Problem Manager of horizontal scrolling for OS 6.0 and more?

Hi all. I have a problem with the Manager of Horizontal scrolling. Every thing worked for OS 5.0 and below, the question arises for OS 6.0 and more. For example, check the following:

I have 2 HFM added to the optimization of resources.

HFM1 - contains 2 buttons.

HFM2 - contains 6 buttons, and the user can scroll between the buttons.

The questions is when user keep hitting the right key, when the focus is on the second button of HFM1, then the content of HFM2 scrolls to the right - what is bad behavior.

Check the screenshot for Simulator 9810 (when scrolling to the right inside the HFM which contains the test1, test2 scrolls the second HFM):

Scrolling in a managing scrools in another, why this happen and how that might be solved?

Thank you in advance.


Finally, I found a solution using ScrollChangeListener (SCL).

So what I did I set the SCL for HFM2, then:

 public void scrollChanged(final Manager manager, int newHorizontalScroll,
            int newVerticalScroll)

        //----> fixing the issue when one HFM scroll another one for OS 6.0 and above
        int fwf = manager.getFieldWithFocusIndex();
        if (fwf == -1)
        //<---- fixing the issue when one HFM scroll another one for OS 6.0 and above


Thanks to all in any case.

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    You have set the style for the screen like HORIZONTAL_SCROLLBAR and HORIZONTAL_SCROLL? because the style VERTICAL_SCROLL and VERTICAL_SCROLLBAR will be set by default. We must define explicitly for horizontal scrolling

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    I created the textfield that used the image to focus, unfocus. I could ' t able to move the horizontal scrolling of the slider on the textfield. If I removed the focus for below constructor method it's excellent work for both horizontal scroll and cursor position. Please, help me to horizontal scrolling is defined (if the character hit is greater than textfield width).

    class Textbox extends Manager {
        private int managerWidth;
        private int managerHeight;
        private int arcWidth;
        private VerticalFieldManager vfm = new VerticalFieldManager(
        private AutoTextEditField  editField;
        private Bitmap bagBitmap;
        int fntSize=26;
        String strhint,hint,str_img;
        Textbox(String _hint, final String image,final String focusImage, long style) {
            super(style | NO_VERTICAL_SCROLL | NO_HORIZONTAL_SCROLL);
            managerWidth = 300;
            managerHeight = 40;
            hint = _hint;
            str_img = image;
            long innerStyle = style & (READONLY | FOCUSABLE_MASK); // at least
            if (innerStyle == 0) {
                innerStyle = FOCUSABLE;
            bagBitmap =Bitmap.getBitmapResource(str_img); // initialize the image to draw
            editField = new AutoTextEditField("", "", 50, innerStyle|AutoTextEditField.NO_NEWLINE){
                    public void paint(Graphics g) {
                        FontFamily fontFamily[] = FontFamily.getFontFamilies();
                        this.setFont(fontFamily[1].getFont(FontFamily.SCALABLE_FONT,fntSize).derive(Font.SIZE_MEDIUM, fntSize,Ui.UNITS_px));
                    protected void onFocus(int direction){
                        str_img = focusImage;
                        bagBitmap = Bitmap.getBitmapResource(str_img);
                    protected void onUnfocus(){
                        bagBitmap = Bitmap.getBitmapResource(str_img);
            arcWidth = 15;
        public void setFont(net.rim.device.api.ui.Font font) {
            FontFamily fontFamily[] = FontFamily.getFontFamilies();
            this.setFont(fontFamily[1].getFont(FontFamily.SCALABLE_FONT,fntSize).derive(Font.SIZE_MEDIUM, fntSize,Ui.UNITS_px));
            editField.setFont(fontFamily[1].getFont(FontFamily.SCALABLE_FONT,fntSize).derive(Font.SIZE_MEDIUM, fntSize,Ui.UNITS_px));
            arcWidth = editField.getFont().getHeight() & 0xFFFFFFFE;
        public int getPreferredWidth() {
            return managerWidth;
        public int getPreferredHeight() {
            return managerHeight;
        protected void sublayout(int w, int h) {
            if (managerWidth == 0) {
                managerWidth = w;
            if (managerHeight == 0) {
                managerHeight = h;
            int actWidth = Math.min(managerWidth, w);
            int actHeight = Math.min(managerHeight, h);
            layoutChild(vfm, actWidth - arcWidth, actHeight - arcWidth);
            setPositionChild(vfm, arcWidth / 2, arcWidth / 2);
            setExtent(actWidth, actHeight);
        protected void paint(Graphics g) {
            g.drawBitmap(0, 0, getWidth(), getHeight(), bagBitmap, 0, 0);
            strhint = editField.getText();
            if ( strhint == null || strhint.length() < 1 ) {
                g.setColor( 0xAFAFAD );
                FontFamily fontFamily[] = FontFamily.getFontFamilies();
                net.rim.device.api.ui.Font font =   fontFamily[1.getFont(FontFamily.SCALABLE_FONT,fntSize).derive(Font.SIZE_MEDIUM, fntSize,Ui.UNITS_px);
                g.drawText(hint, 10, 10, 30, 250);

    Could you explain that again so I do not understand your problem.   It doesn't seem to be a code of development/unfocus in there?

    But before we do, there are a few problems with your code, you need to fix.

    In no particular order:

    (a) I painted the 'index' in the EditField, rather than in this area.  In this way it will appear when a user types rather than being anywhere where '10, 10' is on your property.

    (b) move this code:

    FontFamily fontFamily [] = FontFamily.getFontFamilies ();
    this.setFont (fontFamily [1] .getFont (FontFamily.SCALABLE_FONT, fntSize) .derive (Font.SIZE_MEDIUM, fntSize, Ui.UNITS_px));

    your routine painting and put it in sublayout.  This is the point that it is necessary.  Do in object means it is too often and is probably recursively called.

    As a result, you should be able to remove

    getManager () .invalidate ();

    any object and


    of setFont().

    (c) when you paint your index, derive the police every time that:

    FontFamily fontFamily [] = FontFamily.getFontFamilies ();
    net.rim.device.api.ui.Font fonts fontFamily = [(FontFamily.SCALABLE_FONT, fntSize) 1.getFont .derive (Font.SIZE_MEDIUM, fntSize, Ui.UNITS_px);]

    This is inefficient, you need only do this once and save a reference to it for use when you paint your index

    Do all these you will have a better field and maybe your problem will be solved.  But if not, then please explain your problem again with more details and repost your fixed code.

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    2. when I click a down arrow, the menu is displayed for a split second, then disappears.
    Any ideas what may have caused this?
    * original title - Excel-unstoppable to the right at the opening of automatic pagination

    1 only with Excel

    2 Microsoft 6000v2.0
    3. since Monday morning, when I opened a spreadsheet
    4. the system changes. I didn't touch anything.
    5. the keyboard is clear. It only happens in Excel.
    I managed to do stop by disabling "horizontal scrolling with tilt wheel" in the mouse properties. Absolutely, I know for a fact that nobody changed this setting, but it became somehow activated.
  • Horizontal scrolling for Apex 4

    I need horizontal scroll from one page to the Apex 4. I saw an old thread on horizontal scrolling using Apex 3.2. Here is the link to that thread where vee has given some code of the plugin to achieve this scrolling:

    bar Scroolling fixed.

    I saved the code in the thread in the js file and tried to import it as a plugin, but the import has failed, saying that it was not a plugin file.

    All the world is made in 4 Apex? I will be grateful for the guidance to achieve this.

    Thank you


    For horizontal scrolling copy your theme 15 standard report to the new name.
    Model change front of lines to

    And model after lines to


    Horizontal/Vertical scrolling, you must create same kind custom model I in sample application for the report page 1

    Kind regards

    Published by: jarola April 20, 2011 17:56

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    Not really. The execution of JavaScript to perform scrolling effects is poor in Safari (share of the browser market worldwide, about 6%). The only approach is to reduce the number of objects with scroll applied effects. This is possible by combining objects with the same parameters in a group and applying effects to the group rather than for each article or to really reduce the number of elements with scroll applied effects. You can also find a great background with the movement of scrolling image is more likely to get bogged down Safari than other uses of the effects of scroll.

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    In general, it is best if you can simply add a dynamic distribution VI to your class hierarchy to make specific to the type of work, but there are cases where it's just not possible. When this happens, a programmer reaches for the node "to the more specific" test type. Here's a typical piece of code:

    This code works! Let me tell you: this code works. It does exactly what you expect: If the object is a particular type of child, she changes the subject. If the object is another type, it makes the object unchanged. And if the performance of your application are pretty good with the code above, I encourage you to leave him alone. It is easy to read, and a book of readability outweighs an ounce of performance. But if you hit a few bumps on road performance, read on.

    So, what's the problem? The problem is that this code makes a deep copy of the object. When the node to more specific runs, if the object is not the desired type, then the output is changed to become a default instance of the desired type. This means that the wire branch which has the original value of the object must be a copy of the object where the original value is preserved. Even if these two sons back together further downstream, it is impossible for the compiler to the LV to avoid making this copy in the meantime (I continue to ask the compiler to brainstorming team in this area in the hope of a cool breakthrough).

    Is there a solution? Almost. The following workaround solution did not work in LV 2011, but the compiler has learned a new trick in 2012 of LV, and I want to share with you all now so that any of you write code today will get improvement when you upgrade.

    LV 2012, the following code will prevent the copy of the object:

    We have taught the node to be more specific to be aware when its output is unwired and not tell the compiler that it changes the input object. This means that the first "to more specific" has simply type tests and never modifies the object even if the cast fails, then the original object remains available for the structure of the case. The second "to the more specific" is casting.

    This duplication of the node to more specific means that you do the control of type double, which is a minor performance overhead. For some very small classes, I can imagine that the time to duplicate the object can be smaller than the time to make the second type control, but I seriously doubt that's going to be true for any real type in one of these situations.

    So if you're writing this kind of code in 2011 (or sooner) type checking and the need for representation thrust, you can start using this model of "double to more specific. And then when you migrate to 2012, your screws will get the benefit. On the other hand, if your performance is today very well, leave the code alone and just let the compiler change over time until that one day he can avoid the copy in the case of simple code.

    Thanks for the tip.  Are there other primitives, on top of your head, that only perform a subset of their features, while some of their productions are unwired?

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    I know that various iterations of this issue are floating around, but I was wondering if there is way to disable scrolling of elasic that iPad not without disabling the pinch zoom.

    I want to use the shot to the left and right swipe to change the information on the screen. The iPad of course automatically scrolls the page and then bounces. The work of scanning, but any interface is too wobbly.

    e.preventDefault();gives me the result of the move I'm looking but disables the zoom pinch. It is possible to have something between the two? When I go to on the ipad, it does not drag the screen to the left or right, only from top to bottom. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    Try to throw this in your

    (replace by whatever your width)

    Throwing just a guess, since I don't have an iPad to test with

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    Having recently installed CC I take all applications so far... Although Dreamweaver (which I use a lot) shows unusual behaviour of scrolling.

    In my previous version of Creative Suite, for all applications I have a two-handed approach where to use the trackpad to navigate around the document with two fingers, while using a mouse to select the item code/etc.

    I have already disabled the 'natural' vertical scroll by default, because it feels more intuitive to me (for example if I want to scroll to the bottom of the page, I pull down with two fingers).

    However, with this new version of Dreamweaver, it breaks convention by having inverted the meaning of left-right scrolling, which has threw me because it's the only app to date that goes against the standard. Already if I wanted to see the code on the right side of the window, I would slide right, but now I have to slide to the left. I had a quick glance at the settings and did not see a way to change this.

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you

    Hi PartyRichter,

    I think that you have installed Dreamweaver version June 2014 CC DW. There is a problem with the code view horizontal scrolling which is already recorded and produced the team is aware.

    If you have a problem with some other version, please let us know.

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    I'm working on a site and I encountered a strange bug that adds a horizontal scroll bar on my page, and I have no idea why. Although there are elements that are outside the page, the scroll bar appears way before they near the edge of the browser window. This happens in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

    What is very strange, it is trying to solve the problem, I deleted several items in my file of available to muse, and I found what was causing the problem. I have blue bars which act as headings for each section, and they are not 100% width (and I don't want them to be), and they were not off the page. However, once that I removed those, stopped scrolling bar so soon indicating when to reduce the window of the browser. I added bars, one by one and found that depending on where to place the vertical bar will have an impact on the horizontal scroll bar. This seems to happen whenever my bar is played below y: 1030. I've added screenshots to show this, and I can email my Muse of Adobe support file.

    Some of you will notice that I don't have an item that hangs off the page, and it's true, I do not think it affects the issue I'm having. When I remove the rectangles blue as described in the previous paragraph, the site is behaving as expected, even with my ribbon attached to the page. The blue rectangles, the scroll bar appears before the browser window meets the Blue Ribbon.

    I spent a lot of time looking for a solution and playing with the elements on my site and page properties, and I can not solve the problem. Just that there is no scroll bar until the window is actually lower on the page.


    Thank you for the great repro case. It has been exceptionally helpful.

    You have exposed a bug that has probably been there forever which requires only the right combination of objects on the page and off the left of the page in order to be triggered. Let's write a bug to study for a future version. Unfortunately, the next major release is due soon, so this bug will not be fixed in time for this release.

    A solution (that probably seems arbitrary, but should work in all cases) is to group the blue box with any other object. Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience.

  • Smooth horizontal scrolling


    I noticed that National Geographic has horizontal aritcles marching slowly from left to right (not up and down). How do do that? What is only a function of business account?

    Would appreciate a quick response.

    Thank you.

    They have either a large pan and zoom overlay on the page, or they simply two items that have the good-aligned content it looks like a smooth roll (but isn't).

    There is no feature of magic smooth horizontal scrolling for the clients of the company.


  • Position of the header when horizontal scrolling

    I created a site of horizontal scrolling (with some difficulty!) and want to keep the logo/header as a constant at the top of the page. At the moment if I scroll the logo disappears. Can anyone help?

    Thank you


    You can pin the logo on the page that will set the position and layers panel try to drag the logo in high level.

    Thank you


  • How to set horizontal scrolling to horizontal field Manager when fields are added using a loop for?

    The following code snippet contains a horizontal field Manager to which are added five buttons.

    1. I can't the value of horizontal scrolling to horizontal management Manager because of who I am not able to access the keys 4 and 5.

    2. usually, we put horizontal scrolling in the following way:


    3. so I also tried setting of horizontal scrolling in the following way

       container = new HorizontalFieldManager(Manager.HORIZONTAL_SCROLL|Manager.HORIZONTAL_SCROLLBAR)
                    protected void sublayout(int maxWidth, int maxHeight) {
                        Field field = null;
                        int x = 0;
                        int y = 0;
                        int maxFieldHeight = 0;
                        int maxFieldWidth = 0;
                        for (int i = 0; i < getFieldCount(); i++)
                            field = getField(i);
                            layoutChild(field, maxWidth, maxHeight);
                            setPositionChild(field, x/*width-field.getWidth()*/,y);
                            maxFieldWidth = maxFieldWidth + field.getWidth();
                            System.out.println("field width"+field.getWidth());
                            System.out.println(" max field width"+maxFieldWidth);
                                maxFieldHeight = field.getHeight(); // height set of the first button since all components have the same height
                        System.out.println("final max field width"+maxFieldWidth);
                        setExtent(maxFieldWidth, maxFieldHeight);

    but it's not working.

    4 I found this property: (position) horizontalFieldManager.setHorizontalScroll; that contains the parameterioo where the post is supposed to be the new horizontal scroll position. I tried passing the coordinate x of horizontal field Manager, but it does not work. I should pass as a parameter position?

    HorizontalFieldManager container = new HorizontalFieldManager()
        protected void sublayout(int maxWidth, int maxHeight)
            Field field = null;
            int x = 0;
            int y = 0;
            int maxFieldHeight = 0;
            for (int i = 0; i < getFieldCount(); i++)
                field = getField(i);
                layoutChild(field, maxWidth, maxHeight);
                setPositionChild(field, x,y);
                    maxFieldHeight = field.getHeight(); // height set of the first button since all components have the same height
            setExtent(Display.getWidth(), maxFieldHeight);
    ButtonField button1 = new ButtonField("Button1");
    ButtonField button2 = new ButtonField("Button2");
    ButtonField button3 = new ButtonField("Button3");
    ButtonField button4 = new ButtonField("Button4");
    ButtonField button5 = new ButtonField("Button5");

    Need your valuable comments and suggestions. Please help me.

    I think that there is a bug in the sublayout (your HorizontalFieldManager 0 mode.  Given that the code did what I think WHAT HFM will do anyway, I recommend that you try to do this with a standard HFM, using this style:


    Let us know how you go.

    When I have more time I'll explain the bug, but if you want to investigate something, be aware that the maximum size that you can use in setExtent are the values that are passed to sublayout.  Compare the width as you try to define in setExtent whose width is increased.

Maybe you are looking for

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