00 current flows to the battery when the AC adapter
    is not connected.
    14: 00 second battery voltage is more than 13.86V (12.6V+10%) or
    BATOV2 signal is detected.
    15: 00 second battery charge current is more 3.96 A (3.6A+10%).
    16: 00 current flows from the second battery when the AC adapter
    is connected.
    17: 00 current flows to the second battery when the AC
    card is not connected.

    So, how can I fix this problem now? Can someone please help?

    Thank you.


    Which is really strange, buddy.
    Have you tried to remove the battery and the AC adapter? Then wait an hour and after that connect the two devices again and try to start the laptop.

    If it doesn t work I think you need professional help from a service provider allowed. It seems to be a hardware malfunction, and this must be checked by a technician from Notepad to determine the cause of this problem.

    If you n t know where to find the nearest ASP, you can search on the Toshiba site for her:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

    Good luck!

  • TB filters seem to be applied to all THE emails coming in the opposite direction.

    I can simply not TB to work reliably message filtering system.
    I have to do something wrong.

    There are a few interest groups with which I agree. They send lists.
    Some people are, for example, on yahoogroups. Yahoogroups has a custom header that is "List-ID:
    Sometimes this List-ID works sometimes not.

    I also try to use Return-Path, respond to, to, cc,... sometimes I tried partial subject lines matching: contains [CatsNDogs] for example.
    So I want to each incoming message to go in one folder that represents his 'list'... the list of cat, the dog, the list of fishing and so on.

    Then, after all those who are tested, "you are in the chat list?", then you are in the list of dog... There you are my AB staff of friends (then delete it in 'Mine'.

    The rest fall into the unknown.

    What I get is irregular. I get email fell in 'Mine' because the 'From' IS a guy I know. BUT the List-ID indicated it was an email from the LIST. The return address IS only yahoogroups email address LIST.

    For each LIST, I selects only the header lines containing the corresponding email list address.
    The email has been selected. Must have.
    How the filtering system can ignore the header selected?

    I even learned down to partial words to make it simple for a lethargic program to find the cat in CatsNDog.
    I tried Stop-filter-performance (have FiltaQuilla as an add-on).

    And yet, I find myself with dozens of real Email list in my personal inbox.

    And this error/bug persists Earlybird and several versions of thunderbird.
    I tell myself that I do not have the filters properly.

    A typical example of the 20 others:
    To or cc contains Meow copy cats on local folders

    It works for some and fail for a dozen, there is absolutely no pattern as to why it fails.

    Filter logs show that TB seems to apply all filters to each new email.

    Is this possible?

    As you have identified each mail is tested against each filter. any filter is the mail first then he will be treated by the latter, your action is movement, then the following filter will not run against her because she is no longer in the folder. The filters are executed in the order that they are in the list of filters,
    9nence the move up and move to the bottom of the dialog box options

  • Hi, I can not find the cuda switch in my PowerMac dual g4 in the opposite direction, what is the difference between reset pram by touch or cuda?


    I can't find the switch cuda in my PowerMac g4 dual mirrored, 1.00

    What is the difference between reset pram by touch or cuda?

    Switching on the open Mac I can see a small red light and I listen to the classic sound

    but nothing on the monitor.

    FireWire connection with my mac Mini, I can view and save the hd PowerMac

    The battery was completed in December 2012 (it's weird, cause I bought the double

    years before and never changed)

    Thanks for your attention and sorry for my English...

    First of all, I have to warn. G4 MDD don't have a CUDA button and old Macs - it has a PMU reset button. The difference is that, for a computer with the PMU system like yours, you give the key ONLY a short thrust, not longer than a second.

    If treat you it as if it was a CUDA button and hold for 20 seconds, you will seriously damage your computer. That said, this image shows the location of the PMU reset in a G4 MDD:

    What is the difference between reset pram by keyboard or cuda?

    Since your G4 has no CUDA reset ability, this becomes a moot point. In the old Mac (G3 Beige and more - the "Old world ROM" Macs) reset PRAM via the keyboard is not completely zero everything; the CUDA reset did.

  • Indexing of Windows going in the opposite direction. The numbers are now down, is this normal?

    I have a terminal server server that has started to index the files again, don't know why, but it takes a long time to complete.

    I checked on it after a few days and noticed that the numbers are down now is this something normal?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Support is located in the Windows Server Forums:

Maybe you are looking for

  • Toshiba virtual Store account Reset - 14739

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  • HP8550 connectivity issues.

    Try to install a laser printer of HP8550 on G5 Mac OSX 10.5.6 using the Jetdirect Ethernet running.  Problem seems to be the address IP of the printer does not match the IP address of the computer. Printer IP is Computer IP is 72.211.144.