Problem nvidia k2 grid configuration


We are establishing a system with vDGA using nvidia grid k2, but have some problems.

We have a single host (Fujitsu ground RX2540 M1) with this card and esxi host ir unning the next version

View 6.0.1 build-2088845

This information is displayed in vCenter

ESXi 5.5.0 2143827

If I connecto to the ESXi 'web' site it says the next version:

You run custom Fujitsu Image v320-1 (based on 5.5 ESXi Update 2 VMKernel Release Build 2068190)

We checked the bios as VT - d is enabled, and if we make a "lspci" on the esxi host, we get

View 0000:04:00.0 controller: nVidia Corporation GK104GL [GRID K2]

View 0000:05:00.0 controller: nVidia Corporation GK104GL [GRID K2]

We do not have a module called 'vtddmar', I'm not sure if this is a problem?

Given that we will use as vDGA do us not need to install the driver nvidia for ESXi I guess.

When I check under ESXi host > manage > PCI devices I enabled two GPUS and rebooted the host, the State is then 'this device is available for VMS to use.


Added the following to the vmx vm file: pciHole.start = "2048" since the virtual machine has more than 2 GB of memory, have added at the end of the vmx file.


When we try now to start the VM we get the error message as seen in the image below, so my question is I'm doing something wrong? Or is my material and ESXi versions not compatible?


Don't know what the problem was, but created a new virtual machine, and then it worked just fine, so I guess that the virtual machine has been corrupted or something.

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  • HELP: Module does not not in ESXi 5.1U1 build-1157734 / Cisco C240 M3 / NVIDIA K2 GRID 304.76

    I started a business of pension on it with VMware, but I thought I could put in place here to document the process of solving it more publicly.

    Cisco C240 M3 Server (System BIOS 1.5.3b fw version)

    Card NVIDIA K2 GRID (shipped with the server)

    VMware ESXi 5.1U1 build 1157734

    I installed the last VIB for 2 m from NVIDIA (304.76) GRID, and it installs without problem:

    ~ List of the vib # esxcli software | grep NVIDIA

    NVIDIA-NVIDIA 304, 76 - 1OEM.510.0.0.802205 of VMware_ESXi_5.1_Host_Driver VMwareAccepted 2013-09-27

    but then I try to verify installation:

    ~ # nvidia-smi

    NVIDIA: could not open the file of the device/dev/nvidiactl (no such file or directory).

    NVIDIA-SMI has failed because he could not communicate with the NVIDIA driver. Make sure that this latest NVIDIA driver is installed and running.

    Try to load the kernel module and get this:

    ~ esxcli system #.
    module - NVidia module loading

    Could not load the module/usr/lib/vmware/vmkmod/nvidia: failure

    ~ tail #-10

    (2013 09-27 T 02: 13:15.618Z cpu7:21007) bunch of module: initial heap size: 8388608, max heap size: 68476928

    (2013 09-27 T 02: 13:15.618Z cpu7:21007) vmklnx_module_mempool_init: Mempool max 68476928 used for the module: 75

    (2013 09-27 T 02: 13:15.618Z cpu7:21007) vmk_MemPoolCreate passed for 2048 pages

    (2013 09-27 T 02: 13:15.618Z cpu7:21007) bunch of module: using memType 2

    (2013 09-27 T 02: 13:15.618Z cpu7:21007) vmklnx_nvidia bunch of module: creation succeeded. ID = 0 x 410043000000

    NVRM: No found NVIDIA graphics card!

    (2013 09-27 T 02: 13:15.618Z cpu7:21007) nvidia could not load.

    (2013 09-27 T 02: 13:15.618Z cpu7:21007) WARNING: Elf: 2767: Kernel based the nvidia module load failed: failed < Mod_LoadDone is not >

    So I'm stuck.

    I get this error when you try to turn on a Windows 7 guest who has the added PCI device.


    It is configured on the host computer, but things are not quite right...


    anyone else facing the pleasure like this?


    Of course, I have it works very well, but with a Quadro2k and a Quadro4k.

    Take a look in this whitepaper for instructions, be aware that it is not fully supported yet and you might have to tinker a bit to make it work.

  • Satellite U300-13U - iTunes has detected a problem with the audio configuration

    Please can someone help me? I have a laptop U300-13U and that you have installed iTunes on it. However, when I open iTunes I get an error message saying 'iTunes has detected a problem with the audio configuration and may not play correctly' which is an understatement - it does not at all!

    I uninstalled, reinstalled iTunes and Quicktime, but in vain. I have searched and exhausted the iTunes support boards but have nowhere either. The sound is fine as I can read CDs with no problems at all. The only suggestion I can get is that there may be a problem with the audio device magnet is not Apple and vice versa.

    Does anyone have AN idea at all as to what might be going on here? I'm completely out of my depth, I'm just a simple girl who wants to play his music!

    Thank you so much.


    I don t use iTunes so I m not an expert player but first of all, you must give us some important information:
    -What operating system do you use?
    -Are you using the factory settings (Toshiba Recovery disk) or your own version of Windows
    -Do you have the yellow exclamation marks in Device Manager?

    OK, iTunes says that there is an audio configuration problem so do you trying to update the audio driver? If this isn't the case, you should try it.
    See the Web from Toshiba site for an update and see what happens. Then validate your result: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Welcome them

  • Error: "iTunes has detected a problem in your audio configuration. Audio/video playback may not work correctly. »

    Original title: my sound card is missing or disabled?

    My sound worked very well with some speakers the other day, when suddenly it stopped working. The sounds again, but with sounds such as those where an error message is displayed is not default reading/game audio is not.

    I recently got this computer work again once I've been using another computer for awhile, so I was messing around with some parameters that could be the cause of this.

    One of my games says my sound card's 'missing or disabled', & iTunes says "iTunes has detected a problem in your audio configuration. Audio/video playback may not work correctly. »

    Thanks, Toby

    Re-install the drivers audio from the website of the manufacturer of the PC/laptop.

    See you soon,.


  • Grid Configuration problem Link Datasource

    Hi Experts,

    I have 4 servers managed with cluster 1. I try to configure the data source Link grid to RAC. After you create the data source

    I click on changes in assets, but it says "An Exception occurred everything" by allowing the failover with ONS remote subscription. Later, I found that,

    When I configured the cluster as target for the data source, it says error if not, it accepts (withour any managed cluster and Server Admin).

    I don't know why it shows error. Help, please...

    Hi Joyce,
    My problem is solved. I have not assigned the name of servers managed at the analysis of the IP(RAC_related_work).one of our database administrator database
    Add the IP address of the servers managed at the RAC analysis. So this problem is solved.
    Thank you for your help.
  • Problems with the 'Grid entity' configuration consistency

    I have difficulty getting the configuration work "Entity grid" consistency. I'm on Oracle Version consistency Build 19111. I carefully followed the instructions for the third scenario configuration consistency documented on the page "JPA on the grid" [url] here. I will include excerpts from the records, but I think that I have been following the docs. I must be missing something that the docs report directly? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    The problem I encounter is that when this 'Grid entity' coherence mode is used, the entities are not reading from the database when the application starts. The application behaves as if there is absolutely no data in the database, even if I know that I have lines in tables to backup my entities. In my test dummy application, I also have problems persistent entities. If I temporarily disable consistency commenting annotations {noformat}@Customizer{noformat} entity everything works perfectly (DataSet starting loads from the database as expected and new entities are correctly preserved). If I change to the "grid + hidden +" things configuration seems to work fine. But it's not ideal because we want the features of read/write of entityof the grid.

    Here is my file of coherence-cache - config.xml (corresponds almost exactly to the documentation):
    <?xml version='1.0'?>
    <cache-config xmlns:xsi=""
       xsi:schemaLocation=" coherence-cache-config.xsd">
          Map all entity classes to the eclipselink-distributed-readwrite scheme
            Configure a wrapper serializer to support serialization of relationships.
                 Define the cache scheme 
                    <!-- This param is the entity name -->
                    <!-- This param should match the persistence unit name in persistence.xml -->
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252" ?>
    <persistence xmlns=""
      <persistence-unit name="test-pu">
          <property name="" value="WebLogic_10"/>
          <property name="" value="Oracle11"/>
           <!--<property name="eclipselink.ddl-generation" value="create-tables"/>-->
    entity class:
      @NamedQuery(name = "Wine.findAll", query = "select o from Wine o"),
      @NamedQuery(name = "Wine.findByRegion", query = "select o from Wine o where o.region = :region"),
      @NamedQuery(name = "Wine.findByVintage", query = "select o from Wine o where o.vintage = :vintage"),
      @NamedQuery(name = "Wine.findByWinery", query = "select o from Wine o where o.winery = :winery")
    @SequenceGenerator(name = "Wine Seq", sequenceName = "WINE_SEQ", allocationSize = 50, initialValue = 50)
    public class WineEntity implements Serializable {
         @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.SEQUENCE, generator = "Wine Seq")
         private Integer id;
         private Integer version;
         private String name;
         private int vintage;
         private String region;
         private String winery;
         typical getters and setters follow...
    Extracts of EJB:
    @Stateless(name = "SessionEJB", mappedName = "PortletProducerApplication-DataGridTest-SessionEJB")
    public class SessionEJBBean implements SessionEJBLocal {
         private EntityManager em;
         public List<WineEntity> findAllWines() {
              TypedQuery<WineEntity> allWinesQuery = em.createNamedQuery("Wine.findAll", WineEntity.class);
              return allWinesQuery.getResultList();     
    (IWLS) server logs:
    <Jun 25, 2012 3:54:41 PM EDT> <Notice> <EclipseLink> <BEA-2005000> <2012-06-25 15:54:41.686--ServerSession(1768045153)--EclipseLink, version: Eclipse Persistence Services - 2.1.3.v20110304-r9073> 
    <Jun 25, 2012 3:54:41 PM EDT> <Notice> <EclipseLink> <BEA-2005000> <2012-06-25 15:54:41.688--ServerSession(1768045153)--Server:> 
    <Jun 25, 2012 3:54:42 PM EDT> <Notice> <EclipseLink> <BEA-2005000> <2012-06-25 15:54:42.142--ServerSession(1768045153)--file:/C:/Users/EDITED/AppData/Roaming/JDeveloper/system11. login successful> 
    2012-06-25 15:54:42.502/58.626 Oracle Coherence <Info> (thread=[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '4' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)', member=n/a): Loaded operational configuration from "jar:file:/C:/Oracle/Middleware/oracle_common/modules/oracle.coherence_3.6/coherence.jar!/tangosol-coherence.xml"
    2012-06-25 15:54:42.513/58.637 Oracle Coherence <Info> (thread=[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '4' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)', member=n/a): Loaded operational overrides from "jar:file:/C:/Oracle/Middleware/oracle_common/modules/oracle.coherence_3.6/coherence.jar!/tangosol-coherence-override-dev.xml"
    2012-06-25 15:54:42.516/58.640 Oracle Coherence <D5> (thread=[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '4' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)', member=n/a): Optional configuration override "/tangosol-coherence-override.xml" is not specified
    2012-06-25 15:54:42.524/58.648 Oracle Coherence <D5> (thread=[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '4' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)', member=n/a): Optional configuration override "/custom-mbeans.xml" is not specified
    Oracle Coherence Version Build 19111
     Grid Edition: Development mode
    Copyright (c) 2000, 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
    2012-06-25 15:54:42.673/58.797 Oracle Coherence GE <Info> (thread=[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '4' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)', member=n/a): Loaded cache configuration from "file:/C:/workspaces/spaces_branch/TestApp/DataGridTest/src/coherence-cache-config.xml"
    2012-06-25 15:54:43.360/59.484 Oracle Coherence GE <D4> (thread=[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '4' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)', member=n/a): TCMP bound to / using SystemSocketProvider
    2012-06-25 15:54:46.747/62.871 Oracle Coherence GE <Info> (thread=Cluster, member=n/a): Created a new cluster "cluster:0xC4DB" with Member(Id=1, Timestamp=2012-06-25 15:54:43.377, Address=, MachineId=49866, Location=site:EDITED,machine:EDITED,process:10776, Role=WeblogicServer, Edition=Grid Edition, Mode=Development, CpuCount=4, SocketCount=2) UID=0xAC1E70CA000001382535DD31C2CA1F98
    2012-06-25 15:54:46.757/62.881 Oracle Coherence GE <Info> (thread=[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '4' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)', member=n/a): Started cluster Name=cluster:0xC4DB
    Group{Address=, Port=36000, TTL=4}
      ThisMember=Member(Id=1, Timestamp=2012-06-25 15:54:43.377, Address=, MachineId=49866, Location=site:EDITED,machine:EDITED,process:10776, Role=WeblogicServer)
      OldestMember=Member(Id=1, Timestamp=2012-06-25 15:54:43.377, Address=, MachineId=49866, Location=site:EDITED,machine:EDITED,process:10776, Role=WeblogicServer)
      ActualMemberSet=MemberSet(Size=1, BitSetCount=2
        Member(Id=1, Timestamp=2012-06-25 15:54:43.377, Address=, MachineId=49866, Location=site:EDITED,machine:EDITED,process:10776, Role=WeblogicServer)
      RecycleSet=MemberSet(Size=0, BitSetCount=0
    2012-06-25 15:54:46.809/62.933 Oracle Coherence GE <D5> (thread=Invocation:Management, member=1): Service Management joined the cluster with senior service member 1
    2012-06-25 15:54:47.155/63.279 Oracle Coherence GE <D5> (thread=DistributedCache:EclipseLinkJPAReadWrite, member=1): Service EclipseLinkJPAReadWrite joined the cluster with senior service member 1
    INFO: Found persistence provider "org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.PersistenceProvider". OpenJPA will not be used.
    INFO: Found persistence provider "org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.PersistenceProvider". OpenJPA will not be used.
    [EL Info]: 2012-06-25 15:54:47.351--ServerSession(1901778202)--EclipseLink, version: Eclipse Persistence Services - 2.1.3.v20110304-r9073
    [EL Info]: 2012-06-25 15:54:47.351--ServerSession(1901778202)--Server:
    [EL Info]: 2012-06-25 15:54:47.551--ServerSession(1901778202)--EclipseLinkCacheLoader-test-pu login successful
    And the error when you try to make persistent the new entity:
    javax.ejb.TransactionRolledbackLocalException: Error committing transaction:; nested exception is: javax.persistence.OptimisticLockException: Exception [EclipseLink-5004] (Eclipse Persistence Services - 2.1.3.v20110304-r9073): org.eclipse.persistence.exceptions.OptimisticLockException
    Exception Description: An attempt was made to update the object [[email protected]], but it has no version number in the identity map. 
    It may not have been read before the update was attempted. 
    Class> datagridtest.WineEntity Primary Key> 2,050
         at weblogic.ejb.container.internal.EJBRuntimeUtils.throwTransactionRolledbackLocal(
         at weblogic.ejb.container.internal.EJBRuntimeUtils.throwEJBException(
         at weblogic.ejb.container.internal.BaseLocalObject.postInvoke1(
         at weblogic.ejb.container.internal.BaseLocalObject.__WL_postInvokeTxRetry(
         at weblogic.ejb.container.internal.SessionLocalMethodInvoker.invoke(
         at datagridtest.SessionEJB_qxt9um_SessionEJBLocalImpl.mergeWineEntity(Unknown Source)
    So just to sum up, I currently see two problems: 1) no data from the database consistency and implementation — why not consistency out of database? and (2) what's this persistent mistake on OptimisticLockException? Thanks again for any help.

    JPQL API criteria or both will result in coherence filters when using GridRead or GridEntity.
    TopLink grid has no way of knowing if the data in the cache are sufficient to satisfy the query, for example based on the provided query TopLink grid would determine how between a user with no book and insufficient. Your application will need to determine that not enough has been stored in the cache or to perform an initial charge in bulk for a particular user to redirect the request to the database programmatically. Queries of grid can easily be redirected to the database by setting the IgnoreDefaultRedirector on the query using query.setHint (QueryHints.QUERY_REDIRECTOR, new IgnoreDefaultRedirector()); Read from the database of entities will be automatically pushed to the consistency.

  • Fight with nVidia 2 GRID passthrough


    This is my first post to the vmware community, so Hello to everyone.

    I have problems with VM (Windows 7 64 bit) starting with him are assigned network 2 GPU NVIDIA. I get 'not start the virtual machine' all the time and once or twice I received "Transport (VMDB) - 14 error: connection has been broken."

    All virtualization in the BIOS options are enabled (VT - d too). 5.5 ESXi host sees cards GPU.

    My configuration:

    • THEMIS RES - NT2 server,
    • Supermicro x9drg-qf with BIOS newer,
    • 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2697 v2,
    • 1 GRID K2 x NVIDIA,
    • 64GB of RAM memory.

    None of the solutions found here did not help for my problem. Thanks for help in advance.

    Its probably a memory issue, try going to Bios >Advanced > PCI Configuration.  Change the memory mapped IO beyond 4 GB for the disabled


  • vGPU active VM powers on (nvidia card grid k1)

    Hi guys,.

    I have trouble to turn on/off my newly created victory 8.1 VM. (See the image below) Could you please help me solve this problem?

    "Disconnected from the virtual machine. An error was received from the ESX host turning on VM Win81prox64Base.

    Failed to connect to remote

    Impossible to establish a transport connection (9):

    There is no VMware process running for config file /vmfs/volumes/5525052 b - 8d6f4f5f - 799d - a0369f32813a/Win81prox64Base/Win81prox64Base.vmx. »


    Parameters of the virtual machine (see below)


    The server vCenter (below) event log shows


    VM summary (below)


    NVIDIA-smi output command to one of the hosts (below)


    The installed version of ESXi on hosts: VMware ESXi 6.0.0 build-2494585

    vSphere Web Client, I use the Version 6.0.0 build 2594327

    vCenter Server device that I use (below)


    We have vGPU material test of the system as described below:

    2 guests and on each host.


    -2 x Xeon of Intel (r) CPU E5-2670 v3 2.30 GHz

    -2133 MHz DDR4 128 GB memory

    -FC HBA

    -4x1Gbps NIC


    The two hosts connected to Netapp E2724 storage via FC SAN

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Hmm, it seems to fail here:

    2015 05-12 T 17: 46:32.541Z | VMX | I120: vmiop_log: copy for the Init frame engine: synchronization...

    2015 05-12 T 17: 46:38.541Z | VMX | E105: vmiop_log: Timed out (SM 6001) synchronization attempt

    2015 05-12 T 17: 46:38.541Z | VMX | E105: vmiop_log: init: init framework copy engine error 7

    2015 05-12 T 17: 46:38.545Z | VMX | E105: VMIOP: vmiop Plugin - view initialization failed: 7

    2015 05-12 T 17: 46:38.545Z | VMX | I120: Module DevicePowerOn market failed.

    The server has the latest firmware of the bios? If so, is it possible to delete one of the K1:s and try again?

    Probably TheLoneVM or @krd have comments.


  • Problem NVIDIA Tecra M5

    A couple of days, I got a blue screen with a message

    This nv4_disp was in a permanent loop.

    Following the instructions on another forum, I deleted the Nvidia files in safe mode.

    I also installed a

    The computer is now working again, but has some problems.

    1. the startup I get a screen full of dollar signs (enough disaster...) it vanishes if and the regular background lights.

    2. scrolling is very slow and a bit jerky.

    3. the display shows esp. light vertical stripes colored in safe mode.
    Also, I deleted a driver with a yellow question mark and now make me a message saying that the computer has detected new hardware (video controller) VGA compatible. When I click on install, it search and then tells me that the hardware was not installed because "the wizard cannot find the necessary software.

    I tried to reinstall the NVIDIA software according to the advice given here

    + Normally, you can download all the drivers for your laptop on the Toshiba page: +.
    + downloads Support & -Online Drivers download +.
    + On the Toshiba site you can download the version +

    I did it and my screen went black with a portion of the outline of the square of rainbow of color in the Center (same shape / size that the message that appears asking for a password). I went into safe mode and deleted files NVIDIA, which has removed this problem.

    But the problems listed above remain.

    I would appreciated any suggestions


    (In addition, the serial number printed on the bottom of the computer is not recognized by the Toshiba site, nor the Toshiba site detectable by the serial No. I bought the computer new from a legitimate store in London.)


    To be honest, this looks like a hardware graphics card problem.
    Strange signs and scratches on the sounds of the cable screen and in my experience, these display modes are associated with GPU publish.

    What to say; try to install a clean Windows operating system. It's just for testing purposes.
    But data from backup if necessary
    If the problem still persists and the bands would be visible on the external monitor too, then I would say; It s definitely something wrong with the GPU.

  • D DAQMx 6229 problems default IO port configuration


    We use the PCI-6229 in an industrial PC / Windows 7 CVI application and are interested in the power setting to the top of the default configuration for the input/output digital port configuration.

    We used the utility NI Max Device Explorer and config to set the default values for the configuration of our application 26 DI + 6.

    It works very well which allows us to turn off the PC and power again upward and the Council retains its power to configuration.

    When we run our application and power cycle the PC, the power of the State seems to have returned to factory settings, which is all the output to 0 (I think).

    I don't think that we are running the functions that perform all reset of the card.

    Did someone saw this behavior like this and have any ideas of how we can know how to solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    Steve Pinfold

    Hi Steve,.

    I conducted a survey on this issue, and it seems that this is a known bug and was returned in October last year.

    There is however a workaround solution.

    Cannot set the State of a single line at a time, because that will generate an error kErrorPowerupStateNotSpecdForEntirePort. Instead of so, write several DAQmxSetDigitalPowerUpStates() with different hardcoded calls a number of settings and switch between them during execution. I joined ppus_set.c, which is supposed to randomly through the adjustment lines.

    I hope that this should be a good starting point for you!

  • Update problem NVidia GeForce GT 230 M driver

    I have a HP Pavilion dv8 with an Intel Core i7, Windows 7 64 - bit and NVidia GeForce GT 230 M video card.  He is currently leading a pilot dated 05/02/2010, version (the same version of the driver from the list of updates of HP drivers for this PC).

    Updates Windows 7 pushes a NVidia driver updated, dated 16/10/2010, version  If I let the update, the PC will not get past the 'Welcome' of Windows screen on startup and will make a noise when on this screen that is normally not.  The only way I can get past this problem is to restart the PC in safe mode and do back this driver or use to go back to a restore point before this driver update.  I made sure that I reduced the potential causes of this problem starting only update the video driver.

    What's wrong?  What I would do to that will make this updated video driver to work on my PC?

    The problem I had with the pilot who started this topic has been resolved.  I was advised to load the latest driver from nVidia directly, which is the version of the pilot, dated Date 07/01/2011.  I tried this driver and it worked well.  I don't get everything grows Microsoft or HP to update the video driver, so I'm a happy camper now.

  • Problem after serch System Configuration

    I been putting fallow the instructions under "speed up your PC", when I encountered a problem.  #1) when I typed the System Configuration in the search, he came with a long list and wasn't sure that you click on so I clicked on the main file, but this was not it.  So I then went into Control Panel and went to systems, but had no luck there either.  (#2) pour make a long story short... I can bring is no longer a list long search for the Configuration of the system that I did at the beginning.  Research shows nothing and I don't know what to do to get back them or how to continue with him "accelerate."  I wanted to check what programs were running on start up, which slowed down my system and disable them.

    the link in my post is the download link

    However, before I continue, it is a XP forum, if you are running win7, please ask your question in this forum:

  • Problem NVIDIA GeForce 820 M installation drivers for Windows 7 64 - bit for HP 15 - r022TX

    I recently bought a HP laptop 15-022TX (with NVIDIA GeForce 820 M card) from Flipkart. I installed Windows 7 Pro 64 - bit of DreamSpark and downloaded the driver for the card from here.
    Now when I run the Setup, it gives the following error:

    I walked to the Intel Download Center and use the Intel® driver update utility. But it seems that Internet Explorer crashes whenever I start the utility (tried with Windows 7 Pro 32/64 - bit, Windows 64-bit Pro 8.1).

    Now I wanted to determine my Intel graphics driver so here is the output of 'Right click on the desktop'-> 'Screen Resolution'-> advanced settings.

    So, how do I know which driver to download from the Intel Download Center? In "Find by category," I looked in "Graphics"-> "Laptop drivers graphic", but none of the drivers listed seems to help.

    PS - Ironically, I could find help to install the driver for Ubuntu much faster.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thank you DerekQ and Paul_Tikkanen for the suggestions. But it seems that I solved my problem. I downloaded SlimDrivers free from and let it scan my laptop. It automatically detected the obsolete VGA driver and downloaded and installed the appropriate Intel HD graphics card driver.

    in any case thank you for your support!

  • Problem with the Audio Configuration

    All of a sudden, I can't play Itunes, Windows Media Player, bec.of this audio configuration problem. I prefer not to take it to get fixed, can get expensive. Anything I can try/do, before having to take in? I have zero noise, my speakers don't work either, for no apparent reason...

    Hi nan18,.

    You could check in the Device Manager; Make right click on my computer then left-click on Properties, and then click the hardware and Device Manager.  Check if there is no yellow exclamations next to all audio devices, if there is then try to uninstall all the drivers sound card first to the Add / Remove Programs, restart your system and then reinstall the audio drivers. You need to restart your system to see if your audio works again.

    The problem you are experiencing may have been caused by an infection, but may also be due to a failure / interrupted the update of Windows.

    In some cases, that I've been able to solve the type of problem you encounter in doing a complete reinstallation of Windows XP, but this is a last resort!

    Let me know how it goes anyway.

    --> I hope this helps! Please mark it as correct answer or vote if it does :)<> - my website

    Info from Microsoft about phishing . Information from Microsoft on the fake security software

  • Problem NVIDIA - continues to change my resolution after about a week of use

    NVIDIA changes the settings to 1680 X 1050 to 800 X 600. Can I change it to 1680 X 1050. He will be there for about 1 week and then repeat that unwanted changes could YOU please RESPOND to MY NEW e-mail ADDRESS;  Thank you

    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.


    1 are you aware of recent hardware or software changes made to your computer before this problem?

    Click on start it > type device manager in the start search box > expand graphic cards. For the most recent driver, see your graphics card on the website of the manufacturer of the computer.

    Download Driver link for NVIDIA:

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