Printer HP all-in - One Pro 8620: how to change the fonts on my 8620 Pro printer of HP Officejet all-in-one

How can I change the font size for the printer HP Officejet all-in-One Pro 8620.



You need to change requests. Use application use?

Kind regards.

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    Hello world.

    I want to know how to change the font of the text that appears in the context menu is native to click with the right button on the icon that is completely left in the title bar of JFrames which use the default appearance for decoration (JFrame.setDefaultLookAndFeelDecorated (true); / / uses the metal L & F, theme "Océans").

    I searched and found nothing. I thought I could use what I learned to, but I couldn't find something that worked.

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    After a few more messing around, I finally did! I love so much it makes me a little sad Java how it is difficult to do things like that. In any case, I found a method here to recursively change the fonts of all components in a JFileChooser, but it does not work on the JPopupMenu (now I know the name) who jumps to the top of the icon in the title bar. So I messed around with this method a few casting and was able to change the fonts of the JMenuItems:

    public static void setSubComponentFont (Component comp[], Font font) {
        for (int x = 0; x < comp.length; x++) {
            if (comp[x] instanceof Container) {
                setSubComponentFont(((Container)comp[x]).getComponents(), font);
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                    for (Component y : ((JMenu)comp[x]).getPopupMenu().getComponents()) {
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    I was inspired by this thread of utiliser.toString () .contains ().

    I also did with nested loops, so the path to the menu items can be seen:

    for (Component a : frame.getLayeredPane().getComponents()) {
        if (a.toString().contains("MetalTitlePane")) {
            for (Component b : ((Container)a).getComponents()) {
                if (b.toString().contains("SystemMenuBar")) {
                    for (Component c : ((Container)b).getComponents()) {
                        for (Component d : ((JMenu)c).getPopupMenu().getComponents()) {
                            if (d.toString().contains("JMenu")) {

    Each System.out.println () gives an indication of what should go on what follows if State, so they should be used one at a time. This does not work for the title of the JFileChooser however font. When I have time I'll either look no further away inside or ask another question.

    So, if someone else needs like I did, it's here. As a tip, System.out.println () and. toString() are your friends! That's how I learned what was contained in each object, and which path I needed to take to get to objects of interest.

    Thanks anyway!

  • Yoga Tablet 2-1050 - how to change the fonts


    Just bought my compressed Yoga 2-1050 and really like it. Updated to Android 5.0, and everything works great.

    A question, however: does anyone know how to change the font (not font size) on my device not rooted?

    Thank you!

    You can't change the fonts by default on an android device, except if the option has been enabled by the devs - in which case, it will be somewhere in the menu "settings".

    However, there are two workarounds:

    1. install another Launcher to game Google store. Different allow different settings such as the layouts of different menu, different fonts, Widgets, etc.

    2. the only other option is to root your device that belongs entirely to the user & one I wouldn't recommend it unless you know what you are doing and accept the fact that it is very easy to brick your device.
    You'll also voiding the warranty (dependent on country) Although some manufacturers are pretty lax on this and can do a RMA number.

    This is pretty much your only options in its current version.

  • How to change the font by default in Illustrator CS6?

    How to change the font by default in Illustrator CS6?

    All first that for 10.7 and above

    Then go to ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Illustrator CS6/fr_FR/New Document profiles and open the files that you use it more. For each profile that you want to change, open the window > Type > character Styles and double click on the [Normal Character Style]. Change here to the desired police, size, etc. Close and save the document.

    Do this to every profile you want to edit. There is also another copy of these files in the package of application that are used to replace the in the user profile in the cases where preferences are replaced.

  • How I change the fonts and colors of default return?

    I changed the font and the color of the text through the Tools button and the button options and the tab content. I can't find anything tell me how to change the fonts and colors to the colors and fonts by default. Can you advise me? I use Windows 7 Home Premium OS. Thank you.

    Hi Brenda19605,

    You can use this article to set the fonts and colors: & s = do & r = 0 & s = as

    The default settings for the police are in this article:

    Unfortunately for the default color has no good reference. For the text, but it is black (most lower-left), the background is white (color above left). Unvisited links is blue (column 8, line 5) and the visited link is purple (column 9, line 5).

    Let me know if you need help more!


  • How to change the font colors in the communities of support?

    How to change the font colors in the communities of support?

    Thank you

    Press or click on use the Advanced Editor in the upper right of this text block which will take you to it.

  • How to change the font size in windows diff that is email; Word; etc.

    How to change the font size in windows diff i.e. E-mail; Word; etc.

    Try the following: (Note: you must be an administrator to do so)

    1. go into the control panel.

    2. double-click on 'ease of access '.

    3. click on "make the computer easier to see.

    4. click on "change the size of text and icons.

    5. click on "Continue" to the pop-up message.

    6. Select "larger scale (120 DPI)(-rendre le texte plus lisible) and click on 'OK'."

    You need to restart for the change to take effect.

  • How to change the font on Sticky Notes only?

    I would like to know how to change the fonts for the only Sticky Notes on Windows 7 64 bit. Thank you for the answer.

    There is no way to change the police just in sticky notes.

    You can, however, type something into Word (or other word processor) with a desired font, and then cut and paste in the Notepad and it will use this font in this note.

  • How to change the fonts on windows 8.

    I wonder how to change the fonts by default to Gabriola police? is there a software that I need to buy? Please let me know if you know how.thanks... big nose...

    Hi Edgardargueta,

    The function to change the font is not available in window 8. This feature is by design. The only way is to increase or decrease the text size and can also be turned into fat.

    See the following link for more information:

    The software is a third problem, Microsoft does not support any software of third-party application. The best option for you is to use your favorite search engine and the search for these software online.


    Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

    Just reply to us if you are having problems with Windows in the future. We will be happy to help you.

  • How to change the font size of the copyright on my photos and make so comment

    How to change the font size of the copyright on my photos and make so comment

    Open the watermark editor (Menu > edit > modify watermarks...)

    Select the watermark to delete in the drop-down list box.

    Click on the drop down a second time.

    Choose the option 'delete '.

  • How to change the font size of statictext and button is the font size in the user interface?


    How to change the font size of statictext and button is the font size in the user interface?



    var w = new Window ("dialog");
    var s = w.add ("statictext", undefined, " 30 Point Static");
    var s2 = w.add ("statictext", undefined, " 100 Point Static");
    // the third argument is the font size = ScriptUI.newFont ("Helvetica", "Bold", 30); = ScriptUI.newFont ("Helvetica", "Bold", 100); ();

    See the example above.

    See also Peter Karhels Guide to the user interface. Very recommended.

  • How to change the font size to print documents?

    Original title:

    Printer prints very small fonts
    How can I change this font?
    It was working fine


    Generally, we change the font size in the application with which we try to print.

    1. what application you use to print?

    2. what operating system is installed on the computer?

    You can view the following link to learn more about print options:

    Choose printing options

    Let us know if it helps!

  • [ADF, JDev12.1.3] How to change the font size for all of the components of output within an af:panelBox?


    I need to change the font size for all the inputTexts, LOVs of outputText, labels, etc. which are in different panelFormLayouts inside a panelBox.

    I tried to define a CSS class and to assign to the panelBox but it has not worked.

    You kindly suggest me an easy way to do this?

    Thank you



    You can try something like this:

    AF | panelBox::content label, af | panelBox::content, af | panelBox::content entry, af | panelBox::content select {}

    your style


    At least the style of the components you named should be changed. If you need more you can add others.

    Kind regards


  • I can't go in the settings of fonts. How to change the font size?

    I had downloaded the latest version of Firefox and I finished it sync for my Android phone. I went into a kind of dialog box settings and accidentally changed my fonts and text settings and now I can't read any of my Gmail which is in my account on my desktop - it's too small. I'm trying to figure out how I can enter in the content settings (I feel that I do once I have enter the menu 'options' on the content settings page, but I don't know how to bring up the menu of the content/page settings). I use my desktop PC for work and I can't use it with the font settings and how they are now. I also read where the issues are taken, but no one knows how to find the answers to the questions people are asking. How do we get the answers that people give us on the issue, we asked?

    I hope you can help me as soon as POSSIBLE, I can change what I as soon as POSSIBLE. I'm working on my pc 24/7 for the work and is not helping me when I can't read the emails and I can't solve the problem.

    Thank you!

    Hi Upset2,

    Sorry to hear that you are having problems with font sizes in Firefox on your desktop.

    Text sizes really small for each Web site you visit, or is it just your emails?
    Text sizes are really small on your desktop and Android or only one?

    There are several things that could cause your text sizes to seem strange, so I'll take you by a couple.

    First of all, your email page could have a zoom. On your PC, could you please try open Gmail and then by clicking on the icon at the top right of your screen that looks like three lines?

    This will bring up a new menu and near the top of the menu are three buttons: a minus (-), a percentage (that is to say, he could say 70%) and a plus (+). Please click button percentage - this should Gmail zoom to 100%.

    If that doesn't fix it, let's try using the method on your printout. To access the content settings screen, click the button in the top right that looks like three lines. Click on Preferences. A new window will open. Click on the 'Content' button and follow the instructions that you change the font size.

    There is another version of the instructions I just gave you, with screenshots, here: font size and zoom - increase the size of web pages

    Mozilla Support issues are all handled by volunteers, and at peak hours, there may be a delay. Thanks for your patience!

    I hope this helps.


  • How to change the font, color line, column and Grand Total labels in PivotTable

    Hello Guru

    Can you get it some one please let me know how to change the look and feel of the reports in Pivot table using css files. I want to have the dimension and the measure to be of different color columns and grand total different color. I want to achieve for all pivot table reports instead of manually change each report so I want to do in css files.under s_SRIKI\b_mozilla_4\views.css I've seen a lot of options but nothing has worked. So can you please exactly tell what class we need to change to make changes. Thank you!!!

    Thank you


    For values

    . OORT {}

    text-align: right;

    vertical-align: top;

    color: Red;


    For the product if you got hyper link

    Code OOB is

    . PTL {}

    color: #039;

    text-decoration: none;

    cursor: pointer;


    If brand aid

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