Portege Z930 - 18L - text not highlighted

We have built a dozen of Z930, but this is the first time that we have had problems with a. In this case, the user reports that from time to time the text in excel or e-mail document type it will be highlighted in blue. I reinstalled Office without success.

The only valid web I found is for another brand of laptop, but they have had success when they replaced the keyboard of laptop computers. someone encountered this behavior.

Any help would be appreciated.


Until you wait the answer here I recommend you to contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. Maybe they have some info on this behavior.

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  • Portege Z930-118 does not start after the BIOS update

    My PORTEGE Z930-118 failover and wont start after I upgrade in the middle of the upgrade I remove power, then press stop down after I see the power and wireless but the screen stays black?

    Any help please

    In this case the EPROM has to be reflashed once more using crisis disk BIOS.
    Usually this must be done by authorized maker Toshiba. But of course this will be possible only if the EPROM module has not been too bad.

    What to say: try procedure (link above) posted by Bob. In which case it will not work, ASP is your next contact point.

    Good luck

  • Portege Z930-118 does not recognize the external USB CD/DVD drive

    My new Z930-118, with windows 7 64 bit home, does not recognize the external CD/DVD drive when I plug it into the USB port.

    The CD/DVD device does not even appear at all in Device Manager.

    The reader is a SE-S084 Samsun and works well on another laptop.

    I already checked for the "upper_filter", "lower_filter" with the regedit, but entries are not there, so no help.

    I m not very well how to help you.

    I found some information about this WEIRD disc and it seems that he didn't need an external power supply. Its USB bus powered so I guess around 500mA power since it is the default value provided by a USB 2.0 port.

    I don t think that there is a problem of missing software. It is a plug n play device so you need to connect it to the USB port and the system should automatically recognise.

    From my point of view of the few you try to connect the external USB ODD two ports to aid a * Y * Cableusb.
    I think the reader needs more power provided by a single USB port.

  • Text not highlightable

    Hi all, I have an Adobe Muse (www.davidfinckelandwuhan.com) site. When I publish the site, I can't highlight or select text in the site in a Web browser. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    The text has been converted into an image to Muse, probably because you chose to use a 'system '. If you choose a font for your site visitors are likely to have installed, Muse converts your text to an image to maintain the look of your design.

    If you look at your page in Design view of a Muse, you should see a little icon on the block of text for you say what text will convert an image to preserve the appearance of your design.

    If you want to keep your text as text, you can choose a font for the Web or a web font.

  • Portege Z930 - missing SIM tray


    I just bought a Portege Z930 used and discovered that the sim plastic tub is missing.
    Do I need this or can I still insert the SIM card without it (and it will remain in housing?).

    If I * need one where I can buy one to the United Kingdom?

    Thank you


    All Toshiba laptop parts can be ordered from local authorized Toshiba maintainer.
    On this page of Toshiba ASP Locator, you can find all available worldwide FSA:

    By the way: not all laptop computers support the same hardware specification. It might be possible that your Portege Z930 model was not equipped with a Sim card module. There could be a slot for SIM due the same notebook cover, but the 3 G module could be possibly missing

  • Portege Z930 - display driver does not work properly


    We have a Portege Z930 with Windows 7 64 bit in use where the Intel display driver seem to work fine.

    First problem is the slow presentation on screen - if we open a (simple JPG) photo and move the window, the frame window break during the move and showed very weird.

    Then, we have installed a U3.0 dynadock docking for the use of two external displays more. This method works even worse. To the docking station, we used the driver from the CD supplied in the delivery and connect to a USB 3.0 connector.

    On starting switching on 2 screens instead of internally for computer laptop screen does not work - and we use workaround of using an extended desktop on all 3 displays (2 external and internal display for laptop as the third).

    In Internet Explorer, it should turn off GPU Rendering and use Software Rendering rather because otherwise, we observed critical irregularities on the external screens (with 2 Windows Open the screen froze or could not display Windows Mobile). However the display isn't satisfactioning.

    We have tried 3 different versions of the recommended Driver Intel which is also offered by Toshiba to download; We loaded it is there and also 2 versions more (a more recent, one older) Intel directly.

    So, how can we get this working properly?

    Thanks in advance and best regards,
    N. Cochems

    More importantly. Make sure you have Service Pack 1 installed Win7. New laptops have problems running in win7 RTM (without service pack).

    It seems that Windows uses the standard VGA driver instead of the Intel driver. Uninstall all display drivers from Control Panel-> programs and features and then go to the Toshiba website and install the utility Intel Chipset then the Intel display driver, then go to DisplayLink.com and install the latest DisplayLink driver for the dynadock. The new software v7.xx DisplayLink driver fixes several issues found in v6.xx drivers.

    Verify that the Intel drivers are installed properly in Device Manager.

  • Portege Z930 - downgrade to Win 7 - now, FN keys do not work

    I have a Portege Z930. I have this ultimate decommissioning of Win8 to Win7 64.
    whitch driver, I need to install to this keys FN +?
    Thank you...

    Install an additional package of Toshiba. This package contains several tools and utilities, and one of them is utility to flash cards (when you press FN).

    Test it.

  • Re: Sore eyes using Portege Z930 screen

    Hi all

    After appr. 30 min of work with my Portege Z930 I get the pain in my eyes and, later, headache.
    I can't just work properly with him.

    I tried all known by me options to configure the graphic display, Intel utilities and a Windows, change text size and so on, but to no avail.
    Text is a little fuzzy looking.

    I'm 12 years old laptop user, changed a lot of it and it's my first laptop with such a poor quality screen.
    Or is it a default and I should ask replace the matrix?

    Appreciate all the advice of many,


    The device supports a common 13.3 "(HD) TFT color LCD."
    The max resolution is 1366 x 768.

    So I can't find big differences between this screen and others, used in other books

    Of course 13.3 is not really a big screen I prefer notebook with a screen size of 15-17.
    The 13.3 is too small for me

    I don't know... maybe there is something wrong with the LCD display... then maybe you should ask a service provider to verify the part... but this is just my personal opinion...

  • Portege Z930 - 12 H - update of the BIOS and McAfee Endpoint Encryption?

    The update to the latest BIOS (Ver.6.70) for my laptop Portege Z930 12 H comes with the warning:

    «If you use the BitLocker Windows Drive encryption, please temporarily suspend (or turn off) before BitLocker Drive Encryption updated BIOS.»

    The same caveat applies to McAfee Endpoint Encryption, which is used on my laptop and I can * not * pause or stop? Or can I apply the upgrade of the BIOS safely?

    Thank you.

    As much I know Bitlocker isn't related to Antivirus from McAfee software and two security tools are not connected to each other. BitLocker is a tool for Microsoft Windows and McAfee is a 3rd party software preinstallation on the device.

    I found a nice how doc on the update of the BIOS.

    [How to upgrade the BIOS on Toshiba laptops | http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/HTD9502M10000R01.htm]

  • Portege Z930-146: BSOD running Win 7 64 bit - support pointers and advice


    First post following the latter (academia / business) purchase of a Portege Z930-146 (serial number XC141056H, short PT235E part number).

    Configured the pre-installation software 64 - bit W7, local installed, delivery to the primary user (the boss).

    User reports 3 BSOD in a few days - I have the mini-decharges and made first order analysis using blue-screen display:

    PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA (ntoskrnl.exe)
    MEMORY_MANAGEMENT (ntoskrnl.exe)

    We really are the guys from UNIX, so it is not familiar territory.

    I just updated the BIOS but now have a long (50 +) list of possible drivers also be updated. One at a time to download and install?

    I ran the diagnostics memory and disk - without errors or warnings that are reported.

    Can someone identify a likely problem, or direct me gently in the direction of the road to official support of Toshiba please or suggest next steps?

    Thank you in advance,


    Ntoskrnl.exe is a Microsoft kernel boot and the dxgkrnl.exe seems to have something to do with the chart.

    I recommend to check if the update of the display driver would improve the performance of the system.
    Then visit the Toshiba UE driver page, select the Satellite Z930 PT235E and download the latest display driver Intel.
    Z930-146 was equipped with chip Intel HD Graphics 4000, so you need the Intel driver.

    You can also try to download the driver directly from the Intel page since they always provide the latest version.

  • Adding additional partition D for Portege Z930 with that 256SSD

    I just got a new portege Z930 i7 with 256 ssd and Win7 pro 64. It starts with 4 partitions already installed.1.46Gb recovery, 217 GB C, 8 GB hibernation and a 11.9 primary with the only option to remove.

    I can shrink the C drive to 110 GB offering 110 GB unallocated. But if I try to format the unallocated space it tells me that this will change to dynamic disks and there is not enough space.
    I have a D drive for the data. How to do this?


    I recommend to use the 3rd party software called * Gparted.*
    It of based on the system Linux and you could create bootable USB flash memory stick containing Gparted tool.

    It is great for partition management.

  • Portege Z930 - Downgrade from Windows 8 for Windows 7

    Hi all

    I have serious problems with my new laptop Portege Z930-138. I wanted to downgrade from Win8 to Win7 and transferred my old iso of Win7 on a bootable USB.

    I changed the BIOSsetting CMS BIOS in order to boot from USB and it worked.
    But later, I deleted all partitions on my HARD drive in order to have a primary partition where to install my old Win7.

    However I can't do!

    Now I have 1 GB 119.1 unallocated space and there is no way to create a new partition from it.
    Also when I try to install Win7 it says the disc's style GPT.

    I also tried to convert it from the command prompt, but it does not work.

    You guys have any ideas what to do?


    Recommend the reading of this Toshiba HowTo:

    Steps to install Windows 7 on a Windows 8 device *.

    If you follow the steps described in this document, you should be able to install Win 7

  • Portege Z930: Loss of Fn keys after upgrade to win 8 - can't turn WiFi switch

    After several months waiting for my hour I just began my Portege Z930 - 11G for Windows 8 Pro upgrade.

    To a large extent, it went to the plan except that, after execution to display the Assistant Toshiba Upgrade I lost the Fn key and about half of the keys no longer seem to work at all.

    The only key I've ever used on a routine basis is the Fn + F8 option to activate the power switch WiFi.

    So now, I can not turn on WiFi on the computer.

    It must, surely, that there be a way to do it, but I'm not. Does anyone have a suggestion? I'm OK for now because I have a local cable system in the House, but once I get out on the road I will fight without WiFi.

    Before running the wizard upgrade of the Fn key grew up the key appear in the upper part of the screen and I want to surely I had turned on WiFi right here.

    The Fn key utility offers very little control of the Fn keys. It does not offer the possibility to do anything else than to disable five notifications screen for keyboard backlighting, power plan, touch pad and cursor overlay digital overlay.

    Any help gratefully received.


    > So now I can not turn on WiFi on the computer.
    First of all, you can enable and disable the WiFi using the function key, but you can also activate the WLan settings of Windows 8
    Key Win + C-> settings-> change PC settings-> wireless

    Now, you can use the cursor to wireless devices to enable or disable the WiFi network.

    But to get the FN button work you need to install the + Toshiba function key + Utility for win 8 and + Toshiba system driver + to win 8

  • Portege Z930 - network WLan problems

    Z930 Windows 7 is 3 years old.
    I'm having problems connecting to the home network and I do not understand the clues to work towards a solution.

    Other laptops can connect to the wired network and wireless, but cant Z930, or down and will not show the home network.

    Appear networks nearby.

    Z930 can connect to the point of mobile internet access on phones, but that does not provide access to servers and network.

    Disable the Firewall Norton 360 and the protection doesn't seem to help.

    At a time and only once, I saw the message invalid network address.

    Logical, said the material is OK because can connect to the wifi phone.

    I don't know where to begin try andworkout why z930 can't seen to connect to the home network.

    > I'm having problems connecting to the home network and I do not understand the clues to work towards a solution.
    I want to be sure I understood your problem:

    You ve set up the wireless network at home (I assume you are using the WLan router, etc.) but you are not able to connect the Portege Z930 to your wireless home network.
    Is this correct?

    Since you are able to connect this notebook to internet hotspots (public WLan) I guess the wireless network for laptop s and WLan card driver are installed and are working correctly.

    Are you able to connect the laptop to the internet using LAN?

    In case this also not possible, you must reset your router and should go through the router options unique to ensure that each option has been set correctly.

    In addition I recommend you renew the IP address by typing this command using the console (to start the console type CMD in RUN)
    In the Console (black DOS window), you must type: + IPCONFIG / RENEW.
    This would renew the ip address that is assigned automatically the provided by the router ip address pool.

  • Portege Z930 - 14q need much time to connect to D-link DIR-3000 via the LAN

    on the computer Portege Z930 - 14q with the router mentioned above, it takes a long time for the laptop recognize the network and connect (sometimes not completely).

    No idea why this is so?

    Do you use the preinstalled original Win7 PROFESSIONAL 64 bit and factory settings?
    Have you noticed the same behavior when you try to connect your laptop to another router?

    Is there a difference when using the outlet to power supply or battery?

Maybe you are looking for

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    Firefox on my laptop set to update to version 35 last night, as planned. When I started it today, however, the browser was completely unusable. The main window was empty, the window itself was blue, I couldn't get one of my Add-ons to open, could not

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