Printer Epson C88 + won't print after new color cartridges replaced

Printer Epson C88 + won't print after that new color ink cartridges have been replaced.


·        What happens when you try to print from the Epson printer? You get the error message? If Yes, what is the exact error message?

·        Your printer is able to print a test page?

·        What you are trying to print? You use third-party applications to print? If so, what application are you using to print?

Method 1:

I suggest you run the fix it is present in the article below.

Solve printer problems


To further support I suggest you to check the article mentioned below.

Printer in Windows problems

To get help, I suggest you to contact Epson. Click on the link below.

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  • HP Deskjet 970Cse only prints red after the new color cartridge installed.

    HP Deskjet 970Cse only prints red after the new color cartridge installed. I use black HP 45 and HP 78 color. Both are new. I know the printer is an older model, but it works well a month ago.  Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you for your help.  It was a faulty cartridge.  I pressed a white cloth on the ink source and only yellow and blue were visible, without red (magenta).  I've returned the fabric and cartridge in the store (with my receipt) and managed to get another canister... it worked!  Both cartridges have dates of expiry of 2016.  Glad I didn't have to spend time troubleshooting my printer.

  • I have a new color cartridge, but the printer will only print b/w

    Original title: printer

    My color cartridge was low so I replaced my color cartridge.  Although even I have a new color cartridge in my printer does not print in color.

    Hi Paulawagner,

    ·         What operating system is installed on your computer?

    ·         What is the brand and model of the printer?

    ·         Did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    Please answer the following questions so that we offer in addition to the steps to solve the problem of troubleshooting.

    First of all, make sure that the color cartridge/toner is not empty or blocked.

    You may have accidentally changed the print options that caused the problem.

    Check out the following articles for more information about changing the printing options, printing a photo, etc.:

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    Choose printing options

    I hope this helps.

  • my printer is working, but it will not be printed in color and a new color cartridge is installed.

    HP Deskjet D4160 printer with the Windows XP computer. My printer is working, but it will not be printed in color and a new color cartridge is installed - what can I do?

    The steps in this troubleshooting page can help solve the problem.



    Hello ImranNagoor

    It depends on print quality settings what you use with the printer as well as other factors such as the HP cartridges. You can see the available black and tricolor cartridges available for Officejet J3608 at the following link, including the returns estimated for each Page. To use the least ink use quick project for a print quality.

    HP Suresupply (Officejet J3608)

    Also for more information about how we measure the ink Yield the article below.

    How to give inkjet HP measures page

  • HP Office 6100: Print with the color cartridges or exhausted?

    Hi, I recently bought a printer, but the color cartridges are empty.

    Is it possible to print in black & white, then they are showing email...

    Either by removing disable them them or the software must have color available, even if only need black & white document printing...

    Thank you


    Need ink for the printer to use, to ensure that the functionality of the system and avoid the clogging of the print head.

    You must replace any empty color printing as listed in the following document:


  • After installing new color cartridge for my Canon MG2100, I am unable to re - align my impressions

    How to make a PAGE of realignment, after installing the new color cartridge?  The impressions that I get are blurred :(   Installed cartridge was Canon 241xl color.   Looking forward to a quick response, thanks!

    The usefulness of Canon software/driver, you may not access this except if you have installed full functionality from the canon cd software

  • Epson sx438w does not recognize the new ink cartridge

    Epson sx438w does not recognize the new ink cartridge, when change original are

    Contact Epson.  This isn't a problem of Windows or Microsoft.  They should be able to help or offer troubleshooting instructions.

  • I have a premeium 6700 officejet that printer will not print if ANY color cartridge is low or empty.

    I have an Officejet 6700 Premium printer e all-in-one.  I can not print if ANY color cartridge is low or empty and black is full, and I want to print something that uses black ink.  Is this what can I do to print in black only without replacing color cartridges when they are not needed for the print job? Still, I can't make any impression unless all color cartridges are not low or empty.


    I recommend taking a look at the following document, including the section "How to print with Black Ink Only":

  • my printer makes a cracking noise strong; problem with the new color cartridge

    My printer makes a cracking noise when I turn it on and try to print.

    Also, I put in a new color ink cartridge. Sometimes the color looks like it is running out of ink, then next time I have print

    something, the color is good

    I tried to clean the rollers as you told me.  When I turned the printer on again, the fort by clicking noise was gone.  I can't believe that solved the problem.

    But when I tried to print a greeting card, color before had lines through it, as it does when the ink is getting low.

    I just put a new cartridge, so I knew it wasn't ink.  I was told to remove the ink cartridge & then put

    back in.  After that, I printed a map & it was fine.

    So I hope that he takes care of my problems.

    Thank you very much for your help!  I was about to buy a new printer, but it's only 3 years.

    Mary Louise

  • Photosmart C310: What models allow a black-and-white printing with low color cartridge?

    I'm looking to replace my old HP Photosmart Premium all-in-One printer, because it works with reliability more. My biggest problems with this model are:
    I can't print in black and white when one or more of the color cartridges must be replaced
    The black ink cartridges work only sporadically. I lost a lot of money on the black ink cartridges that do not work, and I tried all the techniques of troubleshooting many times and no solution.
    I hate having to spend $100 + to replace the cartridges. It's such a scam!

    I have teenagers who need the ability to print the homework on a very regular basis and in a timely. I can't spend another frantic morning, trying to get a printer (with new cartridges) to print!

    I hope someone with a knowledge of the range of HP products can explain different types of all-in-one printers available to me... and which would be best suited to my needs. Ideally, I'd like to find one that allows to print in black and white ONLY when the color cartridges are low or exhausted - if there is such a thing?

    Thanks in advance for any info, tips or advice anyone could offer!

    Hi @katvit74,

    While I don't have any specific purchasing advice @katvit74, I can offer a few troubleshooting tips to see whether your printer is at the end of his life.

    You're not the first to express frustration at having to have impoverished the cartridges replaced to continue printing. Personally, I suggest to use grayscale options, when printing so that the colored inks not so quickly adjust upward. Frankly, after reading your post again, I feel that you don't have want to solve your Photosmart Premium.

    I value your time and do not want you to feel like I don't have. That being said, we will encircle your initial request. Maybe you would rather a system printer for 2 ink that the cartridge supports single mode, or maybe a Laserjet that prints black only. The printer you choose should be based on your needs. According to me, the best way I can help is to offer you the tool product Advisor.

    Tool advice product is designed to target the product most suitable for your particular needs. Please answer all questions to give us the most complete picture of your needs - more information you provide, the more efficiently, we can recommend.

    Here is the link: help me choose a printer

    If it meets your needs, please consider tagging this post as solved by clicking accepted as Solution below and others can find the answer more effectively.

  • HP 4480 print with the color cartridge only.

    The all-in-one Deskjet printer copied a page and printed it happened to be all black text, and I did the copy without using the computer.  When I tried to do the same thing with the second page, only a small symbol of color in this page appeared on the paper.  I tried a new black cartridge, without result; the alignment sheet was only the blue rectangles and an arrow pink.  I tried to clean the printer heads and saw only the colored rectangles, not blacks, on the test page.

    There are a few spots on a page where the ink is gray instead of black, but everything is readable.  Maybe I soaked too long cartridge.

  • HP 5530: Black-and-white printing with no color cartridge

    Two questions please.

    (1) this printer print black and white if the color cartridge is empty or not placed on printer at all.

    (2) I have been using HP 61 XL.  Is HP 61 the same quality as HP XL 61

    Thank you.

    Hey @Kathiebronx,

    I see that you have questions about the desire 5530 e - all - in - one printer. I can answer those for you.

    (1) the 5530 envy has a system of two cartridges so it will print with a black cartridge in the printer.

    (2) 61 and 61XL cartridges are both HP cartridges. The printer must be able to print with the same quality that you were using a regular cartridge or a cartridge XL.

    I hope this helps to answer your questions and I hope you have a great week!

    If this resolve that your problem then please let others know by clicking on accept as Solution on my post.

    If you appreciate my help so please inform other users of the forum by clicking on the icon below my post thumbs up.

  • New color cartridge does not work

    I have a longer printer hp psc 1210 and never had any problems until recently.  I ran more ink color and black print just for a few months, but now that I finally bought several cartridges color it does not print colors and I get an error message saying that the tri color cartridge is not compatible.  I checked and this brand is compatible with my printer, I tried to take the cartridges out and put them back in and unplug the printer.  I tried to clean the electrical contacts, and always the color will not print.  I even bought another another brand color cartridge and tried and still no luck! What can I do else?

    I understand that you get an error of ink cartridge rejection. I would like to look at this document here the addresses of ink cartridge for your printer errors. It will show you how to remove and inspect the cartridges with the printer disconnected. It will also show you how to clean the cartridges and the printer falls. Since you mentioned that you cleaned the contacts on the cartridges. compare the methods you employee against the instructions and make sure to follow with the falls of the printer in order to ensure that all the build-up has been removed from cleaner. I hope this helps.

  • my printer does not print in good clolour even after new ink cartridges install clean nossles p

    my printer does not print good color, even after you installed new ink cleaned nossles new cartridges cartridges still print does not correctly

    Learn the steps in the document located here. The document includes steps to help solve the problems of print quality in a B110a. Hope this helps, Peter.

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