Posted something, but it does not appear in the forum?

strange is the title of the post:
Connection Internet A100 decreases strongly even with D-Link usb2ethernet

I'm not and it does not show in the forum. Search brings nothing.


Hi hil2010,

Do you mean [THIS |] thread?

Well, I put t know what happened, but I can read about it that you posted yesterday.

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    Hi Andy,.

    I checked the reported compatibility list, and the game is listed as compatible.  Work in 64-bit or 32-bit Windows 7?  I will try to reinstall the game, if you did an upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 recently.  If it is a new installation and does not, please visit the EA's Web site to get the latest patch for the game to see if that helps address your problem.  Let me know if you've done all that and you still have questions, and we can try something else.


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    Try the free version of revouninstaller to remove it:

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    Hi Michele,

    Please try to quit and relaunch the application in creative cloud, the ability to install CC 2014 should be available in Indesign.

    And in the case where it doesn't work please contact support: Learn & Support

    Kind regards


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    I suggest to uninstall unwanted software from your computer and then try to install the camera. Visit the link below to find the steps on how to uninstall programs "programs and features".

    After you have installed the camera, please check in the folder C:/Program files if it shows there.

    It may be useful

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    Hello Joel Buch, r.
    Unfortunately, if you can't cut of in the game you can not do.
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    Library assets are certainly a reciprocity. Check out this thread: Active library created in illustrator cc does not appear in the model of adobe

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    I changed the color of my spry menu of beige to black. It appears on my work page, but when I try to preview, it's as if I had never changed color. I also tried to go to the page via Firefox, but it does not appear there either. The code says the bottom of the menu is #000, we design signs it indicates the background color is #000 institutions. Can someone tell me what I'm missing that deploys the spry menu stay in the default color?

    Not a good option, unfortunately.

    "allow multiple consecutive spaces" is an old option in DW who must be stopped. He inserts just several nonbreaking spaces when you press the SPACEBAR.

    It's ugly and unpredictable because it depends on the font size, sizing of browser text etc.

    Better to use CSS



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    PS. I found a trick that replaces the security in planning - if I set the WAGE RATE as READ ONLY, HBR does NOT obey security, it allows users to update the RATES OF COMPENSATION in its prompt POV.

    Published by: Essbase Fan on January 15, 2010 15:29

    Updates if you restart services, maybe that's a problem with the caching used in planning.

    If you have found a bug, then it is worth recording with Oracle, you can see that it has already been resolved with the patch.

    See you soon


  • !!! [urgent] Payment, but it does not appear in the profile.

    I paid the full subscription, the money of the deleted accounts, but does not appear in all of the profile of customization possibilities to use the paid apps. Spent a lot of time.

    I read that it will take as much as 24 hours for a purchase to show your Adobe account

    Since this is an open forum, not Adobe support... you must contact Adobe personnel to help

    Chat/phone: Mon - Fri 05:00-19:00 (US Pacific Time)<=== note="" days="" and="">

    Don't forget to stay signed with your Adobe ID before accessing the link below

    Creative cloud support (all creative cloud customer service problems)

  • I bought a new external hard drive, but it does not appear in the library mode.

    One of my external hard drives is almost full. I would like to move some of the photos from the old to the new one that I just bought. The new external drive appears in Windows Explorer, but does not appear in Lightroom.

    I use Windows 7 and Lightroom CC.

    Hi Loyce1023,

    In order to see the most recent external drive in Lightroom, you must either import some images of the most recent disc.

    Or move some images of the old drive to the more recent, outside of Lightroom, and then reconnect the images from Lightroom.

    Kind regards


  • Search bar does not appear on the forums

    I thought that maybe I'm going crazy... but the search bar no longer appears on the forum.  This works in other areas of the site, but not in the forums.  I tried the Fire Fox browser, I use IE8.  He began Friday last and after the reboot etc.  I still have no ability to search.

    It's not you, it's lithium, which manages the forums, he lost in an update last Thursday night.

    It has been discussed here:

  • AppleTV pairs with the watch but subsequently does not appear in the application of the watch.

    I have 2 AppleTV, a connected by wifi, domestic one on the LAN by ethernet.  Those on ethernet not showed as a selection on the application of the monitoring, so I "added feature" on the application Remote, the Apple Watch appeared in the matching section of the AppleTV remote and was easily matched.

    But even if the AppleTV can see the watch for matching it still does not offer as one of the selections, just connected wifi AppleTV and my iTunes home sharing.

    Just rebooted, removed and re-paired the watch with the ethernet connected AppleTV and still it is not offered as an option in the Remote app.

    How could he be watch for matching and not for actual use?

    Hi Bob

    Guidelines for the use of Apple Watch as a remote for Apple TV Apple inform that this is possible when the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network:

    "You can use Apple Watch as a remote control for your Apple TV, when you are connected to the same Wi - Fi network."

    More information:

    Use Apple Watch as a remote for iTunes or Apple TV - Apple Support

  • I hear the Media Center to boot, but it does not appear on the screen

    Original title: windows media center

    How to connect the buttons if windows media center does not charge and when clicking on the button of the mouse disappears and not windows media center charges, just to play the song. a difficulty of time I hope.

    Who would say that he (Media Center) is starting, just off the screen.  Media Center will appear in your taskbar?  If you move your mouse around enough, you can get that back to the screen?
    If so, right-click MC on the taskbar > move.  Use the arrow keys (on your keyboard) to try to move the MC window on screen.


    MS - MVP (Media Center) [If this post can help solve your problem, please click the 'Mark as answer' or 'Useful' at the top of this message.] [Marking a post as answer, or relatively useful, you help others find the answer more quickly.]

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