Problem NVIDIA Tecra M5

A couple of days, I got a blue screen with a message

This nv4_disp was in a permanent loop.

Following the instructions on another forum, I deleted the Nvidia files in safe mode.

I also installed a

The computer is now working again, but has some problems.

1. the startup I get a screen full of dollar signs (enough disaster...) it vanishes if and the regular background lights.

2. scrolling is very slow and a bit jerky.

3. the display shows esp. light vertical stripes colored in safe mode.
Also, I deleted a driver with a yellow question mark and now make me a message saying that the computer has detected new hardware (video controller) VGA compatible. When I click on install, it search and then tells me that the hardware was not installed because "the wizard cannot find the necessary software.

I tried to reinstall the NVIDIA software according to the advice given here

+ Normally, you can download all the drivers for your laptop on the Toshiba page: +.
+ downloads Support & -Online Drivers download +.
+ On the Toshiba site you can download the version +

I did it and my screen went black with a portion of the outline of the square of rainbow of color in the Center (same shape / size that the message that appears asking for a password). I went into safe mode and deleted files NVIDIA, which has removed this problem.

But the problems listed above remain.

I would appreciated any suggestions


(In addition, the serial number printed on the bottom of the computer is not recognized by the Toshiba site, nor the Toshiba site detectable by the serial No. I bought the computer new from a legitimate store in London.)


To be honest, this looks like a hardware graphics card problem.
Strange signs and scratches on the sounds of the cable screen and in my experience, these display modes are associated with GPU publish.

What to say; try to install a clean Windows operating system. It's just for testing purposes.
But data from backup if necessary
If the problem still persists and the bands would be visible on the external monitor too, then I would say; It s definitely something wrong with the GPU.

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    When my Tecra M7 is open after standby or hibernation, the resolution switch to 1024 x 768. SOMETIMES it changes automatically to 1440 x 900 after a few seconds, sometimes it doesn't. If all the seconds time or so I have to manually adjust the resolution again.
    OS: Windows Vista Business
    Video: nVidia Quadro NVS 110 M, pilot
    BIOS: 3.20

    No I think it is a driver related problem, so it should be solved with the newer bios/displaydrivers.

    If it s really software related, then M$ should have a fix or something else, but then users will have to watch the M$ Database.

    Welcome them

  • problems with tecra A2

    My tecra a2 crashes sometimes. The screen turns blue, and he said "beginning dump of physical memory. There is no consistency in what I do when this happens. The last time it was because I opened a pdf attachment, the time from before when I was using msn. Last time that the message was: problem caused by: ialmrnt5.
    All drivers are uppgraded.
    I also have some problems with the screen. Both when running on batteries and adapter. The screen seems to "blink" (black towers) for about a half second. This happens fairly regularly and independent of this program that I use.

    When I turn on the computer again everything seems to work normally, but it's really annoying.

    The computer was bought in August, and had this problem all along.

    I am grateful to all those who have comments or suggestions as to what is causing the problem.

    OK, that first of all, the problem occurred while you were playing a game, it is very likely related to your video card.

    Visit the Web site of the manufacturer for a driver update. If that doesn't help, check your RAM.

  • Problem of Tecra M5 BIOS update

    I downloaded the file from the Toshiba site and now have P003Fv370.exe. Race that happens just with "update of the BIOS is not supported OS, unsupported operating system or service pack is installed". I was under the impression that it was independent BONES? Please help, I need to update to stop it crashing and blue screening me every half hour. I have already installed the value-added package.

    I have a Toshiba Tecra M5 PTM51E
    Running Windows 7 Enterprise
    Current installed BIOS is version 1.70

    I also read somewhere on the installation with a USB key, if someone could help I would appreciate it. Thank you.

    Post edited by: deleting
    Just tried again and it says "Could not create"C:\TOSHBIOS. " UPD file! "I don't know what is happening more.


    The P003Fv370.exe is a package.
    Right click on that package and select unpack here.
    Now you should see the other folders inside this .exe package.

    From my knowledge, it takes a file that starts the BIOS update.

    If it won't work, I guess you need the original preinstalled system Toshiba update BIOS.
    The other hand I n t think that BSOD appears due to the old version of the BIOS.
    I guess that the update does not solve the problem.

    Maybe the BSOD appears due to a problem of critical software or hardware issues so would be really interesting to know if the same thing happens with the help of preinstalled Toshiba system

  • Power On problems with Tecra M11 - 10Z

    We have problems with our Tecras.
    When they are used in the field, the problem is the same on 75 machines and they cannot be turned on at all.

    It is sometimes useful to remove the battery, sometimes it it dosent and the laptop cannot turn on the next two days, and then it works well again until it does it again...

    How can it be, its starting to be a very big problem...

    We have tried to turn off the TPM and they perform the update to the newest bios, they are all running windows 7 pro 32-bit...

    I hope this is enough information because my English is not that great, and I hope that someone has solved this problem...


    I noticed that the new BIOS has been released for the Tecra M11 series.
    Try to update the BIOS and check if it could enhance the functionality of s for laptop.

    Good luck

  • Problem with Tecra M1.

    I have a Tecra M1. I get a blue screen when I try to run a .mpg file in Windows. Takes place the following message:

    STOP: 0X0000008E (0XC0000005, 0XBF9CA867, 0XB032AC50, 0X00000000)

    tridxp4.dll - address BF9CA867 Base at BF9C3000, DateStamp 3fbd47b6

    Dump of physical memory... early etc.

    I have tried to find any solution to but came up with nothing. I also had a "search in google session", but nothing came. I've also been on the phone with the Toshiba Norway and they told me that I can download the Checkutility. I did, but nothing came.
    Can someone help me with this problem?

    Thank you.

    David Paulsen


    Operating system you have on the laptop is the original or have you installed another?

    The "tridxp4.dll" file is in relation to the display driver so that you can download and install the latest driver from

    See you soon

    P.S. If you have installed the operating system from an original cd, you will need to follow the order of installation (for all OS) link below

    ECRA + M + series & FID = TIU0000002b85

    See you soon
    Once more :)

  • Sound problem with Tecra 9000 on Win XP SP2


    First! Excuse me for my English!

    I am trying to install a Tecra 9000 with Windows XP SP2. The problem is the noise. My XP does not recognize the sound card, I am trying to install the drivers, but the system answer me 'the driver was not installed' and I don't know how can do to his works.

    I read a few post on the forum, but I can't solve this problem.

    Could someone help me.
    Thank you!

    I think this doc Toshiba should help you:

    [Windows XP Service Pack 1 and 2 incompatible with existing Yamaha driver sound | 91xml & sliceId = & dialogid = 54976777 & stateId = 0 0 52121258]

    There is a link to a driver that should help to address this problem.

  • Windows 7 on simple problem installing Tecra A7


    I have a big problem with my installation of Windows 7. The story is the following:
    -bought a new (250GB) HD and Windows 7 Progessional
    -replaced existing Tecra A7 HD new HD (120 GB)
    -Installed Windows 7 Professional 32 bit simple hard disk

    So far so good, everything works.

    Now, I wanted to install the drivers released by Toshiba Tecra A7 for Windows 7 (32 bit)
    -Everything works, without the back driver and audio driver. Whenever I start the installation executable program leaves without saying any error message.
    -J' have therefore no display driver on my system now and not in the 1280 x 800 resolution support - which is very ugly
    -I have no audio Realtek driver on the system (but works its basic system)

    What can I do? Help, please!

    I've found a workaround
    Here: you will find drivers for X 1400 (also see X 1600) for Win7 32 and 64 bit

  • Problem WLAN Tecra 9000


    I have finally narrowed it down to my performace Tecra problem to the WLAN card and ask advice on what to do.

    The symptoms are so: If the wireless card is active (not in market, just installed and active) the PC freezes for about 15 seconds every 60 seconds. (WLAN itself works very well when the PC has not locked up.). This is no immeidate (after priming) but will kick some time in the next few hours.

    Looking at the Task Manager, the 'system' consumes 100% of CPU for three seconds separated from 4 points (which blocks everything upward) and it returns to normal for 50 seconds and then it repeats.

    If I go into Device Manager and disable the Toshiba Wireless LAN mini PC card, the problem is immediately disappears.
    When I try to re - activate the map (sometimes), the computer crashes with system 100% CPU usage.

    Thanks for your suggestions

    Tecra 9000 MB 784. 40Gb, XP SP3.
    Driver WLAN is Aegere System

    PS When the PC is cold started with the WLAN card enabled, the PC and the WIFI works very well for a while (an hour or two) then the symptoms kick gel.

  • Update problem NVidia GeForce GT 230 M driver

    I have a HP Pavilion dv8 with an Intel Core i7, Windows 7 64 - bit and NVidia GeForce GT 230 M video card.  He is currently leading a pilot dated 05/02/2010, version (the same version of the driver from the list of updates of HP drivers for this PC).

    Updates Windows 7 pushes a NVidia driver updated, dated 16/10/2010, version  If I let the update, the PC will not get past the 'Welcome' of Windows screen on startup and will make a noise when on this screen that is normally not.  The only way I can get past this problem is to restart the PC in safe mode and do back this driver or use to go back to a restore point before this driver update.  I made sure that I reduced the potential causes of this problem starting only update the video driver.

    What's wrong?  What I would do to that will make this updated video driver to work on my PC?

    The problem I had with the pilot who started this topic has been resolved.  I was advised to load the latest driver from nVidia directly, which is the version of the pilot, dated Date 07/01/2011.  I tried this driver and it worked well.  I don't get everything grows Microsoft or HP to update the video driver, so I'm a happy camper now.

  • Problem NVIDIA GeForce 820 M installation drivers for Windows 7 64 - bit for HP 15 - r022TX

    I recently bought a HP laptop 15-022TX (with NVIDIA GeForce 820 M card) from Flipkart. I installed Windows 7 Pro 64 - bit of DreamSpark and downloaded the driver for the card from here.
    Now when I run the Setup, it gives the following error:

    I walked to the Intel Download Center and use the Intel® driver update utility. But it seems that Internet Explorer crashes whenever I start the utility (tried with Windows 7 Pro 32/64 - bit, Windows 64-bit Pro 8.1).

    Now I wanted to determine my Intel graphics driver so here is the output of 'Right click on the desktop'-> 'Screen Resolution'-> advanced settings.

    So, how do I know which driver to download from the Intel Download Center? In "Find by category," I looked in "Graphics"-> "Laptop drivers graphic", but none of the drivers listed seems to help.

    PS - Ironically, I could find help to install the driver for Ubuntu much faster.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thank you DerekQ and Paul_Tikkanen for the suggestions. But it seems that I solved my problem. I downloaded SlimDrivers free from and let it scan my laptop. It automatically detected the obsolete VGA driver and downloaded and installed the appropriate Intel HD graphics card driver.

    in any case thank you for your support!

  • Problem NVIDIA - continues to change my resolution after about a week of use

    NVIDIA changes the settings to 1680 X 1050 to 800 X 600. Can I change it to 1680 X 1050. He will be there for about 1 week and then repeat that unwanted changes could YOU please RESPOND to MY NEW e-mail ADDRESS;  Thank you

    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.


    1 are you aware of recent hardware or software changes made to your computer before this problem?

    Click on start it > type device manager in the start search box > expand graphic cards. For the most recent driver, see your graphics card on the website of the manufacturer of the computer.

    Download Driver link for NVIDIA:

  • Driver problem: Nvidia GeForce 7500 THE

    Have a HP Pavilion desktop computer (a few years), with a chipset NVIDIA GeForce 7500 THE version. I got Windows 7 Ultimate installed for a few months, without any display problem.

    12/27 Windows Update presented me with an optional update for the (closed since Microsoft Corporation WDDM) driver. Installed, then restarted. No problem for about 10 minutes, then the screen empties and the speakers made a loud hum. Restarted the PC and the splash screen has a pattern of lines, then a screen with zeros where lines have been, then an error screen and the PC reboots again, and I then start safe mode.

    Went to the Nvidia site and installed an update of maps in the series 7 listed as 09/27. The same problem. Now Windows Update is announced an update that is recommended for the driver. He tired, but it seems to be the same driver Nvidia Septemeber, if the problem persists.

    Tried to restore to before the update. Does not solve it. Then I tried to restore to a previous restore point. Startup, worse still, as Safe Mode resulted in a blank screen with the mouse pointer on.

    I need to change the driver to a Standard VGA Graphics Adapter for me to be able to start the PC.

    Any ideas? The graphics card is now useless, or can I fix this?

    The latest driver for THE 7500 - an OEM card based on the 7300GS - covers the 26.11 nVidia 195.62. This should work well.

    Your symptoms, I think that your card has failed. The latest driver gave performances superior to those of any previous but insisted on a weakened component or the omission was just a coincidence.

  • Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) Card problem Nvidia GT540m Grphics in Dell XPS 15

    Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

    I have a Dell xps laptop l502x and his entry up with error code 43 in the nvidia gt540m in Device Manager. I tried to uninstall and then reinstall the drivers for it but it didn't work, again I tried with the restoration of the system and backup system too but nothing could fix the problem. whenever I try to open up the Nvidia control center a popup comes up saying "the NVIDIA display settings not available" Please help me my email - :) * address email is removed from the privacy *.
    All this stuff happened only after windows update in the afternoon and at night when I started my system it happened :/ HELP PLEASE

    You did the mistake of using windows update for drivers?

    Visit Dell support, specific to your tag # and update drivers

  • Problem nvidia k2 grid configuration


    We are establishing a system with vDGA using nvidia grid k2, but have some problems.

    We have a single host (Fujitsu ground RX2540 M1) with this card and esxi host ir unning the next version

    View 6.0.1 build-2088845

    This information is displayed in vCenter

    ESXi 5.5.0 2143827

    If I connecto to the ESXi 'web' site it says the next version:

    You run custom Fujitsu Image v320-1 (based on 5.5 ESXi Update 2 VMKernel Release Build 2068190)

    We checked the bios as VT - d is enabled, and if we make a "lspci" on the esxi host, we get

    View 0000:04:00.0 controller: nVidia Corporation GK104GL [GRID K2]

    View 0000:05:00.0 controller: nVidia Corporation GK104GL [GRID K2]

    We do not have a module called 'vtddmar', I'm not sure if this is a problem?

    Given that we will use as vDGA do us not need to install the driver nvidia for ESXi I guess.

    When I check under ESXi host > manage > PCI devices I enabled two GPUS and rebooted the host, the State is then 'this device is available for VMS to use.


    Added the following to the vmx vm file: pciHole.start = "2048" since the virtual machine has more than 2 GB of memory, have added at the end of the vmx file.


    When we try now to start the VM we get the error message as seen in the image below, so my question is I'm doing something wrong? Or is my material and ESXi versions not compatible?


    Don't know what the problem was, but created a new virtual machine, and then it worked just fine, so I guess that the virtual machine has been corrupted or something.

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