Printers Epson print very slowly in Windows 7


very very slow printing and print spooler

All of a sudden, I'm practically impossible to print on one of my 2 printers epson (R260 and R1800).    By hitting print (or ctrl-p) in any application (Adobe CS4, or MS Office, Internet Explorer or Firefox), it takes between 2 and 5 minutes to the next printer dialog box upward and so much time to print striking impression.

I removed the printer and re-installed new epson drivers, and I also did several selective startups and clean boots, none of these help.   The printer is connected directly to the computer via usb.  When all printers are removed and only MS xps document writer, and fax are listed, the dialog boxes find instantly, but as soon as I re - install any printer, it crashes.   I also re-installed Windows 7 (as an upgrade), and stopped and restarted print spooler, but that has not changed anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, it drives me crazy...

Thank you


I have an Epson SX405 and it was made slower and slower since I was a Windows 7 laptop.

Finally discovered (a trick on another help site) the AUD in C:\ProgramData\Epson\PRINTER file. The more it grows, it gets the slower.

So just delete this file. The driver will create an another next after printing, but nice and small.

After that, keep him from time to time, delete before it happens basically again.

I hope this works for you...

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    replacement of the ink cartridge after the printer unplugged for a while seems to have solved all the problems.

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    Thank you

    I recommend removing your current driver and by downloading and installing the latest driver from

    I recommend you find the driver on before you remove the existing driver.

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    Hi Dee,

    Please contact Technical Support for assistance with your printer HP:

    Good luck!


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    Any clue?


    Hello Soldadoryan, there are a few reasons for this. In simple terms, it could be due to the age of printers and use. Maybe this isn't the case in this case, however.

    Power supply from the printer is connected directly to a wall or connected by a surge protector? Visitors are often surprised the difference in performance when they connect the power supply directly into a wall socket because our printers have built in surge protector.

    After to change that, I would recommend checking and updating the firmware of the printer if necessary. The document here will guide you through this just to solve this problem.

    I hope this helps!

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    How is the printer connected?

    • Open Printers and faxes, click the printer icon and select Properties
    • Click on the Ports tab
    • Describe the entries for 'Port', 'Description' and 'Printer' in the (verified) highlighted line in the list of ports but DO NOT CLICK ANYWHERE in THE LIST
    • More than one box is checked?
    • Click CANCEL to exit the printer properties dialog box

    If you have a network, what is the brand and model of the router?

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    Print a line at a time, very slowly, stops with the reported connection loss.  Corrupt characters are printed on the top of the page.  More likely to have problems with the larger print jobs.

    Impeccable with USB.

    Measures taken;

    1) changed its wireless phone system

    (2) changed linksys router Belkin (wireless network is impeccable with performance of broadband for all other devices, btw)

    (3) now use USB without problem

    (4) software up to date.

    (5) wireless report looks very good.

    However, I would like to reuse the wireless.  Please guide me towards a solution.

    Thank you


    PS: Device Info:

    Product name HP Officejet 6500 E710n-z product model product CN557A serial number {removed from Privacy} Service ID 22028 Firmware Version CIP1FN1206AR Total Page count 3106 country Canada

    Well, go figure.  Because the printer has been moved, it has worked perfectly!

    Maybe it's a fault ranging/timing as opposed to a question of signal strength?  The intensity of the signal was 3 or 4 before the move.

    In any case, consider printing wireless solved my problems.

    Thanks Rana.  Out of box thinking was a good!

    See you soon,.


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    I've tried everything recommended on the support site.

    In addition, with the regular docs (Word or PDF) it will print 1st page very well,

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    I am convinced that it is not a problem of ink that I just replaced both cartridges.

    Thanks for any advice you have.

    The printer made a tape from the printhead, then pause for about 15 seconds before the next swath?  This is probably caused by the failure of one of your cartridges. I don't remember if the PSC 1210 supports printing with a single cartrdige, but try the following: remove the black print cartridge and print a test page.  The printer prints at a normal speed?  Is therefore the black cartridge was the issue and needs to be replaced.  If it isn't then, put the black back cartridge in and remove the color cartridge and the test page printed.  If the printer now prints speed the color cartridge is responsible and must be replaced.

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    My officejet 4300 print s very slowly. It will be printed in the first half at normal speeds then slows down the way for the second half. I use Vista. I turned it off and unplugged the printer and the computer and waited for an hour. When I started, I still had the same problem. This just started today. Thanks for your help.


    I woulc check inks then firstly check the connection. How do you connect your printer?

    Kind regards.

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    Hi Carl,

    HP F380 all-in-one printer is compatible with Windows 7. Click here to check the same.

    I suggest you follow these methods and check if it helps.

    Method 1: Install the latest drivers from the following link.

    Method 2: Solve common problems by using the tools of diagnosis HP for Windows

    For more information, see the link:

    Printer in Windows problems

    Please post back with the results and we will be happy to help you further.

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    Hi Tony060142,

    As the computer is on a network Small Business Server, I recommend you post your question in the TechNet forum for assistance.

    Hope the helps of information.

  • All of a sudden my deskjet 5690 prints very slowly on my laptop Windows 7 2009

    Even the print project it takes 5 minutes to print a single page.  I have downloaded the software of the printer doctor, says that everything is installed properly.  Any ideas?

    This is caused by the failure of one of your cartridges.  Remove the black print cartridge and print a test page.  The printer prints at a normal speed?  Is therefore the black cartridge was the issue and needs to be replaced.  If it isn't then, put the black back cartridge in and remove the color cartridge and the test page printed.  If the printer now prints speed the color cartridge is responsible and must be replaced.

  • HP 6500 is printing very slowly under OS x 10.9

    Hey, my 6500 has prints incredibly slow and it recently started really only questions. I suspect it was the update to 10.9, but am not sure. I can't find anywhere on the hp software to reduce the quality or speed of prints any longer. It's quite frustrating because it takes about 2 minutes to print a page now since the Mac and about 5 seconds of my PC.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    You always have HP software from a previous version of Mac OS X in your Applications folder?  If so, we need to remove it.

    In the meantime, download and install this:

    Restart your Mac.

    Reset the printing system:

    -Go to System Preferences > print & Scan
    -Right (or control) click in the rectangle listing your printers and select Reset Printing System.
    WARNING - This will remove ALL your printers!
    -Select the sign more to add a printer. Select the default tab on the top of the window. Search for the printer, select it, and then beside the dropdown 'Use', select the model of the printer (not AirPrint). Wait for the 'Add' button becomes available. Until it clicks.

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    Any guidance on this?

    I can do something for this speed?

    Wow! I have reinstalled drivers, restarted the computer, restart the printer, and it seems to work perfectly. Maybe it was the drivers...

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