PowerBook G4

How can I start a PowerBook G4 in safe mode?


Press and hold the SHIFT key during startup

Try safe mode if your Mac does not end commissioning - Apple Support

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  • very slow Powerbook fine, iMacs

    My family uses 2 iMacs (1 2013, 1 earlier) and an Apple Powerbook at home. 2 iMac is incredibly slow, but the speed of the Powerbook is fine. IMacs both have a lot of unused storage and memory and I completely restored two iMacs and deleted unnecessary files, but they are very slow. I have everything back up on Dropbox and wonder now if the slowness is something to do with the combination of the signal at high speed and by using several connections of Dropbox in the House.  We have a Virgin Media Hub Super 2ac with advertised broadband router of up to 150 Mbps. I made a speed control using www.speedtest.com and the download speed is 105.81 Mbps and download speed is 9.70 Mbps. Any ideas anyone?

    You can view a report of etrecheck for later analysis


    but I would like to disable and remove dropbox to test the system and if they improve the problem there.

  • Starts the Powerbook g3 pismo of the external drive?

    Hello, all,.

    I want to start my Powerbook G3 (Pismo) running OS 9.2.2 since the restore in one disc external hard drive. (PB knows he has a drive hard internal , but the drive does not read discs in there.) The computer goes up the disc - its own restore disk - when it comes starts with Macintosh HD as a player start, but when I try to use the restore disc as commissioning, starts to drive to go up, but the door opens. Even if I hold the door closed, the computer starts low to halfway and glued in place: first, the question mark flashing, then commissioning with Macintosh HD but then freeze it.

    This happens even if I chose as the startup disk restore disk in the startup configuration panel. This means that I can't even begin to use disk utility to clean the hard drive of the computer. I did that with two other computers (reset several times), but those who had internal functioning disks. Is it possible that I can do this computer using the external drive as the boot? I read that the G3 Pismo that allows. I know I can get someone to take out the hard disk and smash, but I expect much prefer to destroy it myself. And I can understand how to remove the hard drive, but it seems to imply a boatload of maneuvers and some tools that I have, at the present time. I would not completely destroy the computer. It would be good for recyclers to be able to retrieve some parts, though they might be useful to someone.

    It is possible that I can't boot from the restore disc in the external drive, but maybe there's something that I have not yet tried. It seems crazy that the external hard drive with the restore disc appears on the desktop with a normal restart, and I can choose as boot drive but can't seem to complete commissioning. If anyone has any ideas on this subject, I would appreciate it a lot.

    Thank you.


    Are you trying to boot the PowerBook to an external optical drive that is connected to a USB port or your external drive connectivity FireWire?  If it is USB, that is the problem.  The reading of an optical drive connected by USB is one thing, but start since it is a different matter.  Unfortunately, your Pismo is not capable of this.

  • old PowerBook 13 inch do not recognise HDD

    PowerBook 13 "(2001) boots only from the outside to the top by car - shows all the internal player."

    Suggestions before picking up a screwdriver?

    It appears in the sidebar of disk utility, somehow?

    You can try these basic troubleshooting steps, if you have not already

    Resetting PowerBook and iBook Power Management Unit (PMU) - Apple Support

    How to reset the NVRAM on your Mac - Apple Support

    If you find that this internal hard drive is faulty, I have a PowerBook (2000) which runs on an SSD.  I posted the info in this topic

    Re: Hard drives SSD

  • PowerBook G4 aluminum screen rendering problems

    Hello. I use an old PowerBook G4 aluminum 15 " only for some older programs that I still have, the specs are 1.33 GHz, 1 GB DDR SDRAM, an A1095 model (I think). It is currently running OS 10.4.11 Tiger.

    I am having some problems with the rendering of images, windows and icons on the screen. Sometimes, say if there is a background image, there will be pixels of a pure purple and light green color and other parts of these colors in pants plates, which will fade in-and-out in intensity. There will be a purple halo around the icons on the desktop, windows will have their underlined by violet title bar and the window itself will be celebrating also in purple. When I move these icons and windows, the outline of color moves with him - even for images with these pants patches. If I try to take a screenshot, it looks like it has taken to this effect, but when the screen goes back to normal, the images do not show fading.

    There is also a kind of shear horizontal wind that comes and goes, like a Photoshop effect, which seems to affect the whole screen - but it was did not so lately, moreso just the pants colors. The effect of shear wind or rosacea are affected by the position of the screen.

    These are intermittent problems that come and go, sometimes they may not arrive for a few hours or a few days, and sometimes they keep coming back and to stay - they also vary in intensity, sometimes just annoying, other times made the screen so bad that I have to do a hard shutdown with the power button.

    I have connected this laptop to a LED TV (via a HDMI DVI cable) when I had these patches scrambled on the computer laptop screen - and the TV screen shows very well, without tasks.

    After asking some Apple technicians, they thought it could be anything from:

    -l' screen is gone - but why would move fading when I move the images/icons/windows?

    -a bad laptop screen cable

    -video card - but she restores the fine screen image when connected to a TV?

    -memory on the logic board

    -poorly seated RAM (which I've deleted and reinstalled several times with the same results)

    Or a combination of these. They say this isn't a problem with HD.

    I understand that it is an old computer and an old technology, but I would still go back to normal, as everything else works fine. I know a guy who can replace the screen and the cable, as it seems a little tricky for me to do would not touch the video card. I'm wary about this fact, because it may be other things that causes this problem.

    In addition, the graphics card is an ATI Mobility Radeon 9700, model: ATY, RV360M11 - if it helps.

    Any ideas - thanks. (Please keep it relatively simple, if possible)

    As the connected HDTV does not have this effect, the problem is likely related to the PowerBook's display hardware.  If the problem was related to the graphics card (and 'upstream' material) or due to a software problem, waiting for HDTV to show the same effect at a time when the PowerBook display is the effect.

    You can try to do a reset PMU (power management)

    Resetting PowerBook and iBook Power Management Unit (PMU) - Apple Support

    and that he may as well do a LANDAU ('NVRAM') reset too (although less likely to cause described problem)

    How to reset the NVRAM on your Mac - Apple Support

  • Can I use a Thunderbolt Firewire adapter to connect my PowerBook to my MacBook Pro?

    I want to use my PowerBook as a hard drive of my MacBook Pro. Can I use a Thunderbolt Apple Firewire adapter to connect the two?

    Yes, if they have the appropriate ports.


  • Battery PowerBook G3 Wallstreet/PDQ PRAM

    I have a PowerBook G3 PDQ 300 MHz PPC G3, 512 MB RAM, 60 GB of HARD drive. My PRAM Battery is responsible for about 3 minutes and I am currently looking for a replacement with a new battery. After doing some research, I think I found one at http://store.fastmac.com/product_info.php?products_id=189. Does anyone know if this battery is good? Also where can I find a new main battery at a fairly reasonable price? Thank you.

    I can't say for sure that this image seems to indicate a 'new' part.

    To my knowledge. PRAM batteries are extremely rare to find. Your best bet is to rely on the...

    Policy - FastMac - to return August 2016


  • PowerBook G3 battery

    Guys I need help. There are several sellers on eBay, but nowhere it says it is compatible with my powerbook, which is PDQ (wallstreet?) 300 mhz. All I got is compatible with the 1998 model, which is my PowerBook. I don't want to waste money if it does not fit here. Can someone help me with this? There is a list of the battery:

    http://www.eBay.com/Sch/i.html?_FROM=R40 & _sacat = 0 & _nkw = PowerBook + G3 + 1998 + Battery & _sop = 15

    These batteries have not been manufactured for a VERY Long time. Even if you find one is really New In the Box, he sat on a shelf for well over a decade. Even though we can't serve you well (I had problems with my battery PB Pismo M7318 after about a year of installation and NEVER run my Mac unplugged the AC adapter)

    Our friend Allan Jones knows here with several WallStreets... I'll give him a heads up.

  • Printer PowerBook G4 problems

    I have a powerbook G4 OX 10.4.11, which was very good printing with an Epson Stylus NX420.  One day last week the Epson printer had disappeared from my list of printer.   I tried to add the printer via the dialog boxes in the system preferences/printers and faxes.  I know that cables and usb ports are fine, because the computer detects that it is connected to the printer.  The Espon Stylus printer appears in the dialog box "printer browser".  When I click it, the name of the printer is displayed at the bottom of the box as well as the location (my computer).  But it behaves as if it is not a driver loaded.  I tried to load the driver again, with a bit of luck.  I also bought a Canon printer that it compatible with Tiger OS 10.4.11 Powerbook.   I downloaded the printer driver for this printer as well and tried to add this printer through the system preferences/printers and Fax, but it made no difference.  The computer will recognize that it is connected to the printer, but does not act as if the driver is loaded and will not add the printer to the printer list.  Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!

    You seem to have made the right diagnosis. Maybe you missed something.

    Read this top to the bottom and see if you did an adequate job.

    Troubleshoot printer on your Mac - Apple Support

    Let know us is still not joy.

  • I installed Thunderbird into new Powerbook Pro & see the old you do not get more emails. IMAP configuration. Reception to the i-phone and i - pad

    Before that I received emails in my i-phone, i - pad, and two other computers (powerbook pro)
    Now with this new facility to stop everything. I only receive in the new computer.

    Says Davy

    Before that I received emails in my i-phone, i - pad, and two other computers (powerbook pro)
    Now with this new facility to stop everything. I only receive in the new computer.

    I discovered! and it works now. I had made a mark in the new configuration of Thunderbird to the new computer with the main. He became the only!

  • PowerBook Pismo display Assembly replacement source?

    A fat person sitting on my Pismo.

    He folded the flap and broke the LCD screen.

    I can still use with an external display.

    Where can I buy for a clamshell replacement?



    OUCH! I am away from my computer at home with all of its resources at this time, but it is often faster and cheaper to shop for another similar model and use it for parts.

    Ooh! Just found this:


    There is a display of Pismo listed. I think this is the place who I bought the collection of mine from WallStreets PB pieces. They have been around for a long time.

    Well, just take a look on eBay and the old Pismos always commanding a high price:


    There is a list for a display.

    AJ ex-pat Tejano

    PS: I just TI-'Thank you' to the 'advance '.

  • USB for my PowerBook G3

    Hello, I have a PowerBook G3 Wallstreet II/PDQ with Mac OS 9.2.2 and Mac OS X 10.2.8, 512 MB of RAM and a 300 MHz processor. The computer works fine (except for the battery does not work, PRAM Battery does not work, right speaker does not work) and I want to have the ability to use USB flash drives so that I can transfer the data. I would like to know what works USB CardBus (preferably 2.0) while it is on Mac OS X. Any help would be appreciated.

    I have a PB G3 500 Pismo, OS X Tiger 10.4.11

    I have a 'Patriot' USB 2.0 brand 32 GB flash drive that works seamlessly - at the speed of the USB 1.0!

    try to look like that in OtherWorldComputer (OWC) >

    Search results for wallstreet usb at MacSales.com

    https://eShop.MacSales.com/search/?q=Wallstreet%20usb & filter.category_hierarchy = USB % 202% 2E0% 20Flash % 20Portable % 20Drives



    search results

    http://www.crucial.com/SearchDisplay?searchTerm=Wallstreet+USB+flash+drive & category = oryId & storeId = 10151 & catalogId = 10151 & langId =-1 & pageSize = 10 & beginIndex = 0 & sType = mpleSearch TR & engines = keyword & resultCatEntryType = 2 & showResultsPage = true & searchSou = Q NCE & pageView =

    You can try to contact these people and check that the drives are "backward compatible with USB 1.0.

  • What is the newest operating system that will run on my Powerbook G4 17"

    My Powerbook G4 17 "is currently running OS 10.4.11. I want to update so I can buy a new printer, since any of it available seem to run on this OS. What is the operating system that you are higher that this computer will accept and what steps do I need to get from here to there? Thank you.

    Your computer can run the version latest is OS X 10.5 Leopard.

  • Old/new Powerbook G4


    One of my friends got a Powerbook G4.

    Unfortunately without software (OS) without password.

    Where can I find the correct OS and its description to create a

    Just a tip, it's an outdated vintage computer is no longer supported by Apple. Vintage and obsolete products - Apple Support

  • transfer bookmarks of a 8 year old PowerBook G4 for a MacBook Pro - is - it an easy way?

    You just bought a MacBook Pro - used an old PowerBook G4 for 8 years. I'm setting up of my MacBook and would like to transfer my favorites in an easier way than going to each site Web and bookmarks. Can I use the article on synchronization between computers, firefox settings? If so, part 1 talks about game upward on my main computer - consider my MacBook Pro is NOW my main computer... or there at - it an easier way to do it?

    Hi milkbone,

    If you have decided to move to the new computer and don't use the old one, I'd take a glance article back up and restore the information contained in the Firefox profiles and restore bookmarks from a backup or move them to another computer .

    If you are still using the old one or if you using sync would be easier to transfer your data, you must enable Firefox Sync on your OLD computer first. Then you could sync all bookmarks to your new computer. After that, you can remove your old computer from synchronization if you do not use it.

    Hope this helps!

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