PowerEdge T300 E1410 CPU1 IERR

Today, I turned off my powerEdge server.

Upon restarting, the display shows the E1410 CPU1 IERR error.

How can I solve the problem?

What needs to be replaced: CPU or motherboard or what?

My server is 8.years - old, are there any spare parts?


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  • Dell PowerEdge T300 ntoskrnl.exe missing or corrupt [MS]

    Dell PowerEdge T300
    To: Win server 2003 32-bit st
    pOWEReDGE Expandable RAID Controller BIOS
    LSI 2007
    PERC 6 / i adapter
    6.0.3 - 0002 Pack FW

    It operating system starta no segnalando immediatamente di installare una copia del file ntoskrnl.exe

    Diagnostica no notes problemi hw

    It is properly Marin raid:

    1Protection drive found on the host adapter
    1 virtual drive managed by the BIOS

    Per ripristinare it Sop ho tried a con un disco di install di w2003 startare my non vede he raid e non ho a disposizione I driver (f6).


    pilot of the it by it e perc6i controller he following:


    Speaking saluti


  • Disc question PowerEdge T300 Perc 6 / I Raid 5

    I have a PowerEdge T300 with Perc 6 / I and Raid 5 with 3 hot swap 15 k 146 GB disks and 1 hot spare in the fourth slot from the backplane. Drive HARD 0 is orange flashing while HDD1 thru HDD3 are green. I have a new hard drive to install. I have to restart under the Perc 6 / I installation, disable HDD0, then turn the power off and replace it and walk back in Perc 6 / I and add the new disk and restart. Drive HARD 0 rebuild in the table or what I need to assign the new drive as the new hot spare? Are there instructions on how to replace a drive like that?

    Thank you


    Once in the controller and you can just physically pull the failed drive. After removing, then wait a moment and insert the new drive. If the virtual disk has been degraded, then it should start to rebuild on its own once the replacement is inserted. If the virtual disk has been Optimal, then physically pull the drive and insert the replacement. Then in the BIOS OF THE controller, you can configure the replacement as a hot spare.

  • PowerEdge 2950 iii E1410 CPU IERR

    I just bought the parts for my new old dell poweredge 2950 I put the e5440s dual xeon inside and it gives me a cpu mismatch so I take cpu 1 and it starts very well (I also put cpu 1 in any other slot and it worked). When I just loaded CPU 1 that he would give me e1410 IERR I looked at the decision-making and 4 pins were bent moderately. If the bent PIN will cause this error.

    PowerEdge 2950iii

    DRAC 5

    32 gigabytes of ram fb ecc

    Xeon e5540x2


    Yes, misaligned pins can cause error internal processing, e1410 IERR due to a communication channel dropped because the processor is not firmly on hold.

  • DELL PowerEdge T300 boot CD

    Hi, my T300 PE with Windows Server 2003 keep restart when loading Windows, I need to repair operating system , but I lost the CD to boot for my T300.im of PE begging you to give me the link (if able iso link) where I can download it.

    Thank you very much!

    Let me be more clear... you can NOT repair the BONES with SBUU.  The only thing that will make SBUU is to help you to re - install Windows and it will be, WIPE OUT, all the information on your current disks!

    You said Server 2003 won't start - it keeps just reboot to the Windows form.  If you want to solve this problem, you need to boot CD of the 2003 version of the Recovery Console.  Since 2003, cannot communicate with readers without a RAID driver, you will need to load the RAID driver (below) of a disk at F6 during installation of Windows (the first thing you see when you start on the Windows CD).  Since your T300 probably does not have a floppy drive, you will need to use nLiteOS.com to integrate this driver (text mode) in the middle of 2003.

    If you don't care about the data on the disks and want to destroy any re - install Windows, then use SBUU, but who does not resemble what you're trying to do.

    RAID drivers:

    Use this option if you have a PERC 6/i:

    Use this if you have a SAS 6/iR controller:

  • Replacing the drive PowerEdge T300 RAID 1 stuck on the 'Reconstruction '.

    Hi all

    I have a T300 with disks SAS 4 x 136GB on a SAS 6/ir adapter, 2 x in RAID 1 and x 2 independent. Some time ago, one of the disks came with "Failure predicts" so I deleted one of the independent disks and then in OMSA set it as a global hot spare. After a minute or two, it's status changed in 'Reconstruction '.

    Unfortunately, he's sitting on the 'Reconstruction' for about 3 weeks now and I'm a little reluctant to it reboot as I do always once a month.

    I am missing a step or do something wrong? Reconstructions by car it takes long?

    See you soon,.



    Normally a reconstruction will take up to 24 hours, depending on the size, to rebuild. With her, sit for 3 weeks, it seems that there is a problem. Now to start, using OpenManage Server Administrator to view rebuild progress? If so the reader may have already rebuilt, but OMSA is false. If you haven't done so already, restart the OMSA services and it is. After that, then restart the OMSA and check to see if the State is always rebuild. If so, then restart the server for the raid controller and check the status of the virtual disks as well as the physical disk that you replaced.

    Let me know what you see.




    Buongiorno, the sto contattando by mail.

  • E PowerEdge T300 PERC 6I controller


    all'accensione del Server (service tag ADMIN NOTE: maintain the label removed by privacy policy >) ricevo message failure e di UN ho noticed che he controller SAS PERC 6I integrated non viene visto dal sistema, quindi non vede even i controller 2 brain collegati al.

    M'immagino sia da auswechseln... part quale devo would number? E' sufficiente hope he controller o devo take intervento di UN tecnico Dell?



    by procedere alla riparazione del server can farvi due tipi di preventivo:

    1 Sostituzione della parte con UN tecnico onsite

    2 per e restituzione della sola parte guasta.

    A quale option e interested?

    Nel caso could inviarmi in privato it contact by l'eventuale e intervento the address.



  • Problem with OpenManage on a T300 with R2 2012 Windows

    When I install OpenManage on a PowerEdge T300 with R2 2012 Windows and it is originally a 'limited' warning of network connectivity and connection to the gateway is lost. I have to run a network card 'repair' every time that the alert go away and the restored network connection. Even after a reboot, I still have to run the repair. When I uninstall OMSA network card works fine. I tried OMSA version 7.3, 7.4,, 8.1. The matrix of compatibility on the Dell site seems to show that it should be compatible with 8.1 and 7.4 (on a T300 with 2012 R2). Our network card is a Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit (version driver). Everyone knows about this problem? I come to a legacy version, although compatibility documentation does not appear 2012 R2 as as operating system supported?


    The problem you are having sounds like an updated version of firmware on the network card. I suggest you uninstall OMSA, then restart and update the network map. Although the update of the firmware should fix, I suggest that we update the driver as well up-to-date. You can not the driver and firmware here. After completing the updates, restart and go forward then reinstall OMSA.

    Let me know how it goes.

  • PE T300 PERC6 / I RAID stalls

    SBS 2003 SP2 RAID-5 is suspended. Power failure lasts 2 to 3 minutes. Retrieves himself.
    No sign of HARD drive failure.

    Interferes with WIN 2003 / 2003 Exch work jobs. Various period tasks.

    Cannot find malware.

    Happened a few months, but I think it's gradually worsens.

    I've seen a few isolated logging Windows associated with BBU on PERC6 / I but calls for the DELL battery backup server admin is fine.  There is no order so I guess that PERC comes with it by default.

    I would appreciate any helpful suggestion.

    From what you have posted, the learning Cycle has just completed, so if that corresponds to the timing of the issue you described, which is probably the cause.

    Firmware BIOS is clear - it is the Foundation of all system equipment.

    ESM (Embedded Server Management) / controller BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) works collaboratively with the BIOS to manage server hardware and is mainly responsible for the monitoring of the components.

    The PERC firmware is the interface between the system and the readers.  Drivers must be updated before the firmware.

    Drive HARD firmware is the interface between the controller and the storage medium real.  Firmware PERC and firmware HARD disk must always be at least late to provide smoother operation between the two.

    On your screen, your BIOS driver and PERC and firmware are up to date.  The latest version of the BMC is 2.50:

    The latest version of the firmware for the drive seems to be MA0D.  The update is a bootable utility that flashes all Dell readers for the latest firmware:

  • (Redirected) USB 3.0 expansion card

    Can anyone provide me with information on how to install a USB 3.0 on my Dell poweredge t300 Server expansion card?

    After talking with dell, they recommended using a visiontek USB 3.0 pci - e card. But after opening the server, I discovered there is no power supply to connect the card. The card came with a female molex to sata adapter cable male. The only open power cable plug / on the server is a female connector, 4 slots, which seems like it would be for a floppy drive.

    Anyone know if this is possible or is there a workaround for this if I can install this or any other USB 3.0 card in my machine?

    Thank you

    Best of this post in the Forum servers, here:



  • Causes OpenManage network do not mount at startup

    PowerEdge T300, Server 2008 (x 64)

    We've added two disks to our server, and to try to avoid restarting, I installed the OpenManage software so that we can provide as a new RAID1 array.

    I did the installation on the desktop remotely and when he arrived at the "starting services" Server dropped connection network.  We could not access the server on the network at all. Someone in the Office did a reboot hard (instead of trying to connect to the console), and when the server came back to the top, the network is still not available... Someone logged onto the console, open the properties IPv4 network connection properties and clicked on apply, and it started to work again... We were hoping that it was a question once, but we have restarted two times since and every time the network would not come to the top.

    Is there some OpenManage component that could cause this problem? My boss won't retire until we actually try to understand what the problem is.

    Any other ideas of what to watch? The fact that it happened first when installing OpenManage points to be the problem, but I can't be 100% sure.

    If you have a Broadcom NIC firmware which is very old, sometimes happens.  Updated the firmware of the NETWORK adapter and the drivers, then your network connection must be restored.

  • The upgrade to ESXi 4.1 to 6.0

    We have a PowerEdge T300 server that is about 6 years old. It is running the free version of ESXi 4.1 out of a 4 GB flash drive that plugs directly on the motherboard. Virtual machines are stored on a RAID array (storage directly associated with).

    Is it possible to go from 4.1 to 6.0 or will I need to do a fresh install of 6.0 on my USB key? If I install 6.0 it will automatically recognize my repository of storage on DAS (RAID 5 array).

    In addition, 6.0 works even on this old of a server or should I be looking at something like 5.0?

    Thank you

    You have two problems:

    1: your hardware is not compatible with vSphere 6, according the latest version supported with VMware HCL is the vSphere, ESXi 5.1 U3:

    2nd: impossible to update directly from version 4.1 to version 6, take a look here on the upgrade: VMware product interoperability Matrices

  • Cannot turn on new virtual machines

    Hello world

    I am running ESXi 5.1.0 (1483097) on a server Dell PowerEdge T300 with 24 GB of RAM and a couple of terabytes of HARD disk space. I have a 64 GB SSD as my default swap file location. I'm unable to turn any VMs created on this server (has only one handful of other virtual machines running on it currently, not more than 4-8GB RAM each). When I try to turn on a new virtual machine, I get the following error:

    An error was received from the ESX host turning on VM <vmname>.

    Has no power on the virtual machine.

    Could not power on VM: insufficient resources.

    Cannot extend the pagefile to 32768 k k 93504.

    Cannot extend the pagefile to 32768 KB 94208 KB.

    There are lots of free RAM available, and I don't have in my pool only resource that all virtual machines live subject. I tried to set the location of the swap file VM to store data of the VM, but that has no effect. Any ideas?


    you are indeed running out of space on your destination of swap - you have only 56 MB of free space on your SSD. You're also out of space for swap on datastore1 and 4. I suggest check it and delete all unnecessary data. Please note that by default without reservation, the VM creates a swap file that is equal to the size of RAM allocated to it. If the startup fails with swap on the hard drive, try quick vMotioning or cold - migrate the virtual computer to another storage. Also you could do a lot better with the free space by consolidating all your storage to a single VMFS volume.

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    I'm looking for 2 servers of low cost which supports x 64 and hardware assisted virtualization.

    I think that Dell PowerEdge T300 is in favour. How does Dell PowerEdge T105?

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