Pressure transducer USB-6211 noise error

Hi all

I tried to connect a pressure sensor through my data acquisition by the voltage reading and when you use a multimeter to check the voltage measured by the son, I get exactly what I want, but when I look at reading through labview, I make so much noise that I can not even acquire a strong enough reading for the tests. When to play with filters and blocks measure, I'm sure that some of the ways to reduce the noise and get the reading of the amplitude of crete would, just do not know where to go next, as I have tried so many options like this already.


Problem has been resolved. Simply a problem of ground that I threw.

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  • USB-6211 noise problem

    I use an NI USB-6211 device, Windows XP, and I have the problem of blood (photo attached).

    My analog differential signal (signal DC to DC power supply) is connected to an analog input in box usb-6211 (AI1 and AI9 ports).

    The signal I get is evolving between 0V the Volt of entry (in the attached photo - 4V) instead of 4 v DC.

    It might be a good idea to test it with a 9V battery using a differential connection with wiring configuration described in the manual (photo and link below). I know it sounds Basic, but re-seats black connector of i/o to the device might help. Make sure you reference GND AI as well.

  • Noise USB 6211 problem

    Hi, I use USB 6211 to measure pressures, but I got too much noise. Please see the attached figure. In order to test if it is the problem of the data acquisition card. I tried to record a 5 V DC from a power supply, and I had V - 2 noise without last coherent. Power supply has been confirmed without problem. I used the DIFF mode. Could someone help this out please? Thank you.

  • NEITHER USB-6211 signal to noise

    While using the analog inputs of the device USB-6211 (Labview 8.5 / Win 7) signal become noisier. By surprise, I got a signal perfect after you have disconnected and reconnected the USB card to the system. This behavior is reproducible for the cards (n = 4) that we use in our laboratory. Is this a known issue with the 6211 card and if so is there a method to reset the map using labview?

    Thank you!



    I'm glad that you have solved your problem.  Manuals for most of the DAQ cards NOR recommend resistance of two entries to HAVE to AI GND to ensure that a path suitable for polarization currents exist when it is used in differential mode.


  • Digital magnification of output using USB-6211


    I'm trying to use the example of LV "Cont writing dig port - Int" to generate a model.

    But I get the error-200077 on the sample clock. The popup error message suggests

    using "we demand", but it doesn't have the choice with the DAQmx.

    Any clue?  Thank you.

    It is correct. USB-6211 case doesn't have a digital time - analog base only. That's why the (63xx) X series cards are supported only for this example.

  • USB-6211 - digital output not supported?

    Hi all

    I can't use the USB6211 device port... I use daqmx with Delphi7 API functions.

    First of all, I tried this:

    DAQmxCreateTask('', @TaskDO);
    DAQmxCreateDOChan (TaskDO, PChar('Dev1/port0'), ", DAQmx_Val_ChanForAllLines);
    DAQmxWriteDigitalU8 (TaskDO, 1, 1, 1, DAQmx_Val_GroupByChannel, $FF, @written, nil);

    I had an error in the DAQmxWriteDigitalU8:-200012 (= digital output not supported). (???)

    OK, I tried to disable autostart option based on DAQmxWriteDigitalU8 and insert a 'manual' start in the code:

    DAQmxCreateTask('', @TaskDO);
    DAQmxCreateDOChan (TaskDO, PChar('Dev1/port0'), ", DAQmx_Val_ChanForAllLines);
    DAQmxStartTask (TaskDO);
    DAQmxWriteDigitalU8 (TaskDO, 1, 0, 1, DAQmx_Val_GroupByChannel, $FF, @written, nil);
    DAQmxStopTask (TaskDO);

    Now, I got the same error in DAQmxStartTask:-200012 (Digital Output not supported, once again). (?????)

    I don't understand.. 'Digital output not supported "? USB-6211 has 4 lines! What is the problem?

    I want to just turn on and off the lines from code...

    -Cs George-

    Well, finally I figured out...

    Here is the solution:

    DAQmxCreateTask('', @TaskDO);
    DAQmxCreateDOChan (TaskDO, PChar('Dev1/port1'), ", DAQmx_Val_ChanForAllLines);
    DAQmxWriteDigitalU8 (TaskDO, 1, @dummy, 1, DAQmx_Val_GroupByChannel, @bitmask, @written, nil);

    Digital output lines are on port1! Corrected parameter.
    And the part of the interface of DAQmxWriteDigitalU8 had to be changed (in nidaqmx.pas).
    I don't know why, but the AutoStart (dummy) parameter in the DAQmxWriteDigitalU8 function is ignored: function always starts task automatically, regardless of the value of autostart. But this isn't a problem for me.

    -Cs George-

  • USB 6211 measuring range


    I am curious about the measuring range of the DAQ USB 6211 box, and specifically how it is defined. In the manual for the device, an array of ranges of input supported is listed here containing the same information to be redone in full UNAMA in article 4-3; However, in MAX and Labview configuration entry is completely arbitrary! In other words, I can whatever values I want to finish up and ranges of minimum entry as long as they are not superior to 10V. Of course, I'm a bit skeptical that this variable configuration continuously on the software side causes sensitive side material changes. My questions are: should I stay an of these ranges of measurement? Happening actually on the material side when I put the input range to something other than one of the recommended ranges of entry? If I put +/-250 mV, is still sensitive in the output?

    Thank you for your time and help,

    Matthew Berwind

    The DAQmx driver accept all values in the range, but will check against the specified material and gives an error, a warning, or just simply adapt to a next higher range that match.

    So after a configuration, you can use the property node or the DAQmx vi to read the chosen effective range by the driver.

  • Pressure transducer

    I received an omega pressure sensor (model px309) with only three wires: Red (power supply +); Black (power supply)-; and white for the signal.

    Should the output voltages of 0 to 5 and a voltage range from 9 to 30. It measures gage pressure.

    I use a power supply that can output 12v to provide power to transduce and a Ni-9205 to collect the signal.

    Red and black were connected to the power supply. The white one was hooked up to the ACH0 to collect the signal. In the test diifferential model, I used a wire to coneect to COM. ACH8 Also, I plugged the black wire pressure transduce to COM.

    Is this the right settings?

    I run my program and I found that the signal is not continuous, and it has a Variant. Please see attached picture.

    Is this normal?

    Hi Kang,

    Depending on what beach you go the DAQmx task for the 9205, looks like expected behavior.

    It seems that noise you see is on .1mV, which is quite close the specification of random noise for the NI 9205 module:

    If you select a range of 0-5 v for example, DAQmx will put the module mode +-5V, which corresponds to a 116 uVrms noise, that seems pretty close to what you see.

  • Data acquisition high speed (200 ksps / s) with pci-6224 or usb-6211 is possible?


    I need assistance to complete a task.

    The task:

    Record a switch contacts twists every 5 microseconds (200 ksps / s).  DAQ cards I have at my disposal at the present time are PCI-6224 and the USB-6211. The two cards are rated up to 250 kech. / s. I only watch 1 channel that will monitor the voltage.

    Here are the settings I use:


    Continuous samples

    Sampling rate of 200 kech. / s

    Analog DBL1 1 sam chan

    timeout of 10 seconds (Read DAQmx)

    The problem:

    (1) every time I try to taste 200 kech. / s I get an error that reads

    Measurements: Tried to read samples that are no longer available. The requested sample was already available, but has since been replaced.

    Increase in the size of buffer, most frequently the reading of data or by specifying a fixed number of samples to read instead of reading all available samples would correct the problem.

    (2) when you try to taste at a much slower pace of 50 kech. / s, the speed of the loop iteration is not realizing this speed setting.

    My question is this: are these 2 cards (PCI-6224 or USB-6211) DAQ fast enough at my request and I do something wrong? OR

    I use the wrong hardware to accomplish my task?

    Thank you in advance,


    The number of iterations has nothing to do with the number of samples if you do it right. You specify the rate and the number of samples you want and number of samples returned. You DO NOT loop 200,000 times. If you ask for 200 000 s/s and 200,000 samples, you will get this number of samples every second. It's really as simple as that.

  • OR corrupted USB-6211 is diff.

    Hello! I have a NI USB-6211 I want to use to measure a signal in differential mode. However there are problems to get the correct results. In the figure below, I have measured on a single 1.5 V AAA battery, with the device for the measurement of differential (and finished AI0 & AI8). As you can see, the signal is quite noisy, and also for each 20 ms signal drops to 0 V for a few milliseconds. The same behavior occurs for all channels!

    If you are using CSR (connected to AI0 & AI GND or AI8 & AI GND), data acquisition shows as expected without noise, as shown below.

    How am I wrong, or have data acquisition failed?

    Hello Andres,

    If you check out the nickname compared to differential input Configurations, you can see that for floating signal sources, we actually recommend using Pseudo connections when you have a floating signal source, such as a battery. This means that you must connect a small resistance between I (-) (AI8, in your case) and GND. I try and see if it works.

  • How to wire a pressure transducer loop 2 wires for the NI 9949 RJ - 50

    I am new to the NC and data record.

    I want to connect a 4/20mA, pressure sensor loop 2 son of a Terminal screw OR 9949 RJ - 50... that will then connect to an entrance NI 9237 module.

    The NI 9237 module is installed in a chassis OR compact 9174 DAQ.

    I shall be measure the pressures of air brakes truck to compressed air system of zero kPa (gauge pressure) up to allowance of 1000 kPa (gauge pressure).

    The 2 wires on the transducer are identified as: food + and + signal

    I would appreciate it please advice on the appropriate terminals on the NI 9949 RJ - 50

    Unfortunately, it seems that you have the wrong module for this task.  The 9237 is used to measure the production of bridge-based sensors (for example, a strain gauge).  Signals that it is supposed to measure are fundamentally different from the 4-20mA signal pressure transducer outings.

    Take a look at the NI 9203, 9207 or 9208.  All have at least a few channels designed to take a current 4-20mA input.  Then, give the team nor a (877-387-0015) call to talk through your application and make sure that you select the right equipment for what you want to do.

  • USB-6211

    Hi, recently, I ordered the DAQ USB 6211, I wonder how do I connect a quadrature encoder to the DAQ meter, I would like to only use a single meter, pin 1-4, my encoder has two channels only, CH A and CH B.

    Best regards;

    Hi jm56789.

    I think that the information you are looking for is located on Via MAX (Measurement and Automation Explorer) by creating a task of angular Position for your device.

    The default screen that should come has the Configuration tab selected.  In the middle of this component, there is a box that lists the "connections".  In my case, it says channel should be on PFI0 and canel B on PFI1.

    I hope this helps.

    Michael G

  • OR USB-6211 is used to count climbing on board TTL


    I'm new to NOR-DAQ cards, and so before buying whatever it is would like to know if it is possible to use a device, NI USB-6211

    County and bin amounting to edges of a TTL signal.

    What I want to do is to count how many rising edges of a TTL signal I get in a period of 1 ms; a 20 Mhz sampling frequency should be fine.

    I would like to use Matlab to control and read the number of edges that are counted as well as in the meantime write and read digital IO ports from the USB-6211.

    Is it maybe possible to leave the external TTL signal trigger a 6211 counters, an output then periodically (1 ms) and reset the value of the counter?

    Is it possible and if yes, is it a good idea?

    Thanks and regards,


    Manual Hi

    In order to generate this signal, I could use a second timer mode continuous pulse Train generation, right?

    -> Right. You can choose between 2 options

    (1) get the signal to another device, for example signal generator or something like that. If you cannot use such a device, you must select the second solution->

    (2) generate the 1ms period square wave with the meter of the USB-6211 seconds

    I don't know a smart way to generate the 1ms period signal without the software side. You need the software to configure the second counter, route the signal to the second counter for the first counter and so on.

    Maybe you can use what is called "panel test" inside the Explorer Measurment & Automation to generate signal. The Measurment & Automation Explorer is a tool provided with the driver for the DAQ cards. The original purpose of this software utility is to configure your hardware, test and so on.

    I don't know if it works, but I imagine that the following solution:

    You use the test panel called inside the Measurment & Automation Explorer to generate the 1ms period signal (see attached screenshot and You have no additional program to run the test Panel. Box USB-6211, you use a wire to connect the signal output of the meter of second at the entrance to the first counter. After that, you run Control Panel to test the generation of signals for the seconds counter. At the same time, you start your Matlab program and configure only the first counter. You will need to run the Testpanel all the time if you want to run your measurment.

    Not very nice, but maybe the only solution.

    Best regards, Stephan

  • How I ouptut a digital waveform, it has collated and compare it to the original with a usb-6211 box?

    I want a digital waveform to a circuit of output, read the return signal and compare the original to the read signal. I use a usb-6211 housing is it possible and if so, how?

    Use a comparator "equals sign", mark the post as a solution if you have the makings of what you wanted.

  • Bad first USB 6211 data samples

    I work with the USB-6211 and Signal explicit, and for one of my sensors that I will receive entry incorrect for each sampling period. My sample rates and capture rates is at 44 kHz. The first attachment shows the first few samples each period. At the beginning of each sample is the same as the image below, and this only happens on my device of the accelerometer. My other devices do not exhibit this behavior.

    You see, this is explained in your chart title:

    FILTERED entry

    It is an artifact of conventional filter (the step response of the filter you use coarsly)

    You can try to reduce it by mirroring the first ms (?) of data, but usually you just capture some data more and cut.

Maybe you are looking for

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