Print files PDF FRO OS El Capitan

Why can I not print a PDF file after updating to OS El Capitan? I can print any other type of file except for a PDF file.

all PDFs or specific?

which application?

try to print this file

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  • How to print a pdf illustrator os el capitan?

    Hi guys,.

    I'm tired of finding the solution to print a PDF on Os El Capitan.

    I see I can't printer adobe again.

    Please let me know what is the solution on this.

    Thank you


    Hi Cornel/Monika,

    Sorry for this misunderstanding. Just confirmed to the Acrobat team, Adobe PDF is not available for Mac.

    Thank you


  • I can no longer print to PDF for Firefox. I have Adobe Acrobat. I get now is a text file saying it did not work. Help, please!

    Here is the message from text file:
    %% [ProductName: Distiller] %.
    X8AEC0BD1 not found, by using the messaging service.
    %% [Error: invalidfont;] [OffendingCommand: show] %.


    %% [Flushing: rest of job (end of file) will be ignored] %%.
    %% [Warning: PostScript error.] No PDF file produced. ] %%

    What print driver are you using to print to PDF. Firefox is not any printer to print a page in PDF format.

    I use CutePDF , if you are interested. It's free.

  • Where is my pdf print files going?

    When printing to PDF format, the print dialog box indicates the action is performed. However, he didn't ask me for a storage location. Where the file is stored? Any help is appreciated.

    This is part of the Presto! PageManager product? I have no personal experience with this product, but generally a print-to-PDF solution works with all programs. You have a current version?

    One thought: do not check the box "Print to file" in the print dialog box, since the "printer" is created the file.

    What module do you have installed? Obviously if it is not the generation of PDF files, it will not solve your problem.

    An extension that works well for me is 'Print pages in PDF format' which generates the PDF file that you see on the screen, allowing it to continue working hyperlinks. Unfortunately, it sometimes freezes (I did not understand the circumstances). You can try it here:

    If you prefer to print and need an another printer driver, here are a few ones that are free, I mentioned in the latest discussions:

  • I can't print a PDF file in a web page to my network printer

    If I try to print a PDF page in the browser, it does not work. Nothing happens at all. Print poster preview a blank page. I have to save the page (s) in PDF format and print from Acrobat 9. All other web pages print ok. Very strange.

    The PDF embedded in the page (similar to how a Flash animation can be incorporated into a page) or is the PDF file displayed in the window is full?

    If the PDF file has the full window, you should probably use the print provided by Adobe Reader icon. In the version I have, it appears in a toolbar when I float my the mouse pointer over the center of the document about 80% of the way to the bottom of the window. Not as convenient as the previous versions.

  • Print to pdf in the same folder the original file

    Is possible to automate this process:

    1. any application, choose Save as pdf (print to PDF or print to a pdf printer).
    2. Save the file in the same folder the original file;
    3. set the password (no copy) this new file?

    Thank you.


    The original and the PDF files have different extensions, so they can be saved in the same folder.

    Regarding automation you might see if you can use Automator to do. Find it in your Applications folder.

  • OfficeJet Pro 8610: Do not print the PDF of ADF 8610 files

    If I scan a document on the glass of my 8610, print the PDF that I create on my computer Win 10 or any other machine including Mac and Ubuntu (Linux) "correctly".

    If I use the 8610's ADF to create a PDF from multiple page, the document is visible on the screen of ANY box of Ubuntu, Mac or Windows PC (s).

    HOWEVER, if ANY computer try to print the PDF file for ANY printer, the page is EMPTY.

    Based on 3 operating systems, the result (the white sheet of paper printed), it seems that the creation of PDF 8610's firmware needs some adjustments, please.

    Well, I see you using web analytics to the printer rather than the use of the scanning software. There are two ways to analyze which should work a bit better than with a web scan: using the HP or Scan to Email scan software.

    To install and use HP Scan (for Windows 10):

    Download and install the latest drivers by clicking on this link.

    When you want to analyze, click the icon on your desktop with a name similar to "Officejet Pro 8610". If you click the option under scan your PC should open HP Scan.

    To install and use HP Scan (for Mac):

    Download and install the latest drivers by clicking on this link.

    When you want to scan, open the folder Applications, Hewlett-Packard and in this folder, open HP scanner (or scan to).

    To set up scan to email:

    1. On the printer, click web services icon in the lower left corner of the screen.
    2. If you see Setup, click on Setup, then Accept/Yes.
    3. After the printer prints a page of web services, click applications, and then Scan to Email.

    Please let me know the results after following the above. If you are able to scan, click on accept solution. If you appreciate my help, please click on the thumbs up icon. The two icons are below this post.

  • More OfficeJet Pro 8600: scratches print to PDF file

    Recently when printing a PDF file, the impression of dragging is in the top of the page.  The printer works fine for all other print jobs.   I ran the print head cleaning tools and align the print heads.  No change in printing quaility.

    No problem, thanks for keeping me informed. You print from Adobe? I would like that print you the PDF as an image and I would like to know the results. If you are unsure how to proceed, will help the following Adobe article: Print PDF as an image.

    Let me know how it goes. Thank you.

  • Color LaserJet CP1025 cannot print the PDF file

    The printer cannot print the PDF file (it shows what a document is to suspend status), waiting for long only time still no progress. in the meantime, WORD file printing is no problem.

    Thank you for your advice, I followed your second method and install Adobe Reader, the problem is resolved.

  • When I try to print a PDF file it does not print and goes directly to a backup of the file option.

    When I try to print a PDF file it does not print and goes directly to a backup of the file option

    original title: pdf print

    1. don't you make changes on the computer before the show?
    2. don't get any error message?
    3. what version of the operating system is installed on the computer?
    4 is the issue limited exclusively with printing PDF files?
    5. where are you printing from PDF files?
    6. What is the brand and model of the printer?

    Method 1:
    Run the fix it and check.
    Diagnose and automatically fix problems printing and printer

    Method 2:
    Perform the steps from the link and check.
    Printer in Windows problems

    Method 3:
    You can perform the steps from the link and check if you are able to print.
    Resolve PDF printing problems. Acrobat, Reader

    Reference link:
    Why can I not print?
  • HP ENVY 4500 does not print a PDF file

    I have Win7 HP laptop HP ENVY 4500 all-in-One printer wireless and iMac OS X 10.9.1 desktop. It prints all good document file formats, except a PDF file. When I try to print a page of a PDF doc't, via Adobe Reader (11.0.07), it prints 6 equidistant tiny portions of the original PDF page on a single sheet. All six parties are in the same area of the upper quadrant of the original PDF page. I tried many portrait, landscape and size configurations, but in vain. It will not print PDF of my iMac and PC browsers files. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the printer and its driver a couple of times. It installs OK without error messages, but it will not print PDF. Also, I don't get any error messages when I try to print a PDF file. I don't see any documentation supplied with the printer printer to say that this HP all-in-one cannot print PDF doc'ts, and it seems to me that it would print a PDF file until several weeks ago. Please notify.

    I was finally able to print PDF files. But it's been so long ago because it was fixed that I don't even remember what was the solution. But four possibilities come to mind: (1) is of course the "print as image file" option has been activated; (2) re-installed printer driver; (3) re-installed Acrobat Reader and ensured that browser and extensions of processing of s/w, if any, have been correctly selected for my printer. (4) corrected a wrong paper, the type, quality, or size option layout which may have resulted in a page layout or a different format from what should be the 'standard' to a PDF file. Sorry I can't be more specific than that. But if I have to determine exactly what I could do to get PDF printing to work properly, I will go straight to you. BTW, I certainly don't rely on an intermediate file conversion service or s/w to transfer my PDF files to a printable format. I hope this helps.

  • HP officejet 4650: how to print a pdf file of windows 10-hp officejet 4650

    How to print a PDF file using windows 10 to a HP Officejet 4650

    You can install Acrobat Reader (free) DC from Adobe here.

  • Storage/printing adobe .pdf files

    Recently, when trying to print a pdf file (from XP Home Edition w/Service Pack 3 installed and Adobe Reader v 9) I manages to get a print file and the printer spooler. Rather, I am redirected to a dialog box to store this file in a folder/catalog of my choice. The printer I'm trying to get is LAN (cable connected) to the XP machine and is available in WiFi for Vista and 7 machines and print the file in question without the problem of these machines. The XP machine prints from other types of files (doc, xls, etc) without any problems.

    Hi OlavNetRaven,

    Click on the link below and see if it helps you to fix the problem.

    Resolve PDF printing problems. Acrobat, Reader

  • HP 8610: problem printing of PDF files with iMac

    I have a HP 8610 all-in-One powered by an iMac.

    I have a problem with printing of PDF files.

    When I print, the page moves approximately 1.5 inches down and doesnot print page as seen on the screen.

    I checked with Apple and you s not a problem with the computer.  They say that there must be a parameter that must be corrected with the printer.

    If you encounter the problem with PDF files and only on the Mac, the best solution may be to download and run a different PDF Viewer that allows you to open the file and print instead. Adobe, Foxit, and Nitro are a few free PDF viewers with Mac support.

    Please let me know if you are able to print your PDF documents using one of these programs instead, or if you have any other questions. If not, have a great day!

  • How to print a .pdf file from my RoadRunner e-mail account?

    I am trying to print a PDF from an email on my roadrunner account and it keeps saying that I do not take a page to print and it cannot print. Yes, I did. What can I do or what the problem is.

    Save the file on your desktop before opening and printing.

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