Premiere Pro sometimes crashes when you open a file Explorer window


I've had this problem for a while now but have never been able to find a solution. Basically if I use something within Premiere Pro that opens a Windows Explorer dialog box (for example, when you choose a custom LUT), the program sometimes goes a little crazy.

The dialog boxes is not pop up and the program becomes unclickable. And when you try to click on what, whether it gives it its particular of Windows. That occurs when you use a program and a dialog box has popped up and you try to click outside the dialog box.

In the past, if I tried to end task and then cancelled, the program will open. However, with the last update things became different. It unlock again, but the program does funny things as it won't save. It does not update the video window when you rub. Etc., basically it becomes unusable and you will need to complete the task without being able to save your work.

All Adobe autour staff member?

Hi Inazuma,

Rarely. This is a user to user forum, mainly. Contact 'Adobe' here.

Thank you


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    I shot a video with the Canon 5 d Mark III (1080 p) and edited a 4 minute video that I am trying to export in an H264 file. I used the preset for Vimeo 29.97, 1080. But whenever export stops half way and first accidents. I tired 5.6 times and each time she stood for 2-3 hours before crashing. He really did once but the audio has had some problems. After that I could not export again! The information?

    I use a Mac book Pro 15-inch, mid 2009, 8 GB of ram, running Mountain Lion and have the latest updates for first.

    Thank you

    Try to remove all the bodies earlier and partially exported versions of the file.  Then open a different project in Premiere Pro (any; even a new project will do).  Go to Edition > Preferenes > Media and click the Clean button.  Close Pr, open your project of problem and try to export again.


  • Why photoshop cs4 crash when you open a file? (Mac OS 10.6.8)

    Why photoshop cs4 crash when you open a file? (Mac OS 10.6.8) I rebuilt of prefs and reinstalled Photoshop without any positive result. I can create a new file, but is unable to 'place' anything because both accidents.

    Try to run the software update from Apple once more. An update of security published on 1 February was wobbly.

  • Photoshop CC 2015.5 crashes when you open any file


    Just upgraded to Photoshop 2015.5 Photoshop CC 2015 CC

    It crashes when you try to open any file.

    The following comes from Windows 10 64-bit Event Viewer Application Error log


    Application of vulnerabilities path: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5\Photoshop.exe

    Signature of the problem

    Problem event name: APPCRASH

    Application name: Photoshop.exe

    Application version:

    Application timestamp: 57513821

    Fault Module name: intelocl64.dll

    Fault Module Version:

    Timestamp of Module error: 556d7f9f

    Exception code: c0000005

    Exception offset: 00000000000433a 3

    OS version: 10.0.10586.

    Locale ID: 2057

    Additional information 1: 7f0f

    More information 2: 7f0f023ec13afd94b8f4a68b34f13f91

    3 more information: 40b 8

    Additional information 4: 40b8a6a888449932af338cad2242ec3a

    Additional information about the problem

    Bucket ID: ef7a946e119a19e360e855b018cd190d (120502590482)

    10 Windows Event Viewer Application logs




    Not available







    a 00000000000433, 3





    All the drivers are up to date.

    Updated creative cloud.

    Signed in & cloud Creative

    Installed and uninstalled Photoshop

    Any help appreciated

    Mike Regan

    Hi Mike,.

    The cause of the accident is intelocl64.dll which is the file to Intel graphics card drivers.

    Make sure that your graphics card drivers are updated.

    If this does not help, follow these steps:

    • Quit Photoshop
    • Press windows and keys r to open the run window
    • Type w and press enter
    • Open Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC2015.5\Adobe Photoshop CC2015.5 settings
    • Move the sniffer file on desktop and relaunch Photoshop
    • Check that it works fine now



  • Premiere Pro CS6 crashes when you drag

    Trying to change in PP CS6 and get this error whenever I drag the files.

    «I'm sorry, that a serious error has occurred which requires Adobe Premiere Pro stop.» We will try to save your current project".

    This happens everytime I try to drag images. Apart from files or sites.

    I'm working (at least trying) on a Mac Pro (mid-2012) running OS X Yosemite 10.10.1.

    Processor- 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon

    Memory- 16 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 ECC

    Graphics- ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB

    Says Adobe Application Manager everything is up-to-date and I've tried everything I can think of.

    Restart the computer.

    Tests of various video files in the project (which happens with all)

    Moving the files to another drive

    Create a new project on another drive

    Old project with images that have worked before.

    No luck with anything.  Any help is greatly appreciated! I have deadlines to meet and no backup computer!


    I also lived down in Illustrator. I found my way to this subject and discovered that my problem is a Chrome extension called Pushbullet. After the suppression of Pushbullet of Chrome and restarted my computer, I was able to drag clips into my script again. If you use Pushbullet or perhaps another ill run Chrome extension, chances are, that could very well be the source of your problem!

    Illustrator crashes when I try to move an object with the Selection tool

  • Illustrator crashes when you open any file

    Adobe Illustrator crashes everytime I try to open or create any document. I tested the file formats are AI (CC) adobe PDF and JPG. I tried to reset my computer as well. I want to uninstallthe program, but my creative cloud application refuses to load, so I have no way to re - install Illustrator


    Try the list (you can keep 6) until you can load the cloud).

    The following is a general list of things, try when the question is not in a specific file, and when it is not caused by problems with opening a file from external media. You tried/made some of them already; 1 and 2) are easier for temporary strangenesses and 3) and 4) specifically preferences might be corrupt); ((5) is a list in itself and 6) is the last resort.

    If possible / there is, you must record a current work first, of course.

    (1) close Illy and open again.

    (2) restart the computer (you can make up at least 5 times);

    (3) close Illy and press Ctrl + Alt + Shift / Cmd + Option + shift during startup (easy, but irreversible);

    4) move the folder (follow the link with this name) with closed Illy (more tedious but also more thorough and reversible), for CS3 - CC you can find the file here:

    5 look through and try the relevant among the other options (click on the link with that name, item 7) is a list of the usual suspects among other applications which can disturb and confuse Illy, point 15) applies to the maybe CS5, CS6 and CC);

    Even worse, you can:

    (6) (check the box to delete the preferences), run the cleanup tool (if you have CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6/CC) to uninstall and reinstall.

  • Windows Media Player crashes when you open a file

    The player program freezes when I try to open a video file from Windows Media Player.

    However, when opening a video file (right click > open with > Windows Media Player) the video plays normally.

    A month ago, has worked these two methods.

    Windows XP SP3 with all updates

    Windows Media Player 11

    If her videos only in a specific folder, you could try to reconnect all, delete the old folder and renaming this new or possibly leaving the new folder with a different name.

    It can also be a good idea to run the disk check to check there is no problem with the drive:

  • PS CS3 crashes when you open any file.

    I'm on CS3 and I'm having the problem of not being able to open a file, such as the PS will crash every time before the opening of the window to select a file. I took another job and did everything he said but what I mention below on a TWAIN...

    (another post that said answered but isn't)

    I can't PS to open a file and did all the corrective items list.  I don't think that TWAIN is a problem, but it's the only thing that I don't know how to look...

    I need PS at work and have lost a customer with this problem.  Adobe won't support it and told me to buy CS5.  I have so little money, or I have already...

    I need this program to make money.  It worked one day and not the next.  I remember an Adobe update past in Camera RAW I think it was.  I had postponed the update until I did with a project.  After I did I installed it before starting a new project next week.  When I went to start that I could not open a file and have been stuck since...

    Any new idea will save my life and Affairs, if they fix it!

    3 complete uninstalls and reinstalls did today.  I was told that everything reset and make me run, but it didn't...

    Thanks for listening and help...


    10.6 to date.  but he did before the updates in the same way...

    To remove manually CS3 applications go here> and follow the instructions to the letter.

  • Photoshop CS3 crashes when you open any file

    I'm having a problem with Photoshop CS3. The application starts successfully in its own, but as soon as I open a file any I immediately get the following message:

    Photoshop.exe - Application error

    The instruction at "0x7c91b21" referenced memory at "0 x 000000010. The memory could not be "written".

    Then, the application closes.

    Other applications Adobe, in the Suite work perfectly well. I tried to uninstall/reinstall the software and I still get the same error.

    I tried the number of Support from Adobe, but they will not help because it's CS3. Would like to have 4 or 5, but it is not possible for me right now.

    I also tried a quick search on google but answers/solution seemed to be everywhere, while I tried in vain a few.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Yes. but not too much information here.

    Chris has already written about changing the default printer.

    Go in Control Panel of Windows (I don't see what operating system you have). Search for devices and printers or printers. If the printer you are printing to is configured as default printer change that to a different printer as MS XPS Document Writer and make this defect.

    Close it and see if that fixes the problem. This is a real problem for a lot of questions.

    All you have to do when you're ready to print from PS is to choose which printer to use when the print window opens.

  • Dreamweaver CC on a Mac crashes when you open the file

    When I open Dreamweaver and go to file > open... I get a spinning ball and Dreamweaver is unresponsive. This happens when I do anything that involves access to my file on my local disk. Even change a path in the preferences.

    A ran a repair permissions in disk with disk utility and it fixed the problem.

  • LabVIEW crashes when you open a file

    I have a simple vi which has aims to build a custom set of labview applications.  At times the .vi is corrupted (with no rhyme or reason).  After the vi get corrupted it won't open in labview and the following error message appears in the windows event viewer.  Note that any other vi will open ok after that is the case.  Any ideas on what is happening with the .vi in question?

    LabVIEW information: error: 404 "not found" to "example of national instruments/labview/nor finder/1.0/niexamplefinderserver", file "c:/program files (x 86) /national instruments/shared/or Server Web/www/national instruments/labview/or example finder/1.0/niexamplefinderserver ': can not access the URL.

    Very simple.  He did what I told it to do.

    The is set to run when open. When run, the last thing it does is to quit LabVIEW.

    So what can you do about it? Open a new VI. Place to build on the block schema as a sub - VI. Then open the Subvi.  It opens in edit mode.


  • Photoshop CS5 crashes when you open the file/create files

    I can load CS5 and its fine. I then go open or create a file and it just hangs.

    Can someone help me please

    I really need photoshop for my photography

    See you soon


    Photoshop uses OpenGL to some things that are not so you turn it off, but most of the time Photoshop works perfectly.  You will miss things include:

    • ALT-right click and drag the mouse to change the size of Brush/hardness show you a preview of your brush size/toughness, just an overview.
    • Good zoom and pan.
    • Some of the extended edition 3D features.
    • Some improvements in performance on the screen.

    Adobe has done a great job to do almost all work Photoshop well without OpenGL, but I encourage you to visit the following site and download the latest video drivers for your card.  We can clear up all the problems of Photoshop and, possibly, others you don't know that you still have. (note the "Download drivers" section at the top right).


  • error message when you open a file in windows 7

    I have an acer aspire 5332 laptop and I have an EXE application on my USB which does not open my laptop. It has an error message that says its not compatible witht the version on windows, I'm under (windows 7) and I need to check the computer system information and see if I need a x 86 or x 64 program version. is there anyway that I can make this application compatible with my laptop?

    For any question on Windows 7:

    Link above is Windows 7 Forum for questions on Windows 7.

    Windows 7 questions should be directed to the it.

    You are in the Vista Forums.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • CC and CC 2014 Photoshop crashes when I open any file.

    CC and CC 2014 Photoshop crashes when you open any file. I have to do a force quit. I hope I can solve this problem, I looked for answers for a week. Any help would be great!

    Thank you


    Mac 10.9.4

    Presentation of the material:

    Model name: MacBook Pro

    Model identifier: MacBookPro6, 1

    Processor name: Intel Core i5

    Processor speed: 2.53 GHz

    Number of processors: 1

    Total number of cores: 2

    (By heart) L2 Cache: 256 KB

    L3 Cache: 3 MB

    Memory: 8 GB

    I thought about it, my Adobe Drive application had passed, I had to uninstall Adobe Drive 4 and then install Adobe Drive 5 - then open it and click on updates. It will update then you can have the Player Adobe enabled in your handling prefs file.

  • First Pro CC crash when you drag the project window media

    I had so many problems with the CC (2014) since the 8.1 update. The last problem is interacting with the media in the project window. In any version of PP (7, 8.0.1, 8.1), when I try to drag the media from the project to the timeline window, I get the crash 'first Pro CC met a serious error... ". ». I use a Macbook Pro i7, 16 GB of ram, Nvidia GT graphic map of 750 m, on OSX Yosemite. I tried to clear the cache of media and the parameters of compensation at the start with alt + shift. I've been using 8.0.1 due to previous problems with ui serious lag on 8.1. I had more problems with the PP in the last 3 months than in the previous 7 years, I have used.

    Hi Bryan,.

    You have the extension installed "Pushbullet" Chrome? If so, you and Baemon should try to remove and then see if the problem goes away. He worked for others: Re: Premiere Pro CS6 crashes when drag-and -

    Thank you

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