Printer color LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw keeps saying paper jam after clearing the jam

Paper jam in my printer.  After graduating page printing, the printer has always said that there is a jam.  I tried turning off the power, unplug, open to all possible places to see if I missed something.


It is likely that there is always a small torn out of paper that still arouses a jam.

If you can't find it, it would be possible to help erase using a sheet of paper more rigid in the relevant paper tray.

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  • Color LaserJet Pro 200 M251nw: torn paper jam


    One of the printers of the company I am based in had a printer Jam recently, some people tried to remove the paper from the printer and ended up ripping it (as seen in the image above). I was wondering what should do us from here, I tried to get out the paper but I didn't chance, any advice is appreciated

    It seems that the paper is stuck in the fuser unit.  Only suggestion I can offer is to do a search on google for the service manual and look for instructions to remove fusion and unit once you have the fuser unit you should be able to find a way to remove paper stuck in it.  Removal of the fuser unit is not as simple as that.

  • Color LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw multifunction - print that hangs or restarts printer after the print request

    I am using a LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw with a wireless connection and a USB connection, for several years with my MacBook Pro, spanning several evolutions of the Mac OSX (Mountain Lion, Lion, Mavericks) without incident.

    Today, no reason apparent, the printer started to expose the problems of processing printing orders sent, through the wireless and via the USB port.

    When you try a wireless connection, the print queue to fill up and the LCD will display printing in progress (with no impression caused), then the screen would just whiten and the printer would appear to restart, with the HP logo, and then subsequently return to the normal display mode, as if she was ready to print or copy, no matter.   No printing would take place, and the print queue would remain as if there is a current print job, with no impression caused.

    When you try to use the USB connection, the print queue indicates that a print command has been sent to the printer, but then, he did the same wireless, with the LCD screen goes white and apparently to restart the printer.  The print queue is populated, but printing never takes place.

    I have reset the printing system several times, removed and reinstalled the printer several times (wireless W USB connections), use the HP utility to try to install the printer, download and install the latest version of the driver for the device, rebooted the MacBook Pro, etc, etc.

    The ONLY thing that can print at this time is if I use the HP utility software, and receive information from device and then use the PAGE printing CONFIGURATION - then and then only, the printer responds immediately and prints the page, just as it was always in the past (until now!).

    I have tried everything I can think, for several hours, and can not understand what the problem might be.

    Any idea to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated!


    Thank you for your constant perseverance on this issue.  I forgot my post here, until I received a notification today about your response to date.

    Curiously, I "stumbled" upon the cause of the problem recently, and he had NOTHING to do with the printer or the MacBook Pro OS X (recently updated to Yosemite).

    It turns out that the problem was in the PDF file that I was trying to print!  Periodically, I'll print PDFs to a particular Web site, and it is these PDF files - exclusively - who made the mistake of communication between the computer and the printer.  The problem with PDFs is unique to the Mac OS X, because I can print the exact same PDF files from my laptop running Windows without problem.

    I have no idea what the "Bug" in the East of PDF files... probably never is, but given that I can do what I need to do with a Windows laptop, my problem is solved.

    I contacted the Admin on the website where I was printing the PDF files they offer, to make them aware of the situation.

    Thank you for your interest and your help!


  • Page color Laserjet Pro CM1415fnw covers in cyan when left.

    I have a CM1415fnw pro Color Laserjet started dumping toner cyan on all print jobs. You can still see the entire job behind a wall of blue. It prints a few jobs if the printer is off and unplugeed for a little while but when left will do as shown above. seems properly print black and white if the setting for all of the work of the printer is configured to print in grayscale. I tried to clean and calibrate several times back to back and tried to update the firmware with no luck. Replaced all toners of color as they were almost empty probably about 7%, still no luck. Does anyone else have a similar experience? All other functions work fine.

    Hi RexJohnson,

    Sorry to hear that your printer is out of warranty now.

    On the manual, starting on page 233, it includes steps for quality problems that you can take a look at.


    Make sure that the printer is connected directly to a wall outlet. (do not use a hub or a surge protector)

    This ensures that the printer is full on and can help this situation.

    Thank you.

  • Color LaserJet Pro 500: grateful additional paper tray

    Brand new LaserJet Pro 500 and 500 sheets and heavy media bin (model CE522A/part number 2273B00AA). Machine will not recognize the paper tray.

    Last night, I left it unplugged and the two separate rooms - put back them together this morning, then plugged the power and network in and turned on. When the machine starts up, I see "true HP installed', 'Configuration' and 'Initializing' messages.

    I have a case open with HP support. She sent me this morning to say that the part number I sent relate to the status bar and the serial number I sent was the printer. I took the numbers directly from the status bar and lose faith in a hurry.

    Please let me know if there is a driver setting I'm missing or something to make it go fast.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    The plateau of 500 pages CE522A is not intended for any model of the Laserjet 500 printer, it is intended for the previous models such as the CM3530 printer for example.

    What is your exact printer model?

    The M525 model supports the tray CE530A:

    The M551 or M570 models supports the Board of CF084A:

    Where did you get the shape of the status bar? It is not intended for your printer and can therefore be used with her...


  • I can't print pdf files with Color LaserJet Pro MFP M4777 - says "unable to print document."

    When I try to print a pdf document the printer says "the document could not be printed" "it is have not chosen to print pages. It will print from word.

    Try this.

    Remove the rom Acrobat Reader your computer completely.   Now, go to the website Adobe and download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.  Try now.

  • Why is my printer HP LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw prints 4 horizontal lines of each color of ink?

    My printer prints 4 horizontal lines of each ink color.  Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't.  I tried the recalibration, restart, remove all the cartridges and put in new cartridges.  Nothing works.  What is the drum?  The printer is only 6 months old.


    This article should cover the problem you are experiencing. Give the steps a shot and let me know if it helps:

    Good luck!

  • HP LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw color multifunction printer - cannot FIND the WIRELESS NETWORKS

    PRINTER: HP LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw color multifunction printer

    OS: Windows 7

    OWNER: More than 2 years without any problem

    LOCATION/SET-UP: To my personal residence. All-in-one router through the cable company.

    QUESTION: Suddenly, printer cannot find wireless networks. Nothing has changed recently in my service provider or equipment. I know that the router and the internet is not the problem because our 2 smart phones and three laptops still not connect. I triend manually configure the network using the SSID and key phrases, but still nothing.


    I would like to perform a hard reset by removing the power of the whole machienethrough the power cord for 30 seconds. Depending on whether I have would reconnect the printer to the wireless network and set a static IP address.


  • LaserJet Pro M276: What paper Laser Photo 4 X 6 can I use in a Color Laserjet Pro M276

    What paper Laser Photo 4 X 6 can I use in a Color Laserjet Pro M276?


    Go to the next page, the first page only 12 points from the list. In any case, HP provides larger format documents for Laser printers. I do not know why:! & TabName = vao

    I do not print photos at home, too expensive, but for the test, I normally print 4 photos on a single sheet (A4) and cut in 4.

    Kind regards.

  • Color Laserjet MFP M176n Pro: Color Laserjet Pro MFP M176n stuck on initializing, Toner carousel will not go


    Our Color Laserjet Pro M176n MFP is stuck at initializing, since the last time that the yellow toner cartridge has been replaced. After the replacement of the cartridge, the toner carousel turned, started making rattling noises and then stopped. She does after every start. It seems that there is something blocking the movement of the carousel, since I can't move it even manually as described in of many other forum posts on similar problems. Is there a way to access the back of the carousel to see if there is something blocking it from moving?

    Thanks for letting me know @samuelm.

    I don't see any other way to access the tonics. The printer will need to be repaired. Thank you!

  • HP Color LaserJet Pro M252n: HP Color LaserJet Pro M252n duplex automatic does not

    Even if it is set to automatic duplex is not reflect pages...? I have try the uninstall, Setup, reset...

    The printer Color LaserJet Pro M252n does not have a double-sided hardware unit, so that you can used perform manual duplex printing (assuming that the printer driver supports this), not the automatic duplex printing.

    The model M252dw has a double-sided hardware unit.

  • LaserJet Pro 400: Watermark not printing on Laserjet Pro 400 on Windows 8

    On the computer of Windows 8, watermark does not print on Laserjet Pro 400 connected by USB. Please note: the function watermark works on other printers not HP, as our networked Ricoh copiers. The printer prints a watermark on a Windows 7 computer. Using the driver package LJM351_M451_Series-12200-drv_installer.

    Very hard to advise without additional evidence (such as samples).

    With my Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit system, I can print watermarks on my LaserJet Pro MFP color 400 M475dn (equivalent of MFP M451) device.

    Attached is a zip container file:

    • Small text in the abcde.txt file that contains the text "abcde".
    • Print file abcde.prn contains the print job generated by opening the text file in Notepad and by printing the document (using the driver of HP LJ300-400 color MFP M375-M475 PCL 6 ( UPD version, by specifying the "SAMPLE" watermark with the default settings; exit 'captured' by using the option "print to a file.
    • Text file abcde.prn_analysis.txt contains an analysis of the contents of the print queue.
    • PDF file abcde_scan.pdf shows a scan of the printed output by sending the contents of the direct .prn file to the printer port.

    Try to send the contents of the .prn file direct to your printer port; for USB connect, you must use something like:

    copy  /b  abcde.prn  \\computer-name\share

    in a Windows command prompt session, where:

    the computer name is the name of the workstation;

    share is a share of the Windows printer instance name.

    The resultant prints show the watermark of the SAMPLE ?

    If so, then the printer handles the commands to the printer (in this case using PCL XL) OK.

    Can generate something similar to your driver for analysis?

    [You will probably need help moderating to attach files in this forum].

  • Photosmart premium c309g-m rattling noises and then says "paper jam".

    Print a report and when I try to print another report the sounds of "grinding" printer and says now "paper jam".

    When the print order is given now just clicks and keeps saying paper jam.  There is no paper jam I can find.  I cleaned the paper rolls, but that did not help.

    A printer in a "geek" and it was not repairable.  Buy a new.

  • HP LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw color multifunction does not print PDF files

    I recently met a problem where my HP LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw color multifunction wouldn't print the PDF files.  I tried printing from a snippet, Adobe Reader, Word and PDF Pen Pro and the document will not print.  But the printer had no problem printing other formats like JPG, etc. DOCX from the same computer before and after.

    What has happened is that the computer said he sent the document to the printer and the printer screen showed "Print Document" momentarily - but then the screen of the printer would return to the ready screen and the document will not print.  There are no indications that the printer was having a problem.

    I reinstalled the drivers of HP - no change.

    Finally, I was able to print the document open in Photoshop and save as a JPG file.

    I am running OSX 10.9.2.  on a MacBook Pro.

    When I went to add a printer, the only choice of HP, I got was 'HP LaserJet CM1415fnw @ Mac Book Pro' which is described as a generic PostScript printer.  It did not work when I tried to print a PDF file.

    I then removed the printer and reinstalled it - and I see that in the last step of the installation, I had several choices.  The default choice is the print version of air, I chose the version that showed a printer HP Laserjet series CM1410.

    Problem solved.

  • HP LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw Colo: HP LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw color multifunction printers just print a document by start up

    I have my HP LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw color multifunction printer on my wireless network.  I am facing a problem when the printer is not recognized by my Mac.

    According to me, that if I turn the printer on the computer can print one document if the document is sent immediately after the printer goes through the boot process.  If this isn't the case, I have to turn and turn it back on.  It will not print a second document without having to restart the printer.  Wireless to the printer lights up if the printer can be seen from the Mac or not. The drivers are up to date on my Mac.

    Using a my iPad running IOS8, I see the same behavior.

    My current solution is to configure a document to print, and then start the printer.

    The printer is 8 feet away from my Airport Extreme wireless router.


    Have you tried to reboot your router? a router can go out of sync and transfer of packats, such multipcast will affect Apple devices you have described:

    Once reboot your router by unplugging its power for a while (remember to restart from any access point if you can have multiple), then wait for 3 minutes and restart the printer.

    You can see any difference?

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