Preinstalled windows 8 so no cd - how can I get the cd

I have a samsung laptop that came with a preinstalled windows copy 8 However when I installed ubuntu a while ago things I screwed up, and I could not load in windows 8, or ubuntu. In the end, I had to start my laptop with a windows 7 cd. But I want now to windows 8. I do not have a cd with the laptop. How to install a copy genuine windows 8 on my laptop now?

Thnx in advance.

Before deleting Windows 8 it would have been an option to create the recovery disks to restore the laptop.

If you have not corrupted the recovery with Ubuntu partition then pressing the F4 key when display Samsung logo at startup to load the recovery console.

Windows 8 no longer includes the key of the case if you do not have to reinstall using a disc info. You may need to contact Samsung for the reconfigured disc or buy the set of recovery disks.

Samsung recovery instructions

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