Printer settings do not match the settings of document. Page orientation and size settings do not match the page size and settings in your document.

I have updated from Windows 95 to Windows XP Home Edition, after that my hard drive crashed on my old computer. I had a rarely used, but more recent computer wiped and had XP reloaded with works for Windows 95.  Whenever I have print in Microsoft Works 4.5 of the window, I get the 'documents and settings of the printer do not match. Size and orientation of the page for your printer do not match the settings in your document and the size of the page.  Looks like there will be a simple way to solve his problem. Please notify. I am able to print. But after 3 weeks of this message, I final received a fatal error of Microsoft works just after printing. I think it came from this problem. Not sure. I'm not a technical person. Please note the computer I'm talking doesn't only do not have access to the internet.

You have posted to a group of win7, but seem to be using Windows XP

There is an article about this err, usually caused by the used printer, especially Epson printers drivers

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    Your Airprint enabled printer, all you need is AirPrint on your iPad.

    Kind regards.

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    I am trying to print to a Zebra GK420d printer and firefox don't remember my paper size once a label is printed. Ideas on how to force a format of paper and do remember?

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    Hi jpoeffel,

    Have you looked at the article Knowledge Base, solve the printing problems in Firefox? There is some good information in there troubleshooting. I suggest that you try to reset the print settings.

    If this does not work, you should look at article unsaved Preferences.

    Hope this helps!

  • "You are not allowed to change the settings for this printer. If you need to change the settings, contact your system administrator.

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    I built this computer at home and I'm the only one using it. What is this function 'administrator '? I've never had to administrator on any program. Never. That is what it is?

    CNET is infamous for the grouping of things in its downloads as much a / v programs report as junk (I went through the same thing using eSet NOD32 has / v).  I seem to remember that if you ignore the warning and download the exe file and then use a tool like the free 7-zip to extract only the file necessary to run the program you want, you can work around the problem.

    For a pdf printer free which is not CNET - and works well - go here-->


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    How to download and install drivers in the correct order

    also try to read...

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    Let the printer after Kaspersky


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    • What is the brand and model of the printer?
    You can check this link:
    Network printer problems
    I also suggest you to check the manufacturer support for assistance to correct the settings of the printer.
  • Profiles of papers Gallery not available in the printer settings dialog box

    I have an Epson 3880, and I can't select fine art profiles in the Lightroom and PS CC printer settings dialog box. I don't have a problem with this PS6. I choose the profiles in the main screen under selection Photoshop manages colors, but they are greyed out in the settings dialog box. Same problem with Lightroom. I just sent to SP6 to print, but who's really bad at my productivity!

    What OS are you running and you install the profile in your system and accompany your 3880 printer.  Your case to your printer with Photoshop, the printer button may only be used to define profiles of him have been installed for your printer. Photoshop has nothing to do with the installation of the printer profiles.  It something you. Often when you install printer drivers in the installation process of the paper icc profiles are installed for you printer. If the profile of the paper you want to use is not you must download it from the web site of the printer maker or the web site of paper machine and install it in your operating system..

  • Printing problems - I get the sizes of evil when I print from LR 5.5. on my Epson 3880 printer. USB connection. Reinstalled printer driver - not. Want to obey my print settings. What can be wrong?

    Printing problems - I get the sizes of evil when I print from LR 5.5. on my Epson 3880 printer. USB connection. Reinstalled printer driver - not. Want to obey my print settings. What can be wrong?

    I am not familiar with these communities - not provide Adobe and LR all direct support?

    You bet it's your page layout. As I said, the Epson driver has many offers for the same size paper. In addition, do NOT use Auto expand in this selection.

  • 'Print settings' are not stored in the print preset

    Hello world

    It seems that no matter how many times I save and update the profile, all the print settings (size of picture, sharpness, depth of bits, color management,...) store in the preset, all, but the parameters of the Epson driver, which must be selected each time.

    I really do not remember if this bug was present in 4.0 or not (I am running 4.1 RC), but I'm sure it worked OK under 3.x. Here's the thing.

    1. I have set up the print settings and create. profile: Profile1.
    2. I have all the settings and create a second profile: Profil2. "Printer setup" settings are different, same printer for color (Profile1) for Advanced B & W (Profil2).
    3. I click mer1 (which was created with the printing of color settings). By clicking 'Print settings' or 'Print', the settings of the printer selected in the epson driver is the ABW (one that belongs to Profil2).
    4. I have to reselect the correct setting of 'Print Settings'... "(Color).
    5. Click 'Save' again
    6. Droi-t click mer1 -> update with current settings. Parameter seems to be saved.
    7. I then click Profil2 and bam! The 'Print Settings... ". "seems to be to color instead of the ABW rverted.
    8. Update the correct settings, return to the point #3

    Can you reproduce this? This behavior is vanishig the power of the button 'Print One', unless you print consistently with tha same driver settings.


    Lightroom version: 4.1 RC [820174]

    Version: 10.7 [3]

    Application architecture: x 64

    Physical processor count: 4

    Processor speed: 2.4 GHz

    Built-in memory: 8192,0 MB

    Real memory for Lightroom: 8192,0 MB

    Real memory used by Lightroom: 2388,3 MB (29.1%)

    Virtual memory used by Lightroom: 4759,6 MB

    Memory cache size: 866,7 MB

    Exhibition: 1) 2560 x 1440, 2) 1680 x 1050


    Epson R3000, Epson drivers the most recent OS X.

    I have solved the problem.

    The bug is there, because the name of the preset remains the last used, which is wrong.

    If you go back to the default ' default ' Epson preset and change all the settings you want, and then click Save and update the Lightroom presetsettings are stored correctly.

    You will need to check each preset (I have two dozen) and re - update with the new fix (or bad?) Driver configurations, while you might have faith once again on the button «Print One»

  • Why the print settings will not save or new presets and why is same all presets and will not change

    recently updated cc current and in print settings of the title occurs.  Don

    Provide relevant information to get faster answers

    More information you provide about your situation, the better equipped with other community members will answer. Consider including the following in your question:

    • Product number and the version of Adobe
    • Operating system and version number
    • The full text of all error messages
    • What you were doing when the problem occurred
    • Screenshots of the problem
    • Computer hardware, such as CPU; GPU; amount of RAM; etc.
  • The color in printed images is not match the colors on the screen

    I've recently updated to an iMac, retina 5K and the colors in the printed images do not match the colors of the image on the screen. I use CS6 and the screenshot below shows that, in the window of the print settings CS6 image does not match the image of origin either, the original image on the left.  I've updated all print drivers, and the images are also too green/faded when I print them, or download them on Animoto or Mpixpro.  We tried a Spyder calibration system, and that did not help.  For now, I have to make a folder separate with "twisted" images that have increased the saturation and Communists to give them a normal appearance.  Does anyone else have this problem?

    Unless you have a current color profile for the display you are using and you have calibrated the printer for the specific of ink and paper that you are using, its not surprising there are differences. Without a color managed workflow screen and software have no information on what the printer can produce.

    The range Spyder products are not up to the task.

    The normal options for managing your color workflow are:

    1. using the X-Rite i1 photo system,

    2. purchase of a custom profile for your type of printer, paper and ink, done by a specialist in color management

    3 - Send your files to a professional lab that is capable of producing quality work.

  • Cannot change the print settings

    I have a new printer, an Epson XP 430. My previous printer was also an Epson. With my old printer, when I chose to print (for a document, web page, etc.) the dialog always had an option to choose, black and white. I also could add to the presets and edit presets.

    With this printer, I can see the presets, but I can't make changes. When I click on view Presets, it is not an option for adding a new preset as it was with my old printer and remove and duplicate boxes are grayed out.

    I guess that this is due to the printer, not OS X, as I noticed the difference when I started using the new printer. Am I missing something somewhere? I rarely print in color, so I would have a preset that specifies black & white.

    Thank you.


    Since you have a new printer, you can create new presets. This is done through the printer with the selected printer dialog box, not through the page view Presets. When you select this option to print do the settings that you want to create a preset for and then click on the drop down preset menu. Select "Save current settings as preset" and enter a name for the new preset.

  • OfficeJet Pro 8600 N911a: Change the 2 sides of the print settings by default on JO 8600 Pro using Mac El Capitan

    I can't find a way to change the default settings of my printer on 2-sided - I cannot change the print job, but not the default!  In addition, with the print order option page.


    In any program, click on file > print to open the print dialog box.

    Once the selection of the required parameters, you should see the menu breast high Preset dialog box print himself.

    Kind regards


  • change the default print settings

    I want to change the print settings by default on Firefox 6.0.2 such as headres, footers, etc. are not printed when I print a web page.

    Firefox button > print-> Page Setup

  • How to change the default print settings

    My settings print continues to change 50% print size.  How to set the default value to 100%?

    Hello Bill,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    It seems that what you want to do is to save your settings as a preset favorite. Not exactly define value by default, but easier than manually make changes every time you print. Take a look at this article to find out how that is done.

    OS X El Capitan: save your print settings to use later

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