print epson artisan 837

Every since the installation of 10.11, my Epson Artisan 837 prints very slow.  It will print several lines and then pause, then several others and continue until complete.  I started my Mavericks system and it printed fine.  I tried system reset print and added the printer, but same problem.  I use airprint, but tried selecting craftsman 837 with the same result.  I print over wifi, but it was the same thing on the Mavericks.  Any ideas I could try?

I spoke with Epson, and they were no help.  They told me to call Apple.  Even though I thought it was a problem of Epson, I called Apple.  They made me a reset of the PRAM that corrects the problem.  Should think about this, but did not.

Tags: Mac OS & System Software

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