Problem HP 50 g radical (cubic root)

I'm having a problem with regard to obtaining the correct value for the cubic root of-8.

The calc is list 2• ((1+i•cube root 3)/2) where I want to get-2.

Why I get a different value and how I can change the settings for the response of assimilate-2?


I got the equations Solver to give me the answer.

Tags: HP Tablets

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  • Having a problem with a driver displays a root [* 6to4mp\0000 error? __]

    get an error for this driver is not able to open Microsoft.

    Hi Silentwatcher,

    1. a recent change in software/hardware on your computer?
    2. What is the full error message?
    3. when exactly you receive this error message (at startup or when you are working with any application)?
    Step 1:
    I suggest you check in Device Manager for any yellow exclamation on any device.
    Step 2:
    You can also use Event Viewer to search for information on the problem.

    The display of the error messages in the event viewer

    You can check for more information about this at the time where it appeared and post this information here to help us narrow down where the focus.

    Step 3:

    I also recommend you to update the drivers on your computer and see if it makes a difference. You must be logged on as administrator to perform these steps.
    a. open the Device Manager by clicking the Start button, click on the Control Panel, clicking system and Maintenance, and then clicking Device Manager. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
    (b) in Device Manager, look for the device and then double-click the device name.
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    Note: Visit the manufacturer's Web site to download the latest drivers for the hardware.

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    Disable IPv6:

    Try to uninstall IPv6 on all interfaces, the removal of virtual cards of IPv6 and reset the TCP/IP stack. To remove the IPv6, go to the properties for each network adapter, and deselect the check box next to the Protocol "Internet Protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6), which will turn off, or select it and click on uninstall, which withdraw power off the computer.» Then go into Device Manager and remove any 4to6 adapters, adapters miniport WUN or tunnel adapters.

    NOTE: You should do this for each network connection.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    I. Suuresh Kumar - Microsoft technical support.

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  • Problem with links in Dreamweaver CS3 site root

    I have problems with the links from the root of the site when I'm working on my localhost with Dreamweaver CS3.

    I'm building a site with PHP, MySQL using the WAMP server. I have a page ( I want to copy in the subdirectories (e.g. then I want to do the copy as painless as possible by using the links from the site root (e.g. /about/index.php). It works on the internet but NOT on localhost.

    Why is this? What can we do? Is there a fix if it is a bug? This seems like a simple thing, but it's such a problem.

    > Why is it?

    Because when your (local) server see is you run to the
    ROOT, he goes to ITS root, and rather than the Web site root (for example, htdocs or Inetpub).
    You can work around this by using virtual hosts (google it).

    Murray - ICQ 71997575
    Adobe Community Expert
    (If you * MUST * write me, don't don't LAUGH when you do!)
    ================== - DW FAQs, tutorials & resources - DW FAQs, tutorials & resources

    "KBwebpro" wrote in message
    News:[email protected]
    > I have a problem with links from the root of the site when I'm working on my
    > localhost with Dreamweaver CS3.
    > I am building a site with PHP, MySQL by using the WAMP server. I have a page
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    (> I want to copy in the subdirectories (for example
    (> if I want to make as painless print
    > as
    > possible using links from the site root (e.g. /about/index.php). He
    > works
    > on the internet but NOT on localhost.
    > Why is it? What can we do? Is there a fix if it is a bug? This
    > seems
    > like a simple thing but it's such a problem.

  • Slow performance HP Pavilion laptop problems

    Very recently, I bought a laptop HP Pavilion. It has Windows 8 and arrived in the mail, no more than a week ago. The first thing I did after that the mandatory installation process was to restore the files from my old laptop (which broke) via ClickFree (currently I have 625 677 GB free) and once that was completed, I installed several programs (office, Vipre, Photoshop, etc.). Apart from that, I did very little about the real hard disk of the computer, since I save everything externally on my ClickFree.

    My problems started occurring rather suddenly, Wednesday morning. In Firefox, I opened a tab for go on Facebook, and scroll the RSS seemed pretty gloomy. I closed the tab, but the slow pace continued in the other tabs, I had opened and then spread to the programs not involving is not the Internet. These problems have worsened gradually.

    On the Internet, the performance is particularly slow. I gave up video players like Netflix, because they freeze the browser to the point of crashing. Page loading is very delayed, even typing this message experiences freeze, despite the fact that I have nothing else running in the browser. There is warning of frequent messages in scripts and plugins does not (although, ironically, these messages are often unresponsive until I finish the script or the offending plugin). It is difficult to do anything on the Internet, such as the loading of pages and tabs of switching may take several minutes. Just clicking can cause the browser to freeze for minutes at a time.

    Off the Internet, programs load extremely slowly, often freezing. Opening files sometimes, with an increase in frequency, translates into a green loading bar at the top of the screen. Sometimes this bar gets stuck and cannot finish, and I can't access the contents of the file; This happened when I tried to open the Panel, to get more specific information about the computer to include in this message. Sometimes programs, such as video players, open without actually playing the video file, or they open at all. Often these programs freeze and sometimes hang; the desktop and the Explorer bar at the bottom of the screen (with the start menu, etc.) are not likely to freeze or disappear, for varying degrees of time. When I came to the computer, CPU utilization averaged about 4-6%, but now he's averaging 40 to 60%.

    Start the computer became too long and hard. The last time that I restarted, I entered my password only to get a completely black screen for at least half an hour; My office and the icons have appeared when I pressed Ctrl-alt-delete. After that, I stopped to turn off the computer (it was not a long time ago). This morning, I opened the laptop to connect, but received only a "Please wait" while the computer has tried to load the login page. It took 10-15 minutes, and then I was finally able to enter my password.

    These issues are getting worse, and I'm sure I'm forgetting several, but I think that what I've included enough to illustrate my problem. This is a new laptop, but it works almost as bad as my old laptop, which became unusable recently and had to be replaced with this one. I can't imagine what is the cause, but I really wish she was fixed. I installed a program called Fix - It Utilities (the installation disk supplied with the notebook) to try to improve the performance of the laptop, but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hello ValentineKills. I understand that the computer is slow. I will do my best to help you!

    This can be caused by a hardware failure or a software/driver/virus conflict. However, we won't know until the diagnosis is made.

    I'll provide a few official documents that provide information on how to speed up the computer. I want that you follow all the steps in all documents. In this way, if the problem exists, it will restrict the root cause. Here are the documents that I want you to try:

    Since you're under Windows 8, I have a further suggestion: complete all updates to Windows, and then upgrade the computer to Windows 8.1. While the operating system is upgraded, try to use the computer and see if the speed is any different.

    Please reply when you have finished troubleshooting. I'm only here to help!


  • Do you know how the root a Medion E4503 phone?

    I realize it is a bit a nerve to ask this question in my first post - I hope that you will forgive me. The phone is designed by Lenovo. I've been able to find a guide to rooting for my camera, and it was written in Japanese. I felt it better to ask here than to try to guess what that meant Japanese authors!

    If anyone knows which phone Lenovo is similar to my E4503, I could find a guide for this, or maybe someone here has root them? I hope you can help

    If OK had the same problem and the next after that root is a recov custom work & s rom and then custom or a workin exposedframe g. But for the root of the problem, I can help you and it's a very easy way after 2 or 3 min its done. u just have to download the "KINGROOT free APP on the net. There is also KINGROOT in the playstore but I don't know if they reliable because I thino they are not original by KINGROOT but if you don't you can try. After download apk installed. After that the APP do all for you no problem at all after 2 or 3 minutes, your phone is rooted! I hope I could help you.

  • I play the family fued on FB. Security IE allows not only the friends page to open for money fast because of certificate problems. HOW TO GET RID OF THIS PROBLEM?

    I have competitions with people of the family Fued in our office and when I've played family fued on FB with my lap top at home staff after I installed IE 9 and also, Security Essentials, I get a warning at the top of the page showing as a pop-up warning saying 'IE has blocked the page you are trying to veiw due to one or more issues of certificate' (click here to view the content.) Well, this had never been a problem before you download IE 9 and essentials. So I downloaded IE 8 instead we hope to get this issue go away and its always there. I was using IE 7 before all these problems.  Well, I must say, it cost me almost 15 k points because when I click on continue, it refreshes the page, and I lose the ability to select friends to finish my money quickly turns. I received information that I can go into tools, safety, custom settings and click a few boxes which enable and disable some things but not he changed at the end of this warning. I need fast resolution for this or I'll be someone to a 100 dollars looking for my loss of points and falling of my competition because of 'your security '.

    Please send me a fix quickly please please please!      If it becomes easier, please respond to the * address email is removed from the privacy *

    What would help most is if could have clicked on him "click here to view the content,' button and then relate what rises there.  Possible cause: If the certificate root on your computer have not been updated in some time, it can cause problems like this certificate.  Recent browsers become picky about the acceptance of the certificates with the problems.  Try to update your root certificates...   Reach:

    "Members of the certificate program root Windows.
      <> >

    A little at the bottom of page is a section:
    "Root Update Package (planned for Windows XP only)"
    In this section is a link that you can download and run to update your certificate root on your computer.

    Good luck

  • "NTLDR is missing. Press CTRL-ALT-DEL to restart"is the error message I get every time I try to go on my laptop. What can I do to solve this problem, help!

    I use a Packard Bell laptop and this happens everytime I try to turn on my computer. When I restart it, the same message so I'm never able to use it. Your help will be very appreciated.

    Hi THOBO90,

    1. When did you start to question?

    This problem may occur if the MFT root folder is very fragmented. If the MFT root folder contains many files, the MFT might become fragmented to an additional allocation index is created.

    Try the following steps to resolve the problem:

    Step 1:

    Boot with the Windows XP CD in Recovery Console.

    b. Copy NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM on C: drive i386 folder.

    c. attempts to boot to the desktop.

    If not able, follow these steps.

    Step 2:

    In Recovery Console, run 8 following commands (press ENTER after each line):

    a. CD of the

    b. ATTRIB C:\boot.ini h

    c. ATTRIB C:\boot.ini-s

    d. ODILE r C:\boot.ini

    e. del boot.ini

    f. BOOTCFG /Rebuild

    g. Add to the startup folder

    Step 3:

    If you can start Windows, but get a message saying that the boot.ini file is not valid.

    a.Create a new boot.ini in Notepad and saved on the hard drive.


    [boot loader]

    timeout = 30 default = multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (1) \WINDOWS

    [operating systems]

    "multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (1) \WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Edition family.

    / fastdetect

    For more information, see the following KB articles:

    Consult the 330184 KB and follow step 8.

    "Invalid Boot.ini" or "Windows did not start" error messages when you start your computer

    Windows may not start and you may receive an error message "NTLDR is missing" If Windows is not up-to-date and there are too many files in the root folder

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • SSHD problems on 4210 5,0000 S58


    SSHD didn't work on our sensor today. I connected via another method and found that SSHD is not running. After investigation, she refused to start because/var/empty had permissions rwx for group and other. However, we had not changed the configuration of SSH. We had not stopped sshd, but the sensor can reset it or restarted, it at one point.

    Has anyone else seen elsewhere?

    Does anyone have any ideas why it happened? It pertained to the S58 update?

    I am very worried that nothing of what I've done on close these files.

    Thank you



    I was able to reproduce the problem by changing the umask from root to 0000. By default, the root on the sensor umask is 0022. My guess is that this has been changed on your sensor, either in them during the

    session in which the update has been installed, creating a .profile for root, or by modifying the/etc/profile file.

    Change permissions on/var/empty and/var/empty/sshd to 755 will fix the problem starting sshd. I will also file a bug against the installer because it really must be able to manage this scenario.

    Thank you


  • Startup problem blue screen that seems to be associated with BHDRVX64

    I have a laptop model Dell Inspiron N5110 running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 - Bit.  I have Norton Security Suite running - seems to be normal.  When I started my pc this morning, I got the dreaded blue screen of death.  A window will appear which indicates that there is a startup problems and offers several options to correct the startup problem.  One option is to run a startup repair program.  I tried and failed, then it has proposed restoring to a previous date program.  It does not work.  He suggested then reload the Windows program by providing more options of Windows rereloading.  I'll try the drive backuo system I created when I got the new computer-, but then, for reasons unknown, my pc suddenly decided to restart all of himself and it started normally.  Happy, happy.  But then a window pops up that says my computer has a device problem that has been identified as "ROOT\LEGACY_BHDRVX64\0000" she added that "BHDRVX64" was absent, does not, or that he needed a driver. Okay now my pc works normally, but I'm afraid to turn my pc off because this problem seems to be associated with start-up. »

    HELP, HELP. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you. Bobbysan 70

    This program is part of the Norton Security software, so I would like to uninstall and reinstall.  For more information, see with Symantec.  Here is a link to the Google search, I did, FWIW.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=89c683d2e84ef3a4&bpcl=38625945&biw=768&bih=460&ion=1

    When you got your system back as you, I invite you to buy an external hard drive, and a good backup 3rd party program. You can configure it to automatically do everything in time and frequency of your choice. 1 TB external hard disks around $ 70 these days and a very good FREE backup program corresponds to the Easeus todo backup free of charge that you can download from . Who can make you save a lot of time and frustration, the next time something like this happens. Sooner or later, it happens to all computers for one reason or another.

    Good luck.

  • Problem, try to add a user from active directory.

    I joined my vcenter server announcement, when I try to add a user from the ad to the authorization tab, I get this error "the following error occurred when checking the names:

    "ADM\system-test - a general error has occurred: allow exceptions.

    It's not exactly the problem, but it can refine the root cause

  • Problems of FTP with Dreamweaver CC v 13.0


    I had several problems with DW via ftp. I use DW as it was a Macromedia product and am familiar with the server settings. etc.

    The biggest problem comes from my using DW at work and also at home. Changes to the work, and then when you work at home I try to 'get' a particular folder so I have updated code, and DW fails as follows:

    web/staff/Pget_data.php - transfer

    /Web/staff/Pget_form.php - transfer

    /Web/staff/Pget_table.php - transfer

    /Web/staff/Pinsert_new_client.php - transfer

    /Web/staff/Pinsert_new_participant.php - transfer

    /Web/staff/pLogin.php - transfer

    /Web/staff/Oinsert_new_client.php - get successful operation

    /Web/staff/Ofreeassessment.php - error - year FTP error - could not get Ofreeassessment.php.   The network connection is not available. Please check and try again, action.

    /Web/staff/Oget_data.php - error - year FTP error - could not get Oget_data.php.   The network connection is not available. Please check and try again, action.

    /Web/staff/Plogout.php - transfer

    /Web/staff/pmember.php - transfer

    /Web/staff/Pnew_participant_info.php - transfer

    /Web/staff/Poutput_fns.php - transfer

    /Web/staff/Pregistration.php - transfer

    /Web/staff/Pshow_form.php - transfer

    /Web/staff/pStyle.CSS - transfer

    /Web/staff/Pupdate_participant_info.php - transfer

    /Web/staff/Ooutput_fns.php - error - year FTP error - could not get Ooutput_fns.php.   The network connection is not available. Please check and try again, action.

    /Web/staff/Pfind_form.php - get successful operation

    /Web/staff/Oshow_form.php - error - year FTP error - could not get Oshow_form.php.   The network connection is not available. Please check and try again, action.

    /Web/staff/Oupdate_client_info.php - error - year FTP error - could not get Oupdate_client_info.php.   The network connection is not available. Please check and try again, action.

    /Web/staff/PPRupdate_participant_info.php - error - year FTP error - could not get PPRupdate_participant_info.php.   The network connection is not available. Please check and try again, action.

    /Web/staff/Pupdate_subset_participant_info.php - transfer

    /Web/staff/Puser_fns.php - transfer

    /Web/staff/PvalidateUser.php - transfer

    ... and so on

    These errors occur with computers Mac 10.7 and 10.8 that connect to different Internet service providers, and I work with the hosting company to see if there are questions, but earlier I made a change to a file and tried to download it.  DW has failed several times.

    I work with, say, entry.php, live on the site.  I want to rename my local file to entryR0 and save the file as, but does not have downloaded from the site, that at the local level, so I have to add a space or something so I can use Save, then perhaps that the file is downloaded.

    I passed, that works perfectly, but I don't want to stop my workflow to use for a single file.

    Any suggestions are welcome with gratitude!

    Thanks in advance.


    Thanks for your help.  The server has just been migrated and file transfer issues no longer exist. I left the settings that 30 second timeout and pasv FTP option.  There is no problem now trying to 'get' a large file on the new server files.

    My ISP has been proactive in the migration of the server, and everything by not telling the old server was the problem, it would certainly seem the root cause.

    Kind regards


  • Tasks requiring ROOT for RAC DBA

    Our team of networking and Applications through some growth headaches. We try to solve the permissions that should be in a RAC DBA. Our RAC DBA is responsible for the Oracle Clusterware, Oracle automatic storage
    Management software and Oracle's RDBMS. The operating system, the server and the storage subsystem are the responsibility of the system administrator. We have the following environment:

    Production and Test (CARS)
    Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 2 update
    Oracle Clusterware - grid Infrastructure
    Oracle ASM
    Oracle Database EA

    Development (Single Instance)
    Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 2 update
    Oracle ASM - grid Infrastructure
    Oracle Database EA

    The RAC DBA, I identified areas requiring a ROOT of RAC and single Instance DB; However, I understand maybe more:
    -diagnostic tool for Oracle Clusterware, which may be requested by the Oracle Support
    -to fix the ocr configuration problem (add, replace and delete requires root)
    srvctl change
    -root required to change ip address
    -TAR Grid Infrastructure Directory structure preserving files with superuser
    -cluvfy solve this scripts need to run as ROOT
    -Some commands cluvfy under 11 GR 1 material only would go well for - post cfs check as ROOT in our last facility
    Libraries of ASM
    -ROOT required to install and configure the ASM library
    fdisk - l
    -It allows to see the attached disks that is relevant when the ASM disks are not mounted
    / etc/sysconfig/oracleasm
    -oracleasm loading configuration file
    / usr/sbin/oracleasm
    -to put at the disposal of the ASMLIB disks (scandisks etc..)
    / usr/sbin/asmtool
    -due to the bug asm configuration tool
    ASM cluster file system
    -Some commands require ROOT (mounting etc..)
    -loading errors and oracleasm ohas could be connected here
    -must be loaded to install new
    -script required for installation, updates and patches
    -required to run install script
    -upgrade script
    -upgrade script
    -check the alteration of ocr
    -check damaged portion requires ROOT
    -Local registry of oracle
    Grid infrastructure
    -.runInstaller of the grid Infrastructure
    -includes upgrades
    ASM (asmca) Setup Wizard
    -configuration of asm starts
    -Bishop of flight for asm disks
    -configuration of ocr tool
    -import of ocr
    -export of ocr
    -Local registry of oracle
    -allows you to check the Save ocr file
    -Local registry of oracle
    -fixed grid control requires ROOT
    -Start and stop Oracle Clusterware, Oracle ASM, and database/Instance
    -Restore disk to vote
    -restore the ocr
    -set log for debugging dynamic
    -check periodically install
    -change applications (e.g. ip address change.)
    -Add filesystem (acfs)

    What other RAC DBA must have ROOT access to?

    AllYourDataBase wrote:

    In other words, you must either trust your DBA to not be malicious / inept and accept the fact that they have root access, or not give them sudo and form your system administrators to manage the grid infrastructure.


    On all databases, that I never managed, even in the era of mainframe, was my sysadmin/root access in order to exercise my DBA functions. Often service waiting too for sysadmin is not available. Similarly, the sysadmin also often held in a DBA when I'm on vacation or unavailable.

    It is a partnership - both parties have the same goals and objectives. A stable and robust and functional environment.

    Set up the walls between these parties on behalf of the so-called security policy? My point is that will be invariable cause more problems than what it addresses. And I've seen it in other departments - where a minor problem takes several days to resolve due to the wall (and distrust) between sysadmin and s/n, regardless of the amount of paperwork needed to get real results as the responsibility and accountability are ignored by both parties.

  • root - more confusion

    I have a Flash AS3 file that contains only functions and a single call to start things. This file reads an xml file and other loads swf files as needed. My problem is calling functions in the root swf file code in loaded SWF files. I tried:
    MovieClip (root) .funcall)
    and aboput just each iteration it is. I'll be back is either:
    Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference
    funcall() is not a function.

    So, how a swf loaded to access the root functions? I know that the data is there because I can trace it in the script of the root.

    that all points to the charger and gives me error that funcall does not part of the charger.
    I have however, has designed an autour work that isn't work. in the function that is called by the loaderlistener, I check the code for the desired node xml and if it exists, I remove the SWF node loaded to an xmllist object already defined in the loaded swf file. the loaded swf file has two frames, both with stops. On the first image is the declaration of the xmllist object and the second frame contains the assignment of the xml data to a textfield. After having pushed the xmllist object xmllist, the root function then instructs the swf loaded to go to the next section to display the data.

  • Select does not open dropdown onclick

    I currently use a datepicker for jQuery UI 1.10 with a list drop-down selection so that the user can choose year. The "yearpicker" works fine in other browsers, but in FF21 (I only tested in this version) it doesn't work at all. It is like clicking on a box of selection no options; the menu does not open, and I can't change the selected option with the arrow keys on my keyboard. This is just static.

    I read a few other related posts on similar problems, and the advice given does not solve my problem (as restarting in safe mode, disable all add-ons, disable hardware acceleration, etc.). I also checked for solutions by disabling the options shadow windows, but without success.
    Since it doesn't appear in FF, I suppose that this is not a problem with jQuery UI. This looks more like a problem with FF, and because of the history of problems with selection boxes, it could be something old that will come back.

    After consulting three front-end developers, we have identified the problem. We found that the root of the problems inside that the datepicker was inside a modal colorbox.
    We have avoided the problem by removing the tabindex attribute, and now it works. Why FF is unable to open select boxes inside a modal when tabindex is used however, is sort of weird. Maybe it's a bug that the FF team wants to take notice.
    Thanks for the help!

  • Satellite 5005-S504 - peripheral USB are not recognized


    with my laptop older, one Satellite 5005-S504, I recently problems with the USB ports. None of the three ports detects a USB device. Device Manager does not indicate a problem on the host controller or root hub.

    I am running Windows XP, SP3 and there was no recent updates to be identified as the cause of this dysfunction.

    Suspicion over there?
    Is there a driver available that could help?

    Thanks in advance!



    The USB ports are listed in the Device Manager or not?
    If so, I'll try to remove them and restart the laptop. After that the ports will automatically install again.

    If it doesn't work, you can try updating the chipset driver. Take a look on the Web from Toshiba site to download.

Maybe you are looking for

  • HP note book 14q 029: connection of a laptop computer with printer

    How to connect a hp chrome laptop 14q 029 a hp 4500 all-in-one printer.

  • Photosmart 5510 EI in a black ink does not print

    After a month absence black ink print more. I replaced a new cartridge. (all original HP). I followed all the instructions of the diagnostic tools and also suggestions in this forum (cleaning of the printheads, ink to smear, reset), but the problem i

  • PowerShell are tied for vWorkspace API for user sessions?

    In vWorkspace Management Console, you can view all users.  I'm looking for a match draw to this API (see image) to allow us to use powershell or another script that a user vWorkspace can run to unplug/disconnect their sessions... Is it still possible

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