PowerEdge R710 and perc h700, disc not visible in OS


We have PowerEdge R710 with perc h700 raid 5 controller physical drives under raid6 running. We have recently added a sixth of the road which is much smaller (512 against 4 TBS) we want to just format and use it as a normal drive in the OS (Ubuntu 12.04.5).

However, the drive is not visible in the operating system. When you enter the settings of the RAID controller that it says that the drive is READY but not configured and all the options to the title of operations are grayed out. How can we make this hard drive is visible in the operating system?

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The H700 does NOT support non RAID, so all records first must be configured on the controller, before its presentation to the BONE. You must configure (initialize) as a single drive RAID 0.

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    Suggestions for others / the best solutions?
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    Hello Arjan

    Yes, you can use SSDS in RAID 1.

    The controller supports the TRIM and cancel orders mapping. SSD MLC are grade consumer SSD which will not have the life expectancy of SLC.



    Thank you

  • PowerEdge R720 and PERC H710

    For the life of me, I can't the controller to detect the physical disks. These are Dell brand discs. Any specific ideas of the BIOS settings, maybe I need to change?

    The box has been initially implemented RAID 10 on the S110 raid, but I removed that and tried with the software raid times off and on and still no luck.

    Don't see anything that would indicate a firmware issue, but:

    H710 PERC v21.0.2 - 0001

    BIOS v1.2.6

    Thank you!

    If you have not changed the cable then this is the problem. The willing S110 to a different connector than the PERC.

    In the diagram #24 is the S110 connector you are currently using. #22 is the PERC connector, you need to use now. Here are the part numbers for the cable:

    If you have the 2.5 "HDD backplane - MJCP4

    If you have the 3.5 "HDD backplane - MX3P7

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    Hello (or rather the night).

    I have a dell poweredge R310 (with PERC H700) server and 3 hard drives.

    The first two are the storage on SATA drive with a capacity of 3 TB (each 6 to total) this operation of RAID 1.

    The third is a 64 GB SSD for boot into the operating system (I chose to set up Debian).

    I read a few topics who insist to start using UEFI and put the storage disks to GPT for the OS can fully recognize.

    If I could access the UEFI interface, with the configuration of raid PERC H700, but I can't find any indication of the GPT.

    How can I go about it, is that I missed a step?

    Hoping that someone will help me :)

    No, TPG is a function of the operating system, NOT the hardware, so if the PERC does not recognize the full capacity of disc, then either your H700 firmware is old (> 2 to support has been added in the second update of firmware for this card) or the drive is not compatible.  What make and model are you using?

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