Power of fire ASA5506

I have now ASA5506 with the service of firepower can detect phishing Web sites, block ads on Web sites and detect any harmful cookies or male-ware on the websites and what licensing requirements.


Basically, it is possible with the IPS and URL-license. But maybe you should look a proxy-security solution. The WSA (Web Security Appliance) would be the offering for Cisco for this.

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  • Power of fire licensing management center

    I'm someone who is confused by the license, I hope someone can clarify this.

    I have a Cisco ASA5506X test setup that has the URL, AMP, IPS key installed via ASDM.

    I downloaded the power of fire. Mgmt Center 6.1.0 VM and tried to connect to the ASA.

    I wanted to use the eval. period of check of FMC.

    However, it seems that the licensing of the ASA does not apply to the CSP. Can I need separate licenses for FMC in addition to those on the SAA or do I have to reinstall these licenses on the CMF?

    You must first register the ASA of CMF (and vice versa) and then apply the CME licenses ASA newly managed.

    Licenses of firepower are linked to the license key (combination of model platform ID and MAC address) of the FMC Manager so you should rehost those you used initially ASDM.

    You can only manage a service module firepower since one - or the CMF-based ASDM - Manager at a time.

  • Power of fire vs NGIPS vs FireSight vs power of fire management center

    I am struggling to understand the distinction between these terms. Is anyone able to help me understand what are the components?

    Firepower is the term that Cisco uses during most of the acquis of Sourcefire products.


    Power of fire aka Firesight Management Center aka Defense Center Management Center.
    Power of fire management centre was re-branded twice, its all the same

    Centralized management for devices of firepower (NGIPS, Module of ASA firepower, DFT)


    Dedicated appliance IPS / IPS component of the solution of firepower (also used on the firepower of ASA and DFT module)

    ASA with power of Fire Services

    ASA with module of software/hardware that is running the services of firepower. (is two different images running on the same box. Traffic is redirected to the module of firepower for Layer 7 inspection)


    Power of fire Threat Defense is the new unified combining image Software ASA and firepower into a single image. (not full parity of features to ASA still)

    If you need more let me know.

  • Installation of the power of fire

    Hey everybody

    I also ordered the firepower for my 5555-X and recived an SSD and a number of PAK.

    I think I heard somewhere that I need two 120SSD disks, I have one. Is this enough?

    And what is the correct order:

    1 stop/uninstall old IPS

    2. Insert the SSD

    3 reload

    4. install the power of fire



    5555-X is designed to be used with two SSDS in a RAID 1 array.

    It will work with one but will not have a RAID protection.

    (edit - corrected the Raid type to '1').

  • OpenDNS to power of fire included?


    can you please give a clue if OpenDNS feature is included in the software Cisco firepower? Or in other words: does make sense to have the internet to inspect with SourceFire and also configured OpenDNS feature traffic?

    Thank you in advance!

    Kind regards


    Hello David,.

    OpenDNS will certainly help us in our environment. OpenDNS will block all CnC, Malcious, bad reputation, known bad research. This intelligence is based on OpenDNS intelligence and intelligence added via Cisco TALOS, AMP ThreatGrid, etc.

    This helps us in 2 ways,

    1. block all traffic, any port, any protocol, North-South and East-West (not all traffic will be inspected by the power of fire, we would need IPS/IDS spread across network devices).
    2. If the traffic is getting inspected by the power of fire, OpenDNS can mitigate a known threat before that firepower get traffic for inspection

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards


  • Fire power User Agent is unable to connect with the power of fire management center

    Hi Cisco supports,

    I have problem with firepower User Agent, when I want to add a power of fire management center agent, then I get the error "cannot connect to the management center of firepower." You can find the error in the attachment! I have already added the User Agent in the CMF.

    My Version of power of fire management centre is

    and my 2.3 10 User Agent


    You don't need to open it manually. If you have added the CMF officer, then it should be opened by default. What I wanted was to ensure that there is no intermediate firewall between the agent and the CMF.

    You can capture packets on FMC cli and check if traffic reaches here.

    > tcpdump-i eth0 port 3306

  • Cisco ASA with the power of fire vs Cisco IPS Appliance


    Question: is there the functional differences between an ASA with the feature of firepower enabled and power of fire IPS appliances 'pure' (e.g. 7000 and 8000 series IPS Modules)?

    Thank you very much!

    Kind regards


    Hello team,

    The same features except hardware bypass and another should trhougputs. Of course the flow rate will be high for hardwrae devices and it also has the ability to bypass equipment. Apart from that URL and all other filtering the same characteristics.

    Rate of good will if this post helps you.


  • Need help - Cisco ASA with the power of fire


    Currently, we use asa 5510 without function of firepower. Our goal is to publish web servers and microsoft lync with reverse proxy method. control internet traffic, apply extensions individual file not to download, management of bandwidth etc.

    Is it possible if we add firepower on asa 5510... Please guide me... Thank you

    Power of fire must be installed on the new series X of the SAA.  5512 x, x 5515, 5525 x, etc.

    If you have a 5510, you probably want a 5512 x with an SSD.  Cisco has beams of firepower include the ASAx with SSD and the license of firepower.

    Adds that you must also Firesight management software, and there is a license bundle of 2 camera for under $ 500 that you can install on VMWare.

    Firepower is not reverse proxy, it's transparent online packages, analysis and filtering by URL / Application / and threat mitigation.

    If you want a reverse proxy, you should look into Microsoft ISA server or a Proxy Server reverse dedicated Web.  Cisco gave its product Web Director, who has done this function.

    You can host Web sites behind a firewall of ASA without proxy reverse.  And the ASA has an inspection of the request for HTTP traffic, responsible for watching HTTP requests.  The firepower to the ASA system also has specific signatures that monitor traffic to the web servers and prevent specific vulnerabilities that are known on those servers, so if that is what you want the Reverse Proxy for, then the power of fire module would probably cover your needs.

    Don't forget that until the next quarter firepower system has no decryption on the box, and you might want to wait that the feature is released and put in place, so that you know what size firewall you need protect your network with the SSL decryption.  I believe that the ASA5512x is testing at 75 Mbps stream decrypted via the fire power module, which is about half of what was before CX, then you could use the sizing numbers CX and extrapolate until Cisco releases official decryption numbers.

  • Power of fire time SYN with Firesight


    My fire power is not synchronized with system for time firesight, firesight is synchronized with an ntp server but firepower is not synchronized, how I can set the clock/NTP in firepower.as I know initial installation, we get an option ntp but now the power of fire is already set up and I get no CLI option to configure NTP

    Thank you


    Allow you to control the 99% of a module of firepower (on SAA) Management Center of firepower (new name for FireSIGHT Management Center for the defence of AKA) or stand-alone unit does, including the definition of the NTP server.

    As indicated in the document, create or modify a strategy of firepower to define time synchronization settings. Save it and deploy it to your devices and they will be updated with this policy.

    See the following screenshot of the example (open in a new tab to zoom in):

  • ASA with the power of fire, no need for the license of botnet?

    1. We are looking to upgrade our ASA of legacy IDS/IPS in firepower (to buy SSDS), we use the botnet license, go to firepower would make redundant botnet as sourcefire/firepower does the same job?
    2. We are looking to buy 2 new 5516 for a site with the power of fire, so I need to know to add the botnet on the agenda.     Cheers - more to see: https://supportforums.cisco.com/discussion/12527741/asa-firepower-any-ne...

    See you soon

    1. We are looking to upgrade our ASA of legacy IDS/IPS in firepower (to buy SSDS), we use the botnet license, go to firepower would make redundant botnet as sourcefire/firepower does the same job?
    2. We are looking to buy 2 new 5516 for a site with the power of fire, so I need to know to add the botnet on the agenda.

    See you soon

    -See more at: https://supportforums.cisco.com/discussion/12527741/asa-firepower-any-ne...

    1. We are looking to upgrade our ASA of legacy IDS/IPS in firepower (to buy SSDS), we use the botnet license, go to firepower would make redundant botnet as sourcefire/firepower does the same job?
    2. We are looking to buy 2 new 5516 for a site with the power of fire, so I need to know to add the botnet on the agenda.

    See you soon

    -See more at: https://supportforums.cisco.com/discussion/12527741/asa-firepower-any-ne...

    1. We are looking to upgrade our ASA of legacy IDS/IPS in firepower (to buy SSDS), we use the botnet license, go to firepower would make redundant botnet as sourcefire/firepower does the same job?
    2. We are looking to buy 2 new 5516 for a site with the power of fire, so I need to know to add the botnet on the agenda.

    See you soon

    -See more at: https://supportforums.cisco.com/discussion/12527741/asa-firepower-any-ne...

    Double - answered in the other display.

  • What happens when the power of fire ASA subscription expires?

    What happens when ASA FirePowers subscription expires?

    What happens with the ASA? services continue to work? show an alarm?

    Thank you!


    If fire power module ("sfr") is more associated with a current license, policies applied by the management centre Firesight (CMF) will have no effect and you will not update in the event logs. FMC will warn you that your license (s) is expired assuming that you have a properly applied health strategy.

    The ASA base will continue to operate as usual. The redirection of traffic through service in the sfr module strategy will be largely ineffective.

  • power of fire blocking all traffic

    Hello guys

    Well, I bought cisco asa 5506-x with power module of fire and the license for url filtering, control and AMP... and I'm really lost, I mean im new to these devices
    so I googled how to set up such a device, it works now, but when I redirect traffic to firepower, it blocks all traffic types
    so please guys help me with this thing :/

    Hi Alain.

    I first recommend that you reach a re-seller/Integrator Cisco to get that deployed properly. Make sure you only request a transfer of knowledge too! :)

    Otherwise, you can view the configuration guides:


    You can also configure ASA to redirect traffic to the Sourcefire IDS sensor only in mode. This way don't actually block you all traffic:

    sfr fail-open monitor-only
    http://www.Cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/security/ASA-firepower-services/118644-configure-firepower-00.html thank you for the useful job evaluation!
  • What is the power of fire? is the hardware modules? is a software? is allowed?

    Dear all,

    I am newbie to firepower.

    My client uses ASA 5512-X WITHOUT firepower, they want to use something like function UTM.

    I have googled and find the firepower may be good choice.

    But I didn't not firepower is hardware modules? or software? or I have to buy an additional license?


    Hello team,

    You can integrate ASA with firepower. Firepower of the hardware and software modules are available. You can integrate the power of light software with ASA 5512.To module manage the fire power modules, you can use Firesight Center (virtual and hardware) management. To manage the power modules of fire, which you need a minimum of Protection and control of license and you need to buy separately to the Cisco team the global license.

    Here are some links for reference.




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  • Power of fire Access Control Policy - error after re-image

    Hello world

    I have recently given in image module power light (6.0.0) on a Cisco ASA 5512-x and I have this error on the section of access control policy:

    Whence this reference to politics? I have not deleted something, this is a new installation.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you


    The error indicates that it might be a bad installation where there was a problem when restarting,

    You can try to import any other ASDM access control strategy and see if it works.

    If the problem persists, you will need to follow the steps below:

    1) uninstall the SFR
    sw-module module sfr uninstall
    2) wr mem
    3) Reload ASA ( in Maintenance window)
    4) load the boot image (
    5) Load the package file
    Check the ASDM again and see if the policy apply works.
    Rate if it helps.
  • Differences between WAP and Malware protection in the power of fire ASA


    Do you know what are the main differences between terminals AMP installation and activation of malicious software services in the management of Firesight Center?

    They are not doing the same thing or is there a big difference?

    Thanks in advance.


    There is difference. AMP on client's protection of endpoint that is controlled by the connection of cloud and Firesight central management console can be (optionally) connected to it to collect the reports of customers as well.

    While the activation of services of malware in the CMF (firesight) resembles a network based AMP that can detect/prevent malware from traffic passing through a managed sensor.

    Final AMP is more for customers who are moving and are not always behind a firewall/sensor protected.

    This could shed more light.



    Thank you


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