Problem eject on my 2nd SATA Hard Drive Bay Caddy

I have a problem with my caddy drives eject.

Heart each time I close the lid, hard drives is ejected or, in which case ejection fails, I get an error message... very annoying situation.

How windows 7 can avoid to eject it? You know a best practice to configure properly the 2nd SATA Hard Drive Bay cart?

Thanks in advance!


It is caused by the last driver SATA ACHI, use microsoft we're going to fix this.

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    Can anyone confirm that ThinkPad Serial ATA Hard Drive Bay Adapter III (43N3412) works for the Thinkpad Edge S430?

    Or if not, what adapter Bay works? I've looked everywhere and I can't find this information...

    Also if you know, just 9.5 mm HD work?

    Thank you!

    s430 Lenovo uses an adapter special bay, the one you listed is for the classic model of ThinkPads.

    Lenovo do not sell Bay adapter separately.

  • Start HP DV9000 of the 2nd SATA HARD drive

    I have a HP DV9000 with Windows 7.  I cloned the original boot on a Hitachi 1 TB drive and, after hours of hacking and frustration (documented on another post), it now starts and works very well.  I then installed the original (bootable) 250 GB HARD drive in Bay 2 and it works fine - as a second data drive.

    Now, I want to be able to boot off of it (dual-boot).  'Change Boot Order' various options on the ESC and function keys and in the configuration allow you to change the order of * device-type * (CD, USB, SATA, NET), but no specific device * number *.  Therefore, I can choose "SATA Drive", as the primary boot device, and defaults to O Drive (first internal SATA).  There is no other choice I can find for a start on internal 1 (2nd SATA) drive.  Can I put thatsame drive in an external USB adapter and it start fine - but not as the 2nd intern.

    Someone at - he need one?

    Don't you have figured on the second Bay is not bootable. The second span is just for storage. It is actually a usb connection and is not a true SATA interface.

  • HP ENVY 17 J053EA: 2nd Sata HARD drive cable

    Anyone know where I can get a second HARD SATA cable from? Have tried searching online!  None is available.

    Thank you very much, looked at the site HP Web for part number and search for it through Google did not come with anything.

  • 2nd IDE HARD drive problems


    I'm having a problem with a 2nd drive HARD IDE, I,

    For some reason any used on my PC recognize it,.

    I have a 160 Gb SATA HDD (which is my first HARD drive with the OS on it) and a 40 GB IDE HARD drive (which is for storage, etc.)

    Now I want my second HARD drive (where is also 40 GB) of additional storage space, but my PC used to recognize both IDE, one of them at a time with the SATA HARD drive.

    The two IDE is fine and working properly I know (I ran the Tests and others), they both are recognized when put with the SATA, one at a time but not when I put all three in all

    My Pc is:

    SATA is: Western Digital Caviar WD1600JS (160Gb) (OS = XP Pro 32-bit)

    IDE 1 is: Maxtor 2F040L0 (40 GB)

    2nd IDE is: Seagate ST340015A (40 GB)

    No idea as to why its doing this and a way to fix it?

    Thank you



    Sorry its been, lived a hard time lately, not had much on my mind.

    The problem is solved!

    It may be a combination of things you suggested or the fact that I saw my PC the other day and re-installed the OS completely.

    Suffice it to say: all three now work together

    Thanks a lot for your help, you two


  • A55 (8982 - 77G)-Windows 7 SATA Hard Drive problem

    Hi, hoping someone can help here. I just bought the above system, it came without a hard drive, as it was purchased at a business. I installed a Seagate 200 GB SATA hard drive and I am trying to install Windows 7 Ultimate... the HD is recognized by the BIOS and the POST, but the installer of windows 7 do not see, I searched relevant drivers for the motherboard... but can't find it nowhere I tried to set the Auto and Serial ATA SATA BIOS setting only with no success... Any help would be appreciated.


    Hi and thanks for the answer, had sorted out, seems it was a b the hard drive problem. Once I have two-way for another installation of windows 7 200 GB SATA drive picked up immediately.


  • HP Pavilion s5570t desktop computer: single SATA hard drive configured as RAID in BIOS

    Our small computer lab has two offices of Pavilion Slimline s5570t that we have recently upgraded to Windows 10. I noticed that in the configuration of the BIOS for the SATA hard drive, it is defined as RAID. I don't know why. The thing that brought this to my attention, is that the software Intel Rapid storage technology constantly shows about 25% CPU use and there high usage of the disk when computers start first which makes them unusable until the software installs.

    My question is can I change the setting of the BIOS SATA AHCI with no problems and that will solve the problem? The Intel rapid storage technology software version is v9.5.7.1002. It is obviously old and I could update, but I wonder if the real issue is the BIOS setting.

    Thank you


    Thank you for the additional information.

    I'm not sure it tells you, but I changed these settings without having to reinstall the operating system.  I suppose it could be correct.

  • Installation of Windows XP on TecraS3 with a 320 GB SATA hard drive

    during the installation of Windows XP on a Tecra S3-SATA hard drive is not discovered.

    Laptop: Toshiba Tecra S3, model PTS30E
    Hard drive: Toshiba MK3252GSX 320 S - ATA
    Driver used: raid-drv - (from Toshiba)
    Toshiba-support document: TSB001272

    For the installation of Windows I used correspondent support-Toshiba-document 'TSB001272' the external driver for SATA. The disk with the driver is used for installation, but the hard drive is still unknown.

    PS: The Linux Suse 10.2 installation runs without problem.

    Question: Who knows the good driver for Windows XP? Thank you.

    Manfred Alpers

    > For the Windows installation I used correspondent support-Toshiba-document 'TSB001272' the external driver for SATA. The disk with the driver is used for installation, but the hard drive is still unknown.

    I think you mean this Toshiba document:
    + How to install Windows XP or Windows 2000 on a Toshiba computer with Serial ATA RAID drives.

    Hey buddy the RAID driver can be found on the Toshiba driver page.
    Use this driver as part of the tool called nLite. You can create a new XP CD and could include the RAID driver using this free tool.

    I did this procedure several times and it still worked!

  • Satellite A205-S4777: are there problems of compatibility of the 320 HARD drive

    I am replacing my sata toshiba with a sata western digital with more memory than he.
    Can someone tell me if there are known compatibility problems.

    Toshiba 200 GB Sata Drive broke down and I am substituting a western digital 320 GB SATA

    I see that you have already improved HARD drive and 320 GB. So you could tell us if you've some HARD drive problems.
    BIOS recognizes the new HARD drive correctly?

    If you have already installed the new HARD drive and have been able to install the operating system, then I put t see serious reasons why new HARD drive shouldn't t work.

  • Stop error: 0x0000007b while trying to install Windows XP Home Edition on SATA hard drive.

    Original title: new hard drive Blues.

    got sata disk hard western digital 500 GB installed, I have tried to download winxp home, got a blue screen

    stop: 0x0000007b (0xF78D663c, 0xc0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000

    I need help

    Hi aqm0207,

    How you try to install Windows XP Home Edition?

    You may receive an error message "Stop 0x0000007B" in the following scenarios:

    (a) a device driver that your computer boot controller needs is not configured to start during the startup process.

    (b) a device driver that needs your computer startup controller is damaged.

    (c) It can also occur if the hard drive in the BIOS configuration is bad.

    You can check if the SATA hard drive is correctly configured in the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) & can also update the BIOS. If you are not comfortable to do, you can contact the manufacturer of your computer for help.

    Note: Changing the BIOS / chipset can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the configuration of the BIOS/chipset can be solved. Changes to settings are at your own risk.

    You can also check this link:Advanced troubleshooting of errors "Stop 0x0000007B" in Windows XP

    Hope the helps of information. Please post back and we do know.

    Joel S
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Can you put a 500 g SATA hard drive in Pavilion a750w?

    Can you put a 500 g SATA hard drive in Pavilion a750w?  The bios is version v3.26, and the operating system is XP with SP3.  40 gig HD is full and you are looking to replace it but do not know what the size limit is with this bios version.

    Here are the specifications of your HP Pavilion a705w desktop. This is based on the assumption that you converted the 5 and 0 and the fact that you mentioned a 40 GB hard drive.

    You already have the most current version of the BIOS of your computer and running the most recent service pack of Windows XP. Your computer and the operating system should support a drive of 500 GB without problem. The only problem is that your computer isn't any SATA ports, only 66/100 IDE (PATA). Look at local retailers and online for the IDE drives.

  • Second SATA hard drive not detected by Bios and Device Manager

    Original title: second SATA hard drive

    Hard drive not detected by the Bios and the device under Vista Home Premiun Manager

    Hi trinitario,.

    Because the hard drive is not detected in the BIOS also, it may be due to a hard drive configuration that should be changed or a rider. If you need to get in touch with a Local tech-store for assistance.

    Note: change in the BIOS/complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) settings can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the configuration of the BIOS/CMOS settings can be solved. Changes to settings are at your own risk.

    Hope this information is helpful
    Jeremy K
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  • Windows Vista will not complete installation on SATA hard drive

    I tried to install Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit on a new desktop computer Acer X 1200 (less than 1 year).  Vista recognizes the drive, format and copy all the files on the disk installation.  Then restarts, is preparing to launch for the first time and get to the part where it says installation finished and hangs there.  The green progress bar does not move and it hangs indefinitely.  The hard drive is SATA and I put a new disc in hard, but exactly the same thing happened.  The motherboard has no IDE port on it and there is no option in the BIOS for the IDE emulation.  At this point I think the motherboard is bad, but I am working also on a laptop HP 1 year with SATA hard drive that does exactly the same thing.  The two systems are pre-installed with Vista Home Premium.  The two systems see the hard drive, but will not complete installation.  I even tried to run the WD Tools Data Lifeguard before installation with no luck at all.  There is no error message or error code, just of hangs and end no installation.  You have any suggestions for this?  Thank you.

    What was my problem I bought the equipment... like motherboard, memory, cpu, and video

    Vista would not be install.would blow on the end of the installation so I tried to put it natively and it worked!

  • SATA hard drive: NOT DETECTED


    I am facing this problem for a few days. For a month I bought my Alienware 15.

    I boot it and all of a sudden I see the D-drive is missing. I get a notification that the SATA hard drive has been deleted. What can I do to fix this?

    Please answer as soon as possible

    I would like to try out the hard disk and place again.

    Right after video on how to perform these steps.

    Check if there is anything loose.

  • What's a 2 TB SATA hard drive internal-compatible with the HP Paviliion Elite m9510f?


    I have a desktop PC HP Pavilion Elite m9510f running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and want to install an internal 2 TB SATA hard drive.

    I would like to know if this computer (see details of configuration below) supports this 2 TB HDD:

    (1) can I use it as a secondary (non-bootable) drive?
    (2) what like a bootable disc, it'll work?
    (3) do I need to create multiple partitions or a single 2 TB can be created/formatted?
    Specifically, I intend using a Seagate Barracuda LP 2 TB 5 900 RPM SATA 3 Gb/s 3.5 "internal hard drive model ST320005N4A1AS-RK

    Computer configuration:

    HP Pavilion Elite m9510f desktop PC
    Product #: NC692AAR-ABA

    System Board
    Intel G31/G33/G35/P31/P35 chipset
    Southbridge Intel 82801IR (ICH9R)

    Box spring
    The manufacturer mother board: Asus IPIBL-LB
    HP/Compaq name: Benicia-GL8E

    The vendor American Megatrends Inc.
    Release Date 06/05/2009
    Version 5.39 BIOS string
    ROM size 1.00 MB

    Operating system:
    Windows 7 Edition Home Premium (64-bit)

    Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q8200-2.33 GHz

    8 GB

    Install HDD (Seagate 750 GB)
    Model number: ST3750630AS
    Firmware revision: HP26
    Size: 698,6 GB
    Rotation speed: 7200 RPM
    Cache size: 16 MB
    Physical sector size: 512 B
    Logical sector size: 512 B
    Count of logical sector: 1465149168



    The word "support" has a connotation that is specific to HP - it usually means were that he tested with, sold with, etc.   I do not think that these discs were available when this system was built/designed, and thus the moniker "supported" official cannot be assured.

    Everything that is said - I see not where there is a problem with this player.   I have a m9600t HP of a similar vintage - I swapped my Seagate 750 GB drive for a 7200 RPM Hitachi 2 TB drive and added an another 2 TB "Green" WD drive as a secondary drive.   No problems.

    I have used Ghost of Norton to clone the old boot HDD on the Hitachi.  Made sure the D: drive Alias: "recovery partition" was kept the same size and then said Norton to use all the space of the new to develop on the c: drive.  Works very well.   The WD drive - I partitioned as a large drive E:.   Made sure to partition to NTFS.

    Your mileage may vary - but I think it should work correctly...

    -dm (an employee of HP of long date, but the comments/suggestions are my own, not my employer)

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