Portege Z930: How to create GPRS / Wifi / LAN connection profiles?


I can't find any software (Toshiba or Intel) on my Portege Z930 that allows to manage
profiles of connections to be automatically connected GPRS or Wifi or LAN regardless of connections available (office, home, public area...)

Toshiba Wirelss manager works with GPRS only and no wifi or lan

Thanks for your help!

Best regards



Such universal utility does not for me.

Toshiba Wireless manager manages the profiles of 3G.

Management profile and Wlan connectivity, you can use the TOSHIBA Configfree
Here are some details:

Well and LAN would work until the network cable is connected :)

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    Try these steps to create an access point in Windows Vista

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    > after a few years, the battery capacity decreases

    It's nothing unusual after a few years of any battery would start to lose performance.
    Generally speaking after 500 times charge cycles the battery begins to lose clean performance.

    Of course you can remove the battery and could use the laptop only connected to the power adapter, but in this case, the laptop would shut down when making connection interrupted.

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  • Portege Z930: How to install Win 7 after the installation of Win 8


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    How to return to Windows 7?


    I guess that your BIOS contains the option to switch between the UEFI and BIOS of the CSM.
    It must therefore return to the CSM BIOS and must disable secure boot if it has been previously activated.

    Then you can reinstall Win 7

  • Portege M500 - how to create recovery DVDs?

    Hi there :)

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    Portege M500 was equipped with HARD drive recovery option?
    Did you find the information you need to create a recovery disk in the user's manual?

    Where did you find the "Toshiba recovery CD creator"?
    This tool has been pre-installed?

    I guess that there is no image on the HARD drive files that are needed to create the recovery disk Toshiba and so you can't create it.

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    Thank you

    BT Manager (application) runs in the background. There is small BT symbol in the taskbar. Where BT is the symbol is bluish and when BT is OFF then the color changes to red and blue. This happen when you have Win7.

    On my machine with Win8 by using the key combination FN + F12 is symbol of BT he or she is gone where BT is DISABLED.

    JamBox is unknown to me but check it please manuals and make sure that you can switch to ands matching on your usage of portable option in BT Manager add a device. It shouldn't be so complicated.

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    1. you must accept the best plan based on the recommendations of the Advisor tuning

    2. second thing is to import the profile sql - transport to destination db (where you want to import)

    -Pavan Kumar N

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    State: HY000. Code: 10058. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: HY000] [nQSError: 10058] A general error occurred. [nQSError: 43113] The message returned by OBIS. [nQSError: 17001] Oracle error code: 942, message: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist to the call of the OCIStmtExecute OIC. [nQSError: 17010] Prepare the SQL statement failed. (HY000)

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    Hi Antonio,.

    Cross database joins are possible, no problem for it. But you do not do so in an object of unique data base in the physical layer using 2 pools of connections connection to the source A and B, then adding objects to A and B children of your unique database.

    You create 2 databases in the physical layer, each with its own connection pool, then you can do your knuckles crossed on the physical schema.

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    But I don't know how to use the user to to connect to the application? I tried several times to use the user create by ADMIN to connect to the application, but I failed.

    I can't find any setting in the sample Application, but it do.

    If any good plans?

    I thank in advance.

    There are two ways you can handle this... Build users of the APEX and continued them through the api of the APEX (not recommended by what I saw several comments here, outside the development environment) OR in your application, you could build a custom authentication system...

    Here is a link to explain how make one:

    Thank you

    Tony Miller
    Webster, TX

  • Portege Z30 - how to create the new partition on SSD

    I have a Toshiba Portege Z30 with a 512 MB SSD. In addition to the C partition, I would D for the work and E for personal stuff.

    By default, the laptop came with only C, but the disc already has 4 partitions:
    -a healthy active recovery of 1.46 GB partition
    -c a partition
    -a 16 GB Hibernation partition
    -a healthy 11.55 GB primary partition called drive HARD recovery when I use MiniTool Partition Wizzard

    I managed to get 300 GB of unallocated space, but I can not use this space to create D and E, apparently because the MBR does not support more than 4 partitions.

    Question: should I have all these partitions Toshiba? Is there a workaround for D and E? Can I create a USB drive recovery system and get rid of the recovery partition?

    Thank you

    Before starting any discussion, I hope you didn t screwed up something. Why?

    When you get laptop it has the factory settings and just with the factory settings, you will be able to create a media recovery (DVD or USB depending on the model). I hope this isn't too late now.

    Try to create a recovery media as soon as possible please.
    Post it please comment how it works. I hope that everything will be OK.

  • Portege R100 - how to create a bootable SD card?


    I'm trying to update my BIOS of v1.40 to v1.60. I don't have an external floppy drive, or a CD-Rom. I downloaded both versions of the bios upgrade. The version of windows does not install, coming up with an error of not being able to run in V86 mode.

    I read in some places to a SD card bootable using the Boot SD and a 2,88 MB image. Where can I find this picture? And how to add the update to the BIOS for it? Or what is the problem with the BIOS update, I downloaded?
    Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give me.

    Post edited by: Bertee


    You can create a bootable SD card using the SD start utility which is preinstalled on some Toshiba units. But as far as I know with this card, you can start only to the DOS mode and there is no image on the SD card! Moreover, I don t think you can upgrade the BIOS with an SD card. To update the BIOS, you need a compatible floppy drive.

    What are supported readers for this device:

    You will find a description how to update the BIOS:

    Good bye

  • Portege R830 - how to turn off WiFi automatically?

    Anyone knows how I could make my WiFi switch off automatically when my R830 stops or goes to sleep?

    My name in connected domain R830 take forever to open a session or to wake up when wifi is turned on when i ' n not on the corporate network. I guess that's looking for the domain controller. I'm told they don't anything about using policies and time-out settings.

    Usually you would just tap on the switch to turn off the wifi and to avoid this situation, but because this function is accessible only through Flashcards, I did not have this option.
    I can't think of all the scripts that would actually turn the wireless off automatically made - anyone have ideas?

    The decision to quit to have a switch wireless hard on many models is very stupid.


    I think you're on the wrong track
    The WiFi is turned OFF If the laptop is set to mode "sleep" or the laptop is off.

    In addition there is no other possibility to deactivate/activate the WLan to use the FN + F8 key combination

  • How to create a WiFi Hotspot on Windows 7 laptop?

    Is there a way I could create on Windows 7 laptop Hotspot without using any router?


    If you have the card installed on your Windows laptop wireless, then you can create WiFi Hotspot with command prompt.

    Step 1: Open window command as an administrator

    Step 2: Enter this command

    netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = WiFiname = password key

    Change the name of Wifi and password with your own name and password

    Step 3: Start WiFi Hotspot with this command

    netsh wlan start hostednetwork

    Source: http://www.techswatch.com/2014/11/create-wifi-hotspot-windows-87-command-prompt.html

  • Portege Z930 - how to clear the memory of the fingerprint sensor?


    Tell me how to clear the memory of the fingerprint sensor?
    Reinstall the operating system and now I can not add your impressions.

    They have their No....

    > Reinstall the operating system and now I can not add your impressions.
    Stand by. You have reinstalled OS using original recovery image?

Maybe you are looking for

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