Printer spooler does not work for a single user on the network printer

original title: very different printer problem

I have a HP deskjet printer shared from a PC on the network.
I was informed of a single person could not access error poped by saying "printer spooler does not work.
I went to the services and made sure it was infact running and rebooted to be sure also restarted the RPC services as it is addictive
Still, the user cannot print to the printer. I took the computer that has been seen issues and hung where fixed my PC and I am able to connect and print!

If I move my computer witch would allow me to print before there where his computer is my computer prompt same error

My idea is - what some are how a network issue, but the user can still access drives network, internet and other printers on the network

Just not this printer

The computer on the share is is a windows xp sp2 workstation

The computer with the issue is any system I plug its cable Ethernet (XP anyway) I have not tried with a windows machine 7.

My hypothesis is a bad Ethernet cable? I'm quite lost with this question at this stage.

My next step is to hang the printer until a print area and assign an IP address and finish with the share.

(Still not sure if it would help or not)

Any advice is welcome thanks

It turned out to be a bad switch. I don't understand why it did not work. All the computers had no problems other than the present even that if I swapped the ports it has made a difference.

Hung new switch and all computers works fine now.

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    This filter works great and spit LUNS that use the MRU policy.

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    ScsiLun get - vmhost myhost.mydomain.local - LunType drive | Select * | where {$_.} Seller - eq "HP"}

    -Eq is perhaps too restrictive, so I try with - such as:

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    • "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Add-ons

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    The print spooler is the mechanism that will interface between your application and the printer and coils (sends) the print job to the printer. It should start automatically when you start your machine. So, restart your computer and try again. I suspect that the real problem is to find why the print spooler has stopped in the first place.

    After trying again, see what happens and if your print spooler stops again, the real work will begin.

    Kind regards


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    Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

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    What methods have tired to get it activated?

    You can disconnect from the iMessage

    Disconnect from the iCloud

    Reboot your phone


    Wait iMessage activate

    Do you have a viable data plan?

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