Power on or off?

Just bought an e9105z elite. Read the "Getting Started" guide, page 16 States "For best results when you use Windows Vista, do not stop the computer except when you turn off the computer for security reasons, repair, install new equipment, etc.". That tells me in a normal working environment, do not turn off the computer, but let him go to mode "sleep"?

The only time that I turned mine off is if there is some sort of error condition.

I do my backups, virus scans and updates in the night, when I'm asleep.

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    Hello taneikab,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. It is my understanding that videos created on your iPhone in low power Mode are missing audio. I know his is a very important part of videos. I'm here to help get this resolved with you.

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    Try to uncheck the box next to 'use acceleration hardware when available' in the Options. Worked for me!

  • Satellite Pro C50 - A - 1 K 9 - screen flickers power on and off

    Has anyone encountered a problem where the screen flickers power on and off? Mine will Dim to the point where you can't see whats happening and then back to normal.

    I tried a restore drivers, but the problem persisted. I did also check complete anti-virus (I realize that it was probably not the cause of the problem, but decided to be complete). I was thinking that it's purely a hardware problem, like when I use an external monitor connected through a HDMI cable I don't have this problem.

    I guess it must be a problem with the connection between the screen and the motherboard. Maybe a problem within the hinge where they cross connection.

    Anyone got any other suggestions until I sent it off for repair (only he got in March and I have a 2 year warranty, but who goes back to college soon and do not want to be without him).

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro C50 - A - 1 k 9.

    Thanks in advance.

    I agree with you, Fraser and think it could be hardware related issue but I don't in any way you can fix it alone. Your laptop must be controlled by the Toshiba service provider.

    Contact the nearest service provider for Toshiba in your country, explain the situation and ask for help.

  • Power led turns off when I play games


    When I play games, my AC adapter is plugged in, everything works well, but sometimes without any reason the power light turns off, but In DC is still on. I reconnect the adapter and all is normal for a few seconds ads it happen.

    What should do?


    Don t get me wrong, but if you n t post more information it of almost impossible to help you

    What model of laptop you have exactly?
    What operating system is installed?
    You use the original Toshiba AC adapter?

  • When I change how a user connects power on and off a screen appears saying "client for Netware has disabled the Welcome screen and the fast user switching. To restore these features...

    Original title: how to uninstall client services for netware?

    When I change how a user connects power on and off a screen appears saying "client for Netware has disabled the Welcome screen and the fast user switching. To restore these features, you must uninstall client services for Netware... But it is impossible to find... Help?

    Hello LindsayJune,

    Click the Start button.
    Click on Control Panel. Select network connections
    Right click on 'Connect to the Local network', then click 'properties '.
    Search for "Client Service for NetWare" slot "this connection uses the following items."
    Click it, and then click the "Uninstall" button
    Restart your computer.

    Uninstall client for Netware feature will allow the option of quick change of user on your computer.

    I hope this helps.

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    The green power light on the power supply shuts off when I press the power button / stop on the fron of the pc.  I think power but would it be the switch?

    It is a sign that the PSU has failed, but here's a convenience store. If you had mentioned the model #, I could have linked a suitable replacement.


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    I checked the AC with my girlfriend protected r500 adapter - it has exactly the same model and its working perfect on HQ..., when I use the battery of my laptop works again correctly - any ideas

    You can start your Portege with only (removed battery) AC power?
    If yes it and when Windows is fully charged battery back in place.

    What happens when you do this?

  • power supply ON / OFF

    I need to turn off the output of power supply through program. If it's Agilet E3631E, using the instrument driver and I programmed and it works fine. For automation, the output of the power supply should WIDE when the the current beyonds all limits.

  • XP freezes at startup then begins after the power is turned off and on again

    After a windows session and wait that my computer close, I usually turn the power off to the outlet.

    Upon restarting, the computer hangs on startup controls and can be recovered in closing with its power button press again to restart.

    The ideas people?

    I guess that if you leave your computer plugged into the wall - IE do not activate deactivate the plug - you do not have these problems?  If you turn off your computer by unplugging from the wall, the computer comes back on the motherboard battery to retain the BIOS settings (and keep the time as well).  These symptoms may be a sign of a low battery or motherboard failure. On the first power cycle, it attempts to recover the BIOS settings, and the second power up then maybe succeed.

    Check your motherboard battery.


  • How to turn power on and off with the mouse 6000

    I accidentally turn on the Magnifier and don't know how to get out...


    Click on start - go to the ease of Panel - easy access - from the center of control - make the computer easier to see - now uncheck turn on Magnifier - to finish click on apply.


    also read the tutorial above while turning the magnifying power.

  • U2414H randomly turning power on and off


    I bought my U2414H (Rev.) A00) in March 2014 and after a few days he began to morph randomly, sometimes for a few hours. Sometimes days would pass without it switched off voltage, but most of the time the screen turns off during the night, while in stand by. I know that it is a common problem with the U2414H and I want to know if Dell has found a solution to this problem other than the monitor. I love the photo of this unit and I would not return, especially knowing that I get a refurbished.

    Thank you!

    I can't speak for the other actions of countries. I know that in the USA, all stock A01 (cut into date 18/03/2014) should be fixed for that matter. You will need to contact Dell Customer Service to your country to organize an exchange of monitor. Provide the following data =.
    E-mail address:
    Shipping address:
    Phone number:
    Monitor order number:
    Monitor 20 serial alphanumeric digits:
    Problem: Hardware failure causes a power/Black screen/switching off questions
    Policy: A new scholarship will be issued for users still inside the first 30 days following the date of the invoice. An Exchange used/refurbished will be issued for users outside the first 30 days of the invoice date

  • Power supply Dell Optiplex 790 SFF cycles power on and off when it is plugged

    My new to me SFF Optiplex 790 does not start - pressing power causes a switch to send amber for a few seconds, the 1 + 2 diagnostic lights shine briefly, and then the system turns off. But wait... with power plugged in, it will try to restart every 10 seconds or until I have unplug the unit.

    System lasted about 30-40 minutes when I tested it, but it starts then power cycling.

    Power supply passes with built-in 'green light' regardless of any internal or external devices connected. I bought a sweater 'work' PSU, no change.

    Ideas for testing? System is stock, no mods or upgrades of what I see.


    This system is out of warranty period so that any replacement of parts will be payable. That's why we can help you with the replacement of the part by sending the request for quote for parts and service or, Alternatively, you can buy the part of any provider of local service from dell.

    Serial number of the system also has information on the customers system so donot share it as a public message, send it out via private only message.

    Kind regards

  • e9180t Windows 7 64-bit after cycles of power house on / off power to several times without having to start

    We had a failre of power lasts about 30 seconds. A computer came back fine but the other - the one with the best surge protection - light with the blue button then changes to orange then stops and seconds later restarts the process and cycles and cycles. Hold off the machine. Green power light is on and constant. Have tried unplugging everything and now the power button for 15 seconds. What to do next?


    Are you aware of this regulation?  He treats your PC motherboard problems.

  • Brick power (330w) turn off when SLI Active M18x R1

    Has anyone encountered problems with 330w power brick?

    Currently if I'm with disabled SLI game machine is rock solid and stable, no problems at all.

    If I enable SLI and load a game, 10 seconds into the game, my pace drops to single digits and passes under operation on battery. If I look at my green light brick fades slowly, at first, I thought that my surge protector was staggered so I tried different outlets and whenever I started the game with SLI brick would simply turn off.

    There is no error on the laptop, no smell, no problem loading the laptop, no problems in the course of execution on a single card, its only when the power requirements are important.

    If I unplug or turn off the brick and it works well again.

    Support tell graphics cards and motherboard that we should replace, its def not the brick.

    Since last August, the laptop has 5 graphics cards replacement, 2 cables SLI, 2 motherboards, 3 sinks heat, 2 thermal pads, 4 ram modules, 3 visits of the engineer and becomes a bit tedious.

    Problems requiring maps charts and motherboards replaced have now been resolved, the system is stable, no unexplained is crushed, everything seems solid, just the power brick problem now.

    Brick power dying.

  • How to put power on and off through CLI command in ESX Server


    We are facing a problem with VI Client members in VCenter or individual ESX servers.

    In this case how properly turned off (or) power on virtual machines through CLI command on the ESX Server.

    Any command available for this case.

    Kind regards


    On PowerCLI: Take a look at vSphere PowerCLI Administration Guide

    Shutdown-VMGuest and Start-VM cmdlets

    On vSphere RCLI take a look at vmcontrol.pl

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