Premiere Pro CS6 Crash when clicking on the tab "file".

Hello, recently I ran on an issue that is extremely frustrating and I can't seem to solve.

Basically, whenever I try to click on the 'file' tab or any reason, i.e. save or export. I'm greeted by the line of serious misconduct and one unexpected on me.
The main problem is that I am more able to back up or export project and if I try to use the keyboard to save or export shortcut that causes the crash as well.

This also happens with any project that I opened.

Any help please?

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 2.37.40 PM.png


Your video, it seems that you are working with OS X 10.10 and 10.11. It only are not supported OS' in our system requirements for CS6. You must be on 10.9 or an earlier version.

If you are not working with a certified operating system, you will experience that we can simply not to support unexpected behavior. My advice is to reinstall an earlier version of Mac OS X, which is certified for use with CS6. Otherwise, I would advise updating to a newer version of Premiere Pro.

Thank you

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    Without worrying about whether I have a new project file or an existing one, changes or no retouching, whenever I click on export, Premiere Pro simply crashes.  Same for Media Encoder - cannot open this same one.  I have all the latest updates installed cs6, the computer is new for two weeks - OSX 10.9.1, NVIDIA GeForce GT 1024Mo of 650 M.  The only way I've been able to export is through a back door: I use the dynamic link in After Effects and then returned to my sequences it.  Help?

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  • Premiere Pro CS6 crashes when you drag

    Trying to change in PP CS6 and get this error whenever I drag the files.

    «I'm sorry, that a serious error has occurred which requires Adobe Premiere Pro stop.» We will try to save your current project".

    This happens everytime I try to drag images. Apart from files or sites.

    I'm working (at least trying) on a Mac Pro (mid-2012) running OS X Yosemite 10.10.1.

    Processor- 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon

    Memory- 16 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 ECC

    Graphics- ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB

    Says Adobe Application Manager everything is up-to-date and I've tried everything I can think of.

    Restart the computer.

    Tests of various video files in the project (which happens with all)

    Moving the files to another drive

    Create a new project on another drive

    Old project with images that have worked before.

    No luck with anything.  Any help is greatly appreciated! I have deadlines to meet and no backup computer!


    I also lived down in Illustrator. I found my way to this subject and discovered that my problem is a Chrome extension called Pushbullet. After the suppression of Pushbullet of Chrome and restarted my computer, I was able to drag clips into my script again. If you use Pushbullet or perhaps another ill run Chrome extension, chances are, that could very well be the source of your problem!

    Illustrator crashes when I try to move an object with the Selection tool

  • Premiere Pro CS6 crashes when you export H264 files

    I shot a video with the Canon 5 d Mark III (1080 p) and edited a 4 minute video that I am trying to export in an H264 file. I used the preset for Vimeo 29.97, 1080. But whenever export stops half way and first accidents. I tired 5.6 times and each time she stood for 2-3 hours before crashing. He really did once but the audio has had some problems. After that I could not export again! The information?

    I use a Mac book Pro 15-inch, mid 2009, 8 GB of ram, running Mountain Lion and have the latest updates for first.

    Thank you

    Try to remove all the bodies earlier and partially exported versions of the file.  Then open a different project in Premiere Pro (any; even a new project will do).  Go to Edition > Preferenes > Media and click the Clean button.  Close Pr, open your project of problem and try to export again.


  • First Pro CC crash when you drag the project window media

    I had so many problems with the CC (2014) since the 8.1 update. The last problem is interacting with the media in the project window. In any version of PP (7, 8.0.1, 8.1), when I try to drag the media from the project to the timeline window, I get the crash 'first Pro CC met a serious error... ". ». I use a Macbook Pro i7, 16 GB of ram, Nvidia GT graphic map of 750 m, on OSX Yosemite. I tried to clear the cache of media and the parameters of compensation at the start with alt + shift. I've been using 8.0.1 due to previous problems with ui serious lag on 8.1. I had more problems with the PP in the last 3 months than in the previous 7 years, I have used.

    Hi Bryan,.

    You have the extension installed "Pushbullet" Chrome? If so, you and Baemon should try to remove and then see if the problem goes away. He worked for others: Re: Premiere Pro CS6 crashes when drag-and -

    Thank you

  • Adobe flash CS6 crashes when you use the text or Word of edition tool all the time... Please help!

    Adobe flash CS6 crashes when you use the text or Word of edition tool all the time... Please help!

    No one can tell you anything without the proper system or other technical details info. The standard answer with all the problems of text is quite simply, you have a "bad policy" on your system and need to get rid of him.


  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 downloaded, unable to find the program to run - Windows 10

    So, recently updated my OS to Windows 10.

    I downloaded the application of Creative Suite and do multiple downloads for products, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc...

    I went yesterday to locate my program of Premiere Pro, but for some reason, it do not exist. I checked my creative suite app and I never gave an option "Open" the program, only a symbol of the gear and works according to "up-to-date" for the program. Photoshop has the Open button that does what it is supposed too, but I can't do that for Premiere Pro, almost as if it lacks the executable file to launch the thing.

    Anyone had problems similar to this? I use first very regularly and do not have this kind of STINKS.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Well, once you have installed the OS 64 bit then you will be able to access the first Pro CC

  • Premiere Pro CS6 hangs when starting

    I have install Adobe CS6 Master Suite. All the other programs I ran into this suite very well work. However, when I try to start Adobe Premiere Pro (either just the program or by double-clicking on a project), the program crashes before it can end the commissioning. I use Windows 7 Ultimate, that displays the message

    "Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 has stopped working. A problem caused the blocking of the program works correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. »

    I tried to uninstall and reinstall the program, which did not work. I also did the same with the sequel, which has worked for me yesterday, but today when I tried to start Premiere Pro, it broke again.

    I use an Alienware 14

    Intel i7-4910MQ 2.90 GHz

    16 GB memory

    64 bit

    I don't know what other information would be necessary to solve this problem. And I thank you for any help, as Adobe does apparently not care enough about their customers to provide support for their products.


    I tried to install an earlier version of the Adobe Suite (CS5) after using the Adobe tool to clean all my system facilities. I met the same problem, I've never seen with this version. So, I guess it was something wrong with Windows. I was going to return my PC to its factory settings, but decided to first update to Windows 10. The update corrects the problem. Thus, there was apparently a problem with the installation of Windows, or possibly a program that changed the Windows somehow he couldn't run Adobe Premiere Pro. In any case, I am using it without problem with creating for a few days now, so the problem seems to be resolved. Thanks John Smith, to try to help me to troubleshoot this problem. I'll keep in mind that double graphics cards are likely to cause problems when I have problems in the future. I didn't know this before. See you soon.

  • Audio missing part of the element in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, don't know what the problem is. Help?

    I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 on a MacBook Air. (I use an external hard drive for files and the project, don't worry). I'm editing an average movie film I already filmed and stored on my hard drive, however the audio is missing part of a clip when I open it in the program. When I play the original video in QuickTime format, the sound is fine. In Premiere Pro, the audio works at the beginning of the clip, then it just suddenly stops at a certain point and does not return. It stops at the same place everytime I play it. I tried to open Bars and tones, and I hear the tone very well. I tried to look at the audio mixer Panel, and nothing is cut or a smaller volume. I double checked to see if the clip is on and it is indeed turned on. As far as I know, there is no other clips blocking audio somehow. I tried to cut the video with the razor tool to see if he wanted to kickstart audio feedback, still nothing. I tried to change the name of the video. MTS of. AVI (tip, I found online), no change. I have really no idea what is the problem, or why the audio is missing. And I don't understand why it affects only part of the clip. The clip is around 10 - ish minutes and audio works for about the first ten seconds, then stops. He's a longer video which is about 20 minutes in the length, clip, that I'm getting is the last half of the video.

    If someone could help me with this, I would really appreciate it. It's for my graduation project and it is due in like a month, so I'm a bit required for the moment. If you have any other questions, please send them!

    I can't really give you a reason happens, but I can offer you some options to work around him.

    Open the item in Adobe Media Encoder and export it as a WAV file. See if the Audio is finished. If so, put that in first and make a subelement with the original video file.

    Again, NO idea why this might happen, but rather that why worry... Let's see if we can get your finished project.

    Good luck!

  • Premiere Pro CS6 foreclosure timeline - what is the significance of the blue shaded area?


    A new feature has been added by one of the recent updates to Premiere Pro CS6? Behind the numbers in the scale bar of time in the upper part of the timeline window is a movable blue shaded area that can be expanded or contracted (the cursor changes to a red check mark). I've highlighted in the red box in the picture as an attachment.

    This mean? I can't find anything online or in the classroom in a book! Do not do something obvious I can say and it makes me nuts trying to get out! (It's late and I'm a little more tired). Help, I want to sleep :-)

    If you mean the blue greenish below is the result of setting a point (or both).

    Just hold the Alt or Option key while clicking on as buttons. It will go away.

    Edit: I see that you added the image after reading your post. So yes, it is the result of the marking of points and output.

  • Any ideas? Premiere Pro CS6 crashing whenever I try to import clips!

    Hey everybody,

    I'm relatively new to Premiere Pro CS6 (gradually switching to Final Cut), so forgive me if there's any details miss me. I have real problems with getting the app to work, unfortunately.

    Here's the problem:

    I can create and save projects very well. Nothing is slow or appears bad. However, every time I want to import clips (in any parameter of project/sequence, or codec, as well as different types of clips from the camera), Premiere Pro instanty throws a message - immediately - to say:

    «I'm sorry, that a serious error has occurred which requires Adobe Premiere Pro stop.» We will try to save your current project".

    It is literally impossible around that, that I can tell. I tried all different types of clips, all the different import methods (for example drag / move, media browser, file > import), but nothing. It isn't even a matter of film - the same applies even if I just try to import images. Oddly, with grag and drop - method if it is a video clip, PP registers even how long the clip is, highlighting where the clip will insert - she normally would be - but then instantly crashes after abandonment and/or trying to read. This led to believe me (because I never saw a single visual image in Premiere Pro) there could be a graphic bug - potentially something wrong with my system.

    For any help or suggestion would be received with gratitude. I have attached to the report of crash below and some features of my system.

    See you soon,.


    MacBook Pro 15 "(Retina Display) - mid-2012"

    Intel Core i7 2.6GHz

    RAM 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

    OS X 10.8.2 (12 C 60)

    Intel HD 4000 512 MB graphics card

    Premiere Pro Version 6.0.2 (072 (MC: 264587))

    Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 20.33.59.png

    PS just Gunna do a full update of my Mac OS X to bring it up to 10.8.3. I doubt that this will fix the problem, but it's worth a shot, and if no bed I'll let you all know.

    Hey everyone just updated:

    I think I've solved the problem!

    No idea what it was, but it would either have been:

    (a) restart my MacBook (unlikely!)

    (b) update the firmware from Apple

    (c) update the Apple Retina Display update

    (d).. .the above all of that!

    He actually started to work before you go on 10.8.3, so not associated with OS X.

    In this case, my apologies for the long post - hope it helps everyone in the same situation in the future. Moral of the story: the Apple software update!

  • Premiere Pro CC - Crash when opening because of the network disk cache

    I had the first fail to open for some time now on one of my secondary PC. This computer has been configured with a network drive as its disk cache and links to projects.

    It's as well as several editors can work outside the same RAID. Works perfectly, except for the fact that irreversible windows somehow the network drive. Once that has happened the first does not start and crashes when starting the program.

    I got the network bound upward at some point drive and first launched again running with zero problems. Yet once foires windows, the network drive and the first does not work.

    I need to reset the parameters of creation (disk cache settings).


    I've tried holding Ctrl + Shift to reset, did not work.

    I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but settings are not withdrawn and the program crashes.

    I would just connect the network drive and then once the first spear change the disk cache and never do this again, but unfortunately the computer will not repeat on this disc partical.

    Let me know if you need more details,

    I am running windows 8, latest version of CC (just updated). I have 32gig of Ram, I7 overclocked at 4.4 GHz, Nvidia Graphics processor.

    Thank you very much

    Hey there!

    Well now your post is over a year old, but recently, I had the same problem.

    The solution was what you thought: redirect the path. But where? I searched the registry and there you have it:

    Cache 8.0\Media Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Common

    There is a key named FolderPath. Set it on a drive local and first should do it again.

    BTW adobe: this is really a bad bad bug or bad conduct. If something doesn't work not software should ask another solution instead of just diet...

  • Premiere Pro CS6 crashes immediately after opening

    So, I recently installed the Adobe Production Premium Suite for Windows 7. I installed all the updates and everything worked well. Then a month ago, I went to edit in Photoshop CS6 and it crashed just after importing the files. So just out of curiosity broke down when opening anything in the suite, After Effects, first, etc. So I uninstalled, reinstalled and downloaded all the updates and everything worked very well. Now this nastly little problem has arisin once again. Illustrator and Photoshop seem to work, I can load files, edit, save, restore, etc.. But Premiere and After Effects won't start. First starts very well and I can create a new project and set up, but once I am finished it first is actually opened, it instantly before I can't do anything. All I get is a message saying Windows this program has stopped working and then just exit out. No first error message. I then decided to open the project file, its opening and creation has not crashed. I imported the clips, no problem. I selected a clip to start editing, and first crashes everything as he has done before. If this problem happens with the TWO CS6 first Pro and After Effects CS6. With After Effects, I get the error message: After Effects error: current Crash. Last logged message was: 4224 > < ae.blitpipe > < 2 > make new context. Then I click OK and a second error message appears, it read: After Effects can't continue: Sorry, After Effects broke down. Using After Effects and support, go to (Adobes site). If you can't always solve the problem, contact Technical Support of Adobe (2). (0: 42). Then Windows appears with his message informing me that After Effects has stopped working.

    Data sheet:

    Windows 7

    Intel Core i7 3570 k

    8 GB ram G.Skill

    Motherboard ASrock Z77 Extreme 4

    XFX Radeon HD 7950

    2xAdata SP900 64 GB of SSD in RAID 0

    1 TB Seagate Barricuda HARD drive

    I can't see my version number of my applications because well I can't start their. I download the last update for first as I type this, it is currently updated according to the Adobe Update Manager.

    Thank you!

    Unable to launch fully is often related to the video driver. I'd go to AMD/ATI, check your video driver installed. If not the most recent, then download and install it. Note: there are a few problems with some of the latest drivers from AMD/ATI (especially in the PS CS6 forum), then it might be necessary to roll-back to a previous video driver.

    If this isn't the cause, in your case, then you have come to the less ruled out one of the main causes.

    Good luck


  • Premiere Pro sometimes crashes when you open a file Explorer window


    I've had this problem for a while now but have never been able to find a solution. Basically if I use something within Premiere Pro that opens a Windows Explorer dialog box (for example, when you choose a custom LUT), the program sometimes goes a little crazy.

    The dialog boxes is not pop up and the program becomes unclickable. And when you try to click on what, whether it gives it its particular of Windows. That occurs when you use a program and a dialog box has popped up and you try to click outside the dialog box.

    In the past, if I tried to end task and then cancelled, the program will open. However, with the last update things became different. It unlock again, but the program does funny things as it won't save. It does not update the video window when you rub. Etc., basically it becomes unusable and you will need to complete the task without being able to save your work.

    All Adobe autour staff member?

    Hi Inazuma,

    Rarely. This is a user to user forum, mainly. Contact 'Adobe' here.

    Thank you


  • Premiere Pro to crash when opening (grey Goes, Windows)


    I can't open the first pro today, was very well these days.

    I use a trial, but when I open it now, the purple panel shows, but they have everything going greys and hides behind the taskbar, please see my screenshot.

    Any ideas?

    Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 13.54.06.png

    If we managed to make it work, in this case we are able to press 'o', which allows us to choose a project, then Premiere Pro load and displays as expected

Maybe you are looking for