Problem activation ISO 10 September 2016

After my Ipad iOS 10.0.2 update I could not activate because it says I am not access with the original Apple journal. Makes no sense. I bought the new Ipad in seven of 2013 She has been linked to my Apple account 10 days ago (I deleted my profile by own Apple support Web site suggestion as a way to fix my problem, the other restoration/upgrade to the Ipad with ITunes update). I contacted the support of Apple (I have two numbers in case Apple). Asked Apple support to provide a proof of purchase I made. Told me now the reception that I provided does not correspond to my Ipad, but Apple isn't going to help with all the details to help to regularize the situation. The Ipad is mine and well was linked to my account from the date of purchase in September of 2013 until I removed it at the suggestion of site specific help from Apple. I now do not have access to my ipad £460 for more than 10 days and have lost money and time talking to 4 different cooperatives of Apple, after 6 calls and none seem able to deal with a ridiculous situation. Alexandre Vitorino (Apple) seems to have the best handle on weird how this situation is. Please can someone fix this? A software update on an Ipad that I own shouldn't stop me using it and then force me to prove that I admit actually before I use it again! I'm a professional businessman who uses it for meetings of the Council. I have a receipt for my camera and get treated like a kind of criminal.

My sincere sympathy for those who can't find their original receipt or forget their original log-in Ipad because Apple does not help, you and your Ipad will be also useless mine is currently!

If you are in the same situation please confirm to this post. I can't be alone, if she feels like it!

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Lock activation occurs when the ID of original Apple blocking it does not match with your current Apple ID.

Until you can bring a receipt valid from an Apple reseller or authorized, it's nothing you can do.

BTW, the polling stations in this Apple-owned forums is prohibited. You can review the terms of use.

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    Stand by. You are 100% sure about BT on your satellite? Maybe your laptop doesn't have BT. Please check the underside of your laptop. Each laptop with BT module has a label of BT.

    To be honest, I think that your Equium has no BT check it out!

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    Both your XP, the laptop and the Dell operating systems will have been oem licenses. OEM licenses are tied to the computer that they were originally installed on. In regards to the Pro license you can see in your report where is says Windows license Type: OEM System Builder.

    The only XP version that can be legally charged to your Dimension is one that has been provided with it by Dell, i.e. the XP Home license.

    activation of character for home 25 codes do not work with the Pro, the reverse is also true.


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    I bought a new R13 Aspire, with recommended acer active pen for this model. Touchpad is flicky and wobbles in his laptop computer screen resolution (very unpleasant to use) place and brightness are great and it is very sensitive to the touch of the finger and capacitive pens.
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    Any suggestions? or comments?

    I sent my camera previous back and got a new one from microsoftstore. It seems that the problems I had were specific unit. This new one works fine, the touchpad in the last laptop has obviously had a physical since problem she wavered and has not identified any multi-geste.

    I'm happy with this one, it has a pilot updated synaptics, not the most recent one (there is a new Synaptics driver on the Acer site for this laptop that does not yet install) but it works.

    Contacted technical support and asked why not install updates it seems that this model is still a work in progress. They are updating the drivers, software managments power etc.

    Pen Active Acer works very well in ONENOTE, because the application rejects touch capacitive and works only with the participation of digitizer. but in the other Palm apps rejection does not work. I'll trade my pen as well and see if the problem is with the pen or not.

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