PowerEdge R720 and PERC H710

For the life of me, I can't the controller to detect the physical disks. These are Dell brand discs. Any specific ideas of the BIOS settings, maybe I need to change?

The box has been initially implemented RAID 10 on the S110 raid, but I removed that and tried with the software raid times off and on and still no luck.

Don't see anything that would indicate a firmware issue, but:

H710 PERC v21.0.2 - 0001

BIOS v1.2.6

Thank you!


If you have not changed the cable then this is the problem. The willing S110 to a different connector than the PERC.

In the diagram #24 is the S110 connector you are currently using. #22 is the PERC connector, you need to use now. Here are the part numbers for the cable:

If you have the 2.5 "HDD backplane - MJCP4

If you have the 3.5 "HDD backplane - MX3P7

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  • PowerEdge R710 and perc h700, disc not visible in OS


    We have PowerEdge R710 with perc h700 raid 5 controller physical drives under raid6 running. We have recently added a sixth of the road which is much smaller (512 against 4 TBS) we want to just format and use it as a normal drive in the OS (Ubuntu 12.04.5).

    However, the drive is not visible in the operating system. When you enter the settings of the RAID controller that it says that the drive is READY but not configured and all the options to the title of operations are grayed out. How can we make this hard drive is visible in the operating system?

    See you soon

    The H700 does NOT support non RAID, so all records first must be configured on the controller, before its presentation to the BONE. You must configure (initialize) as a single drive RAID 0.

  • DELL PowerEdge R710 and PERC H700 RAID driver for WIn 2008 Std

    Hi all

    I have a DELL PowerEdge R710 with a controller RAID PERC H700.

    I try to install Windows 2008 Std 64 bit, but I can't find the driver. Even for the site web at support.dell.com. Can someone help me.

    THX in advance

    Even if you use a driver of 2008, it should at least recognize it, then you must be using the wrong driver or something wrong :)

    If you are installing 2008 R2, make sure that you use this file:

    If you install 2008 x 64, make sure that you use this file:

    With one, you must first unlock the .exe (right click on the .exe, properties, unlock), unzip / extract the files (run it and make a note of the default location), and then copy the 4 files on a CD, USB, etc., then when Windows tells you that he is not all hard disks, click on the link drivers load below to load the drivers from the media you have chosen.

  • PowerEdge R310 and Perc H700

    I have an older R310 which does NOT support the hot-swappable drives and I'm looking to add a raid card Perc H700.  A few quick searches show only cables for installation bottom of basket.

    So I'm not the guy of material more experienced so there cables that go from the H700 to readers SAS?


    It should be X394K part number. The description is HARD drive cable. PERC H200/H700 HDD card

  • Dell PowerEdgh R420 and PERC H710 mini RAID setup


    I'm a little new to the RAID configuration.

    I have 4 hard drives SATA, 2 1 TB HARD drive and 2 2 TB HARD drive. I just want my 1 TB on a RAID 1.

    When I did, I couldn't find the 2 x 2 TB of HARD drive.

    Is it possible to access the other 2 HARD disk when they are connected to a controller?

    I think I understand what you're getting now.  You are unwilling to LOOT the other two drives of 2 TB. So, what you see is correct. The operating system will not show other readers because they must be configured in RAID if they are logged as such.  You will need to create them individually as long as two separate RAID 0 VD.

    Then you will see the BIOS RAID PERC of the VD 3 total.

    VD0 - OS RAID1 (disks 0 & 1)
    VD1-RAID 0 (disk 2)
    Vd2-RAID 0 (disk 3)

    In Windows disk management, you also them as 3 separate logical drives that you can work with.

  • PowerEdge R720 - could not detect hard drive

    I have 2 servers PowerEdge R720, and I try to install windows server 2008.

    I used the windows drivers, and when I got diving hard screen I did not

    Please I need help


    It seems that the issue may be that the raid driver is not loaded. How you try to load the operating system, starting at the press of 2008?

    According to the controller, you'll have different driver files. If you have the H310, H710 or H710p then this is the driver you'll need - http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/19/DriverDetails/Product/poweredge-r720?driverId=M20VR&osCode=WS8R2&fileId=3160710291&languageCode=en&categoryId=SF

    If you try to load the operating system via the regulator of the lifecycle of F10, then this is the file you will need - http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/19/DriverDetails/Product/poweredge-r720?driverId=FF29M&osCode=WS8R2&fileId=3325054588&languageCode=EN&categoryId=DD

    Let me know if it helps.

  • Battery on the Controller PERC 6 / i integrated Poweredge R900 and 2950.

    Hi, we have this error below Poweredge R900 and Poweredge 2950 for 4 days now, I hope that he will be gone after 7 days (such as by Maximum learning delay)

    Battery on the Controller PERC 6 / i integrated:

    Name battery 0
    Degraded state
    Loan of State capacity
    Learn the State duly
    Next time learn 0 hours
    Learn 7 days 0 hours maximum
    Learn the Auto Mode

    In case the error continues after 7 days, is there any solution to this? or replace the battery if error remains.

    I had been searching for the right part No. battery so that we can order in advance, thank you for giving the battery part No. for Poweredge R900 and 2950 Controller PERC 6 / i integrated.

    Thank you much in advance.


    Rais info is stored on the discs should not be a problem

    R900 page 84 support.dell.com/.../XK9460D.pdf

    2950 page 74 support.dell.com/.../hom.pdf

  • PowerEdge r720 problem

    Hello world

    I have new poweredge r720 with hard drive 4 x 450 SAS. I created RAID 10 with initialization (PERC H710 mini). When I want to install the operating system (Ossim) the system tells me that the hard drive is not detected.

    The same error when I try to install Red Hat 5.6 i686.

    Does anyone know what is the reason?

    Probably the same (the reason).

    You can try the RHEL downloadable drivers on the Dell support site and install with those.

    Or you can virtualize your configuration and install something like free ESXi from VMware (using the ISO available on the site of Dell support that it uses NIC and PERC drivers built in (VMware image may not have these drivers according to NIC/PERC model and what image build you get).)

  • Disabled option to create new VD - PERC H710

    I have 5 x 1 TB SATA RAID-5, works very well. My goal is to add new SAS drive 2 x 3 TB RAID-0 having.

    Two issues I found.

    1 - new record added shown State as foreign menu PD Mgmt.

    2 - the 'Create new VD' option is disabled or grayed out. Why?.

    Thank you.

    -Type of server Dell PowerEdge R720


    1. the foreign configuration must first be deleted. VD MGMT, F2, foreign, clear.

    2. create is disabled because the disks are foreign and not available for use.

  • Divide a virtual disk in two virtual disks PERC H710

    Hello guys,.

    -We have a server PowerEdge R720 with a PERC H710 Mini storage controller which has 8 drives 1 TB each of them.

    -We have created a virtual disc, which includes 8 physical disks configured in Raid 5.

    -We have installed Windows 2008 Server R2 and we got 4469 GB no allocated space that we cannot use due to the limitation of the disks of the Basic.

    What we really want to do is reclaim the unallocated space of the existing virtual drive and put it in a new one, so that we keep 3 disks for the virtual disk 0 and we use the 5 others for the new virtual disk 1.

    -Is that possible without destroying the data we have?

    -Help please!

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the bad English :(

    Unfortunately, there is no way to do it without restarting.

    Option 1

    What you have described, you could divide drives upward into distinct from VD, leaving a 2 TB or smaller for the operating system.  It will cost you a value of an extra disk to disk space (VD0 RAID 5 = 2 TB, VD1 RAID 5 = 4 TB).

    Option 2

    You can create "slices" on the disks - you still all 8 disks in a disk group, but you would cut a smaller VD for the OS, and then the rest of the disc space can be a VD for data (each VD will appear as a "separate" disk in Windows, so the second VFD can be converted to GPT and be as big as you want While the first VFD remains an MBR disk to boot into the operating system in BIOS mode.  This will give you return a value from an extra disk to disk space over Option 1 (VD0 RAID 5 = 100 GB, RAID 5 = 6.9 to VD1).

    Option 3

    You can switch mode UEFI, create a VD with all 8 disks (as you did), convert the GPT disk, then install.  UEFI is necessary at the start of the GPT disks and GPT is required for disks larger than 2 TB.  It would also keep 7 TB of usable disk space.

    You can also consider a RAID 6, if you can accept the value of another drive 1 TB of disk space.  Since a reconstruction of the drive may take 1 to 2 days or more, a RAID 6 would provide better tolerance to failures and protection during the vulnerable period that the disc is out of line or reconstruction.

  • PERC H710 options

    Just got a PowerEdge T320 with controller Perc H710. There are a few configuration options undocumented in the help manual, or online. Cannot find anything on the web as well. It is "set the speed of the link to G3" and "Disk Cache". What are doing? And how to configure them, taking into account that the server will run Windows server 2008 R2?


    Probably best to leave 'Disk Cache' disabled... the controller uses a battery backup cache, so if the system loses power, the unwritten data is kept in the cache.  Disk cache HARD disc has NO protection, so if the power is lost on the server, data not written to the disk cache will be lost, causing corruption.  This should be used if you have taken extraordinary measures to ensure that the system never loses power (or the integrity of the data is not critical).

    I can't that guess the 'Set Link Speed to G3' might actually be 3G, which means she restricted protocols of flow to 3 Gbps (SATA II/SAS I) instead of the 6 GB/s (SATA III/SAS II) that he is capable of.  If you use the appropriate drives (SAS or enterprise SATA II/III), there should not be any reason to enable this, because it's probably a compatibility setting for SATA I / II of readers whose speed cannot be used correctly with the controller, but if you use decent readers, that shouldn't be a problem.

  • PERC H710 downloads?

    Page drivers and downloads for my T320 doesn't seem to understand anything for the Perc H710 RAID controller I.  I searched Dell support site and did not find a relevant page.

    Where can I find updated firmware to date and any other software that I might want to use to keep the controller to update?

    Thank you


    They are under SAS RAID.  Here is the firmware:


    What OS?

    Keep the OMSA (OpenManage Server Administrator) to update will inform you when the firmware/drivers are obsolete:


    (Download and run to extract the files, and then run C:\Openmanage\windows\setup.exe, add yourservernameoripaddress:1311 to the Intranet Zone of IE).

  • iDRAC error on PowerEdge R720 (SWC0700: iDRAC is not ready.) The configuration values are not available.

    My PowerEdge R720 started with iDRAC Initialization Error as topic above.

    SWC0700: iDRAC is not ready. The configuration values are not available.

    Noise of FAN after pressing F1 to continue. Please what can I do? It's my edge transport server and it is now off to find out what needs to be done. Please notify.


    Network administrator,

    ExecuJet Aviation Nigeria.

    Hello, I'll email you to ask for the serial number. Thanks Marco

  • Is it possible to Flash a BIOS SC8000 Compellent to make a Dell Poweredge R720 BIOS?

    Is it possible to Flash a BIOS SC8000 Compellent to make a Dell Poweredge R720 BIOS?

    Similar to the way you can Flash a BIOS NX3000 to make a R710.

    I tried to Flash the BIOS in several different ways, including the BACK update and addition of /forcetype, /brandname and /forceit.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hello, tjkc80.

    So, the quick answer is no. You will not be able to do. In the case of NX, it is simply a R710 we have renamed, attached an MD for sold and additional storage in the form of an appliance. You are able to 'rebrand' that the return to a R710 because he was once a R710.

    In the case of the SC8000, there has never been a powerful storage controller. It cannot be "flashed" on a server, because it has never been a server. It is built and designed as a storage controller.

  • (Redirected) Location DIMM on Poweredge R720

    Currently, I just get 8 * 8 GB RAM additional and stacked in my Poweredge R720 with single processor already occupying 8 DIMMs with 8 * 8 GB DDR3 RAM. After installed I have just gained only 12 * 8 (DIMM_A1-A12) RAM on my server, while the rest of 4 * 8 RAM incapable of stacked.  Their all-Workaround available that I can't is able to compile the rest of the DIMM DiMM_B1-B12 location for my existing processor. Looking for any expert advise to meet this darkness.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi robustguy,

    Please repost this in the Forum of servers to help.


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