PowerEdge T710 PERC H700 RAID level migration issue

In my new role, I inherited a number of servers managed until now by someone else.  One of them is a PowerEdge T710 with a Controller PERC H700.  There are two matrices; the other has four 3TO disks in a RAID-5 configuration.

I don't need the storage space any where near as much as the reliability factor.  Is it possible to do a migration on-site from RAID 5 to RAID-6 without disturbing data?  There is enough free space, and I have no problem losing a portion of the free space I have.


"Is it possible to do a migration on-site from RAID 5 to RAID-6 without disturbing data?"

Yes, BUT you can use this method by ADDING another disk.  RAID 6 requires a minimum of 4 drives.  Insert a disk "to hot', then in the software OpenManage (OMSA), go into storage, PERC, virtual disks and reconfigure in the drop-down list of tasks available for RAID 5.

"There is enough free space, and I have no problem losing a portion of the free space I have."

Apart from the fact that RAID 6 requires a minimum of 4 drives, even if you want to spend a 4 drive RAID 5 has a 4-drive RAID 6, it could NOT be done.  You can't make a smaller table.  The controller doesn't know - or care - on real data of BONE on the disks (so the amount of 'free space' is not serious) and is not worried about virtual disk space (which would be filled if the total capacity of the discs has been used).

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  • PERC H700 RAID 5, 3 disks, 1 Reporting failed and 1 predictive failure


    I have a PowerEdge T410 with a PERC H700, RAID 5 with 3 disks.  The controller reported a failed drive so I replaced the week last with a drive of new/refurbished.  Now only 1 week later it reported another drive has failed and the drive replaced as predictive failure.  Looks suspicious, i.e. I am doubting the controller card.

    I think updating the firmware of the controller first, but not sure if I should replace the faulty drive first, i.e. If updating the firmware could cause table failure.

    Also, if I install OpenManage on a virtual machine (host is ESXi 4.1), OM sees the controller?

    Thank you!

    Start on our live image and export logs of the OMSA facility there. http://www.Dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=CWF92&FILEID=3550743303&osCode=WS8R2&ProductCode=PowerEdge-T410&LanguageCode=en&CategoryID=di

  • DELL PowerEdge R710 and PERC H700 RAID driver for WIn 2008 Std

    Hi all

    I have a DELL PowerEdge R710 with a controller RAID PERC H700.

    I try to install Windows 2008 Std 64 bit, but I can't find the driver. Even for the site web at support.dell.com. Can someone help me.

    THX in advance

    Even if you use a driver of 2008, it should at least recognize it, then you must be using the wrong driver or something wrong :)

    If you are installing 2008 R2, make sure that you use this file:

    If you install 2008 x 64, make sure that you use this file:

    With one, you must first unlock the .exe (right click on the .exe, properties, unlock), unzip / extract the files (run it and make a note of the default location), and then copy the 4 files on a CD, USB, etc., then when Windows tells you that he is not all hard disks, click on the link drivers load below to load the drivers from the media you have chosen.

  • PowerEdge R310 Perc S300 Raid 10

    I'm trying to set up a PowerEdge R310 with a Perc S300 and 4 x 2 TB drives and raid 10 server r2 2012.

    I set up the raid 10 by pressing the R command during startup.  It implements the fine.  I then put in my dvd openmanage systems management and run the installer.  This is where the problem begins.  with all the 4 - 2 TB drives and raid 10, I should have 4 TB of hard drive space, and it is only showing 2 TB.

    I canceled the installation, rebooted and changed the UEFI BIOS.  the problem here is with the UEFI boot, server does not start on a dvd, instead, it starts directly to flash disk (this is where the BONE is).  It works fine too, but at the beginning of the installation, he said: "we have found all the readers" and it wants me to install the drivers.  I sail to openmanage dvd and can not find the drivers.

    once more I cancel the installation.  I switch back to normal UEFI bios, openmanage dvd start and try and reconfigure raid of openmanage.  everything sets up very well, but in the end of the process when it prepares the files, it gives me an error saying ' deployment failed due to: Boot controller culd details can not be retrieved ", and my only option is to restart.

    I reboot and start all over again.

    My only option so far is to install NO UEFI and don't have 2 TB of hard drive space, but I really want to use all 4 to.

    Help, please!

    The OpenManage DVD has no drivers in the format you need for use during a manual of OS installation - you need to get them from the support.dell.com site (or ftp.dell.com - you need the hard / ZPE file version).

    Have you checked the UEFI boot options? You should be able to boot from a DVD using the UEFI. And what do you mean that you can start only "directly to the flash drive? If you can start on a flashdrive in UEFI mode, then why not install Windows from a flash drive? And what do you mean "this is where the BONE is?

  • PowerEdge R710 and perc h700, disc not visible in OS


    We have PowerEdge R710 with perc h700 raid 5 controller physical drives under raid6 running. We have recently added a sixth of the road which is much smaller (512 against 4 TBS) we want to just format and use it as a normal drive in the OS (Ubuntu 12.04.5).

    However, the drive is not visible in the operating system. When you enter the settings of the RAID controller that it says that the drive is READY but not configured and all the options to the title of operations are grayed out. How can we make this hard drive is visible in the operating system?

    See you soon

    The H700 does NOT support non RAID, so all records first must be configured on the controller, before its presentation to the BONE. You must configure (initialize) as a single drive RAID 0.

  • PERC H700 drive failure

    Have a PowerEdge R510 with a PERC H700 / RAID 5. Newspapers showed the road 3 has failed, but turned upward. We have replaced (hot swap) with a new one (from Dell). Server administrator still shows as having failed, but turned upward, the logs show nothing except flashing in car 3 / unblinking the defective drive until it was removed (logs do not show the removal / departure of replacement or regeneration). Is there something we're missing in the H700? Thank you.


    Install the latest version of the OMSA and check the State of VD. See the link for download with instructions for installation at the bottom of the page.


  • PERC H700 reconfigure RAID5 to RAID6

    We currently have a Dell PowerEdge R610 (PERC H700 embedded controller) with SAS 6 x 300 GB disks in a RAID5 configuration. We want to replace it with 6 x 1 TB drives in a RAID6 configuration. We must do so with as little downtime as possible (preferably no). Is it possible to Exchange each small disc out with the largest disk and perform a direct reconfiguration of 5 + 1 RAID5 to RAID6 4 + 2 configuration?

    States of the documentation you need to add a new disk to reconfigure from RAID5 to RAID6 RAID6 for a smaller virtual drive, but given that the new drives are much larger, it should theoretically be possible to reconfigure without adding a new drive all in maintaining / increasing capacity. If the controller supports that is my question.

    1. you cannot mix SAS and SATA drives in the same array, to replace a 300 GB SAS drive with a 1 to SATA will NOT work.

    2. IF you were to replace the 300 GB SAS drives with 1 TB SAS drives, you might reconfigure your table to include all of the space on the disks, however...

    3 If you reconfigure your 1.5 to 5 to VD VD, you MUST have already installed the operating system in UEFI boot mode. If you currently have your system in the BIOS boot mode, you should be limited to a 2 TB VD or need to reinstall the OS using the UEFI.

    4 reconfiguration of a 6-disk RAID 5, RAID 6 requires the addition of a 7 disk, regardless of the involved disk space.

  • PowerEdge T710 Tower Perc H800 / H700 not Compatible

    Hey I have a dell poweredge t710 Tower Server, when I update Perc 6 / i in H800 / H700 its give me error 'this update Package is not compatible with your system configuration. In fact I want to raid 4 TB Hard Drive in my server, that's why I need H800 / H700...

    Thank you

    You can't update a PERC 6 / i with PERC H700 firmware. It is not an update of the firmware you need - you need a new/different controller card.

  • PowerEdge T710 Tower 4 tb hard drive shows 2 TB in a Raid Configuration, (Perc 6 / i).

    How can any solution for this, I use full 4 TB of hard drive storage,

    Thank you

    Only one solution: replace the PERC 6 / i with a PERC H700.

  • Upgrade T710 SAS 6/iR to PERC H700 problems

    I'm trying to improve and replace a RAID controller Dell SAS 6/iR (Dell PowerEdge T710/Linux Fedora) one with a PERC H700 (SAS6/iR supports only 2 disks to or smaller). The disks on the SAS6/iR are on the H700 and all RAID 0. I did all of the BIOS and firmware updates.

    When I enter the r RAID manager and each physical disk is mapped to a virtual disk. When I reboot, disk sizes are reported correctly in the system, but the partitions are listed as 'unknown format' and are unreadable. (I'm starting off the coast of the SATA because I'm tired to destroy the system disk. I know that I might have to do a complete OS resinstall anyway.

    I tried to set up foreign auto import to on and off.

    Making matters worse, after I removed the H700 restore 6 I / R, 6 I / R no longer sees the drives.

    The manual of Dell for the PERC H700 says

    "The virtual disks created on a PERC 6 and H200 controller family can be migrated to the PERC H700 and H800 cards without risking data or loss of configuration."

    But this doesn't seem to be the case for me. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    The SAS 6/iR is NOT on PERC 6 - they are very different controllers.

    Migration of a SAS 6/iR to a PERC 6 / i is possible for Windows volumes, but only not bootable volumes. Although there is a small chance that it can work in all cases, a SAS 6/iR to a H700 migration is not supported, and it is more than likely, it will not work.

    My advice: Install your H700, configure RAID, then reinstall.

  • PERC H700 driver during Windows Server 2012 r2 - disk Raid not recognized not


    I try to install a r2 Windows Server 2012 to a Poweredge R710 with a Raid Perc H700. 2 HDD in Raid 1, but the HARD drive is not rcognized Italian Installation even if I try to use the 2008 r2 for the Perc Raid driver. They are listed, but if I select one disk HARD are not visible. What should do?

    Best regards...


    Leave in the Raid Controller, what is the status of the table? In addition, was the raid 1 initialized after being created? If this isn't the case, then, who will have to be done before you try to install.

    If you download this and start on the lifecycle controller (F10) and then select deploy BONES, load these files there and proceed with the installation of the OS.


    I would like to know how will install it.

  • Add the disk to the PERC H700 of RAID integrated table 5

    Hi all.

    I have currently a Dell PowerEdge R710 configured with 4 SAS - 2 10 146 k Seagate 2.5 "drives in a Perc h700 integrated Bay RAID-5. I ordered a SAS-2 10 146 k disk Seagate 2.5 "to add to the Bay RAID-5 storage, making it a 5-disc set. What is the best way to add the drive to the RAID-5 array without losing any data? I have OpenManage Server Admin on the server.

    OS: Windows Server 2003 R2 32 BIT

    You can use OMSA... go in storage, PERC, virtual disks and select Reconfigure in the drop-down list of tasks available for your RAID 5.  This will add the disk to your RAID 5, then you will need to adjust the partitions in Windows once it is completed.

  • replacing a drive RAID 1 failure in PowerEdge T710

    I just got the disk(146GB) of replacement for one of the disks RAID 1 has failed. I would like to know what the best approach is to replace the defective with the new one (same size), now that the spare drive (300 GB) is used by the raid. I want to get the bigger drive and re - assign as a global hot spare, by the original configuration is possible without disconnecting the server?

    Here is my config:

    T710 Server (8 discs - 4 X 146 GB, 4 x 300 GB)

    PERC H700 integrated

    2x146GB drives - RAID 1

    2x146GB drives - RAID 1

    3x300GB drive - RAID 5

    1 x 300 GB disk - hot spare

    Thank you.

    This should work for you. What it will do is essentially the same process I described. When you insert the replacement drive and implement the Member to replace it will fail then the immediate replacement and then start reconstruction on replacement.

  • Reclassification of PERC H700 in T710 6

    Hi, I recently bought an integrated card installed in a PowerEdge T710 H700. Time of its installation in the storage location internal, I get the following error during the post: card invalid PCIe found in the internal memory slot! System interrupted, I tried updated the BIOS with the latest version, but it still get this error. The H700 integrated card should work in the internal memory slot? Thank you! Tim

    The problem is you have an "adapter" version and you need a "built-in" version

    Discover one of them.


    The part numbers R374M and cnvxx are the integrated version.

    I have no idea why Dell has this route on these cards because people have even flashed the firmware to the integrated version, and it has worked flawlessly so I don't really know why dell set them up like that.

  • PowerEdge R310 and Perc H700

    I have an older R310 which does NOT support the hot-swappable drives and I'm looking to add a raid card Perc H700.  A few quick searches show only cables for installation bottom of basket.

    So I'm not the guy of material more experienced so there cables that go from the H700 to readers SAS?


    It should be X394K part number. The description is HARD drive cable. PERC H200/H700 HDD card

Maybe you are looking for