problem drive hard HP tools

I have HP G62 - 223CL for a few days now and I have a problem with partition tools hp... I get these notification about small footprint on the partition of hp tools who 93.9 MB of space altogether... now, I have lots of files in there, I can not erase.when I try it says 'this is more in E:\. Check the location of the item and try again"I don't want to spoil something so im asking a notice.

Thank you

Please make sure that you not save files on a partition of HP tools.

If you have insufficient disk space in your drives, then you can get annoying pop-up Windows messages are you low disk space. This can become extremely annoying sometimes, to disable the function of disk space low notification, follow these steps:

1. start regedit.

2. navigate to:
3. create a new DWORD value and name it NoLowDiskSpaceChecks
4. click on this new value, and then click change
5 type 1 in the value data field, and then click OK
6. close regedit and restart your system
7. the low disk space messages should be gone.

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