Pressure.VI help


Im a student working to the test with the polymer PDMS under pressure. I hope you can help me with a little problem I have met. I use a Honeywell P40 series pressure sensor connected in a 6218 USB of NOR. It is a program to measure the pressure with an inside diameter of the hose included, average of 1.2 mm is the for the 40PC honeywell series user manual:

I have connected 1 pin 2 on the pressure sensor to pin 19 and 20 respectively pin on the NI USB 6218 case. I have not connected pin 3 No PIN pressure probe of the OR usb-6218. This will effect? Should I connect it on a spit of land and if so is it important that we?

I have the program VI in labview 9 but still can't get used to it as I'm accustomed to Labview 7. I will include the program in the email and you would appreciate it if you took a glance and could let me know how I would use it or if the program is terminated.
Thank you very much
John Stewart 3rd year mechanical engineering.

Hiya John,

The link you sent me on the pressure sensor, in "General information", it is said;

"The analog output of 0.5 v to 4.5 v is linearly proportional to the inlet pressure.

In other words if the voltage measured at the output that you read is from 0.5 v to atmospheric pressure (101KPa), the measurable maximum output pressure will report to a pressure of 909KPa, for example if the boost value K is equal to 1. (unless it is inversely proportional, where when the pressure drops the voltage increases). But you need to calibrate your sensor to determine the boost value K.

For calibration what is the measured voltage to output for a known input pressure is proven and you can then use some simple mathematics, know the boost value K.

IE (0.5V / (101KPa)) = K (Vout / (known to pressure))

But if you have any additional doubts on this I do not know that a call to specialists of Honeywell would not go a miss...


Ben Hartrick

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    We have published a 19.0.1 hotfix that resolves this problem in discussion on this topic. Please apply the patch to your creative cloud application. The creative cloud application checks the update once a day, so you may see the update immediately.  If you want to force the check for an update at the beginning please logout and log back into the creative Cloud application.

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    Hi Bob,

    You can set the property 'FrontPanelWindow:Monitor' for each VI. Then you should be able to pass a VI to another monitor.

    When you present the settings GUI to the user, it can choose a non-existent monitor. You can only decide which monitor to use as (with software): UserSelect = 3, available = 2-> choose Monitor 2 instead of 3...

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    Hope it's what you're asking.
    See screenshots:

  • Helps with the pressure of the pen on the Tablet

    So I looked around all this morning and I wasn't sure if he should ask adobe or monoprice, so I came here first.

    Yesterday, I got a tablet of Monoprice (5553 model I think). I use Windows 8 and I downloaded the latest compatible driver from the logic of the UC, rebooted the system, and that plugged into the tablet itself and let it install. The pressure of the pen works perfectly in the tests/configuration. It does not, however, in photoshop CS6 and activation of pressure of the pen in the shape Dynamics I always get the "!" who says need a pressure sensitive tablet. Is it because I missed a setting in photoshop? Do I need a different driver? Any help anyone could offer would be appreciated.

    Well, this has been fixed with this band of working capital:

    So as one solution for others who have this problem:

    -Create a text file (in something like Notepad) and write:

    # Use WinTab

    UseSystemStylus 0

    Name it PCSystemConfig.txt and then save it in C:\Users\[User name] \AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2015\Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Settings\ CC. (or another year if that is what you have.)

    -If the cursor is out of sync with the time, go to the control panel-> hardware and audio-> display and point set size to small. Make sure that the changes take effect.

    -Open photoshop once everything is activaated and registered.

    Everyone says that it is a driver problem. Hell, I should read more before you post a thread, huh?

  • The stylus pressure works... but not in Cs3? Help, please


    I'm having a problem with the dynamic pressure of the stylus on CS3. They cannot be changed.

    If I change it to 'pen pressure' I get a little yellow marker next to it which I suppose means his record do not or recognition.

    The Tablet I use is Wacom Intuos (I think it's the original)

    I know for a fact that the stylus pressure works because I have a program that tests it.

    Blue bar goes the harder I press so I don't know his work...

    All methods of fixing has been tested:

    Driver in the box, pilots the latest driver that is available for download,

    Unplug and plug back in,

    CTRL + Alt + shift.

    10Million pc restarts.

    It has always worked well on my old computer that where xp, no problem, but I got a new computer with Windows7 64 bit.

    As far as I can tell its photoshop which is not let them work. CS3 is fully updated and works fine apart from this problem that prevents everything.

    Thanks for the help.

    I would like to draw...

    You can try the tablet in the paint that should be found under accessories in the all programs list.

    (even if the pen pressure works in paint, you always find a compatible driver)

    You really need to go to the wacom site to find the latest driver because only by using windows for

    updated the drivers still does not receive good driver and you'll probably want to

    uninstall the Tablet driver before installing a new one.


  • does not allow me to choose the pressure in the brush properties please help with pic

    Hi, I have a problem in adobe CS4 illstrator

    It does not choose the pressure or other properties in the properties of brush that it allows me to only choose fixed and Variable and makes the color of the words of othe as money pressure so I can't select it from the menu and here is a picture of the problem

    PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASE help me I really need to know how to solve this problem and by the way I tried on the same computer with windows xp and windows 7, but the problem remainsUntitled-3.gif

    You have a Tablet what information of pressure of entries?

    These options are only available if you are using an input device, such as a Tablet, which provides this information to the system.

  • Help! My Macbook Air has a high memory pressure.

    Product: Macbook Air in early 2015


    256 GB of flash storage

    1.6 GHz processor

    4 GB memory

    OS X Yosemite - Version 10.10.5

    A few weeks memory of my Macbook Air pressure continued to increase, most of the time he was in the green zone, but it has been several times that I had the pressure of memory to be in the yellow box with a few tabs in Google Chrome. In addition, the Kernel_Task continues to rise as it was around 380-390 MB a few weeks ago and now he's moved more than 500 MB. I tried to restart and stop the computer several times as an attempt to decrease the Kernel_Task and even thought that the memory pressure is high, the CPU doesn't have a lot of problems, because it is essentially inactive between 65 and 80 percent.

    What it looks like without all the eleven (shown) Google Chrome processes running? You should never see Swap used, and that tells me that you are using too many applications for your 4 GB memory available on your machine. With this RAM limited, you have to be very selective of what applications and browser tabs are open (you use) quit everything.

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    Just a simple.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you!


    You can take a look at an app called access QS.

  • With the help of size/opacity jitter and pen pressure

    I'm relatively new to photoshop. I am currently following a tutorial. He said: ' Set your tool brush (B) in a hard, both round shape size Jitter and Jitter opacity defined on pen pressure mode. " I'm using a wacom tablet. I tried several things and can't seem to understand this. If someone could explain to me how to use and where to find these parameters; I would be extremely grateful!

    Thank you!

    In the window menu, you'll find the brush of the element. This action opens the brush Panel. Here you will find the options you need to change.

  • Help with real pressure for BMP180 algorithm

    The algorithm provided by the BMP180 data sheet contains some features that ME8 can't stand not (Math.pow (), unsigned long, etc.). I tried the best I can reproduce it, is that correct?

    My code:

            long B6 = B5 - 4000;
            long X1 = (B2 * (B6 * B6 / (1L << 12) )) / (1L<<11);
            long X2 = AC2 * B6 / (1L<<11);
            long X3 = X1+X2;
            long B3 = (((AC1 * 4 + X3)<<OSS)+2)/4;
            X1 = AC3 * B6 / (1L<<13);
            X2 = (B1 * (B6 * B6 * (1L<<12)))/(1L<<16);
            X3 = ((X1 + X2)+2)/4;
            long B4 = AC4 * Math.abs(X3+32768) / (1L << 15);
            long B7 = Math.abs(UP-B3) * (50000 >> OSS);
            long p;
            if(B7<0x80000000) {
                p = (B7*2) / B4;
            else {
                p = (B7/B4) * 2;
            X1 = (p/(1L << 8)) * (p/(1L << 8));
            X1 = (X1 * 3038)/(1L << 16);
            X2 = (-7357 * p)/(1L << 16);
            p = p + (X1 + X2 + 3791) / (1L << 4);

    I don't seem to be able to display an image, but the Bosch code is in the BMP180 data sheet page 15, under the heading "Calculate real pressure"

    Hi Luke,.

    Well, your calculation code must be correct, so I think that the problem is with this line:

    UP = (data [0]<16 +=""><8 +="" data[2])="">>(8-OSS);)

    try instead:

    UP = (((data [0] < 16)="" &="" 0xff0000)="" +="" ((data[1]=""> < 8)="" &="" 0xff00)="" +="" (data[2]="" &="" 0xff))=""> > (8-oss);))

    Reason: your MSB is negative, to hide the added bits when byte gets promoted to int.

    To see why, play with this:

    class {shift

    Public Shared Sub main (String [] args) {}

    n bytes = Byte.valueOf(args[0]);

    System.out.println (n);

    System.out.println (n<>

    System.out.println ((n<>



    $ java - cp. SHIFT 1




    $ java - cp. Shift - 89




    Kind regards


  • Using Oh H610 Pro Photoshop CC, no pressure of the pen tablet, please help!

    I use a graphics tablet Oh H610 Pro in Photoshop CC and I have no pen pressure.  I did a ton of linking research to understand this.  Most of what I find is related to Wacom products.  I found an article on creating a doc text with a few commands on which allows the RTS, but that did nothing for me.

    System information:

    Adobe Photoshop Version: 2014.2.1 20141014.r.257, 2014/10 / 14:23:59:59 CL 987299 x 64

    Operating system: Windows 8 64-bit

    Version: 6.2

    System architecture: Intel CPU Family: 6, model: 10, Stepping: 7 with MMX, SSE whole, FP SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, AVX, HyperThreading

    Physical processor count: 2

    Number of logical CPUs: 4

    Processor speed: 2095 MHz

    Built-in memory: 4003 MB

    Free memory: 1713 MB

    Memory available to Photoshop: 3295 MB

    Memory used by Photoshop: 70%

    Multi-frequency 3D printing: disabled.

    Windows 2 x UI: disabled.

    HighBeam: enabled.

    Tile image size: 128K

    Image cache level: 4

    Overview of fonts: medium

    TextComposer: Latin

    Display: 1

    Limits of the display: top = 0, left = 0, low = 768, right = 1366

    OpenGL drawing: enabled.

    OpenGL allows old GPU: not detected.

    OpenGL drawing mode: basic

    OpenGL allows Normal Mode: true.

    OpenGL allows Advanced Mode: true.

    The Tablet drivers:

    TabletDriver version 9.0

    Driver package from window - graphics tablet (WinUsb) USBdevice ( 10/04/2014)

    FYI, I had the same problem with my new h610Pro Oh in Photoshop CC and it turns out the solution is just to check the box "TabletPC support" in the current driver Oh. Apparently, it is a thing with Wacom as well (although the specific language can be different), and has something to do with Photoshop requiring the entry of an item related to the Tablet PC of Windows 8/8.1 features. I don't know about all this, so I'm probably play technical details, but since the solution is so simple, has to do with how Photoshop works with Microsoft and is a common option in 'real' same Tablet drivers from the manufacturer, I thought you should know that for future reference. BTW, in the future responses regarding the lack of pressure sensitivity in Photoshop, you should probably also mention the fact that pressure can be turned on/off by the modifier options at the top of the screen and in the brush dialog, and that this should be verified before dismiss you it as a driver problem.

    Oh, and remember h610Pro works very well now that that's settled!

    See you soon,.


  • Photoshop does not recognize the tablet stylus pressure. Have tried everything. Help?

    Photoshop has suddenly stopped recognizing pressure from the pen of my Tablet yetsterday.

    I use a Tablet Wacom Bamboo to connect on a Windows 8 with Photoshop CS6

    I tried:

    1. uninstall the drivers

    2. verification of the files wintab went to system32 and sysWOW64

    3 restart

    4 reinstall the drivers

    5 checking new wintab files are present

    6 restart

    I upgraded from photoshop (and repeated these 5 steps), reinstall the drivers as long as an administrator, reset the Brush tool, but little matter I have, when I go to the option of dynamic shape in Photoshop, make the triangle with the exclamation point in telling me that I need a sensitive Tablet pressure.

    I tried to plug the Tablet and then open it with photoshop.

    I tried to open Photoshop and then plug the tablet.

    I've updated the drivers for all the hardware on my computer.

    I tried the sensitivity to pressure in the other two programs (not Adobe) and it works there, so apparently not a problem with the tablet itself.

    I tried all the solutions I could find online, but none of them does not seem to work for me. Any advice?

    I just want to remind everyone, if you encounter any problems, simply insert your tablet in a different USB slot. I literally just changed my Wacom on the back of my tower to the front of my Tower and suddenly the warning on pressure of the stylus disappears and it works fine.

    It could be a case of your computer and photoshop communicate just not very well.

    Another victory at SAI.

  • My options of brush calligraphy for pressure, tilt are grey. Help!

    I am trying to create calligraphy in Illustrator custom brushes to add to my library so that I can write calligraphy on my iPad in Adobe shoot with my Adonit Jot Touch Pen. I watched a tutorial on Adobe, and it seems that this should be an easy, without option to install any drivers or anything. Unfortunately, every time I start again with Illustrator and try to create a new document and subsequently a new brush, I'm only given the options 'fixed' or 'random '. The others are still grayed out. I searched Google and have yet to find the answers. I'm on the latest version of Illustrator CC and OS El Capitan. Thank you very much!

    Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 7.22.57 AM.png

    Apparently there are apps that allow you to use the iPad as a tablet.

    The options are there when you have a graphics tablet installed.

    But you can send Illustrator brushes to the iPad for use in Adobe draw.

Maybe you are looking for

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