PowerVault 725N RAID: How can I reflect my C: disk 0 to 1 disk partition?

How can get to reflect the current information on the first partition of drive 0, the system C: drive on the first partition of disk 1?

I got an emergency call in someone with a Dell PowerVault 725N, who I don't know.  Of what I read, it was established as a generally as a two RAID-1, one for OS C:, d plant: OS, and a great RAID-5 set all 4 drives E:.  He lost a disc.  However, when he lost a disk, RAID-5 was no longer working with one bad drive.  Obviously, that shouldn't happen, but it did.  I gathered that training was suspended the bus sometimes because sometimes the BONE wouldn't freeze also.  The fix was to remove the bad disk, which I did and copy data, much to their relief.  Find a new drive it in the city for her, and I put it.  This is where the problems started.

-When I put in the new drive, it came very well, I wrote the signature on the disk and dynamic implemented.
-RAID - 5 E: replicated on the disc fine, but not the mirror of the c: drive, I could not mirror, so I broke the mirror and deleted the "missing" disk it holds only 4 disks, and all 4 are there.
-When I try to mirror C: to free space on the new disk, it returns the error: "could not allocate contiguous space or partition." before I can even choose the button change.
-J' deleted the E: volume, the RAID-5 volume, to get all of the space on the new drive.  Therefore, I have a disk 0, with the OS on it in the first score, a 1 with nothing, put in place a dynamic drive and D: drive which is mirrored on the first partition of the disk 2 & 3.
-Even once, when I matches of the C: drive, then select Add Mirror, I always get the error: "could not allocate contiguous space or partition.»  Of course, there is a massive amount of space on disk 1 of mirror to.
-Dell pulled all the docs that people are used to solve this problem.  How can get to reflect the current information on the first partition of drive 0, the system C: drive on the first partition of disk 1?

Thank you!


After several reboots, read manuals and posts, try several methods without success, I finally found the problem.  It turns out, I had no chance to get it to work as it was.  The difficulty and the ONLY thing that makes the difference, without exception, has been updated of the BIOS by, 08.  After that EVERYTHING worked EXACTLY as advertised.

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    Thanks for the comments.
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    In any case, I'm happy to know that everything is going well.

    Good bye

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    Hi Lucas,.

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    If your computer is pre-installed with Windows 8, your product key should be on a sticker on your computer or with your documentation.

    You can call the manufacturer and ask for a product key of Windows 8. There is usually a sticker on the side of a computer OEM (down for laptops) with the key. If there is no sticker on the computer, check the documentation provided in the box for a 'certificate of authenticity' that should have the sticker or the code.

    You can also go to the following site.

    Electronic download Support software phone numbers:

    Locate and call the phone number for your local area.

    You will need to provide your personal information, such as the email address you used, credit card number, etc. They'll send back the confirmation e-mail.

    You can also visit this link Windows 7 which is also applicable to Windows 8.

    Where can I find my Windows product key?


    When you get the product key, print or copy him and put it somewhere safe.

    Hope this information helps.

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    Please try EasyBCD and remove the entry from Windows 8 start in that and then add again. If that doesn't work, you can reset Windows 8 at startup, here's how:
    Hope this helps, good luck :)
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    If you want to have your cache overview on another disc, simply copy any directory containing your Lightroom catalog on this disc. Once it of there, double-click the icon for the catalogue, and LR will open from there and use the previews that you will be moved on the disk (they are in the same folder as the catalog).

    After you are satisfied that everything is working properly, you can delete the catalog and previews out of your system disk.


  • How can I remove a hard disk to the raid set default and replace it with a new one

    Last Friday apparently began one of my raid drives failing.

    As I said on this forum I started having continuous beep.

    I was finally able to get the raid works at a degraded level.  I ordered a replacement hard drive, that happened today.

    (In the meantime, I made twice daily backups of my work...)

    Below is the message that I have the raid of browser-based software:

    Blahblah 09 1000,2 GB RaidSet Member SamSung HD103SJ

    Blahblah 10 GB 1000,2 free SamSung HD103SJ

    Blahblah 11 1000,2 GB RaidSet Member SamSung HD103SJ

    Blahblah 12 GB 1000,2 RaidSet Member SamSung HD103SJ

    (See this thread sooner if you wish!)


    At any given time when I did the checked the browser interface, I have seen the message failed and degraded

    As I said, I was able to work this weekend on the degraded system.

    This morning I had the new tone and made the rescue and now I use a "full raid" without the advice that a raid was 'free '.

    In all cases, the new drive arrived today.

    Should what precautions I take to integrate the new drive in the raid system.

    I have an OS disk

    and raid 4 TB drives.   One needs to be replaced with the new one I get today.

    Thank you



    You currently have your background priority set to 20% IIRC, so it will take time to rebuild, but probably a lot less than 24 hours as for new construction. Even with 20% defined, I guess that it will be done in less than 12 hours, but you can set the background priority to 50% and it will be much faster at the expense of access to your raid. Reconstruction of the background is designed to give you access to all your data files and to continue the work, while the data is being rebuilt. You can continue your work, so if it takes 8 or 12 hours to find the full data intergrity isn't all that relevant. Your aura a functional slower than with a raid reaction complete, but has more speed than a single disk.

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