Problem of graphs with FSX on windows 7 64 bit OS

Original title: operating FSX on windows 7 64 bit OS problems

I finally managed to install FSX Delux on my pc running windows 7 64-bit OS.  After the first start, I select a flight and get nothing more than a flickering screeen with audio narration.  There is a drop down menu that will appear I am unable to interact with.  Finally, I stop the OS and restart to use anything other than what seems to be a "loop" effect in the FSX program.  The graphics do not appear and this is a relatively new pc with I5/AMD card :(  Can someone shed light on this problem that I would like to use the program?


Hey firefox,.

Here is an article from the Microsoft Knowledge Base that talks about graphics issues with Flight Simulator X. follow the troubleshooting steps. This should solve the problem.

Solving graphic problems in Flight Simulator X

Kind regards

Shinmila H - Microsoft Support

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    I had a virus that has been cleaned of my laptop. It was windows recovery of fraud, and I don't know if this could have caused the problem at first, but after you have cleaned the virus always impossible to install this update.

    She always says that it has installed ok, but then when the computer has restarted, it is located in 'Configuring Updates step 3 of 3..' he said then that the update was not installed correctly and is back from changes.  Once the computer has booted I am prompted to install the update again.  It continues in this loop.

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    Unfortunately if this utility installs not it is not that there is something corrupt or prevent Windows to install correctly.

    At this point you can try to contact Microsoft through these channels: to see if they can provide assistance.

  • Satellite L505 - it come with disc of Windows 7 64 bit or 32 bit?

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    If I check the description of the model on the Toshiba page, it says that it comes with the 64-bit version and includes the 32-bit recovery disc. This description still leaves me a question what backup media I'd get Toshiba. I have to be sure that I get the 64-bit WIndows 7 until I have order a.

    I'd appreciate a confimation. Thank you!

    Hey Buddy,

    I think everything is ok and there is no open question. The description on the Toshiba site says it all: the laptop comes with the 64-bit Windows 7 version, which means that this version is preinstalled on your computer. Additional, you get a version 32-bit on a recovery disc and that s all!

    So you didn't burn the 64-bit recovery disc, which means you must order a new one from Toshiba. I guess you will get versions then 32-bit and 64-bit.

  • Problems connection Canon SX280 WiFi for Windows 7 (64-bit)

    I hope someone can help me.

    I recently bought a Canon SX280HS that has possibilities of wifi, and I'm having a problem connecting to my laptop.     I use a laptop Dell Inspiron N7110 running Windows 7 (64-bit).   It connects to the internet and a printer wireless via a pretty new without and problems at all Netgear wifi router.    This laptop also has Intel (R) My Wifi Technology, and I can access the utility to it via the control panel.

    After installing wifi set up the software provided with the camera, I first tried to connect the camera via the Netgear router.   After putting in the correct encryption key (I did this many, many times), he search the device, but it is never and eventually times out with a "communication error" and "device not found."

    I was ready to return the camera to Amazon...

    But then I tried to connect the camera using the Intel(r) my Wifi utility.   I activated the technology, put in the correct encryption key, and the cannon appears on the users list, showing its MAC address and a wifi signal strong.   The camera then sees the name of my Dell laptop, but when I try to connect it, all I get is 'connection '.  Finally, it ends with a "communication error" and "connection failed."

    At this point, I find the wifi on the camera works properly because it clearly links to the Intel(r) my Wifi on my laptop.

    Can someone tell me how to configure my laptop to allow the rest of the connection?     Oh, I tried this many times with my anti-virus IT and OFF and my firewall ON and OFF, and it does make a difference.

    Thanks for your help.

    Had the same problem with the same device under Windows. For me, I fixed it by going to control panel > network and sharing Center > view network computers and devices (this, while the camera tries to connect to your PC. I then click with the right button on my camera icon and click "install". Also, make sure that 'file and printer sharing' are on (my PC actually invited this). Don't know if this will help, but worked for me. Can now import wireless!

    All the best,

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    However, I get errors in link project 12 as follows:

    Undefined symbol '[email protected]' referenced in "excelreportdemo.c".
    Undefined symbol '[email protected]' referenced in "excelreportdemo.c".
    Undefined symbol '_ExcelRpt_SetCellValue' referenced in "excelreportdemo.c".
    Undefined symbol '_ExcelRpt_SetCellRangeAttribute' referenced in "excelreportdemo.c".
    Undefined symbol '[email protected]' referenced in "excelreportdemo.c".
    Undefined symbol '[email protected]' referenced in "excelreportdemo.c".
    Undefined symbol '_ExcelRpt_SetChartAttribute' referenced in "excelreportdemo.c".
    Undefined symbol '[email protected]' referenced in "excelreportdemo.c".
    Undefined symbol '[email protected]' referenced in "excelreportdemo.c".
    Undefined symbol '[email protected]' referenced in "excelreportdemo.c".
    Undefined symbol '[email protected]' referenced in "excelreportdemo.c".
    Undefined symbol '[email protected]' referenced in "excelreportdemo.c".

    I found a previous discussion in 2007. Unfortunately, it did not help for the same problem on my new machine and CVI2010. Could someone give me help on that.

    Thank you!


    I get it worked after that I removed the excelreport.fp in the Menu library customize. The excelreport.fp has been added to the Menu library customize to my other work on the project, which, but had similar problems. It seems CVI is getting better and better, so that you don't need extras like it was before. Do not add reduntant libs.

  • problem downloading Photoshop Elements and first Windows 7 32 bit.

    I tried to download my new Photoshop Elements and first for 2 weeks and I get different answers as to why it cannot happen. It is US Windows 7 32 bit.

    Please try to download the version appropriate here:

    Photoshop elements 13, 12, 11, 10 | 9, 8, 7

    First items 13, 12, 11, 10 | 9


  • Cannot access the internet with bridged network - Windows 7 64 bit host, XPSP3 comments

    I use VMPlayer v3.0.1 build-227600 on a PC under Windows 7 64-bit. My guest operating system is Windows XP Professional w/SP3.

    I read all the messages on the use of NAT for the guest operating system can access the internet. But when I do that my guest is unable to access my Oracle server on my network. If I use Bridged my guest can access my Oracle server, but it cannot access the internet! How can I fix it? Shouldn't VMPlayer allow the guest OS to access the network and the internet? I need these two features.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    the simplest solution would be to add a second NIC to your comments, so that you can have bridged and NAT at the same time


    VMX-settings- Workstation FAQ -[MOA-liveCD |]- VM-infirmary

  • 1260 US G7: replacement hard drive HP g7 1260us with Home Premium Windows 7 (64-bit) now lost for a start to the top

    Received under member declaration of support in his last paragraph, but only gives not the link still since I wasn't not answer you immediately... does anyone have this link noted below for me to go and burn a DVD.

    (I thought when I downloaded my files on a USB flash drive before you recover he would have windows 7 on it, but when I tried the new replacement hard drive I get: no boot device - insert boot disk and press any key.)  When I read the files on the USB stick on another computer, it reads:

    FBData 12/12/2014 of the folder - file

    language of the file folder 12/12/2014

    Application of DiscVerifierib.dll 28/05/2011 extension 222 KB

    HPFileMgrdll 29/05/2011 "" 441 KB "

    Restore the 28/05/2011 "" 14 337 KB "


    In any event, at least, we can connect you to an official Microsoft Windows 7 disc download, which you can use to put Windows 7 on the computer and with some drivers from this site, we can get you going again. You'll need another computer with internet access and a DVD burner or another flash drive.

    The key must rely on the label inside the battery bay or your laptop.

    I think that what you did was copy the program to restore the laptop computer files. Actually let Recovery Manager do the recovery media by running the Recovery Manager program.



    Hi Rogcov,

    Unfortunately, the Windows Vista community is able to provide support in English. The following URL will help you to receive support appropriate for your location information. Open the link and select your region from the drop-down list, and then click the arrow to continue.

    Bindu S - Microsoft Support
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  • Macromedia projector stopped working when visionlab and rendering crashes in sony vegas with home premium windows 7 64 bit

    I have brand new studio xps 64-bit pc with windows 7 installed. I get the error above in visionlab and sony vegas still visionlab project examples make it very good. Ive was almost tried everything and dell doesn't have a clue

    Hi d,.

    Here's a thread that may help:

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Looking for a USB Compact Flash I, II compatible with 7 Player window Professional 64-bit

    I'm looking for a USB Compact Flash I, II compatible Windows 7 Professional 64-bit player.  No idea where I could find one?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Any USB device according to the current specifications will work.

    Sometimes there are bugs minor firmware. Much more often, there is something wrong with the host system USB drivers.

    You will find little or nothing about the Compatibility Center because most of these devices are generic devices with just a practical applied brand name. Makes them is unknown, unless you are in the trade and the manufacturer may change anyway if the owner of the brand chooses a different provider.

  • MOD HP 5510 printer B111a print black with the new windows 7 64-bit cartridge

    I am writing because my printer does not work when I try to print something black, because it turns black into gray or prints any and page out of still virgin. Is this a problem involving the printer or it has something to do with the new model of cartridge?

    Thanks for your help!

    Have you tried to clean the cartridges to print 2 or 3 times?

  • Cannot install FSX in Windows Vista

    I bought MS Flight Sim X Gold Edition to install on a Windows Vista Home Premium computer with two monitors.  When I put disc 1 in the DVD player, nothing happens.  I can't open the DVD with "My Computer" to find a setup.exe file.  Any suggestions on how to get this product to install?


    1. the problem occurs only with FSX DVD?

    I would recommend that you click 'Run Now' article for automated troubleshooting and fixing the issue.

    Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media

    See also:
    Your CD or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs

  • graphics compatible with ideapad y510, Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit NVIDIA driver?

    I reinstalled my ideapad with the new windows 7 64 bit. Everything works fine; the requirements for my video or graphics card. I have nVidia graphics (perhaps Geforce 8600 or somethings like that). But after that I got this new win7, older drivers are useless. However, I managed to find the sound and other drivers and are easily installed. I have a big problem to find the video drivers. All the drivers I downloaded so far from intel and nvidia have failed. If someone knows about it, who have gone through this problem too, here to help me find the right driver for my computer, I would be very grateful.

    Try this:

    Please, after back if it works.

  • Stuck with Windows 7 64 bit from the old disk HARD of SSHD migration

    There are a lot of smart people on this forum - maybe you can advise me. I recently bought the Seagate 4 to Desktop SSHD ST4000DX001. I'm stuck with migration my Windows 7 64 bit and all the data from the old HDD to the SSHD.  Then I used the Windows Disk Manager to format the SSHD in GPT format (recommended by Windows). Then I used XXClone (freeware from the internet) to clone my old HDD. There was a message of XXClone who said that as the SSHD is GPT formatted, it didn't ensure that the clone is bootable. I tried to start the sshd with the clone of my operating system and data. It did not work.  Now I use the new SSHD as a secondary drive and I use the old HDD as primary bootable drive.  My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-A55M-DS2.  It's EFI but not UEFI.  I heard that EFI support starting from the 3 TB GPT partition while UEFI support starting from much larger disks.  Is this information correct?  Does this mean I have to change the motherboard in GA-H61M-D2H-USB3 to use my 4TB SSHD to start from a GPT formatting?  Help, please.  Thank you so much.

    Problem solved.  I did a fresh install of Windows 7 64 bit for my new 4 TB (format decimal numbering system) SSHD (3.63 TB in binary system).  He starts without a problem.  The cloning approach has not worked because my old HDD MBR format and it the SSHD uses the GPT format.  This means that I have to re-install my games and copy my data from the old disk to the new.  Thanks to everyone who responded to my messages.

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