Printer repeat me that it is out of paper

After about 2 1/2 years without problem to copy and print with my Photosmart C3100 all-in-One printer stopped printing. There he apparently convinced that it is out of paper, because control paper light continues to blink and a small box appears on my screen with the message that it is paper.  It is not the case.  I tried to change the paper, clean and the disconnection and the reconnecing it.

There, a few pages have been printed for me, now he says it's out of paper again.  It makes me crazy!

This happened to someone else, or do you know what is really wrong and how to fix the problem?  If so, please enlighten me.  Or is it just the time to buy a new printer?  Thank you ).


Hi DeAnna1965,

I'm sorry, but to get your question more exposure I suggest posting in the trade forums since it is a commercial product. You can do so at .

I hope this helps.

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  • My printer is indicating that it is out of paper but there is paper loaded in the feeder.

    My printer worked perfectly until 2 days ago, when he thinks he's "out of paper" which it is not.

    My three-year old grandchild was to push buttons on the printer 2 days ago.

    The copy function works, so I know that the paper feed is working - but somehow it will not accept that there is paper in the food when I try to print something from my email.


    Check with the printer manufacturer's support, their drivers and documentation online and ask in their forums
    (as applicable) on known issues. OEM for the printer manufacturer is responsible for the proper functioning of
    the printer and their drivers provided.

    Not really a Windows problem.

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • HP Officejet Pro 8000 Wireless print Virgin then think it's out of paper on every print job

    Each print my printer spits out a blank sheet of paper, tries and fails to retrieve the next piece and then the release of the paper warning light lights up on the printer. I push the button and then it prints very well. Seen this boredom for a while and I can't seem to solve. Thank you! Windows 8. The printer did not do that during the initial installation.

    Hi rmalbo,

    Welcome to the HP Forums.

    I see by your post that the printer will print a page, then a blank page, then it pull the next piece of paper in until you press the button. I can help you with that.

    Looks like the paper source is set to manual because after pressing the button, it continues to print.

    Try and print a self-test on the printer hardware to see if it is a hardware or software problem.

    Print a self-test Page.

    Select the method: use the control panel to print a self-test page.

    She just print the test page or send on another white page?

    The error message didn't upward after printing the test page?

    If it is the same thing printing self-test then follow the steps in this document, roller cleaning, resetting the printer.

    The printer stop printing and the power and resume lights flash (paper jam).

    If we print the self-test material then it's software related.

    The application, go to file, print, preferences, Type of paper/quality.

    Select the paper source from the drop-down list, select Auto Select.

    Select the paper type from the drop-down list also.

    Click OK.

    Trying to print now.

    I would like to know if you have the same problem.

    Good day.
    Thank you.

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    Please let me know!

    It is not possible.

    Do you use the back button to return to a previous page?

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    Then you can close the tab or window to go back.

  • my computer repeat myself that I am running out of disk space...

    my computer repeat myself that I am running out of disk space on local disk (c :)) I tried defragmenting it and even tried to delete some of my programs.) I don't know what else to do! can someone please help? Thanks it will be greatly appreciated!

    Get a larger drive - car price reached remarkably.

    Defrag won't give you any more space - and in fact, you can not defrag if there is less than 15% free space.

    You can run Disk Cleanup (start > run > cleanmgr > OK)
    You can reduce the size allocated for the restoration of the system to about 1 GB (right click on desktop > properties > system restore > settings)
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    In the meantime, download and run JDiskReport, that will show you graphically what files take up more space.

  • Printer loaded paper but mssg says that I have run out of paper

    With the help of Windows 8 on a HP desktop with an HP printer. Have not had a problem, since this model was new 6 months ago.  Now when I print, I said that there is no paper but there is in fact ready to go paper.


    1. What is the model of the printer?
    2. don't you make changes to the computer before the show?

    This problem may occur if the bins are empty or overloaded or printing, or shiny, side face of the paper is not loaded in the tray upside down. For photo paper, always load the rough side of the paper to the top.

    I suggest you try the steps from the following link:

    "Out of paper" Error Message and the printer is not looking upwards or the paper feed

    Come back and let us know the State of the question, I'll be happy to help you. We, at tender Microsoft to excellence.

  • Print job in that cancel out?

    Running Win 7 pro 64-bit.
    Using USB hub compat with Win7 with two printers connected to a computer. Network/homegroup computers.
    Printers inherited with drivers from Win Update. (HP Laserjet4, Deskjet 1120c)
    Implement, printed 'test page' every summer with success. Print a file in Works 9 O.K.
    Changed computer it is place of permanent, tried everything pluged print... nothing, > tried again > print message in that > remove said > missing file > tried impression > "employment in Quebec" > delete >. Ran A convenience store he thought too that he has allowed that... it has no
    Uninstalled both printers. Machine to rebooted, reinstalled both printers
    tried printing test page. Says "for use in Quebec".
    Both suggestions appeared while I walked in this. Both were for Vista and do not apply to my situation.
    How can I clear this "work in Quebec?

    I think I found an easier way.
    I stumbled on "Print Management" buried in Win7Pro and managed to empty there.
    Help says he is "Management of printing for the it professional." This isn't me, but it worked.
    However I can't get the LJ4 and Deskjet printer to operate on a 4 hub of the post.
    A plug in sepparately to make them work.

  • With Windows Vista, HP printer repeatedly re - moved after turning off the PC, then return and losing sessions.

    I have Windows Vista, Dell Vostro A860, HP PSC 1410 all-in-one printer.  The HP CD work well with Vista.  The printer repeatedly re - installs itself, making it necessary to go into the settings to choose my preferences each time. I did download a fix from HP that has first requires that you uninstall the original software, and then download and apply the fix.  However, the patch will not install unless you have a software for its difficulty.  It is a cycle race.   Any ideas?



    1. don't you make changes on the computer before the show?
    2 did you receive an error message?

    Method 1:
    You can unplug the printer and reconnect the printer and check the issue. You can also uninstall completely printing software and then try to restart the computer and check.
    See the link for help.
    Uninstall or change a program

    Method 2:
    After restarting the computer, you can download and install the drivers and check.
    You can check the link to download the drivers.
    Software downloads & pilot - printers all in one HP PSC 1410v
    Also check out the link:
    Find and install printer drivers

    Method 3:
    After the installation of the printer, you can try to print a test page and check.
    Print a test page

  • Inability to resume printing when you're out of paper (HP Laserjet P1102W)

    If I finish the book when I print, an alert box appears telling me of the State of charge bar. I load the tray, and then I click on "continue". At this point the alert box disappears, but printing does not. The alert box will reappear after about 15 seconds. I click the button 'continue' and finally printing restart. It seems to me that this defect was born after an update of the firmware. My system is Windows XP Professional SP3.
    In the printer configuration page, I read the memory total ram is 8 MB and ram memory available is only 2 MB. Why? Is this a bug?
    Thank you very much.

    After speaking with one of our engineers, he assures me that there is nothing wrong with your printer. Generally once the printer is out of paper, it will take a period of time for the paper sensors in the printer to communicate that paper is again present in the status bar. He told me that this issue should not be affected by the level of toner you have.

    My recommendation is that you ensure all large printing you have enough present in the status bar to complete the paper work. Otherwise, after replacing the paper in the printer gives a short period of time before returning to the print job.

    I hope this information is useful for you!

    Have a great day!

  • OfficeJet L7680 repeat me it is out of paper and now will not work.

    OfficeJet L7680 repeat me it is out of paper and now will not work.

    Is the message of the printer or on the computer. If on the computer you have communication problem check the connection between the computer and the printer.

  • HP Photosmart B8550 printer Out Of Paper error message

    I have a HP Photosmart B8550 who insists on the fact that I'm paper little matter how much is in the main tray.  Whenever I try to print from my computer or just running test page, I get the error message "Out of Paper".   This problem occurred about two weeks after the expiration of the warranty of the printer.

    The last thing that he print with success was a sign of sale on fluorescent stock heavy.  I tried cleaning the rollers as others suggested online and found a few red residue, probably from the sign.  It does not have the printer works however.

    Someone else suggested to remove the upper plate and forcing a piece of paper through by hand to get it going again.  If I push a sheet of paper upward to meet the internal reels view and print a single page but it does not take any other paper on its own.  It just goes back to what the message OF PAPER.

    How is the document that is supposed to be pulled up to the rolls? Now that the top plate has been removed, I see an arm with two black rolls down on paper when PRINTING is affected, but they do not seem to turn. They just sit there for a few seconds and then back up just before ON PAPER will start to blink.

    Any suggestion or destroyed independent feeding mechanism? Is there maybe a sensor that is clogged?  If Yes, where is it located and how can it be cleaned?

    There is a document to find errors on paper on Photosmart 8000 series printers located here.

    If these steps do not fix the problem, then a hardware problem has developed in the feeding mechanism and your best option will be to replace the printer. Have you thought about contacting HP Support on the upgrade program?

  • Unable to print and it says out of paper, but I added paper & he still reading error & troubleshooting said it was what has been detected

    I always work on windows 7

    My printer does not work, continues to say it is out of paper, but I added paper & he still reading error & diagnosis said that was all that was detected. I have all my update updates. I have to uninstall my printer & reinstall?


    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    According to the description, I understand that this printer is not working.

    I suggest you to refer to the suggestions by Rohit Chettri Moderator Forum Microsoft responded on 22 September 2012 and check if that helps.

    You can also check:

    Hope this information helps. Please let us know if you need any other help with Windows in the future. We will be happy to help you.

  • Printing of documents that contain the letter and legal-size pages - Laserjet 600 M602

    We have a printer Laserjet 600 M602, that does not automatically select a tray to print every time someone tries to print a document that contains the letter so many pages of legal size.  The default printer for the Tray 1 (Manual power) and the user will have to walk over to the printer and the printer to select the correct tray.  I went in the printers settings via the web interface and I set the tray settings to the following: Tray 1 - any Type of Size/Any, bin 2 - letter/plain, plateau 3 - legal/Plain and it still does not print correctly.  Unfortunately for the printer settings, it was on that I'm comfortable doing.  I read the print driver may have changed, but we use the driver included with the disc and I guess that it would be sufficient that this driver.  Does anyone know of some setting that I might be able to change the printer or if it is indeed a print driver problem?  Any comments would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    I was able to receive help this morning from HP support.  He turns out, there were two things that I needed to change.  The first is that when printing from a pdf file, there is an option in the print area for "Choose paper according to the size of PDF page source" and the second thing, it was with the printer printing preferences.  In the printing preferences, under the "Printing shortcuts" tab, the paper Type has been set to Prepunched.  We changed this Unspecified.  After making these two changes, the user is able to print correctly in the printer.

  • error on the printer hpphotosmart 5510 says out of paper and it is not. How can I fix it

    Error on the photosmart printer 5510 says it is out of paper and it is not. What is the process


    1. what was the last time that the printer has worked well?

    2 did you a recent software or changes to the material on the computer?

    I suggest to go through the steps from the link provided and check.

    Printer in Windows problems

    See also:

    "HP Photosmart 5510 e - all-in - One Printer Series - a Message ' Out of paper ' is displayed on the control panel and the all-in-one can't paper problem

    You can also contact the manufacturer of your computer for known problems:

    Contact HP

    Hope this helps and keep us posted.

  • "Out of paper" message on C 4280 all-in-One printer

    Dear HP support,

    I use an Apple iMac around 4 years.  It uses OS x 10.6.8.  And the version of the HP printer utility software: 5.8.0 in conjunction with the software HP PhotoSmart C4200 series supplied with my printer.

    After turning on my Mac and turn on the printer, I hear a sound of wrinkle the paper.  With the help of my manual I opened the front and back panel to get a paper stuck; None is visible.  As directed by your video website on my printer, I checked the print rolls in the back and they are clean and free from rolling.  The "2nd set of reels deeper inside mentioned in the video do not seem to exist in this printer model I've seen no where in it with a bright flashlight.  The rollers on the rear door printer are also free - ride clean and 'elastic '.

    I tried to print a Test sheet using the HP utility.  Loaded into a sheet of 24 lb paper ordinary inkjet hammers I always use.  Pushing in gently until it stops as always.  Then click on the "Print test contact" button on the screen.  Then received on the printers screen and on my Mac is a message "on paper."  No printing.

    Check my printer printing is not paused there either and there is no jobs waiting here.  In addition, according to the video on HP page my printer, I did a printer power cord removal, reset for 30 seconds.  The printer came back later and didn't report any errors.  Tried to print the Test Page using the above procedure previously; no impression and got the "Out of paper" message again.  Please note that I usually ALWAYS print just a sheet at a time, rarely even 5 sheets in both.  Yet he refuses to start.  This makes printer as usual noises when turn on so I know not the printer is not "dead" or locked inside.  It CAN Scan photos in files, even if it cannot print anything.

    At this point, I think I've tried all that a consumer can do as well as anything in the manual and video.

    Any ideas or suggestions?   BTW I DID do a search for this problem, especially for my printer model and found nothing.  I don't know if all other HP printers are similar to my model so I don't know if their corrections apply to my model.

    -M. "Rob" Barnett

    I have the same problem with my printer and rady to abandon

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