Printer processor no longer on my computer

I have Windows XP Media Center Edition 2002 series, and the PRINT PROCESSOR does not exist so my Kodak printer will no longer work with her.  How can I get the processor of the printer on my computer?  It works perfectly until a month ago, then the printer has stopped working with my computer.  Kodak has been contacted and took control of my computer, and then could not solve the problem and reminded earlier.  With control even once, Kodak showed me that the error led to a printer on Ms missing processor.

I have automated updates of Windows, so I don't understand how this 'left' my computer element.  Ms. wants $99 back on my computer... but there must be a simpler solution.  Any suggestions?  Thank you


The computer has service pack 3.  The error says"cannot install the printer.  The print processor does not exist"... does this help?

Not really.  I had this error before.

There is a Microsoft KB Article that address this issue: but I'm a little suspicious of the applicability of this article because (a) you probably have a printer standard consumer (which is unlikely to have a "custom print processor"), (b) If your printer requires a "custom print processor", then Kodak should have known on this subject and what is provided , and (c) your system apparently works OK without the hotfix mentioned in the article.

Although I can't guarantee it will solve your problem, I suggest that you clean your printer drivers by following the instructions here-->

Before you start to follow Bruce, open Control Panel > add or remove programs and remove anything related to your printer.  Restart the computer.

Then follow the steps of Bruce 1-5.  Restart the computer.  As Bruce wrote, these measures should be sufficient, but if you want to be great depth, download and run cleanspl.exe OR follow steps 6-14 (in step 9, do not start the spooler or you will probably not be able to delete the files in the later stages; the spooler is restarted in step 14).

When you are finished, reinstall the printer as if you were doing so for the first time.  Do not connect the printer to your computer until you are prompted to do so by the software.  You should probably go on the Kodak website and download the latest software for your printer package; Otherwise, use the CD that comes with it.

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    I have a new laptop HP Envy 17 Touchsmart with Windows 8.  I have a HP Officejet 6700 printer all-in-one that is about a year.  All connected with a new router Wireless N-series. When I got the new computer set up, I think that there is a place name of the computer, so I gave him 'name #1 '.  Update the necessary printer driver download, I have difficulty to operate and HP helped me get it set up and printing.  Then the webcam on the computer was not working, remote as HP and everthing moved on an external hard drive and then reset the computer to factory settings.  So when I went back through to reset the computer, I gave him a different name for some reason any. (the reset solved the problem of the cam).  Now, the computer still recognizes the printer, and it allows to print wireless. However, the printer will not scan to the computer... He asks me to pick a computer to scan to, and one that arises is the "#1 name". I went through the printer setup wizard and re - has done, but it doesn't seem to help.  I am now at a loss... HP says it's a printer problem and no computer so I have to pay for my printer is just out of warranty.  Any help is appreciated!


    I can't verify this directly - I packed just the 6700 and is no longer in service.

    I think the following will work:

    The easiest thing to do is to reinstall the software of complete functionality on your computer.

    HP Officejet 6700 Premium e-All-in-One printer - H711n drivers

    • Enter your operating system from the menu drop-down
    • Click NEXT and scroll down
    • Find the category driver - software product installation
    • Select the base driver, e-print, or a full features software
    • Save the *.exe installation package (s) on your computer

    The files will probably save in the "folder"downloads. "

    • If you have control of "Admin", you can highlight the package and "double-click" to install it, otherwise just right-click, select run as administrator and install.


    During the installation of the software, search for 'Enable Scan to Computer'.  If you do not see it during the installation and the installation is off, a message may well pop up on your Notifications bar tasks you can activate it.

    Hope that helps.

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    It's a nice way of saying 'Thank you' for help.

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    I do not represent the official position or views on any topic of HP.

  • Error code Win32 returned by the print processor: 2147500037. Unspecified error

    I see that this error code has been resolved.   I have a few questions on this topic tho.  Loop here, is where the fun begins.  If i see this exact problem in my hosted cloud envorioment.  The printers are installed locally and are drawn on the network when the user logs in the hosted environment. The user connecting to a full desktop, which is a Windows 2008 R2 server server.  They only receive this problem when printing via the cloud. that uses the same printer drivers installed on the local PC.  On-site printing has the success rate of 100%.

    Here are the mistakes I see:

    Https://, belonged to craig_REM, document failed to print on printer HP LaserJet P2050 Series PCL6 (from CRAIG) in session 18. Try printing the document again, or restart the print spooler.

    Data type: NT EMF 1,008. Spool file size in bytes: 589824. Number of bytes printed: 540384. Total number of pages in the document: 2. number of pages printed: 0. Client computer: \\VS-XA35. Error code Win32 returned by the print processor: 2147500037. Unspecified error

    Where I am confused, is that I have no driver installed on the server.  they are all drawn in front of the user login local machine solange.  With printing works fine locally.  Uninstalling the drivers will make them any good?  or where should I be looking next?


    Thank you for visiting the Microsoft answers community site. Your question of Windows is more complex than what is generally answered in the Microsoft Answers forums. It is better suited for the IT Pro TechNet public. Please post your question in the TechNet Windows Serverforum.

  • XP Pro printing error "client machine: \\TOOLSHED.» Error code Win32 returned by the print processor: 53 (0x35). "

    I have two PCs connected to a "2wire gateway" I got ATT.  I can read and write files to write to the network, but I can't print from the remote computer or client.

    Hi KennethBurns,
    -Are you connected to any network domain? If so, contact the system administrator to solve this problem.
    Here's a similar post on this issue. Follow the suggestion given by "Afzal Taher - Support Engineer" to solve this problem:
    Note: The suggestion given in the link is applicable for the Windows XP operating system.
  • install printer Windows XP error message: there is no print processor

    Try to re - install a printer (Knoica/Minolta MC-2300-DL) and installation of the process works fine until you click the final OK... then I get the error message "cannot install the printer.  The print processor does not exist. »

    I used the FIX IT program and because he can't see this printer as installed, is not able to help.

    Hi cjm1219,

    · What is the edition of windows that is installed on the computer?

    · What is the service pack installed?

    If you have installed Windows XP Professional edition, there is a fix that allows you to solve the problem. The fix is included in Windows XP service pack 3.

    Link to the fix: you cannot install a printer that uses a print processor in Windows Server 2003 Server or Windows XP Professional:

    To install Windows XP service pack 3 access the link below:

    If you already have service pack 3 on the computer can see: you receive an error message when you try to use the Add Printer Wizard to add a printer in Windows XP:

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

  • 2 printers - can print only a - print processor does not exist?

    I have two printers - one that I just bought.  I installed the new without any problems, that is a series of Deskjet 3510.  The other is a series of deskjet 6980.  I want to use two printers, but when I try to print the 6980 is not in the drop-down list.  I see when I look at the printers in my computer, but he can't see it when I try to print.  I tried to reinstall the 6980 and it says that the print processor does not exist.  Help, please!

    There's a troubleshooter created by HP

    Please try the HP printer installation wizard

    or use this link:

  • Print processor does not exist

    I am running Vista Home Basic SP2, and all of a sudden my computer does not recognize my computer. Attempts to re - install gives the notification: "unable to install the printer. The print processor does not exist. "What could be the problem? How is this best set?

    I finished by using System Restore and restore to the previous successful configuration. It worked, but I still don't know why the printer stopped working. Everything works fine now. Initially I had uninstalled the printer and re-installed, but he would never let me complete the installation.

  • somehow my printer has stopped working and the computer tells me that an unknown error has occurred - can someone tell me what happened

    My printer no longer works the computer tells me an unknown error has occurred, can you help me understand?


    ·                         try to uninstall and reinstall and use the latest printer drivers VISTA for your model of the manufacturer of the printer

    Read the information above from Microsoft about fixing printer problems.


    You can also track information to try to solve your problems of printer below

    read the printer correct that information the slot microsoft, including the 'fix - it' and the information of the links to the other

    Solve printer problems

    and read this microsoft tutorial too


    This tutorial is designed to help you identify and fix the problem printer common windows problems, including print errors, or errors, and other issues that could prevent you from printing. This tutorial does not cover printing problems related to specific programs. Printing problems can be caused by cables that are not properly connected, corrupt, drivers, incompatible drivers, the printer settings, missing updates and problems with your printer.

    How to use this tutorial

    For best results, complete each step before move you on to the next. Try to print after each step before moving on to the next step.

  • Printer is no longer printing - multiple computers

    My embarrassing problem.  I have a home network, which has 5 computers on him; 2 corporate laptops and home 3.

    1 corporate computer has been connected via the USB switch port to share the printer and audio/keyboard/mouse for two years with 1 office home for a psc 2510

    2 mobile company ever printed on personal printer, nor has any other desktop computer

    1 laptop to print to the main 2510 HP PSC.

    Now, the only one that still prints is the reception desk.

    The scan option still works for the company 1 computer, but printing does not work.  In properties, all the parts are loaded into analogues on the desktop but still nothing.

    I have re-downloaded the drivers and those developed to date, but still no can do.

    The laptop is no longer detects printer even though you can still see the home network (which is no longer the printer sees).  It indicates that the driver is not available, but I have re-download.


    Please contact Microsoft Community.

    I understand that your printer is not printing.

    I will definitely help you with this.

    I suggest you go through the below methods:

    Method 1: Try to run the printer Troubleshooter:

    1. Press Windows + R key.

    2. Type command and press ENTER.

    3. Click on troubleshooting.

    4. In the left pane, click View all.

    5. In the list, double-click the printer and run the troubleshooter.

    Method 2: Try the clean boot:

    A clean boot is executed to start Windows by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This will eliminate the conflicts of software that occur when you install a program or an update or when you run a program in 8.1 of Windows, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista. You can also troubleshoot or determine what conflict is causing the problem by performing a clean boot.

    How to perform a clean boot in Windows

    Note: See "how to reset the computer to start normally after a boot minimum troubleshooting" to prepare the computer to start as usual after a repair.

    Also check out the link below:

    Solve printer problems

    I hope this helps. Please post back with the State of the question and we will be happy to help you further.

  • "The print processor does not exist" what can I do? The printer is a Brother MFC-J430w.

    I am trying to install a wireless printer Brother MFC-J430w on my Dell PC to 32-bit. I have downloaded the driver on the Internet, but I get a prompt saying "cannot install the printer. The print processor does not exist. "What should I do?

    Yes, you can try to replace localspl.dll winprint.dll

    Create a restore point from the system beforehand and restart the computer later.

  • Cannot install the printer. The print processor does not exist.

    Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit.  I am able to install HP LaserJet printers but no virtual printer.  I can not load the XPS from Windows printer or Print to OneNote.  I also tried to load more than one PDF printer and none of them work.  The error I keep gettig to "cannot install the printer.  The print processor does not exist. »

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    My laptop has been reloaded from a picture, and I was not able to start the print spooler at all. I have studied the issue and cleaned files and registry entries and was able to print on real printers, but not virtual. That's when I asked the question.

    Finished reimage the computer again, and once again, I could not start the print service. We discovered that the image that the laptop was built from was actually a VMWare virtual machine, so we started to look in that direction.   We had to delete the following entry in the registry and rebooting, how the print spooler began to work very well.

    [Print HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Monitors\ThinPrint for VMWare Port Monitor]

    You wanted to post this in case someone else ran into a similar problem.

    This is what worked for me.

    I copy the files from the print processor from another machine to work with the same architecture as the one who has the problem (x 86 or x 64).

    Step 1: Stop the print spooler service.

    Step 2: Copy all the files and folders on the system to work under C:\Windows\System32\spool\prtprocs\x64.

    Step 3: Make a backup of the system files listed in the C:\Windows\System32\spool\prtprocs\x64 problem.

    Step 4: Paste the files that you copy from the system of work in the case of the United Nations, the problem system.

    Step 5: Start the print spooler service.

    Try to connect or install your net printer and it should work now.

    I hope this work for all of you.

  • "Windows cannot connect to the printer. The print processor does not exist.

    I am trying to connect to a printer on my home network.  LaserJet 1020. Who lives on a different computer on windows 7.  It works fine on his 'home' of that Win 7 cannot connect to the printer. but when I try to network I get this message.  "Unable to connect to the printer. The print processor does not exist.  I downloaded a new driver from HP without success.  All of the suggestions.  Thanks in advance.

    Print processor which is using?  Properties of the printer, Advanced Print processor.   See if changing to wil Winprint allow the connection of the printer. Note the current so you can change back if required. Alan Morris Windows printing team; Here Microsoft Knowledge Base search:

  • Installation of the printer driver Officejet G85 fails with the message "print processor does not exist" with Windows 7

    The site compatibility Windows 7 says that this OS is compatible with my Officejet G85 all-in-one old.  Whenever I try to add this printer is using the automatic functions or manual installation of the driver fails and I get the error message that "print processor does not exist.  I tried to install the original with the most recent compatibility software is Windows 2000, but Windows 7 does not allow indicating that the program already exists and I have to uninstall it first.  However, I can't find it listed anywhere for uninstall it, and the original software disk does not have this feature either.  HP does not support printer and would not help provide.  This printer worked perfectly with Windows XP and we really like it is equipped.  Please help us raise this printer up and running with Windows 7 64 bit home edition.  I tried things I found that it was similar in the forum with no success so far.


    You can run the printer troubleshooter. Convenience store solves some common printing problems.

    If your computer has problems printing, try using the printer Troubleshooter to solve the problem. He made sure that a printer is connected to your computer, and it checks for common issues such as whether the printer has enough paper and toner to complete printing your document.

    Open the printer Troubleshooter by clicking the Start button, then Control Panel. In the search box, type troubleshooting, and then click Troubleshooting. Under hardware and sound, click on use printer.


    Open the printer Troubleshooter

    See the following articles from Microsoft for more information on installing a printer or driver printer:

    Install a printer

    Find and install printer drivers

    If the problem persists, you can contact the manufacturer of the printer for more information.

    Hope this information helps.

  • HP printer Assistant no longer works

    Because of an update, the HP printing software no longer works.  More important still, I used to have the "Scan to Computer" service activated permanently and cannot determine how I should do now.  By clicking on the "HP printer Assistant" in the HP Officejet 6500 E710n-z app does nothing.


    Uninstall your current software by following the uninstall option in the start menu of the printer folder.

    Then download and install the latest version of the software below, which should restore any functionality back:


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    Not directly. Take a screenshot and print the PNG resulting on the desktop.


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