printer drivers do not install on Dell Optiplex with windows XP

My Dell Optiplex 745 is one of the workstations using a coupleof of network printers.  We had to spend a different network server printers when the old server is dead.  Dell Optiplex connects to the network but requires a printer driver must be installed.  I have the disc but still cannot install Brother HL 5250DN and drivers HP Laserjet 3055 printer.  The error is XCopyFile failed.  Technicians of brother and Dell have checked their end and the material is very well and that he is in fact the operating system software that is bad... I use XP Professional... What is the problem and how to fix it?

My problem has been resolved.  Apparently, brother and HP did not have universal printer drivers that lead to malfunction during the installation of my printer server 64-bit for my 32-bit user workstations. Had to call the COMPUTER group to install the printer driver on the server - dared not do it myself because it might spoil the workstations.  Then I connected from my workstation on the server and downloaded the 32-bit driver option that I downloaded.

Why companies can't simplify their software and make universal knowing that there are 32-bit and 64-bit users?


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    Hi, take a look at this HP link about this problem.

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    Please let know us, if I make a any error.



    I understand that you have tried to uninstall and reinstall again already, but please try the following steps and let me know if you are able to complete a successful installation later.

    1. Hold down the Windows Logo key () on the keyboard and the 'R' to open the dialog box run, type %temp%
    2. Delete all files and folders in the temp folder. Choose Skip if all pop ups seem to say all files cannot be deleted
    3. The new software - uninstall the printer software Instructions
    4. Once the uninstall is complete, reboot the computer
    5. Follow these steps to reset the registry settings and options for Windows Installer.
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    This happens for your model of printer you have given us: MFC-9970CDW NO result found at Brother for MFC 9970.

    Go to the website of brothers.

    Uninstall/reinstall your printer using the latest drivers from here your operating system.

    Most of the manufacturer will also have troubleshooting steps for you to take registered there, too.

    This can also help you:

    "Solve printer problems.

    "Solve printer problems.

    In the upper right corner, select your operating system from the menu drop-down.

    See you soon.

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    I have reset to setting faactory and reinstalled everthing but its still the same.

    Ideas a BIG help thanks in advance.

    This strange s
    Usually, using the operating system recovery disc must be set to the factory setting and everything should be ok.

    However, I recommend first upgrading the BIOS, then the LAN/WLan card driver.
    The card chip Realtek (Realtek 10/100 Base-TX) LAN and WLan card chip is Intel (Intel 802.11 a/g/n WiFi Link 5100AGN)

    Download the WLan driver from this page Toshiba WLan:

    and the LAN driver can be downloaded from the Realtek page, or on site pilot European Toshiba too.
    Remove/uninstall the old drivers and then install the new drivers.

    Good bye

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    The Base system is the JMicron card reader.

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    2 stranger's validity

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    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    According the information you have provided, I understand that you found the error code 28 in Windows XP. I will certainly help you in this matter.

    Please follow the link and check it out.

    Explanation of error codes generated by Device Manager in Windows XP Professional

    Using the windows-related issues feel free to post on the Microsoft Community Forum.

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    Please try some of the suggestions provided in the following article:

  • Try to reinstall the printer and will not install due to not having Admin rights

    original title: Instalation printer

    Try to reinstall the printer and will not install due to not having Admin rights. I am the administrator,

    How can I continue?

    Thank you

    Right click on the printer software setup.exe, etc > run as admin.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Device drivers are not installed

    Analyzer performance and Windows 7 resources, said that the device drivers are not installed, but I can't find the specified driver - Win32_PnPEntity.DeviceID="PCI\\VEN_1180&DEV_E230&SUBSYS_9071104D&REV_00\\4&1EAEF792&0&01E1"

    How can I download the driver?

    This seems to be a Ricoh PCIe Memory Stick Host Controller.

    Go to your computer manufacturers web site a glance of the drivers for your model.

  • My browser is malfunctioning and device drivers are not installed code 28 for Simple PCi communications controller.

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    Details that are in Device Manager

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    Another property

    Harware IDS


    PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_29C4 & SUBSYS_50448086 & REV_02

    PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_29C4 & SUBSYS_50448086

    PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_29C4 & CC_078000

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    Thank you, Kat

    Hi Kat,

    1. what web browser do you use?

    2. are you unable to go online?

    3. have you made a recent software or hardware changes to the system?

    This error indicates that the drivers for the device are not installed.

    The ID of the seller seems to be related to the drivers of Intel.

    You may be prompted to provide the path of the driver. Windows may have the driver built-in. If you are prompted for the driver and you don't have it, you can try to download the latest version of the driver from the computer or the device manufacturer's Web site.

    You can also try to download the latest version of the computer manufacturer's website Chipset drivers and check if it helps.

    Updated a hardware driver that is not working properly

    For more information, see the article:

    What to do when a device is not installed correctly

    Hope the helps of information.

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    Please contact Microsoft Community.

    I would like to know the following information so that we can help you further.

    • What is the model of the computer?

    Please follow the method below and check if it helps:

    Please, try the steps in below link by Nirmal S replied on 12 November 2013.

    Also I suggest to install the drivers from the manufacturers website, follow the link below.

    For your reference ' t-windows-conclusion-device

    Hope this information was helpful and let us know if you need more assistance. We will be happy to help.

  • Need print drivers for an OfficeJet 7610 for R2 in Windows 2008 Server

    I need print drivers for an OfficeJet 7610 for R2 in Windows 2008 Server.  The pilot to feel that you get when download you from are for XP and Vista Window7.  The error message says I have to update my Windows 2008 Server R2 to XP, Windows7 and Vista to install drivers.  I called HP and have a case number.  All I want is a link to the REAL Windows 2008 Server R2 Enterprise OfficeJet 7610 Print Drviers in x 86 and x 64 bit versions.  Is there someone who can help?

    Hi Print_Madman! : you might have more luck going Buisiness & reierate Forum this question out there

    He is the owner of the House section

    Good luck

    hope this helps you


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