Poster frame change in order

I have a sequence with nested sequences. For several of the sequences, the poster frame (or is it a "miniature"?) is black because the individual sequence has a 'fade' in so it starts with a black frame - see screen capture below. This means that I can't follow visually what sequence is that. Can I change the poster frame and select a new that is more representative of the sequence?

Screenshot 2013-11-09 08.13.32.png

There is no way to set what thumbnail appears at the head of a clip in the timeline panel. That may be enough for you, however, is to set the timeline to display thumbnails of continuous video, that you set in the drop-down menu of the timeline at the top right of the frame.

By the way, with the new update (CC 7.1), when the project icon display panel, it shows now the poster frame, which is a definable by the user, rather than a generic icon sequence and sequence thumbnails can be rubbed in the project panel like any other video assets.

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    Thanks for posting in the HP Support forum.

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    Hello @chogekat,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

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    When you get the handle for your tab using GetPanelHandleFromTabPage:

    GetPanelHandleFromTabPage (MainPanelHandle, PANEL_TAB, 0, & TabHandle);

    the third parameter is an index for the specific tab you want to address.  If you change the order of the tabs, you can change the index, too.  For example, assume that you have a digital control on the third tab from left to right.  You want to assign some value, so this, you:

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    you get the handle to the new tab.  There is a control with the same ID as TAB_numMyNumeric, so that you get a runtime error.

    Personally, I like to use an enumeration to my tabs so I can keep the lines:


    So if I redesign the tabs or add a new one I just re - order enums and everything works fine.  Also, I used the same names in my constants of tab, to help keep things straight:

    GetPanelHandleFromTabPage (MainPanelHandle, PANEL_FIRST_TAB, MY_FIRST_TAB, & TabHandle);

    Tony G.

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    'Multipage' menus contain more than one 'page' menu in a file single psd (photoshop format). For a DVD, they are converted to the menus page ordinary, simple, but can cause problems if you don't really understand what you are doing with them. You can have a lot of menus - just use one page ones.

    Each chapter has already a poster frame. Change the poster frame does nothing for your link. The exception is a blank poster image will not appear.

  • Cannot change the order of songs in my playlists on my new iPhone 7 (iOS 10.02). How can I fix?

    CAN I change the order on my MacBook Air when my phone is connected (but the changes are not published on my phone)

    Hello, wolfebait!

    Welcome to congratulations on getting a new iPhone and Apple support communities 7.  I see your message that you are having problems changing the order of song into playlists that you created, but it only happens on your new iPhone.  I have several playlists I created myself, and I sometimes have to change the order of songs as well.  I'm happy to help you with this.

    1. Open your music app.
    2. Type library on the bottom left.
    3. Touch Playlists.
    4. Press the Playlist you want to change (it must be one that you have created, as organized playlists cannot be changed).
    5. Press 'Edit' at the top right of your screen.
    6. You should now see red circles 'remove' to the left of each song and three horizontal lines gray right of each song.
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    9. Your playlist should now be in the new order that you chose!

    Have a great rest of your week!

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    There are ways to cause the dock must be blocked. keyboard shortcuts, maybe, but

    more are certainly the shortcuts of command-line or terminal. Some ideas of those who, here:

    • How to lock the size of the Dock, the Position and content in OS X - Mac... materials in os x

    August 28, 2015 - here are a few easy Terminal commands to lock station size, position,.

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    Thanks for your help guys! :-)

    Hey Aktivoli,

    If I understand correctly, you use the Apple music app and want to change the order of the songs until the next.
    I recommend reading this article, it explains how to change the order in the Apple's music library and playlists.

    Swipe up on reading to display your queue up next, that lists all the songs that you have selected for the current playback.

    Drag the songs with to rearrange the order, or swipe to the left to remove a song you want to ignore.

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    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. Have a good.

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    Two things.

    You have defined the default value in the menu (alt + T) tools > account settings > outgoing (SMTP) Server?

    Second, try this add-on

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    Thank you

    Install this add-on.

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    Shared albums the photo order depending on how they are added, you can not change the order later.

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    Go to the Add Ons page and the search for records of manual sorting. It will allow you to rearrange the files and accounts.

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    May 2016 "I can't find where to change the view in each playlist" - - "it's in the menu bar.  With the playlist selected in the window of iTunes in the menu bar, display-> display-> [select desired display]. "List mode is called"songs ".

    Apple simplifies navigation with iTunes 12.4 - ion-with-itunes-12 - 4.html

    How can I view my mode music list in iTunes 12.4? -

    You must select the column left heading if you are using the manual sorting.

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