Problem Audio Line Out HP Docking Station A7E36AA #ABB


I have the Elitebook 8570p (Win7 Pro x 64) and the Docking Station A7E36AA # ABB

I plugged my speakers with audio line out of the docking station, but the sounds of music 'flat', without no bass.

I tried the same speakers with the line out of the elitebook directly and it works.

I thought that the reason for this is the docking station.

Yesterday I got from the docking i11X REPLACEMENT, plugged my speakers with its audio line out and got the same failure: his flat without bass.

Same again: directly after my elitebook, all works.

I reinstalled the audio driver from the hp supportpage & SP...

but nothing changes.

What else can be often cause this problem?

I hope that there is an adequate solution.

Best regards



Thank you for your response.

Your link refers to the same version of driver as my link (6.10.6435.0; 5.10.6435.0)

But there is a statement:

1. download and install the following SoftPaq:

SoftPaq description

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  • I have a problem with the USB3 Kensington docking station.

    Original title: Kensington USB3 Dock

    This device worked perfectly until today when the audio and LAN work ceased. Device Manager shows no drivers for these 2 items. The display works fine, USB ports very well.

    Tried to search manually and automatically for drivers, but nothing helped.

    Hi Mike,.

    Have you tried the steps suggested in the previous post?

    After you complete the steps suggested, if the problem persists always answer here. And we will help you further. We at Microsoft tender towards excellence.


    Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, I did everything above and nothing helped at all. Ethernet and Audio via the docking station USB 3.0 still does not work.
    Then I found the updated driver from the supplier of chipset used in the dock of Kensington (Displaylink) here: - it's called DisplayLink USB graphics for Windows software version 7.3 M1 dated July 12, 2013.
    I had already tried the versions 7.2 M1 (as dated May 10, 2013) and 7,2 M0 (dated April 3, 2013), but they did not resolve the issue.
    Hope this helps others.
  • I'm having problems after the restart with docking station, applications, etc.

    OS X: 10.11.3

    Mac Pro 2010 2 x 2, 66 GHz 6-Core

    Graphics NVIDIA Quadro 4000 card

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    4 additional hard disks

    Hello community,

    I have a strange problem, after the mac is restarted, even when I decide not to join his joined apps a former State of the saved request. I can't make changes to the dock, after restart it restores an old state. When I try to import or save something in any application you see normally last modified files, yet his watch an old state. When I try to delete files that I always put my password, it's new. Im confused, I'm a long-time os x user since 1999 has never had this kind of problems.

    Help, please.


    Please, back up all data before proceeding.

    This procedure will unlock all your user (not system files) files and reset their ownership, permissions and default access controls. If you have voluntarily set special values for these attributes on any of your files, they will be be restored. In this case, either stop there, or be ready to recreate the settings if necessary. Do that after checking these settings that did not cause the problem. If none of that is meaningful to you, you need not worry about this, but do not follow the instructions below.

    Step 1

    If you have more than one user, and the one in question is not an administrator, then go to step 2.

    Triple-click anywhere in the next line to this page to select this option:

    sudo find ~ $TMPDIR.. -exec chflags -h nosappnd,noschg,nosunlnk,nouappnd,nouchg {} + -exec chown -h $UID {} + -exec chmod +rw {} + -exec chmod -h -N {} + -type d -exec chmod -h +x {} + 2>&-

    Copy the selected text in the Clipboard by pressing Control-C key combination.

    Launch the Terminal application integrated in one of the following ways:

    ☞ Enter the first letters of his name in a Spotlight search. Select from the results (it should be at the top).

    ☞ In the Finder, select go utilities ▹ of menu bar or press the combination of keys shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.

    ☞ Open LaunchPad and start typing the name.

    Paste in the Terminal window by pressing Command + V. I tried these instructions only with the Safari browser. If you use another browser, you may need to press the return key after pasting.

    You will be asked your password of connection that are not displayed when you type. Type carefully, and then press return. You can get a warning to be careful. If you do not have a password, you will need to configure one before you can run the command. If you see a message that your user name "is not in the sudoers file", then you have not logged as an administrator.

    The command may take several minutes to run, depending on the number of files you have. Wait for a new line ending with a dollar sign ($) to appear, and then quit Terminal.

    Step 2 (optional)

    Take this step only if you have trouble with the phase 1, if you prefer not to consider, or if this does not resolve the problem.

    Start in recovery mode. You may be prompted to select a language, then the OS X Utilities appears.

    If you use FileVault 2, select disk utility, then select the icon for the volume FileVault startup ("Macintosh HD", unless you have given it a different name.) It will be nested under another icon of the disc. Click the Open button in the toolbar and enter your login password when you are prompted. Then quit disk utility must be returned to the main screen.


    Utilities ▹ Terminal

    in the menu bar. It will open a Terminal window. In this window, type this:


    Press the tab key. The partial order you entered will automatically end this:


    Press return. Opens a window to reset the password. You do not need to reset a password.

    Select your boot volume ("Macintosh HD", unless you have given it a different name) if not already selected.

    Select your username in the menu option allows you to select the account if not already selected.

    Under Reset Home Directory Permissions and ACLs, click the reset button.


    ▹ Restart 

    in the menu bar.

  • No sound from HP - 8560p, windows 7 64 bit elitebook docking station

    I was issued a laptop Elitebook 8560p for use with a 90 W HP Docking station at work.  When the laptop is plugged into the docking station, the port ' audio out ' of the docking station does not work.  The sound continues to come out of the computer laptop speakers, or, if I plug the headphones into the headphone for laptop, it comes out of the helmet.  Plug the headphones into the Docking Station does not all the sounds (either of the two audio ports - in or out).  When the laptop is plugged into the docking station, no additional reading device does appear in the audio menu - just an output HDMI AMD (disabled) and speakers (activated).

    The speakers/headphones on the laptop works fine, the problem is just that the docking station is in no way "replica" or the audio output support and it's as if the port of the enclosure of the dock just weren't there.  So, I could use my headset by plugging directly to the laptop, but this really seems to defeat the whole concept of a docking station.  All other ports (video, usb) seem to work on the docking station.

    I am running Windows 7, 64-bit.

    I reinstalled the sound driver (for laptop) so that the laptop was plugged into the dock.  That did the trick.

  • sound on laptop lost when it is connected to the docking station

    laptop connected to the docking station and audio comes through the audio connection [headphones] on docking station.  No sound on computer


    ·         If it works well before? If so, remember to do recent changes on the computer before this problem?

    When you connect the laptop to the docking station, the default audio output device will automatically change to the docking station. Similarly, in the case of plug in the headphones on laptop. I suggest you to check if the audio device by default from computer speakers is properly defined. Follow these steps:

    a. click the Start button, select Control Panel, click hardware and soundand then click sound.

    b. click the read tab make sure that the correct default audio device is selected. (For most users, the default audio device is pregnant.)

    c. If your default device is not set to the right audio device, on the read tab, select the appropriate device, click Properties, click the Advanced tab and make sure that the default Format is set to the value you expect. When you are finished, click OK.

    d. on the read tab, select the playback device, click set upand make sure that the configurations are set correctly.

    If the sound settings are set correctly and that your speakers are already set as default device, go to "Check if an audio driver is installed" now.

    e. Select the audio device you want as audio device by default, and then click set as default.

    f. click OK to save your settings.

    For your reference, follow the steps described in the following link:

  • Adding a HDD to my Advanced Docking Station

    I have a 8470p and 120w Advanced Docking Station A7E36AA #ABA Elitebook and I add a HARD drive to the docking station for backup. I went online hard drive caddy and bought a 3rd party to go with a WD 500 GB hard drive (WDC WD50000LPVX-00V0TT0).  Physical installation went well and I can see the drive within the Intel Rapid Storage Technology technology, but I do not see it in Solution Explorer. I don't know what I'm missing, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    This should explain it.

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

  • ZBook15: docking station

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I used to have a Compac HP 8510w. I got with a docking station that is their standard REPLACEMENT-IX01. My question is if I can join my new zbook15 this docking station or not.

    Kind regards



    Your new 15 Zbook can use only following docks:

    HP adjustable Dual Monitor Stand AW664AA #xxx
    HP adjustable display Stand AW663AA #xxx
    HP 230W Docking Station A7E34AA #xxx
    HP 120W Advanced Docking Station A7E36AA #xxx
    HP 230W Advanced Docking Station A7E38AA #xxx

    Kind regards.

  • No sound docking station line out

    HP Elitebook 8540p, HP Docking Station VB043AA #ABA, Windows 7 64-bit. audio output works very well for a portable loudspeakers and headphones for laptop; When I plug the speaker docking station output cable, the sound continues to come from the internal speakers. When I right click on "speaker" icon and select 'reading devices' I see ' speakers / HP ' and "headphones (RTC)" but I see no option to upgrade to the alignment of the docking station.

    problem solved! labels (and the documentation of the docking station) apparently are back! with the arrow pointing TOWARDS the hole is the LINE-OUT. I can only assume the other jack would be online but I have not tested. someone fell asleep for a while on the Assembly line because my co-workers with the same platform with the same problem. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but don't "arrow pointing away from jack" = "line out" = "jack speaker?

  • Line out Dock to USB Mac connection

    I have a dock station to connect my iPhone 4s, what happens if I connect a cable (used to charge an iPod shuffle) to a USB port in my Macbook Pro and across (male 3.5 mm connector) cable at the entrance to the dock line?

    taking female mini-jack 3.5 mm of dock is out is not the entrance

  • Audio port Ultra Dock docking station does not

    I have a laptop ThinkPad X 240 with Windows Enterprise 8.1 x 64 installed. His plays very well from the speakers of the laptop, and when I plug in external speakers on the computer portable 3.5 mm audio port, they work very well also.

    But... when the phone is rooted in my Ultra Dock 90W docking station and external speaker cable is plugged into the dock's audio port, there is no sound. If I play music through the laptop speakers, as soon as I plug a cable into the audio port dock, no sound is produced. I can still use the laptop's audio port to connect external speakers, but that defeats the purpose of having an audio port on the Dock Ultra.

    Dock Ultra has (I think) the latest firmware installed (version 2.22.000) and I have the latest audio drivers installed: in Device Manager > sound, video and game controllers > Realtek High Definition Audio > driver version is which is the last available Lenovo support downloads.

    What should I do to get the Ultra audio port Dock works?

    Kind regards

    / Neil

    PS. apologies - I have wrong posted this message on the map "of tablet computers laptop ThinkPad X series. A moderator can you please remove the post of this Council?

    Hi Nwgarside,

    Welcome to Lenovo Community!

    According to the request, we understand that you are facing problem with Audio only works not the Ultra docking with your ThinkPad X 240.

    Did you check different system with docking station / Ultra?

    Check with the ThinkVantage System Update tool, running so that it will update all the required drivers and application of your system.

    I hope this helps.

    Best regards

    Agnes Kumar

  • Audio Line in/out on SP2309W lowers the volume of sound transmission

    Try to use plugs SP2309W Audio Line-in/out to pass the computer sound through headphones, I found that the volume is * much * reduced, compared to plugging headphones directly into Win8 x 64 PC.

    As discussed in, this plan offers no functional benefits; It's just more convenient in terms of layout of the cables on the desktop.

    Does anyone know if this behaviour (interfering with sound signal and by reducing its volume) is design? Is it possible to assign it?

    "Interestingly, when the monitor enters the power saving Mode, the sound is not through audio in/out more."
    This is normal on all Dell monitors.

    The other problem has been reported before, but the sample size was small. I've not heard of a fix for this. I would plug the headphones directly into the PC.

  • Satellite Pro L670 - 11 d and Dynadock U10 problem re-docking station

    This my first post on this forum - I hope I have the right category.

    We have a user with a Satellite Pro L670 - 11 d attached to a port replicator Dynadock U10 USB.

    Everything seems fine, except when press us the disconnect button (or select eject Dock) the laptop leaves the great.
    However when we try to anchor (for example after a meeting of bureau) it does not recognize the usb connection and docking station won't. We usually have to restart at this point. We are attentive to reconnect to the same usb port.

    Has anyone seen this problem and know a fix?

    Thank you



    Have you noticed this problem only under this Dynadock U10 or perhaps with the external USB HDD too?
    In my opinion, it sounds a bit like the issue of the BONE and not like the Dynadock question.

    I would recommend this control by using a USB HDD.
    Connect the USB HDD to the USB port as well.
    Then, disconnect the USB HDD and unplug the laptop HARD drive. Reconnect the HARD drive and check if the HARD drive would be connected again.
    If the same thing would happen with HARD drive, you should check the USB port
    Maybe the chipset driver will need to be updated

    But if the HARD drive is raccorderaient ok and if the question does not seem to be using the HARD drive, then, it would be necessary to check the Dynadock maybe reinstall the Dynadock from the software again.

  • Portege M200 - weird display with docking station problem


    I use a Portege M200 with MS Windows Vista and the Toshiba docking station. Whenever I connected the system closed down it will start with low light and different screen resolution. The brightness can then be adjusted in Vista.

    To solve the problem, I have to disconnect it, then put it in PC Mode and finally stop Vista. With the next offline boot, it works correctly and can be re-docked. Maybe it's just a lack of understanding of the system? It seems that with a rooted boot, nVidia somehow takes place or is there different profiles?

    Thank you!



    At first, I must say that Portege M200 is old enough laptop model and I really wonder that Toshiba supports this model of laptop for Windows Vista. You are really lucky in this regard.

    In any case very important is info which edition of WXP Tablet Toshiba offered tools for/disconnect. If I remember well, it was utilitarian Toshiba Mobile Extension. Using this tool you has been able to use different settings for Bay service as well as for output screen to choose the correct resolution.

    Under Vista it is controlled by Vista and, AFAIK, Toshiba does not have any special utility for this. You must also understand that procedure/disconnect (power switching power supply) is controlled by Vista and I can imagine that under Vista it does not work perfectly.

    My opinion is that there is not much to do, but I hope I'm wrong on this issue. Let's see what else users of forum about this.

  • Problem with laptop and docking station


    We have two laptops with two docking station. Two laptops with docking station have the same problem:

    When the computer is off and its still connected to the docking station, the fan in the computer to run very fast starting. The fan turns on for a while. That's a lot of noise, which can be annoying to the person using the office. When the computer is turned on, the fan runs at normal speed. If you disconnect the computer from the docking station, the fan stops immediately. Any ideas?

    1. number and product name

    HP ProBook 6460 b

    Docking Station VB043AA

    2 operating system installed

    Windows XP 32-bit

    3. error message

    No error message.

    4. all changes made to your system until the problem occurred

    No recent changes.

    Thanks in advance.


    Its been a while that we have solved this problem, but I forgot to post the solution.

    We sent the laptops in for repair. They changed the motherboard and fans. This solves the problem.

  • Tecra A10 - change of resolution with Docking Station problem


    I own a Tecra A10 - 14Q and I like it a lot - it is a very beautiful piece of hardware, including the functionality of UMTS.

    When the Tecra is moored to the dock Express, and the external monitor (Samsung SyncMaster 22 "with resolution 1600 * 1200) is on defining the Office to be cloned on both screens, passes resolution of 1280 * 800 on the Tecra to 800 * 600 as"best resolution.

    I tried Intel and Mobility Center graphics settings, but I can't find a way to set I want to keep the resolution 1280 * 800.

    Suspicion to do so automatically is welcome. I found that a program that now lies on my desk that I run so it redefines the resolution to 1280 * 800, but I would like to stress that resolution remains just that it is.

    Kind regards



    It's not easy to say why the resolution automatically decreases

    But sometimes, if the external monitor would be connected to the Tecra A10 directly without using the Express Docking Station?

    Otherwise the problem could be linked to the dock Express (Replicator of port express?)

    Maybe the 1600 * 1200 resolution on external monitor is too high for the express port replicator and so there are some questions which s my personal suggestion

Maybe you are looking for