Possible bug: Lightroom 5.7 now adjusts the brightness after cloning as a white backdrop. Ideas?

I just found this: work on a larger series of images, shot on a white background.

It is a mobile facility so sometimes the backdrop covers the whole frame.

So after I do my settings to my select I use the spot removal tool to clone in some parts of the background if necessary...

So far so good. But Lightroom then auto adjusts the brightness and contrast of...

No idea what's going on... Restart LR and the computer did not any changes.

I'm on a Mac 10.10.3





The beach of the adjusted values of highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, clarity (at least) all depend on image content so your cloning on a dark area left replaces the range of values of the image and changes as well as cursors.

The difference is very accentuated between the cloned image and uncloned if clarity is equal to 0 and black to-100 with all the remains the same that the DNG downloaded, where all parameters are identical between the two images and the background being cloned to white is the only difference in the parameters and settings, so the Visual difference is how LR applied 5 toning of the sliders.

The problem is that unwanted background on the left is darker than the subject so it's existence or not determines what means 'black '.  It cloning of 'Black' changes that she will fix the details of the subject and affects how the highlights, shadows, white, black and clarity sliders work.

I think that toning using tone instead of these 5 sliders below curve contrast will not have this problem and I think that cropping away rather than cloning in the background, then using the 5 sliders will not the problem.

The essential is that cloning apparently happens before you tone up in the pipeline of the image and how these 5 sliders work is designed so that you will see this difference and is not a bug.


For the reference of someone else reading this, here's the default settings has been made in the two DNG as downloaded before changing Black =-100 and clarity = 0 for the side-by-side, supra.

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    I am also having this same problem. My brightness has been set at max after update and it hurts my eyes. I did it... Control Panel > Device Manager > graphics cards > Intel HD Graphics 4000 > pilot > Update Driver > Browse my computer > let me pick. Choose Microsoft Basic graphics card.

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    Franco said he has updated the graphics driver and it helped

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    I have the same problem with my L540. It started with the BIOS update to version 1.65. Because I have not found a solution, I went back to BIOS version 1.64, where all the brightness options are there and are working properly.

    You can download older versions. When on the page with the new drivers (http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS037285) go to BIOS driver 1.65, then choose "learn more." At the end of the next page, you will see all the old versions.

    You can install the version 1.64, you should choose the Option "Secure RollBack prévention" in the BIOS: restart the computer. When you see the option "to interrupt normal startup, press enter", press ENTER. Once more, press ENTER. Press F1 to enter BIOS Setup utility. Click on 'Security'-> then "update Bios UEFI Option'-> then"set RollBack prevention. " Change this option to "disabled". Press F10 to save the configuration changes and exit.

    After you restart Windows, you can install BIOS 1.64.

    Another possibility is to wait for the next version of BIOS...

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    This forum is really about the cloud, only not on the use of individual programs

    Once your program downloads and installs without error, you need the program forum

    If you start the http://forums.adobe.com/index.jspa Forums Index

    You will be able to select a forum for the specific Adobe products you use

    Click on the symbol "arrow down" on the right (where it says all THE FORUMS) to open the drop-down list and scroll


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    After you have installed Windows 8.1, I can't adjust the brightness of the screen more.  I checked and updated all the drivers and nothing helped.  There used to be a brightness slider in the control panel in the power settings.  It's over now.  I've looked everywhere for a solution, but I can't seem to find it.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Here are the specs of my computer:

    HP Pavilion 23-F213W Smart Touch

    Windows 8.1

    Thank you

    Many All in One computers are able to use HP MyDisplay in this http://www.portrait.com/dtune/hpc/enu/index.htmlplace.  There is a list of maps videos supported on this page and should help to restore the video controls setting.

  • Impossible to add an external monitor or adjust the brightness of the screen: Pavilion dv7-4031TX (Windows 7)


    I recently replaced both hard drives of HDD2K12, which meant I had to re-enstall Windows 7. Since that time, I have no options more in using an external monitor or even the brightness of the screen. The computer does not recognize the monitor when I Plug and all my drivers are up to date.

    Can you make suggestions that could help to solve these two problems?

    Kind regards


    Thanks to find the links but I could not find the drivers I need for a Pavilion dv7-4031TX.

    However I finally managed to fix the problem. Let me summarize what has been my problem.

    (1) I could not adjust the brightness of the screen by using the function keys f2 and f3.

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    1 > pass.

    http://h10025.www1.HP.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?softwareitem=ob-95107-1 & CC = in the & DLC = in & LC = on & os = 4063 & Product = 4253423 & sw_lang =

    and go to the graphics driver and download the graphics driver and follow the directions. At the end of the installation you will be asked to restart the computer.

    0nce you have restarted your computer, you should be able to adjust the brightness of the screen using the fn keys or the brightness slider in the window 'power Option '.

    2 > Activting 2nd monitor

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    3 > restart your computer. You should find that after doing all this, you should be back to normal.



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    Not the end of the world, I guess, but I would like when I need it.

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    Problem solved I guess.

  • 15 - r254nu:. Cannot adjust the brightness on Windows 8.1

    So I tried different ways to resolve this issue, but again the light cannot be turned on/off. Help, please!


    There are two Intel driver links to the choices on your laptop support page.

    I explored the folder of the driver of this driver file to support your laptop and driver page, and it is suitable to use driver.

    This package provides the driver that allows graphics Intel high definition (HD) in the notebook models that are running an operating system supported. If the video output high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) is supported, this package also installs the HDMI Audio Driver.

    File name: sp69589.exe

    The hardware ID for the Intel graphics card in your laptop must be one of these...

    ;    Windows 8.1 install

    % iVLVGMT0% = iVLV2M_w81, PCI VEN_8086 & DEV_0F31 & SUBSYS_220F103C
    % iVLVGMT0% = iVLV2M_w81, PCI VEN_8086 & DEV_0F31 & SUBSYS_2213103C
    % iVLVGMT0% = iVLV2M_w81, PCI VEN_8086 & DEV_0F31 & SUBSYS_2210103C
    % iVLVGMT0% = iVLV2M_w81, PCI VEN_8086 & DEV_0F31 & SUBSYS_2214103C

    You should see a device from Intel HD graphics instead of the graphics card base of Microsoft, and unless you can get the graphics driver to install you will not be able to adjust the brightness of the screen.

    Is the above driver do not install the Intel graphics card automatically, try to install the driver manually by navigating to the folder of the driver that is created after running the above file.

    Confirm that the hardware for the Intel graphics card ID matches one of the above since the driver installation information file that I posted.

    To find the ID of the hardware, Device Manager, click the graphics card Microsoft Basic.

    Then click on the Details tab in the upper part of the window Microsoft Basic graphics card.

    Now you should see a drop-down list of property and it is set by default to the Description of the unit.

    On this list and select the 3rd point (Hardware ID).

    Confirm that the hardware ID, you see there is one of those listed that I posted.

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    razendra wrote:

    Uninstalled the driver with delete option, installed the new version!

    Good news, it's screen is bright now!

    Bad news, it's screen is bright now!

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